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Osi Umenyiora Says Rex Ryan and New York Jets “Might Be a Good Fit” for Him

February 1st, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Casey Sherman

'Osi Umenyiora' photo (c) 2007, Alexa - license: New York Giants' Osi Umenyiora will soon be a free agent, though he has stated his preference is to remain with the Giants. However, his agent will be calling around the league gauging other teams' interest, and one of those calls will likely be to the New York Jets. Umenyiora recently told the New York Post he would not rule out playing for his cross-town rival.

Osi was asked how he would feel playing for Rex Ryan.

"Rex Ryan, when I was coming out of college he was with Baltimore at the time and he came down to work me out at Troy, he came to Atlanta, just me and him,” Umenyiora told the Post. “We had a pretty good time out there so I’ve always enjoyed him as a coach and as a person. That might be a good fit. Hopefully it will be with the Giants.’’

Though Umenyiora may want to remain a Giant, the team's cap situation would make it difficult to pay him the type of money he's asking. The Giants are projected to be about $4.7 million over the cap, and still have several key free agents to pay, including Will Beatty and Victor Cruz.

Osi also wants to be a starter again, which won't happen with the Giants.

“Honestly man, I think not only do I want to get something financially, but I want a chance to prove I am who I say I am,” he added. “Wherever I get the best opportunity to do that is I think where I’m going to go. I feel like I’m a Pro Bowl player and I feel like I’m a starter in this league. Obviously that might be difficult to do in New York. But the door’s still open there. It’s something I would really relish that opportunity to finish my career there.”

Though it appears the odds of Umenyiora sticking with the Giants are slim, he still feels it's quite possible.

“There’s a chance, absolutely,” Umenyiora told reporters in New Orleans of sticking with the Giants. “Of course (there) is. Hopefully that’ll happen. I prefer to finish out my career there. But there’s a lot of things in play here. It’s not going to be totally my decision. They’re going to have some decisions to make also. It’s going to be a collective effort. My agent’s going to have his say. Hopefully things will work out there. I prefer to stay there.”

Time will tell.


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14 Responses to “Osi Umenyiora Says Rex Ryan and New York Jets “Might Be a Good Fit” for Him”

  1.  Samardzija says:

    Translation: “They can be a good fit if they couch up enough money”

  2.  Krow says:

    I’ve always been impressed by Osi’s ability to swallow if the price was right. The guy’s been a great player … and I really hope we resign him. But he’s a total wh0re for money and always has been.

  3.  Dirt says:

    I guess I’m shocked a free agent who needs to find a job didn’t publicly bash a potential employer.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    “I’ve always enjoyed him as a coach and as a person. That might be a good fit. Hopefully it will be with the Giants.’’

    Yeah, lets sack Fewell and hire Sexy Rex as our DC. That way Osi stays no problem…………..yeah……..right. I’ve had stranger ideas, with less chance of working out. I’m just not sure when.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    Osi should ready himself for a lot of third and long situational pass rushing.
    No matter if he stays here of goes elsewhere.

    Unless stricken with Ray Charles syndrome (blindness) there is not a single DC in the NFL who will ask his GM pay Osi real money to start and play the run as well as passing downs.

    Granted, the dead skin owner is stupid enough to try it. And I have to surmise Woody Johnson is no brain surgeon either.

    Thing is good teams usually have smart management. If the Giants let Osi walk
    that ought to tell the smart teams something loud and clear.

    Well, two things actually.

    1. The Giants have a player on the roster who they know can replace him.
    2. The Giants won’t spend money on a thirty + situational pass rusher.

    •  Begiant says:

      The redskins owner took himself out of player decisions because he wants the team to be respectful. I do not see them throwing a lot of money at a player over 30 years old.

  6.  The Original G Man says:

    I know, I know … “you can never have too many pass rushers.” That having been said, I’d much prefer that Kiwanuka was one of ‘em than Osi. Gimme JPP, Kiwi, Tuck, and Tracey as 4 DEs next year, and I’m good to go.

  7.  The Original G Man says:

    Okay, now I get the whole “Kettle Chips” thing, I think. Since, you know,G101 won’t open properly and I’m staring at the Kettle Chip ad taking up the entire page. Grrrr ….

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      On your phone, I assume?

      •  The Original G Man says:

        Nope. My work computer I had to go through some special sign in because the site says it’s identified “malware” on my computer? My PC is clean though. I get that occasionally from you guys. It eventually stops, but until it does its real annoying.

        •  The Original G Man says:

          Here’s what it says:
          This IP address has been seen posting comment or blog spam. Learn more on Wikipedia.
          You connect to the Internet through an IP address. You are seeing this message because your computer is likely infected with a virus. The best thing to do is to run an anti-virus scan, which will scan your computer for viruses and malware. If a virus or malware is found, anti-virus will clean the intrusion. Once your IP address is seen virus-free for 14 days, this alert will disappear.

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