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Chris Canty Says Return to New York Giants is Unlikely; Would Like to Play Against Big Blue

February 7th, 2013 at 9:15 AM
By Dan Benton

Unlike running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who sees a potential return to the New York Giants down the line, defensive tackle Chris Canty realizes his playing days in the Big Apple are over. And although that is the nature of the business – something Canty understands – being released was still quite a bit of a shock to him. The veteran says he didn't see it coming, fully expected to be a part of the Giants in 2013, and feels "disappointed" things didn't work out.

"I was a little bit disappointed, I’m going to use that word, in what took place," Canty said on ESPN Radio. "It’s a business and you have to look at it like that, you have to recognize it as such, and you have to move forward. … It’s disappointing, but after the season that we had as a football team, there were some tough decisions that had to be made."

Canty also acknowledged that money is the primary reason he's no longer a member of the Giants, but doesn't anticipate that it's something that can be rectified or agreed upon. As such, he says of a return to Big Blue: "I don't see that in the near future."

Although he may not see a return to the Giants, he can see potentially playing against the Giants … and that's a unique opportunity Canty says he's looking forward to.

"It’s a tremendous organization. Obviously, I want them and this organization to do well. I wish everybody here the best," Canty told ESPN on Wednesday. "That being said, I would love the opportunity to compete against the Giants."

In four seasons with the Giants, Canty missed a total of 15 games after not missing one his entire football career leading up to 2009. In total, he collected 124 tackles, nine sacks and one very important ring as a member of the New York Football Giants.

More than just a player, the New York/New Jersey area is losing a great human being. Canty was always very friendly with the fans, and spent the vast majority of his free time working with local charities.

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42 Responses to “Chris Canty Says Return to New York Giants is Unlikely; Would Like to Play Against Big Blue”

  1.  Levito says:


    Levito says:
    February 7, 2013 at 9:04 AM
    Everyone who says Webster is getting cut is nuts. The only way that happens is if the Giants try to renegotiate his contract and he flat out refuses. As much as I think Prince is ready to take on the #1 spot and Hosley has a ton of potential, going into this season with just the two of them is not a smart idea. Prince hasn’t been healthy his 2 years in the league and Hosley pulls a hammy every time he makes a play. If one of those guys miss a game, it’s a scrub out there covering starting receivers. And it’s not worth spending another first round pick on a CB when there’s glaring issues at DT, LB and OL. They need to reduce Webster’s salary and keep him around for at least one more season while Hosley continues to develop.

    As far as Bradshaw, I’d love to see him back once he tests the market and sees how soft it is. And no, I wouldn’t stick him at the bottom of the depth chart. Who cares if he’s making the vet minimum. If he can play, he’s a hard runner, and I’d be happy to pair him with Wilson. By now we all know Wilson will get the lion’s share of the carries, but a hard runner who plays with the passion and fire that AB does–I’ll take that any day.

    •  demo3356 says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure bro… I can guarantee that Webster will NOT be back on his current deal, same with Diehl. Webster will get cut if he doesn’t take a drastic pay cut and restructure.. I say it is 50/50 on if he gets bounced or not.. There are 30+ UFA’s rfa’s and ERFA’s, not to mention 8-9 draft picks. I’m guessing out of those 40 or so players, the team would like to retain/ sign close to 20 of them. Some like Beatty will cost a lot. Cruz can be tendered at a little less than 3 and Bennett / Booth will cost a combined 5 mil a year. Even if everyone else signs at a vet minimum and the draftees fall into their scale we are looking at like > 30 million to keep them all. Where does that come from? Add in a new deal for Nicks and things get sticky

      •  GOAT56 says:

        But we also need a starting level CB. We don’t have anything at CB after Hosley. Signing even a mid tier free agent CB will cost us 3-4 mil. For example before the season Cary Williams turned down a 3 year 15 mil deal. Ross signed for 3 years, 15 mil last year. My point is that unless we are going into the season expecting a rookie, Hosley and Prince to be our top 3 Webster is probably our best option for 2013 because a replacement starter is still probably going to cost around 5 mil.

