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Martellus Bennett “Not Feeling the Love” from New York Giants; Likely to Walk?

February 27th, 2013 at 4:30 PM
By Paul Tierney

The New York Giants just signed Will Beatty to a five-year, $38.75 million contract that locks Big Blue's starting left tackle into place for the foreseeable future. So as the Giants turn their attention away from Beatty and onto other tasks, it stands to reason that free-agent-to-be  Martellus Bennett should receive more attention form the Giants front office now that the salary cap situation is more transparent.

'David Carr and Martellus Bennett Warm Up' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

However judging from recent tweets, Bennett does not seem too optimistic about a potential return to the Giants.

“I dunno bro. Not feeling the love,” Bennett wrote. “They have other priorities that come before little ole me. I’m just a small piece of what they’re trying to do there. … I’ve come to the conclusion that we are just temporary investments to the owners. Value money and growth over players. … Just like any business. Employees aren’t as valuable as we use to be. Everyone needs a job. Lol.”

Obviously, Bennett does not seem too happy with how the team has approached his impending free agency. Nor should he be. After emerging as an elite blocker and capable receiver down the field, Bennett is in line for a raise in 2013. It's just unclear as to whether that will come from the Giants or from another team in the league. He's been rumored to want to play with his brother, Michael Bennett. Michael Bennett is a defensive end with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that has both the salary cap flexibility and personnel needs in which to have the brothers on the roster next season.

However, as Bennett eloquently scribed on his twitter account this afternoon, the NFL is a business. The Giants have 26 free-agents to worry about this offseason. Several of those free-agents were instrumental aspects of one or more Super Bowl championship teams. As solid as Bennett's production was in 2012, the Giants have larger needs on this roster right now than at tight end. It's a reality that Bennett is not happy with, but one he must come to accept this offseason.

Eventually, the Giants will talk to Bennett regarding a possible return. It may not be prior to the inception of the league year, as the team may want to let the market set the price for Bennett's services. Regardless, it seems likely that Bennett will have to take a "hometown discount" to stay with the Giants. That's a term that several players love to throw around for good publicity, but rarely follow through on. It's likely that Bennett will bolt to the team that pays him the highest salary, and it's likely the Giants will not be able to compete with that offer.

With Adrien Robinson waiting in the wings and the potential value the team could find at tight end with the 19th pick in the 2013 draft, it may not make too much sense to break the bank for Bennett. It's unfortunate, but there are very few players around the NFL who are irreplaceable. Martellus Bennett is not  one of them.


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63 Responses to “Martellus Bennett “Not Feeling the Love” from New York Giants; Likely to Walk?”

  1.  demo3356 says:

    I have been the biggest Deihl supporter on here for the last 3-5 years, but even I said my mea culpa a few months ago. He is veteran depth at best.. I love his attitude and how he just plays wherever he’s needed but he is no longer worth 4+ million. He’s a 1.5 mil depth guy at this point.He will get cut or take a paycut shortly
    As for Booth, I like him and would like to see him back but he’s not integral. I dont see him getting any big offers and think he will be back and a slightly above vet minimum deal…

    •  GOAT56 says:

      If JR can sign Boothe for that money that would be great. But a starting level guard is worth more than that. Plus he’s has the versatility to play 3-4 positions. he’s worth around 2.5-3 mil per year.

      •  Krow says:

        I don’t think this is Boothe’s first free agent rodeo, is it? Didn’t he test the market before?

        •  Kevros says:

          Yeah and we didn’t re-sign him until July so he spent a few months out there…

          •  rlhjr says:

            Boothe is no dummy. He’ll make a good decision. I think that means sticking with Reese who will pay him fairly.

            •  kujo says:

              Resign Boothe and draft someone in the 3rd or 4th round. That gives us a boost and sets up a successor to Snee in 2 years or so.

  2.  Krow says:

    In the real world … a TE like Bennett is a $3-4 million per year guy. He’s solid … has an upside … good citizen. Same kind of skill set and level of production Kevin Boss had.

    But will someone over pay? A team with cap space … and a need might. However I have a tough time thinking who that could be. Everyone keeps saying Tampa, but maybe they don’t want two brothers on the same team. It can be a problem. So we’ll see … but I’m not sure there’s a big market for the Black Unicorn.

  3.  Krow says:

    There is a magic date in March … where the salary levels are set … for the various franchise tags.

    Eli will not restructure his contract till after that date.

    To do so would be to help other teams with their cap situation. The Giants will wait till the number is locked before doing anything with Eli.

  4.  kujo says:

    Pat Traina, echoing part of FF55′s opinion on the linkages between Cruz and Bennett:

    “A quick thought about Bennett. The more I think about this, the more I believe the Giants will not be able to re-sign both Cruz and Bennett. If they’re high on Adrien Robinson, I can’t see them stunting his development by bringing Bennett back. There are only so many snaps to go around and if the plan is to get AR more of them, the. It makes zero sense to drive big bucks toward Bennett.”

  5.  rlhjr says:

    Reese protected Eli’s blind side. The right thing was done. Bennett has to understand what’s being done to build the team. If he feels he needs to move, then he has to do what he feels is best for him.

    Because I hope Reese (I know) Reese will be doing what he thinks is best for the Giants.

