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New York Giants Unlikely to Re-Sign Kicker Lawrence Tynes

March 2nd, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

After six years, two NFC Championship winning field goals and two Super Bowl titles, kicker Lawrence Tynes' tenure with the New York Giants appears to be coming to an end.

In early February, the Giants signed kicker David Buehler, which raised some eyebrows at the time, but it now appears the move was made in preparation for Tynes leaving via free agency. And on Friday, Paul Dottino of WFAN confirmed that suspicion when he reported the Giants were "unlikely" to re-sign the veteran kicker.

Heading into free agency having just finished a five-year, $7 million contract with the Giants, Tynes brings with him a terrific resume and desire for one last big contract. And although the Giants would like to bring him back, they will be unable to meet his demands.

Whether or not the Giants head into the 2013 season with just Buehler remains to be seen, but in all likelihood they will add another kicker or two and make a competition of it throughout training camp and the preseason.


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24 Responses to “New York Giants Unlikely to Re-Sign Kicker Lawrence Tynes”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    re-post since I missed the new thread.

    Defensive tackle is an absolutely critical position and the Giants need to both bring in another veteran (because Rogers is a good solution but will only be able to play a certain number of snaps and stay effective) and draft a promising rookie.

    I don’t care what PFF says: Joseph had a pretty mediocre season and suffered badly from the absence of a healthy Canty since interior blocking schemes could be oriented toward sealing him (in 2011 the concern was Canty so Joseph had lots of singled-up opportunities and looked very good in those situations). Kuhn looked promising but may not be ready to contribute until the second half of the season. And Austin is a cipher, although my gut tells me he will contribute in 2013. Of the latter, no one can be sure, but I’ll bet Reese is very confident that his scouts and he did not make a mistake and plan on Marvin Austin being a part of this team for years to come. A good way of looking at that is that the kid has apprenticed in our system, has almost no wear-and-tear over the past three seasons, and could therefore be a well-prepared youngster who is able to make a big impact as the equivalent of a twice-red-shirted-junior.

    In any case, if the Giants can solve their problems at tackle then I think we will find that the perceived problems at linebacker are not nearly as deep as many assume. The defensive ends for the Giants are a good group, even absent Osi. Get a good set of tackles and JPP returns to dominance. I think Kiwi is ready for a big year when given the majority of snaps (I just saw him in Florida and he looks HUGE…he has put a bit of extra muscle on which makes me think he’s ready to play defensive end this season). You all can continue the skepticism about Ojomo but I think he has the goods. Tuck should have a much better year even if he is no longer the potential dominator he seemed a few years ago before those injuries. And I think that Tracy can give them some really effective pass-rushing production.

    So a solid front (if we get the tackles required) allows for the best use of the talents we already have in the second level of the defense. Williams is the prototype for the “new” NFL linebacker: a guy who can cover, can get to the quarterback if asked, and who can follow a run across the entire field and make a tackle from the off-side that prevents a long cutback gain. While he isn’t quite as great an athlete as Williams, I continue to be confident that Paysinger is a “player”, a guy who simply makes the plays out there even when not impressing you with and single aspect of his game. He is vastly underrated at Giants 101 and more would realize that if they’d seen him at Oregon. The kid has been “making plays” since he was a pup. Some players just do that. Three times last season the Giants’ coaches took the opportunity to project Mark Herzlich as their starting MIKE and made it clear they were confident he could do a good job once he learned enough from Chase Blackburn. They’ll probably both be back in 2013. Herzlich could be a very pleasant surprise. Toward the end of last season he looked like he was starting to go to the correct gap, and to make quicker drops because he had made quicker reads. Watch the Eagles game in Week 17. He was good. Not just okay. Good. Maybe this is the season he breaks out. Remember, the Giants don’t NEED a three-down MIKE since they will be playing a lot of nickel and dime packages. Herzlich could be the answer (but I’ll also be watching Muasau, who certainly has the look of a great two-down middle linebacker).

    I think Reese will bring in a veteran to compete for the SAM position (although Herzlich and Kiwi could also see time there as well, depending upon what happens with Tracy, Ojomo, Paysinger, Blackburn, Mausau and others). They will draft a linebacker somewhere along the way.

