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Ramses Barden Feels “It’s Probably Best” to Move on from New York Giants

March 1st, 2013 at 10:30 AM
By Dan Benton

In mid-January, wide receiver Ramses Barden said publicly that he'd "love" to re-sign with the New York Giants this offseason. Then, just a little over a week ago, Jeff Sperbeck, Barden's agent, said the team had expressed interest in bringing his client back, but that they also wanted to test the market. Apparently, all those good vibes are now over as Barden informed SiriusXM Radio on Thursday that "it's probably best" he moves on from Big Blue.

“I had a great experience with the Giants, and had I had more opportunities to seize, I would’ve seized them,” said Barden on SiriusXM. “And I’m confident in that. I’m really seriously kind of excited for the offseason, because as much fun as I’ve had in New York – and yeah, I’m comfortable there – it’s probably best for me to start looking other places for a new system, for a refreshed sense of welcoming. I think everybody can benefit from newness in their lives. This is going to be one of those for me.”

Originally a third-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Barden has never even approached the ceiling many expected of him. His sole NFL start came in week three of the 2012 season against the Carolina Panthers (nine receptions for 138 yards), and it was the first and only time he demonstrated what many expected of him coming out of college.

Second-year wideout Rueben Randle will likely step into the #3 WR role, with hopes of Domenik Hixon returning to be the #4 man. Jerrel Jernigan will fill in as the #5 receiver, while Brandon Collins, Kevin Hardy and Kris Adams likely battle it out for the #6 spot.

For Barden's career, he's probably right in that it's time to move on. He needs a fresh start and a new system, because he's already accomplished all he was ever going to accomplish here in New York.


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5 Responses to “Ramses Barden Feels “It’s Probably Best” to Move on from New York Giants”

  1.  Krow says:

    GOAT … I think what we’re seeing is a bit like the housing bubble. The money is drying up … the demand is low … the supply is high.

    Penthouses in Manhattan will still command mega-dollars. But the next tier down … those million dollar McMansions in the burbs … they’ll be hurting.

    This means we could sign several good, solid second-tier FAs on the cheap. And Reese squeezes that dollar tighter than kujo does cheeseburgers.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I was an econ major undergrad so I understand supply and demand. And also replacement cost. I think that’s why Beatty re-sign this week. His agent saw the market and told Beatty it was risky to test free agency, he could have won big but also could have lost big.

  2.  UANYG says:

    Ramses, say it aint’t so!

    Krow, there’s certainly a chance that NY could get a few tier-2′s, so to speak, especially if JR can resist an immediate urge to sign some players when there’s going to be a higher premium paid, simply because of the buzz surrounding free agency.

    I liken it to the introduction of a new product. The buzz leading up to its release data is so much that more impulsive people (or in this case, GM’s) will swoop in and pay a higher price than they would had they waited.

    We can thank Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and a host of other jackasses for being jaded by the shiniest, and the newest. To them, I give great thanks.

    I’d be a fan of the Jenkins move, particularly if it were at a minimum type deal. Once Webster, Diehl, and who knows, perhaps even Eli restructure their contracts, we could be pleasantly surprised by both Nicks and Cruz getting reupped, while focusing the draft on the following positions: OL, CB, LB.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    So our realistic MLB options for next year are Blackburn if he re-signs or Herzlich internally; mid level to cheap free agents like Larry Grant or Brad Jones; draft picks such as Ogletree or Teo in the 1st, Brown or Minter in the 2nd or 3rd, Bostic, Reddick or in the 3rd or 4th. Seems like a very tough decision. 1st round LBs should be impact players and there are questions any first round option can be. We need a possible answer like Ogletree but we can’t afford to also not have a safe bet as our 1st round pick. Herzlich and guys like Grant or Jones could be an improvement from Blackburn but their upside doesn’t appear to be the jump we need as a long term MLB. So it seems to me that we sign a guy like Grant then draft a MLB prospect with upside but not in the first round.

    My two candidates MLB prospects with upside are Brown and Bostic. Bostic has me and others excited because of his combine but also because he was productive in the SEC. It seems that maybe he just got overshadowed and can be a very good pro. Bostic should be avialbale in the 3rd round so that seems like the best fit for an early MLB pick considering our recent past at drafting MLB. But the player that I think can be the true sleeper of the MLB possibilities is Brown. He’s not guaranteed to be there in the 2nd round but there’s a fair chance he will be. Brown was tremendous for Kstate last year but is looked down upon as an NFL player because he was thought to be undersized. But he measure 6’0″ and 241 LBS so he’s bigger than many though or he put on the needed weight. He’s similar size to Ogletree and Teo plus he has the same height and weight of Bobby Wagner. His brother is also Bruce Brown, the eagle rookie RB who bust on the scene last year. Assuming he times reasonably well when he has his proday I think he’s worth a gamble with our 2nd round pick to solve our MLB woes.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    The reason the Giants want Unicorn is due to his blocking prowess. None of the TE’s being mentioned are half the blocker Bennett is. But if push comes to shove, Reese has to let him go and work with Robinson and a late round draft choice.

    As for Phillips; I would hate to see him go, but I think his issues with the training staff and management (overall not looking out for his physical well being) could be enough to push him out the door….money on not. I think he fells betrayed.

    In my heart of hearts, I think it’s time for him to go simply because his next knee injury could be his last. And he has to deal with the arthritic condition.
    This is hard as Japanese arithmetic. But I really think Phillips is no longer a Giant.

    Putting it all into perspective, I feel the Giants must follow through with drafting foundation players for the defensive and offensive line plus the defensive backfield this year and next. They also need to come up with solid production and some impact at linebacker, again either this year or next.

    I also feel some good productive ball players will have to say goodbye. Some already have. The Giants can only do so much with the funds they have. They absolutely have to replenish the talent pool with young productive players, who just so happen to be obtainable at the “right price”.

    All of us should be prepared for a “POSSIABLE” step back in competitiveness simply because of a loss of veteran savvy. The quality of play however, should stay high. In other words, we won’t be rooting for bums.
    If things work out and some of the vets come back to the fold, the team will be even more intriguing. But it’s important that young talent be imported ASAP.

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