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Lawrence Taylor “Perplexed” by Omission of Michael Strahan from Pro Football Hall of Fame

February 5th, 2013 at 12:22 PM
By Dan Benton

Most people were shocked when retired New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan was snubbed and failed to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Others weren't. Retired linebacker and Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was one of the former.

“I don’t understand what the criteria is. How Michael isn’t a first-ballot guy is perplexing to me. He was one hell of a player, a complete player," Taylor told the New York Post. "Why are the guys with the pencils the ones determining this stuff? Let retired players and coaches vote. We played the game, we’re the ones who know who was a baller and who wasn’t."

There was a silver lining, Taylor said. As bad as he felt for Strahan failing to make the cut, he was thrilled for his former coach, Bill Parcells, who was inducted in his second year of eligibility.

“I feel as bad for Michael as I did for Bill [last year] having to wait. Just really happy Bill finally got in, it was his time," Taylor added.

Strahan has gone on record as saying his snub is nothing more than a "delayed blessing," but humility and respect for the game have always been his strong suit. The truth is, Strahan had a stellar NFL career and should have been a first-ballot Hall of Famer. As such, his omission isn't just perplexing to LT, but to most true football fans the world over.


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18 Responses to “Lawrence Taylor “Perplexed” by Omission of Michael Strahan from Pro Football Hall of Fame”

  1.  The Original G Man says:

    “Lawrence Taylor “Perplexed” by Omission of Michael Strahan from Pro Football Hall of Fame”


  2.  GOAT56 says:


    GOAT56 says:
    February 5, 2013 at 11:34 AM
    Looking at the NFL over the last 5 years the teams that seem to mirror our approach roster wise are Pitt, Bal and GB. It’s not just because we all have won recently, it’s because how we design our rosters. All of us build through the draft while adding a key free agent here and there.

    In addition, we all let good starters go at times when it’s deemed their price is higher than their worth. Pitt looks like it will let Wallace walk, same with GB and Jennings. Pitt let Plax & Holmes go in previous years and GB let many WRs go the past decade. I don’t think we are that different so I think it’s unlikely we keep both Nicks and Cruz. While I agree with most that Nicks is clearly the choice, Cruz could be chosen because he’s probably cheaper and healthier. Even as strongly as many of us feel about Nicks JR will have a cut off number for Nicks too. I think JR is playing Cruz and Nicks against each other to get the best long term deal for one of them. I believe Nicks is the priority but much like what happen with Pitt and Brown when Wallace was believed to be the priority. We could face a similar situation. Pitt is not the type of team that will invest big money in 2 WRs and I don’t think we are either. The good thing is we are like Pitt last summer and still likely have at least one more year with both WRs. Regardless it seems like the best move to lock up one WR now and let the other play out his contract. There’s always the franchise tag if we extend Nicks but Cruz has a great season or vice versa.

    I think we have to work at adding more young talent to our defense in this draft. While JPP, Joseph and Prince look like building blocks our other star or paid like star defenders are pushing 30. This is assuming we don’t re-sign KP. While we have some potential in players like Brown, Hill, Hosley, Ojomo, Austin, Kuhn, Tracy, Williams, Paysinger and Herzlich they are all basically unproven except maybe Brown.

    At the same time we need to add talent to our OL while adding young talent at skill position in case we don’t re-sign Bennett, cut Bradshaw and/or Cruz/Nicks departs after 2013.

    Eric S says:
    February 5, 2013 at 12:31 PM
    Plax and Holmes are poor comparisons as both were let go for being headcases. You say GB has let go many WR’s over the last decade? Who? And were they on the level of a Cruz? Because Driver has been there for 13 years and Jennings for 7. James Jones (whom many around the league think can be a starter elsewhere has been there 6 years. Jordy Nelson( a 2nd rounder) has been there for 5 years.


    •  GOAT56 says:

      I was speaking of Javon Walker, Antonio Freeman and Robert Brooks. Of course over the years these WRs almost seem like JAGs but in their prime these were all near elite WRs.

