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New York Giants Scouts Meet with Army’s Trent Steelman, Kent State’s Brian Winters

January 26th, 2013 at 1:20 PM
By Dan Benton

Most team scouts will talk to and interview as many college players as they can leading up the NFL Draft, so hearing that they've met with certain players doesn't generally signal a specific interest. However, it was the lack of names connected with New York Giants scouts in recent weeks that was stood out. As Giants 101 reported previously, the team met with Army quarterback turned wide receiver Trent Steelman prior to the East-West Shrine Game, but Walter Football reports they also met with Kent State offensive lineman Brian Winters.

Winters, whose Father also played in the NFL, is projected to be anywhere from a 2nd-to-4th round pick. Of the guards who have declared for the NFL Draft, he is widely ranked between the average of 4th-to-6th best.

Even at 6'4'' and 310 lbs., Winters is incredibly athletic, and some scouts have called him the most athletic at his position in the draft. His stock is currently rising and he could potentially push himself into first-round consideration with a strong performance at the NFL Combine.

In addition to his athleticism, Winters is also extremely versatile with the ability to play all offensive line positions save for center. He is a three time all-mid-American conference player and was the only MAC player invited to the Senior Bowl.

Giants scouts also met with Syracuse offensive lineman Justin Pugh and North Carolina defensive tackle Sylvester Williams.

photo credit: The U.S. Army via photopin cc


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11 Responses to “New York Giants Scouts Meet with Army’s Trent Steelman, Kent State’s Brian Winters”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Dan, can you get an answer as to what Steelman’s obligations are to the military? I know things have changed, but they must owe something in exchange for a wonderful, free eduction at West Point.

    I’m glad to hear about all of these interviews with linemen. I will continue to insist that they should be looking to the trenches before worrying too much about the skill positions.

    Winters, by the way, sounds like a nice possibility: no better than a second round, perhaps even a third round, pick and athletic enough to be a pulling guard who can play four positions. No one seems to have commented on it, but I will: with David Wilson headed toward being the #1 running back for the Giants and one of those explosive players who don’t come along often, you absolutely NEED pulling guards to make best use of his talents. Not that many years ago we were extremely successful when we had a young Chris Snee (who was great at pulling) and Rich Seubert (who also pulled on occasion). Gotta get back to that. If we do, and if we have guys like Bennett and, hopefully, Robinson, on the edges supported by that pulling guard, I see some spectacular things coming from Mr. Wilson.

    •  Krow says:

      If his obligation is anything more than a year then we’re just being courteous with an interview.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      I will look for a link to corroborate this, but my understanding is that Army cadets are allowed an alternative service option if they are selected in the draft. For the first two years they do recruiting duty while concurrently playing their sport. After two years they are allowed to do a sort of buy-out where they can exchange their active service commitment for a six year reserve commitment.

      •  Chad Eldred says:

        Essentially this would mean that a player selected would be able to play as a pro without any sort of delay. I don’t know if this is true for the other service academies, but I believe that this is the Army policy.

  2.  Krow says:

    From what I can tell so far … around 50 prospects will be gone by the time our 19th pick comes up. I fully expect over a hundred to be off the board by round 2.

  3.  Chad Eldred says:

    This article provides an answer to the question that is similar to my understanding, however it pertains to the Air Force Academy.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    Big fast and athletic on both sides of the ball. And it has to start with the O-line followed closely by defensive tackle and linebacker. A talented corner would be nice too. Reese needs a starter on the offensive line this year. Thats a tall order.

    As far as DT is concerned, it would be very diffacult to find another Su, but boy would it be nice to have a big nasty DT would could start based on raw power and attitude.

    Getting both would keep the Giants in the post season picture. More likely however, is the team pulling another 8 or nine win season. Then they can take car of linebacker and defensive back using their first and second picks in 2014.

    Hopefully by 2014, some of the overpaid dead weight will be gone. And the team will have the $$ to bring in some young veteran help. I do not expect anything special in 2013. I really do not expect anything until the O-line is repopulated along with DT and LB positions.

  5.  GmenMania says:


  6.  Jason McEwan says:

    For those who haven’t seen enough of James Brewer

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