        We are definitely in a money crunch. I think Snee also has to take a pay cut and Rolle could restructure. Re-signing Boothe and Bennett for 5 mil seems unlikely to me. Bennett has value on the open market, especially with Tampa since they run our system and they have money. I’m thinking we don’t keep both Boothe and Bennett though i would like to keep both.

        •  demo3356 says:

          We are thinner at DT w/o Canty than we would be at CB w/o Webster. Prince, Hosley, a Rookie, a vet min FA and some guys off the practice squad combined with possible returns of Tryon, Johnson, TT may have to do..

          •  GOAT56 says:

            We are thin a both positions. I think Canty was cut for not being able to stay on the field as well as his salary. My thinking was he was cut to be replaced by a cheaper healthier option. Durability is not a concern with Webster. We have recently seen CB at his age have bounce back years or great years at similar ages examples are Carlos Rodgers, Newman, Ike Taylor, Charles Tillman.

      •  Levito says:

        What makes you so sure Bennett will be back? I like the guy a lot and think he’s got a high ceiling, but the front office knows he’s got a poor work ethic and they can get the productivity he had last season for cheaper.

        I think Webster gets cut if he refuses to renegotiate. But being as he wasn’t cut yesterday, I’m guessing they’re trying to work something out. If there was no chance of that, he’d have been cut already. Same probably goes for Diehl. If you cut him, who are the tackles currently on the team? Brewer and nobody. Beatty has to be tagged.

        I’m sure the Giants will adress OL and CB in FA and the draft. But there’s no need to cut Diehl or Webster without trying to work a deal first. You just can’t go into FA and the draft as desperate as the Giants would be at those positions if they cut Diehl and/or Webster loose.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          I don’t think Bennett has a poor work ethic at all. He had productivity last year because had got the chance to be the #1 TE. That being said re-signing him is no given being he’s the top TE on the market and a few teams like Tampa or even Chicago could be in the market for a TE like him. Like with everyone JR will have a price in mind and if the market exceeds that for Bennett he won’t be re-signed. But Bennett could fix our TE position for several years.

          •  Levito says:

            Bennett was on a 1 year deal, and therefore on his best behavior. He was also playing for a coach who doesn’t take crap from anyone. He had a work ethic issue in Dallas and he’s a potential liability for any team who signs him to a long term deal.

            I really liked having him on the team this season. But I know he’s got more of a history than what we saw from him in his 1 season on the team.

            •  GOAT56 says:

              Sometimes players are characterized falsely when they are considered underachievers. All Bennett did was drop a few passes in Dallas. He did that here too. He was a top blockers there and here as well. i’m not worried about signing him to a long term deal.

  2.  demo3356 says:

    Love Canty. Was a big fan of his from the day we signed him and am really sad to see him go. That said I understand why he got whacked and wish him the best. I am concerned that he ends up in Philly or NO as both teams are switching to a 3-4 and he is best suited as a 3/4 end

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I don’t see Canty in Philly because both Jenkins and their rookie DT fit as 3-4 DEs. Canty is going some place to start so NO seems like the more likely option. A return to Dallas might not be out of the question as they switch to a 4-3 with the future of Ratliff in doubt.

  3.  GOAT56 says:


    I think DT is something that has to be addressed through free agency. We need more than a role player like Rodgers would be at this point of his career, we need a starter. Both Kuhn and Austin are question marks on if they can contribute heavily. Even a drafted DT is likely not ready to start looking at past history. So to me the only solution is to sign a starting DT or at least someone capable of playing starting level snaps. I would love to go with all youth at DT but from what only have one DT we can count on in Joseph and there’s even debate about him. Kuhn could be a heavy contributor but he’s a question due to his injury. Austin is someone at this point we can expect much from though we can hope for a real contribution. He’s like TT, a bonus if he can be a key player but someone you can’t count on to be a key contributor.

    •  demo3356 says:

      I think its cute that folks still talk about signing more than role players in FA.. Where does this money come from? Is Santa bringing him or the Easter Bunny? Just like I promised a blood bath this off season, I am promising there will be NO free agent signings above the vet minimum.. See my response to Levito upthread

      •  Levito says:

        Funny you think there will be no big FA signings AND Diehl/Webster are candidates to be cut. If that’s the case, the Giants head to the draft with major holes at OL, LB, CB, DT.

