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Dwight Freeney Says Playing for New York Giants “Would Be a Dream”

February 20th, 2013 at 4:02 PM
By Paul Tierney

'Dwight Freeney' photo (c) 2010, Jeffrey Beall - license: Indianapolis Colts defensive end and soon to be unrestricted free-agent Dwight Freeney grew up as a New York Giants fan. After growing up in Hartford, Conn. and attending Syracuse University, Freeney was a first-round draft choice by the Colts in 2002 and went on to make 7 Pro Bowls and win a Lombardi Trophy. However, as a 33 year old defensive end, Freeney is likely to be on a new team once the 2013 season kicks off.

While being asked about several other potential suitors, Freeney had some interesting comments while addressing the notion of becoming a member of the Giants in next season.

"I grew up a Giants fan, actually, all my life," Freeney said. "So, that would be a dream"

Dwight Freeney would fit in well within the Giants defense next season. He would not have to play every down, which would help his durability. Freeney only missed two games in 2012; however, he was only able to garner five sacks during that time period. His transition to a linebacker in a 3-4 scheme did not go smoothly, to say the least. Furthermore, since 2009, Freeney's sack numbers have declined in every season. 

Clearly, the Dwight Freeney that will hit the free-agent market in 2013 is a shell of the Pro Bowl caliber player that we saw a few seasons ago. Father time has taken his toll on the three-time All-Pro; however, with Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck already on the roster, Freeney would be the valuable third outside pass rushing threat the Giants defense has relied upon in past seasons.

There are several impediments to the Giants attempts to get Freeney. With the extremely limited salary cap space the Giants have to work with, it's a near certainty that Freeney would have to reject better offers to play for Big Blue. As a player who is clearly in decline, it would be uncharacteristic of general manager Jerry Reese to offer Freeney anything more a one-year contract for a salary of $2-3 million. Furthermore, this offer would not come until after the team has already taken care of Will Beatty, re-signed Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz, and had serious discussions with Martellus Bennet, Kevin Boothe and Kenny Phillips

It's likely that a team offers Freeney more than a $2 or 3$ million contract on the open market. He's still a big name and it's likely that a team desperate for a pass rusher will overpay for his services. However, it's not going to be the Giants. If Freeney's sentimentality urges him to accept an offer below market value so he can contend for a Super Bowl next season, then this becomes a possibility. However, as a player who is about to sign his last NFL contract, it's a long shot that he decides not to take the biggest payday that comes his way.


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17 Responses to “Dwight Freeney Says Playing for New York Giants “Would Be a Dream””

  1.  The Original G Man says:

    I don’t even see them offering that much. If the felt they needed veteran depth beyond JPP, Tuck, Kiwi, Tracey, and Ojomo, I suspect they’d look for someone who’d be willing to play for the league minimum (ala a Shawn Rogers type deal)

  2.  Chad Eldred says:

    If he lands in the right spot playing limited snaps, Freeney could be a huge weapon. He would be ideal in our rotation, not being expected to come in and start. Unfortunately teams that can offer him what he requires in terms of salary will likely want him to play more snaps than he is suited to at this point in his career.

  3.  Krow says:

    Love to have the guy … but who has that kind of cash?

  4.  Hanshi says:

    He made about 10 mil more than Osi last year and he’s 2 years older.

  5.  kujo says:

    Isn’t this the guy whose contract bugged Osi for the last few years?

    •  Krow says:

      Anyone who made a dollar more than him bugged Osi. The Chief was a great player for us, but he was always a little too much about the money.

      •  G-MenFan says:

        Osi was only about the money when the back end of his huge contract rolled around. He got plenty up front. Considering 2009 (didn’t play) and 2010 (I wish he didn’t play) I’d say he made out real well.

  6.  CT GIANT says:

    Dwight is well know here in Bloomfield, CT. and who knows, might just want to join the home team he grew up with, like me!
    He would fit well, and knows Coughlin well, and suspect he might enjoy working real close to home.
    He would Tuck some real competition, but it’s about $$$$$$$$?????????

  7.  Chad Eldred says:

    I love Freeney and as an upstater he has a special place in my hierarchy of favorites given his playing days at SU. That being said, if we were to clear space for one special free agent, Freeney would be the guy. We don’t have a problem at DE in my mind and having an aging vet take snaps would just retard the progress of a guy like Ojomo. I’m not going to go all ff55 and extol the potential of Ojomo, but he shows promise. With Kiwi, Ojomo, Tracy we have enough depth at DE that any free money could be put to better use. Such as signing Mike Wallace.

  8.  GmenMania says:

    UUT (kinda)

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