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Michael Boley “Surprised” He was Cut, Thankful to New York Giants for “Second Chance”

February 6th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

On Tuesday, only a day after the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVII, the New York Giants announced they had cut linebacker Michael Boley, stating that the team is "going in a different direction."

"[It was] a bit of a surprise," Boley told the Star-Ledger by phone. "They let me know they’re moving things for the team in a different direction."

As surprised as he was, Boley also expressed a great deal of gratitude to the Mara and Tisch families, General Manager Jerry Reese and the entire organization for giving him a "second chance" after being let go by the Atlanta Falcons following the 2008 season.

"You do realize this is a business," Boley said. "Right now, all I can do is be thankful they gave me a second chance after leaving Atlanta. I had four tremendous years here. … I won a ring here, something some people never get to do."

Boley also admitted that he wasn't asked to take a pay cut prior to his release, indicating that any potential future negotiations are, in fact, off the table. The Giants' plan is to get younger and more athletic, and will likely do so by using players they already have on their roster: Mark Herzlich, Spencer Paysinger and Jacquian Williams, who will likely benefit the most from Boley's release.

Boley saw little action in the final three games of the season, but said he had suffered no major injuries that contributed to his lack of playing time – it was merely Tom Coughlin's decision.

In 57 career games with the Giants, Boley collected 315 tackles, 3.5 sacks, three interceptions, 15 passes defensed, two forced fumbles and five fumble recoveries. He also led the team with 10 tackles in Super Bowl XLVI.


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6 Responses to “Michael Boley “Surprised” He was Cut, Thankful to New York Giants for “Second Chance””

  1.  Krow says:

    Classy exit …

  2.  Krow says:

    There’s been some speculation concerning Chris Snee. Allow me to put it to rest.

    Snee delayed his hip surgery for a month to vaca in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl thereby considerably reducing the time he has to rehab himself for next season. This is a clue. Players facing contract issues don’t take chances like this. Only players who are ‘entitled’ can be this cavalier with their careers. Only players who know they’re connected can take matters so ‘for granted’.

    He understands that as the coach’s son-in-law there’s no way he’s not getting paid. Oh sure, they could restructure … but only on mutually agreeable terms. Mutually favorable terms. The notion that anyone is playing hardball with him is ridiculous.

    Reese is pragmatic. I’m sure it must grind his guts. But he knows there’s no way to slash into the compensation of Prince Snee without upsetting Tom Coughlin … one of the few persons he needs very badly. Overpaying Snee is the price the Giants pay to have coaching stability.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    Nosh good job in getting us started. We might disagree but I don’t you can anyone is afraid to state their opinion.

    Tuck stays (99%), F55 stated my thoughts exactly.

    Snee stays (99%). I know JR is cold hearted (in a good way) but I can’t see TC’s son in-law being shown the door when he’s still a starting level player. I think he restructures but stays

    Bennett stays (75%) because I think he fits what we want in a TE very well. TB is a real threat and I think Bennett will have to turn down a few dollars to stay. But I think him being in NY and mixing well here will cause him to stay. With his personality Bennett really can make money off the field. I think TB is the main competition because we use the TE in a tradition sense and value blocking from our starting TE more than others.

    Beatty (75%) I think the strong free agent LT class and draft class will make him easier to keep at a more reasonable number than first thought. But if he gets greedy JR will have a backup plan.

    I think Webster stays (75%) with a more modest pay cut than many expect. Looking at CBs like Carlos Rodgers, Ike Taylor, Charles Tilman, Newman (this year), etc. many CB play well in their early 30s. CB isn’t like RB when players start to fall off a cliff when they are around 30. I think Webster and a horrible year but I think he’s a safer bet to bounce back than signing a #2 CB to be an immediate upgrade.

    Canty (60%), DTs seem to break down faster than CBs and with his injuries mounting, Canty’s return is in question. I think he ends up like Webster with a salary reduction but more modest than some would think coming off of 2012.

    Bradshaw (50%) is a real question. I would cut him but I think JR will have him restructure and keep him for 2013.

    Boothe (50%) if we re-sign Beatty then I doubt we will have much money to re-sign Boothe. If Boothe gives a hometown discount type deal we will return. I don’t know what his mindset is but I think JR would prefer to bring him back.

    KP (25%) is likely gone. If he’s re-signed Brown is gone because we can’t afford another 2 mil plus with Hill around to handle 3rd safety. KP hasn’t sounded like someone that wants to return and many teams need a deep safety like him. I only think there’s a chance because like Cofield we will make a decent offer and maybe KP changes his tune.

    Joseph will be resigned because we have nothing at DT. Now could be a time to buy low in extending him.

    •  Jason McEwan says:

      And by “TB” you mean “Travis Beckum”? If so then I don’t think it is much of a decision or competition. Beckum isn’t as athletic and is no where near the threat that Bennett is.

  4.  Jason McEwan says:

    No clue why Boley was surprised; he saw reduced playing time at the end of the season and he wasn’t nearly as effective as he was in 2011.

    I do wish him all the best though, his intelligence should be enough to land him a roster spot elsewhere.

  5.  James Stoll says:

    The Bolely move certainly indicates JR is ready to make some decisions.
    The linebacking corps looks to be a dumpster fire next year. No one in the middle worth spit. No one on the outside who can stay healthy
    Kiwi back and forth.
    What do they do here next season.
    Stand Tracey back up? Elevate Paysinger? Draft high and actually play a rookie?
    LB will once again be the defense’s Achilles heal

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