        The most likely thing to happen is they do restructure with both of those guys and end up just tagging Cruz because they don’t have the cash to sign a long term deal with them.

        •  demo3356 says:

          LEvito- I KNOW there will be no big FA signings and believe strongly that Diehl and Webster will be gone if they don’t take drastic pay cuts. Doesn’t take a genius to look at the harsh reality of our cap situation.. Again, I called all this back in Oct- Nov and people told me I was crazy that we would just restructure a bunch of deals all willy nilly and presto changeo we would have tons of cap space. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode with Kramer carrying on about companies just writing it off and Seinfeld laughing asking him if he even knew what it meant to write it off.

          •  Levito says:

            Honestly, I think we’re pretty much in agreement on Webster and Diehl. We both think it’ll take a paycut for both of them to stick around. But Webster has leverage. If he doesn’t take a paycut, the team can cut him and he’ll get $5mm/year somewhere else easily. I see the Giants cutting him down to around $6mm/year and spreading the guaranteed money out so there’s less of a cap hit. I think Reese realizes he can’t afford to let Webster walk.

            •  demo3356 says:

              That would be best scenario… Webster has to agree to it though and “Spreading the guaranteed money out” means adding years to his deal.. Not sure JR wants to add years and more guaranteed money to a guy who’s play fell off a cliff last year. Unless he deems it was due to injury

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I’m not saying we are going to sign a high end free agent but we need someone above the vet minimum level at DT. Maybe that means we don’t re-sign Boothe and/or Bennett. Maybe that means we restructure Eli and Rolle. Extending Nicks or Cruz doesn’t require cap space because we can make 2013 mostly bonuses. I agree it’s tricky and there will be a lot of change but that doesn’t mean there are not some new mid tier free agents. I mean free agents along the Bennett, Bennard (when he first signed here) salary levels.

    •  kinsho says:

      Money’s not the issue here. Cap room is the issue. With our current cap situation, we can only afford role players. Our best hopes of getting the most bang out of our buck is to find role players with a ton of upside potential.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    I think Bradshaw is only handling this well because he saw what happened to Jacobs and then we drafted a first round RB. He’s no fool, he saw the writing on the wall. With Kuhn and Austin behind him I think Canty thought he would at worse be asked to re-structure. It also hurts him more because it seems like he really laid down some roots in the area. Canty will land on his feet though.

  5.  rlhjr says:


    I am thinking you are right about Webster. If he agrees to a reduction in pay and has a good attitude about schooling Prince and Hosley like Madison schooled him.

    As for Bradshaw, having him back would be a good thing for the Giants.
    First, his proclivity for injury would dramatically decrees due to fewer touches.
    He would be a wonderful change of pace to both Wilson and Brown.

    He’s a hell of a blocker and he knows the offense. Nothing but good things can come with bringing Braddy back at the right price. Best of all his influence on the young runners would be a welcome thing.
    And you really nailed it………If the Giants happen to find themselves in the playoff, Bradshaw’s experience and grit is something the young backs could feed off of. Right this moment it’s third and 7 with 3 minutes left in the NFC divisional playoff game and Eli has to throw it.

    Who do you want in the backfield blocking between, Brown, Wilson and Bradshaw? I think the answer is pretty clear.

    •  kinsho says:

      We could also be seeing Jacobs back as well. Isn’t Jacobs a free agent? If so, chances are his complete lack of play time last year would make him more than willing to play for us at the veteran minimum. I see Jacobs coming back much more likely than Bradshaw.

      •  Levito says:

        I see Jacobs as more likely to come back only because he’s less likely to get a deal somewhere else with the problems he had in SF last season and because of his age and production the past few years. If both AB and BJ are available at the vet minimum, I’d expect the team to chose AB. Better runner, younger, less attitude.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think sometimes young players need the trusted vet gone for them to really excel. If Bradshaw is around Wilson’s mistake’s costs him playing time. I think it’s better for Wilson’s and Brown’s long term development to be without Bradshaw. Bradshaw is too good to have around as just the trusted vet. TC trusts him too much and will lean on him rather than give Wilson and/or Brown the chances they need. I think Jacobs would be better for that type of role.

