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New York Giants Cut Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Canty

February 6th, 2013 at 3:49 PM
By Paul Tierney

'Super Bowl-6-2' photo (c) 2012, Stephen Luke - license: Earlier today at Giants 101, we reported that  the departure of running back Ahmad Bradshaw was imminent. Although our report proved correct, the team made another significant move today as well. The New York Giants have cut both Bradshaw and defensive tackle Chris Canty. Both saw their production decline in 2012, as the team bringing in younger talent to push them on the depth chart.

Bradshaw rushed for 1,000 yards for the second time in three seasons in 2012. However, his chronic foot issues have kept him out of six games over the last two seasons. Bradshaw was an integral aspect of two Super Bowl championships with the Giants and he will undoubtedly be remembered in a positive light for his six-year stint in Blue. It's still possible the team offers him a short term deal at below market value to return. However, Bradshaw is still a productive No.2 running back in the NFL and will likely find a team wiling to pay him more than the Giants.  

Head coach Tom Coughlin recognized Bradshaw for all he brought to the team throughout his career in an interview with

"Ahmad Bradshaw was drafted 250th in a class of 255 and to excel and to perform the way that he has, and to accomplish what he has, is a great tribute to him,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “He is not only an exceptional football player, but he is the epitome of line up and play. Regardless of the circumstances, he’s going to give you everything he’s got. If you give the ball to him, he’s going to get every inch of what is there – and sometimes when it’s not blocked, he still gets it.”

Canty signed with the Giants in 2009 after playing his first four seasons as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. In his first three seasons with the Giants, Canty was a consistent presence in the middle who was able to create a pass rush from the interior. In 2011, he mustered up four sacks and 47 tackles, both career highs. However, after missing the first six games of the season due to a back injury, Canty was unable to stay productive in 2012.

Canty, who recently received the Thurman Munson award for outstanding philanthropic service, was spoken highly of by general manager Jerry Reese.

"Chris Canty is a pro’s pro, a true team player and competitor,” Reese said. “He helped us get to the top in 2011 and it was a pleasure having him here during his time with the New York Giants.” 

The Giants save $10 million of salary cap room by cutting Bradshaw and Canty. The team is now a projected $8.6 million under the salary cap for next season, with more restructures and cuts sure to come. Some of that money is going to be allocated to signing draft picks, but most of it is going help solve some major issues that held this team out of the playoffs in 2013.

The team also released defensive tackle Martin Parker. Parker was placed on the injured reserve during the preseason with a herniated disk in his back. The injury required surgery, which is usually a bad omen for linemen.


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33 Responses to “New York Giants Cut Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Canty”

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  1.  Krow says:

    Well … I have to admit to being wrong on Bradshaw. I thought sure we’d see a restructure, but I never imagined they’d go into the season with just Wilson. Because that’s basically what they’re doing. Andre Brown is a great story, and we’re all pulling for him. But an Achilles followed by a broken leg makes him a big question mark. The rest are just ‘guys’. I suspect we’ll see a day-3 selection here just to round out the unit.

    Canty … love the big guy, but he’s not a $7,000,000 player any more.

    Both deserve our thanks and best wishes.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I’m okay with Wilson, Brown and a decent young player. I think you are underrating Brown. Those injuries can be come back from (obviously, in the case of the Achilles since he did it) and the two of them could be a great combo.

      I agree, thanks to both of these guys for what they gave the Giants. And in Canty’s case, thanks for all you gave to New York. Very charitable guy and a class act.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I have think highly of Brown but to have some injury concerns. But I think getting a good 3rd RB is fairly easy. Remember Bradshaw was a 7th round pick. Brown and Jacobs were 4th round picks. So we have gotten value from the mid to late rounds in the draft. RB is the easiest position to replenish talent, especially backup talent.

  2.  Barbarossa says:

    Glad a major housecleaning is under way, I appreciate what all these guys have done for the franchise but this needed to happen. My only regret so far is that Justin Tuck wasn’t the first one released. I know he will probably stay this year but a man can hope right?

  3.  shmitty013 says:

    Doesn’t sound like Reese is done for the day.

    Ralph Vacchiano ?@RVacchianoNYDN
    Bad news comes in threes, right? I’ve heard there is likely one more cut coming. Not official yet, though. #NYG

  4.  shmitty013 says:

    Ralph Vacchiano ?@RVacchianoNYDN
    I believe cutting DT Chris Canty saves the Giants $6.5M in cap space. With Bradshaw’s $2.75M and Boley’s $4.5M, total savings is $13.75M.

    I’ll post Pat Traina’s numbers when she posts them.

  5.  Levito says:

    It’s gotta be Diehl. No way it’s Webster.

  6.  Levito says:

    Chris Canty was not offered a pay cut before he was cut.

  7.  Samardzija says:

    Saw this coming a mile away. Sure hea a good guy, but one of the bigger busts in the Reede era. Good on Reese cleaning out the dead weight. Time to reload

  8.  Krow says:

    They’re not looking to save money … this is about making people disappear.

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    Canty I met the summer he was signed one on one. He was one of the most unassuming stars I have ever met. Very good guy. I wish him the best. We also never have SB #4 without him. He was a huge part of the 2011 run.

  10.  Nosh.0 says:

    Diehl is 100% lock to be cut at some point. Reese has cut Ohara, Seibert, McKenzie, and his first move as G.M. Luke Pettigout. He knows when it is time to move on from an O Lineman.

    I disagree that Snee’s relation to TC’s daughter will affect his standing with the team. There’s no quicker way to unrest in the locker room if a guy is kept on that basis.

    I don’t know the cap hits on cutting both Snee and Webster but I Imagine both will take a large pay cut at minimum.

    Jerry Reese does what’s right for the team. He’s the anti Fred Wilpon.

    O.K. I’m out for today. Apologies for ticking anyone off, which I do far too often around here. Peace out bruddahs.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      My point is that Snee is still a reasonable starting level guard in the NFL. The issue is his salary not that he’s completely shot like Diehl. I think if he wasn’t related to TC there’s still a 50/50 chance he stays with a pay cut. The relation to me means they work harder on the pay cut without having to cut him.

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