    I think the Unicorn needs to chill and let things unfold. I think Reese wants him on board. And aside from his blocking the team needs to further firm up the offensive line. But if he has to go, he has to go.

    •  kujo says:

      Next up is resolving Cruz’s contract situation and doing something about the interior of our offensive and defensive lines. I suspect the former will come before free agency kicks in, while the latter will be accomplished via the middle of the draft and eclair-style free agents. We also need solutions in our linebacker corps as well, but I imagine they will add a veteran and continue the tactic of acquiring mid and low-round guys and doing this thing by committee. Also wouldn’t be surprised if they resigned Blackburn. They’re just not going to find 2 starters–middle and strongside–unless we spend big money (which we don’t have) or spend high draft picks (which would be really inadvisable, in my opinion).

  6.  Nosh.0 says:

    Glad we re signed Beatty.

    And Marty B is exactly right, we got a lot higher priorities than him. Dude was a great signing because it was a cheap one year “show me” deal. He was never in the teams long term plans. Even if fans did fall in love with his lame attempts at comedy, and began seeing his blocking through Larry Allen colored glasses.

  7.  Nosh.0 says:

    I’m gonna say one more thing on the Cruz situation. Obviously I’ve made my “pro Cruz” point ad nausea over the course of this past month so I won’t go there.

    I do not think it would be a good idea to get rid of him and think he absolutely needs to be re signed, but if you were able to get a first round pick for him I could talk myself into the deal as JR usually hits home runs in the first round.

    However, if Cruz is worth trading for a 1st rounder, than so is Hakeem the dream.

    •  Dirt says:

      I agree about Cruz and Nicks and have done so as you’ve taken a lot of heat, but not so much about parting way with one for a 1st. Truth is, these two dudes are key pieces to this team. When you start naming the 4 most important players on the New York Football Giants, you name (in no particular order) Eli, Nicks, Cruz, JPP. You never part ways with one of them for a 1st round draft pick, who *may* fit into the team, let alone be a top notch contributor. In 2015.

      Jerry Reese will always receive a life full of ZJs on G101, but anyone in that draft is a prospect. They aren’t bona fide contributors.

      There’s a reason Cruz is like only the 3rd Giants Pro Bowl WR ever and the team record holder in yards in a season. Not because of Eli or Nicks or Killdrive or Goddell. Because there simply has never been a better WR drafted by the Giants in their 86ish year history, and only Nicks is arguable (and I’m not getting into it tonight). No way you trade *that guy* (or even Nicks) for some kid.

  8.  Dirt says:

    I must say I am initially slightly down on the Beatty deal. I think Eli is as responsible for Beatty’s play as Beatty, but whatever. He’s a good kid, good player, I’d rather have drafted a LT (much like Beatty recently was) and use those dollars elsewhere.

    But what do I know. I’m just an over-the-hill offensive lineman looking to keep the money flowing. And now I’m scared.

    David Diehl

  9.  Dirt says:

    Parting thoughts:

    A lot of nice things were said today about the 49ers front office and their talent acquisition. Except 2 years ago, with mostly the same talent you’d have been laughed off this site. Why? Because it was a new, good coaching staff that finally realized all that talent.

    So despite my frequent differences with this coaching staff, it’s not a coincindence that Reese looks like a genius. The coaching staff is probably more responsible than Reese for turning prospects into champions who haven’t had a losing season in 8 years.

    Coaching means everything in this league, with the average career being 3 years and so many people bouncing around from year to year. It’s good and bad. And it’s why I’ll continue to bash their shortcomings, because I feel they’re crucial. I blame Coughlin’s time management for not making the playoffs in 2012 (see the last 4 plays of Philly’s last possession on 9/30/12).

    But the flip side is he, and his staff, have made our team a bunch of winners.

  10.  Dirt says:

    Sorry, one more thought:

    If you’ve ever made the argument that x, y or z was good enough to win 2 of the last 6 championships, as if we’ve got the magic formula, then you must accept all things consistent between those two championships and being part of the formula. You can’t cherry pick only the things you agree with (“Coughlin’s a great coach, only a great coach can win 2 of 6 championships!”)

    Here are the ingredients to the formula I can come up with that were consistent among both championship runs:

    Dominant wide receiver play
    Mediocre tight end play
    Dominant pass rush
    Mediocre kicker
    Terrible left tackle protection from David Diehl

    That’s it. Everywhere else saw differences. Those are the only 7 ingredients that we saw consistent across the two runs. And one was David Diehl at left tackle. And as I consider some recent champions, like Baltimore and Green Bay, and coming back to the Giants with Diehl, twice, I cannot help to continue to come to this conclusion:

    You don’t need a top LT to win, and you certainly don’t need to pay a lot to get one.

    There is a LOT of money now on this offensive line. A unit that wasn’t relied upon to consistently outperform across the two championships (because I wholeheartedly believe Eli and Killdrive’s offense protect Eli as much as the linemen). And as a result of that out-of-formula investment, the ingredients that were critical, the dominant pass rush and dominant wide receiver play, has been compromised in this salary cap world.

    I don’t dislike Beatty. I think he’s good.

    I just don’t think it’s the best use of scarce resources.

    And I sure hope his back holds up.

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