  6.  rlhjr says:


    By the time we select all the impact backers will be gone. And what the Giants need at linebacker is one of two things:

    1. A Patrick Willis clone (top ten pick)
    2. A football savvy over achiever with good measurables. (top of 2nd or 3rd round)

    Anything else will end up being more of the same. If Giants management is going to give Fewell an even chance of being successful, then they must address the middle of this defense. That means, MIKE/DT and safety need to be solid. So Kenny Phillips becomes a focal point due to his possible defection due to what he felt was substandard medical care.

    The truth is the heart of Fewells defense is Tampa 2. And the positions I’ve mentioned must be up to snuff for it to have a chance of success. So via draft and/or FA’s the middle of the Giant D must be a hell of a lot better than it has been for a while. There are no two ways about that.

    This also means that Marvin Austin’s replacement (he meant to raise hell in the middle of the opponent’s offensive line) is found right away. It may also mean Manti Te’o find his way to Jersey.

    And please folks remember, this is a two part play. Yes, Reese will attempt to fill in using various modes of free agents. Some may even pan out and become solutions. Next year’s draft however, will snap everything into focus. That’s the way I see it IMHO. Those of you who keep score, BOOK IT!

  7.  demo3356 says:

    This off season is going to be much like the 2007 off season when we said goodbye to several vets (Pettigout, Emmons, Arrington, Tiki) and added through the draft (7 picks made team) and through bagain bin FA signings (Kavicka Mitchell) only this year will be even more extreme as we are in a worse cap situation and thanks to the new CBA have a ton more UFA’s.. Keep telling me I’m crazy, but many said the same when Boley, Canty and Bradshaw were 3 of my 6 guys that could be cut a few months ago.
    “What Boley? we have nothing behind him!”
    “Cant cut Bradshaw! He’s a 1000yd back and best pass protector”
    “Canty? Youre crazy, we have nothing behind him..”

    Yup.. We’ll see what happens…

  8.  Dirt says:

    I still think no one has any idea who will be cut or restructured or how deep we’re in the hole. We all generally accept it’s tight, but no one really understands how bad it is. They hire people whose exclusive job is to manage a salary cap. We’re bloggers, and we don’t have the data.

    That’s not to say let’s put a moratorium on debate, but rather calling for an understanding that most opinions are just about as valuable as the other ones.

    •  Dirt says:

      * no idea how many/how much $ will be cut. Some of the cuts were/are obvious

    •  demo3356 says:

      actually.. It doesnt take a capologist or genius to look at a team 4.5 mil over the cap, with 30+ UFA, RFA and ERFA and a ton of high riced vets who’s play has declined or are injury riddled and figure out that 2+2=4…. Its called taking off fan goggles and feelings towards players that have been fan favorites and realizing that this is a business and this is how it works in today’s NFL.. Its actually pretty much common sense

      •  Dirt says:

        Well, yeah. But when there’s no clear source that says exactly what the current cap number is (and every beat writer tweets 4 numbers after the transactions until they get it “right”), it’s not clear. You say 4.5, I say sure, if that’s the number.

  9.  demo3356 says:


  10.  fanfor55years says:

    Listen, the Giants have absolutely no need for Bradshaw unless he’ll play for the veteran minimum as an alternative to signing someone like Lumpkin as the third running back. You guys seem not to understand that the team has made the (quite intelligent, IMO) decision to “release the hounds” and make their #1 draft pick the primary back while using a very good Andre Brown as the change-up and short yardage guy.

    Both can run inside and outside. Both can catch the ball (whomever said Wilson didn’t come out of VT as a pass catching running back is technically correct but apparently had not seen any of the fairly wonderful downfield catches Wilson made in his last two years of college….the kid has very good hands). Either can take 20 running plays per game without being overstressed. The #3 back will be strictly an “emergency” back who will never be expected to take more than 5-6 snaps per game even if one of the top two backs is hurt. That means you have a veteran making minimum salary or, even better, a youngster whom you drafted with your last few picks that you think has the potential to become a #2 back in a few years (and gets paid about half of the veteran minimum) or an UDFA, a number of which will probably be running backs who could fill that role.

    Odds of Bradshaw or Jacobs being back with the Giants absent an injury during preseason? Just about nil.

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