    In short, solve the huge problem at defensive tackle and a lot of things start falling into place. It was here that the defense broke down last season. The failure in the middle of the defense was to blame for almost everything else that happened on that side of the ball. Linebackers having to guess run-first. Safeties peeking into the backfield at the snap so being a step late along the sidelines on deep balls that beat Webster. That peeking by the safeties forcing Fewell to tell Prince to play off his man so he wouldn’t be beaten deep, thereby allowing too many easy third-down conversions. Inability to make the run stops that forced third-and-longs, thereby neutering the rush and allowing offenses to sustain drives that tired out an undermanned defense that had too many injuries that sapped depth at certain positions. It all flowed from poor play in the middle of the defensive front. Improve the last and a lot of other things start looking MUCH better.

    •  GmenMania says:

      Great post, which I wholly agree with.

      However, I caution not to expect much from Muasau; it often results in disappointment when one expects solid play from someone who didn’t even make the roster last season.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Sad to see Tynes leave but it’s the right move. Given the changing nature of the game you cannot have a kicker who isn’t able to score points from 47-yards out.

  3.  PittsburghJim says:

    Watching Tynes run cross field mouthing
    “I’m going to the f’in Super Bowl….” is one of my ‘fave Giants moments ever.

    Also, we talk about David Carr this & that as a backup. Did / does Jeff Hostetler EVER get the cred & love he deserves as a backup-to-SB riches hero from Big Blue fans???

    I know Norwood’s “miss” was the over-arcing storyline for the media, but c’mon!
    Hoss deserves some 20+ year love.

    Just my 3 cts on another COLD AS S-IT March morning.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    And since I’ve been gone, let me weigh in on a few other things.

    Glad they signed Beatty at a price that is justified. He remains, in my mind, a B+ player at a critical position but with upside, and unless they felt that Brewer was ready to take on the left tackle position they needed to get that deal done, and did. Good job by Reese paying what looks to me like a fair price for both sides.

    I still see no way they keep Bennett. They won’t pay up for a tight end. Robinson is their guy, Pascoe is better than many want to admit (solid if not particularly brilliant, a good blocker, and also the back-up fullback so a critical player), and they can bring in a third guy through free agency or the draft, and may even have a good one on their practice squad.

    I think Boothe will be disappointed in the market he finds and there’s a chance we retain him. But there is no doubt in my mind that we are going to draft O-linemen in April and that Reese is confident that Mosley is going to become a starting guard for us in 2014 (and that we can get a reasonably-priced free agent for this year to replace Boothe if we have to while Mosley and a few draftees get ready to take on roles in 2014) so Boothe won’t be offered a rich deal by us. He’s probably a $2.25-2.5MM per annum player, if that. I like him, but he is a JAG and I think the rest of the league is going to agree. If we’ll pay him 80-85% of what he sees elsewhere I think he’s likely to stay with the Giants. He’s smart enough to know that most of that marginal money goes to taxes, agent’s fees, etc. and that he’s comfortable here.

    The ideal situation is we retain Boothe, Mosley is readied to replace Snee in 2014, Brewer beats out Diehl for the RT spot this season and then has to fight off McCants, Mosley and draftees from 2013 and 2014 for his position thereafter. But one way or the other I think our offensive line will be better this year than it was last, and will be getting much younger by 2014 when we will transition to a group that probably works together for years to come.

    I’m sticking with my view that Cruz should be tendered. And I’ll also say I still think there’s a chance that we could lose him but get an extra first-round draft pick and be just fine. I’d love three picks in the first 48 in this draft.

    And I still like Rhodes and Trufant at #19 unless a scary-good player drops to us. Regardless of what was going on with Corey Webster in 2012, we need another few corners.

    •  GmenMania says:

      As much as I love Cruz, I too would not be disappointed if we got a first-rounder for him. This is a VERY deep draft, with a lot of good players who will probably be available throughout the first couple of rounds.

  5.  PittsburghJim says:

    I meant WEATHERFORD….
    My Bad….

    Plus he had his WEDDING ring on his hand for that low snap.


  6.  GmenMania says:

    It’s about damn time. I’ve been clamoring for a kicker who can hit a field goal from beyond 50 yards for a while now. And while I appreciate everything Tynes has done for this time, I can’t say I’m sorry that he’s leaving.

  7.  GmenMania says:

    A little tidbit from a Jaguars website about OLB Daryl Smith possibly being an option for the Giants:

  8.  Dirt says:

    Best news of the offseason

  9.  rlhjr says:

    It’s about F’n time.

  10.  GmenMania says:

    Now let’s draft someone in the late rounds who CAN make a 50-yard field goal.

    •  Kevros says:

      Buehler has potential. He definitely has a leg, but I’m curious to see what TC thinks about his accuracy and his clutch factor…

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