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New York Giants, Will Beatty Working to Resolve “Minor Issues” on New Deal

February 26th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

As free agency rapidly approaches, the New York Giants maintain that offensive tackle Will Beatty remains one of their top priorities. And only a few short days after co-owner John Mara said the team would like to keep Beatty in blue, Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that the two sides are only a few "minor issues" away from a new long-term deal.

"For my Giants followers, I wouldn't sweat Will Beatty's free agency. Lots of time to resolve what I'm hearing are minor issues," Garafolo tweeted.

With about two weeks left until the start of the new league year, Garafolo is correct in that the Giants have some time on their side. However, the days are ticking away fast and once Beatty hits the open market, there are a number of teams who are not only in need of a talented, young left tackle, but who will be willing to pay top dollar for the #3 rated free agent tackle.

There has been wide speculation that, should the Giants opt to use the franchise tag, it would be to retain Beatty. Unfortunately, even after restructuring the contract of Mathias Kiwanuka, the Giants find themselves only about $5-$6 million under the projected cap for 2013. With an approximate value of $9.66 million placed on franchise offensive lineman, New York couldn't afford to go that route even as a last resort … at least not right now.

“Oh definitely. We want him back. I guess we could, if we wanted to, use the [franchise] tag on him, but I don’t know that I see that happening…He’s a good player. We think he’s an ascending player, and he’s somebody we’d like to have on our team,” Mara said last week.

It's not time to panic just yet – especially if the two sides only have a few "minor issues" to work through – but the sooner this gets done, the better.


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101 Responses to “New York Giants, Will Beatty Working to Resolve “Minor Issues” on New Deal”

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  1.  Krow says:

    Very good news. Now if they can find a way to keep Bennett … … …

  2.  Nosh.0 says:

    Knowing what our cap situation is, I still can’t figure out why/how DD and Webster are on this team. You can add Snee to that list too.

    •  Krow says:

      I can figure out Snee. But the other two … yeah. Now Webster might still be able to play some, but not $7 million worth. And Diehl is interesting as versatile depth. But the cap cash those two eat up is a killer.

      Snee has hostages … Coughlin’s daughter and grandkids. Not a lot to be done there. Maybe some sort of mutually agreeable restructure. That’s about it.

      •  rlhjr says:

        If Snee has hostages Deihl and Webster have picturs and audio tape.
        Thats the only thing I can figure……………….

        Tuck must have filed with the Civil Liberties…………..

  3.  F0XLIN says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but they both cannot be restructured until after next week, even approached about it. I assume both will restructure and stay, definitely not at their current cap number

    •  Krow says:

      I think the smart money is with you. Though in Diehl’s case they may be waiting to see what happens with Boothe, and to a lesser extent Beatty.

      Webster is a tougher problem. Was he hurt last year, and did that contribute to his poor showing? Is he disadvantaged by the Fewell defensive scheme? Did he just look bad when in fact it was actually poor deep-safety coverage?
      They also might wait to see if they get a CB in the draft … or even a FA.

  4.  The Original G Man says:

    I wonder if holding onto Diehl at this point is simply insurance vs Snee’s surgery?

    •  Krow says:

      That’s possible too. But in any event Diehl won’t get that big number he currently holds. When push comes to shove he has to restructure down .. or I believe they’ll be forced to let him go … with regret.

      •  Krow says:

        And I say regret because despite his ability level Diehl has been the protoypical ‘good soldier’. He’s done everything asked of him … put out 100% … and was a vital cog in two Superbowl runs. He gets slashed here a lot, but the guy’s been a good Giant.

  5.  jfunk says:

    Guys like Diehl and Webster haven’t been dealt with yet because they don’t need to be. It’s not like you get some kind of bonus for how many days you walk around with spare cap space in your pocket.

    The Giants know precisely how much room they can clear by cutting them and how much they can clear by restructuring them to their liking. They’ll do one or the other once they’re at a point where they need the cap space and have decided which way they’d rather go with them.

    There’s no advantage to making a move any faster than you have to. Waiting keeps your options more open.

  6.  jfunk says:

    Krow, what’s with your recent obsession with Washington & Seattle? You think those teams haven’t been trying to find a good QB all these years? You think this was some kind of master plan to take over the NFL with cheap QBs?

    How about we wait until they have some sustained success, or actually even win something of note, before we declare them the new model NFL franchises?

    I think it’s an awful big stretch to assume that because a few young QBs had a lot of success this year, that means they’re going to be growing on trees from this point forward.

    •  Krow says:

      Just musing about ways to manage the cap. The ticket seems to be to leverage the higher paying positions with players on their rookie deals. We actually did this with Cruz and Nicks in 2011 … leveraging the expensive WR position with two incredibly cheap Pro Bowl level performers to win a Superbowl. Teams like Washington, Seattle, and SF are doing it at the QB slot. They took it a step further by dumbing down their respective offenses to fit option QBs.

      I’m certain NFL defenses will catch up. But it will remain one of the strategies to conserve cap space, and some teams will opt to go that way.

      Now this year there’s no QB in the draft that really looks the part. I can’t see any other teams trying that approach in 2013. But it’s still a viable tactic. What it’s not is the proverbial ‘wave of the future’, and I’m not contending it is. Though it’s not disappearing any time soon.

      •  kujo says:

        Fair enough, man. Sorry for going after you so much last night. Planning this wedding has me on edge, bro.

        •  Krow says:

          Naw, no biggie. We’re all emotional about our team. Sorry if I struck an unintentional nerve. And yeah, weddings are tough. Hang in there.

  7.  F0XLIN says:

    Kujo was definitely sending out save the dates yesterday, you were going off!

    I’m going through the same thing brother

    •  kujo says:

      I don’t take back anything I said–I feel as though the approaches taken by Seattle, San Francisco, Indianapolis and Washington are all “flavor of the week” type things which will very likely NOT translate to sustained success. I remain convinced that the best way to win in today’s NFL is to score more points than your opponent. How you intend to do that is a matter of discussion and debate, but the best way to do that consistently is to have a franchise quarterback with a bevy of weapons surrounding him (including a reliable running game and an offensive line that doesn’t hinder the execution of the game plan), supported by a defense and special teams unit which is capable of not giving up “the big play.” Krow is right in that the salary cap is the biggest stumbling block teams have in trying to put this Rubix Cube together, and he’s not an idiot for pointing out that a few teams got far closer to doing so without spending as much money as we did. But I believe that was a fluke, and it appears that Krow does too. Good on him for making his argument!

      Congrats to you, Foxlin. When’s your day?

  8.  kujo says:

    Samard’s boy Jonathan Banks just ran a 4.59. Not a great showing.

  9.  F0XLIN says:

    I was arguing the message, but the delivery was on edge for sure

    Thanks man, kind of a touchy subject. The only thing I asked was not to get married during football season, but when it comes down to finding an affordable venue with date open, it ended up being October 19th. The day after we are going to do the brunch at the local bar and restaurant we go to and make it a party for the game. And the fiance agreed to put off the honeymoon until March, so no further home games are missed.

    When is your date?

    •  kujo says:

      May 30th. All the main stuff is done–venue, caterer, reception, rings, dress, etc. Now it’s the death of a thousand cuts. The small things are driving me crazy. How the heck am I supposed to formulate an intelligent-sounding opinion on center pieces and the color of the bridesmaids’ jewelry?

  10.  The Original G Man says:

    Honey Badger ran a 4.43

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