      So Pitt is a bad example how about Arizona with Fittz and Boldin. how many teams have really paid 2 WRs top dollar in their primes? If a team has 2 top WRs it’s normally a vet and a younger guy like with Indy or ATL right now. I can’t recall a team paying 2 WRs like Cruz and Nicks in their primes.

      Also, while Cruz has had 2 great years we don’t know what he will become. WR is a position that guys have a few good years then fall off regularly. I think having a QB liek Eli helps more than people think. We will be find with Nicks/Cruz, Randle, Jernigan and a few draft picks in 2014 at WR. In other words what you are crediting GB for we are on the way to having in 2014. Not all those WRs are great, it’s the QB and the system that helps a lot.

      •  Eric S says:

        Names without context. javon Walker was a 1st rounder who had a breakout season in 2004. He promptly hired Rosenhaus and demanded a raise. With 2 years left on his rookie deal the Packers said no. He threatened to retire if they didn’t trade him. He backed off the retirement and holdout threats but promptly tore his ACL in the first game the following year. GB traded him the following offseason rather than deal with his ego. Robert Brooks had a stellar ’95 season but blew out his knee the following season. In ’97 he had a rebound year but he developed a terrible back problem that limited him in ’98 and led to his retirement. Antonio Freeman spent the first 7 years of his career in GB, did one year in Philly when he was 30 and finished out the next year in GB before calling it quits. Are you really looking to compare AZ to the Giants? Boldin was Drafted in 2003 and Fitz in 2004. They played 6 years together, including a SB run.

        “Also, while Cruz has had 2 great years we don’t know what he will become. WR is a position that guys have a few good years then fall off regularly.”

        Seriously? Do we know what will become of Nicks? 2 1000yd seasons out of 4 in the league and injuries to his legs every year. If you can’t see what Cruz is already then I don’t know what to say. There’s always risk in locking players up long-term. We locked up both Osi and Tuck early in their careers based off a small sample size like Cruz’s and it worked out well for us.

        I’m not crediting GB with anything. You said they’ve let guys walk for money purposes but that hasn’t been the case. Now Jennings will price himself out this year but he also turns 30 and is coming off an injury plagued year.

        The Pats just gave Gronk and Hernandez huge deals (8 and 7 years respectively) totaling $96 million. That is an apt comparison as they are both young studs in their primes.

        For all the talk comparing Cruz to Welker? Cruz is far more explosive first of all. Secondly, people do realize that Welker just got paid $9.5 million this past year right?

        I think it was Krow who said it earlier and I agree, where teams get in trouble is in overpaying the middle of the roster guys. Guys like Boley, Canty and Diehl. Boley and Diehl each have one year left on their deals making them prime candidates to be cut. Bradshaw is also in the mix as his over $5 million cap hit far exceeds his production, though his is tougher as he has 2 years left.

  3.  The Original G Man says:

    rlhjr says: February 5, 2013 at 11:44 AM (SNIP)

    I still remember (George Martin’s) 80 yard TD interception off Elway in their meeting in the Meadow Lands. A thing of beauty it was. And it won the game.


    To quote those clowens at ESPN, “Come on, man!” How about *another* play against Elway that was, you know, kind of a big deal … his safety in Super Bowl XXI to make the game 10-9.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    How much do you think that jackwad Paolantonio who loves the Eagles and purports to be unbiased but hates the Giants and Strahan, and the various sports media types who are outright jealous of Strahan’s greater media success by a HUGE margin, had to do with the ridiculous snub? There had to be grudges somewhere, because while I certainly think Warren Sapp deserves to be in the HOF, I do not believe he deserved to get in ahead of Strahan. The guy is probably one of the four best defensive ends to ever play, certainly one of the six or seven best.

    •  UANYG says:

      Agreed. Perhaps now that Sal will no longer be worshiping at the Church of the Ray-Ray, he will come to his senses and vote Strahan in.

      Who knows, maybe Tiki used some of his media connections to stuff the box against Strahan, who after all, reprimanded him publicly for wanting more money. Joking, of course.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Over-under before SalPal states that Flacco is better than Eli? I say 3-4 days. And I’ll take under.

        •  UANYG says:

          I wouldn’t be shocked. Cowherd has already said as much, so you know the rest of the Bristol-bunch won’t be far behind.

