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New York Giants Owner John Mara Says He Does not See Tom Coughlin Retiring in the Near Future

February 20th, 2013 at 2:26 PM
By Paul Tierney

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin will be 67 years old by the time next season comes around. Coughlin is a two-time Super Bowl champion, and even if he gave up coaching right now,  he would still go down as one of the best head coaches in franchise history. For the last several seasons, Coughlin has avoided directly answering questions regarding his eventual retirement, which has fueled speculation as to when that day may finally arrive.

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Although cornerback Terrell Thomas recently stated that he believes 2013 will be Coughlin's swan song, Giants President and CEO John Mara disagrees.

“No, I haven’t had that discussion with him yet,” said Mara. “I don’t see him going to Florida to play shuffleboard any time soon. I think he’s still got a lot of fire left in him and he’s still a great coach. Hopefully he’s going to be around for many more years.”

It's hard to envision Coughlin walking away from football with a sour taste in his mouth. As a man who has achieved so much during his career, it stands to reason that he will decide leave the game on a high note. Coughlin has earned the right to tell the team when his time is up, but it's still very unclear as to when that may occur.

For now, the Giants are in the midst of preparing for a tenuous offseason that will see the departure of many key assets that were crucial players in the 2007 and 2011 championship runs. Tom Coughlin is a Super Bowl champion, but the 2013 Giants will be a much different team than the 2007 and even the 2011 squads. 

Next season's team will present a whole new set of challenges that will test the coaching staff to implement the correct schemes and techniques to get the most out of the players on the roster. It appears as if Coughlin still has the drive to orchestrate a task of that magnitude; however, nobody knows for certain how long that notion will hold true. Regardless, when the day comes, Tom Coughling will be remembered, along with Bill Parcells, as one of the best coaches to ever step in the Giants sideline.


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