          Could be a good thing. After all, the Giants perform their best when less is expected of them.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            Cowherd said that? Wow!! I always thought he was one of the smartest sports commentators. I have no problem saying Flacco deserves the huge contract he’ll get and that he has moved up the ranks ahead of Ryan, Rivers and the 2012 rookie class (at least for the moment), but I’m still picking Rodgers, Peyton, Brady, Eli and Roethlisberger ahead of him. Of course, if I were starting a team, I’d have to drop Peyton and Brady from that group thanks to age. But for 2013 Flacco is not, IMO, among the five best in the league. He’s in that top 7-8, which is an awfully good place to be when you’re a free agent who just got the Super Bowl MVP.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think Sapp is very close to Strahan as players and relative levels at their positions. I think Sapp was credited as well in leading a franchise to a SB from being a laughing stock. TB was looked at worse than the Raiders are right now. They were probably the worse franchise in sports. The HOF had some very tough choices and I think they did a good job. Strahan will be in next year. I respect that the HOF put in Oden and Allen who were two of the GOATs in at a non glamour position. Really the HOF is handcuffed by the 5 limit of modern day players and coaches/front office types.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Agreed. They DO have a tough job, but I still think Strahan should have been in right away. How many truly great two-way defensive ends have there been, and how many of them took their teams to championships under their clear leadership?

        No worries though. He gets in next year and no one cares about a first-year snub once they’re in.

  5.  UANYG says:

    I love LT, and I agree that Strahan should have been in on the first-ballot. But what can you do?

    GOAT, the point regarding Nicks health relative to Cruz’s is a fair one, and I’m sure it will be taken into consideration, as well the quality of the depth behind both.

    You touched on a really important point about this team, which is that our core is getting long in the tooth, and we have many well-scouted, but still unproven replacements who will need to see time if we’re to put some faith in them over the next 4-year cycle we’re 1-year into or currently about to undertake.

    I lean towards OL in rd 1, if a tackle is available, largely due to the litany of young DL players we already have on the roster/PS. There’s a more clearly defined level of competition there, where I don’t see much of that on our OL right now. Due to that competition, we’ll at least know they had to earn their job.

    If all the OT’s are gone, then I’d circle back to the DL or Secondary. RD’s 3-4, secondary and WR, where there will hopefully still be some good value. It all goes back to your point though. We draft a certain way, and the only way I see us diverging from our usual trends is if a tackle falls to us.

  6.  Krow says:

    Just to restate an earlier post … with Parcells making the Hall I don’t think they wanted two Giants in the 2013 class. Also with the 2014 Superbowl in NYC I’m sure the NFL would love to have the most popular recent NYG player receive his honor then. Good for business.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Hmm, excellent point. Sounds about right.

      Would be pretty cool if that happens right before Giants take the field to play in the game and Michael gets in the huddle and inspires them and the crowd. If the Giants are there I suspect most of us will be too.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    If 92 is not overly hurt, then I’m OK. But who are we talking about here?

    Reggie White * Unblockable
    Carl Eller * 44 sacks in 1977 went uncounted in record books
    Gino Marchetti * 13 years missed one game, 11 straight pro bowls
    Decon Jones * 6’4″ 270 lb DE 4.6 speed, invented the word sack.
    No really he invented the word, many say his season high
    was 55.
    Doug Atkins * The original Freak 6’8″ 260lb nightmare

    92 is a DE, Sapp is a DT.

  8.  rlhjr says:


    My bad people
    Official and Unofficial Season Sack leaders:

    Coy Bacon 26 1976
    Al Baker 23 1978
    Chris Doleman 21 1989
    Mark Gastineau 19 1983, 22 1984
    Decon Jones 22 1964 and 1968 * 173 total
    Lawrence Taylor 20.5 1986
    Strahan 22.5
    Derrick Thomas 20 1990
    Reggie White 21 1987 *198 total
    Bruce Smith 19 1990 *200 total

    Carl Eller had 44 sacks over three straight sseasons.
    Decon Jone’s season high was 22. Just the facts, just the facts.

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