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Jets to Explore Trade Options for Darrelle Revis; New York Giants not Likely to Be Interested

January 24th, 2013 at 8:30 AM
By Casey Sherman

The New York Jets have a dilemma on their hands. The team and organization are expected to clean house and start a rebuilding mode, making trading Darrelle Revis a strong option.

'New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan greets Darrelle Revis' photo (c) 2011, Marianne O'Leary - license:

Revis is widely considered one of the best defensive players in the league regardless of position, but he is entering the final year of his contract in which he is due $6 million, after missing all of last season with a torn ACL. Revis' current contract also precludes him from having the franchise tag placed on him.They can either keep Revis through the season, and shell out the coin to resign him, or they can entertain trade offers for the All-Pro. Jets owner Woody Johnson has made it clear that he would like to salvage what they can via a trade. This presents the Jets, who just recently hired new general manager John Idzik, with a predicament.

Revis has always said he wants to retire a Jet, but it is unclear if he will want to stick around during a rebuilding process. A player of his caliber would be best utilized by a team built to win now. However, Revis, who will be 28 next season, will likely demand a huge contract despite coming off a major injury, making him a risk for teams to pursue.

For New York Giants fans curious to know if the Big Blue will be interested in bringing in Revis Island, Inside Football's Pat Traina has an answer.

"If Revis, coming off a serious knee injury, wants to be the highest paid, it ain't gonna happen with the Giants," she tweeted. "Please tweeps, I beg of you… don't start drooling over every possible trade rumor, free agent, etc. that comes up. …"

Those who have watched the moves GM Jerry Reese has made over his career, know trading for a player that will demand a large pay check after coming off a serious injury like Revis' is not something Reese is likely to do. The Giants have enough cap issues, and players including Victor Cruz, and Will Beatty who need to be re-signed.

So Giants fans, if Revis is to be officially put on the trading block, don't expect the Giants to be making any phone calls regarding his availability.


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12 Responses to “Jets to Explore Trade Options for Darrelle Revis; New York Giants not Likely to Be Interested”

  1.  Chad D Eldred says:

    So Revis is due less than Webster is for this year. Revis hopping on one leg can outperform Webster. Sounds about right.

  2.  Chad D Eldred says:

    Just went through the previous thread.

    Krow – “I heard we offered them Corey Webster and our #1. When the Jets countered with ‘just the #1? negotiations broke down.”

    That’s gold Jerry! Gold!

  3.  Dirt says:

    Revis Island would drift so far away from the mainland under Fewell’s soft defense that we’d lose radio contact

    Still, I can’t wait until Reese’s “we explore everything” comment to come out and turn this into a full fledged Revis fest among Giants fans

  4.  rlhjr says:

    “Grow some nuts and man up” AND “There’s more important **** going on in the world than some dude falling in love with a shadow”.

    Sums up Te`o and his situation. Hope he deals with the **** whopping Bama put on him and his privileged playmates better than he did “Shadow Lass”….LMFAO

    As for Revis, he’s a money problem now and will be one at his next stop.
    If he is physically sound after surgery, there is little doubt he’s the best lock down guy in the business. But is he worth upsetting the financial balance of your team for years to come? NO.

    If he turns into a hired gun, (one year max deals) as Deion Saunders did he can get a team over the top.

    I bet “Jurry” is in cold sweats over how he can sign him with the cowturds.

    Giants need to look at either this year’s or next year’s draft for a potential lockdown guy.

  5.  Samardzija says:

    Daniel Jeremiah talking about this being one of the best years for corners at the Sr Bowl. I think its almost a lock we pick on with the first two picks… JR is usually money with DBs as well…

    •  fanfor55years says:

      This is correct. As I’ve said, first or second pick. Because of the way the league’s offenses are going I like the “physical” corners, of which there are a good number, but I’d live with whomever they pick. Everyone likes to dump on Aaron Ross (Reese’s worst #1 pick), but he was not a bad player for us and would have been better had he stayed healthy. I agree with Samard, Reese and Ross know their corners.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    I know we won’t trade for Revis. Even if we did want to, I’m not sure the Jets would trade with us. But if it was possible I would consider trading for him. His value has to be the lowest right now it has been in several years. And while Revis wants and extension what he can demand coming off of injury should be lower. The question is besides our 1st round pick what else we would have to give up? I’m not sure. But a 1st and 3rd or lower would have to be considered IMO if we could sign him for something like 12 mil per year. Maybe that’s too low and Revis would just want too much but a player like him at an area or weakness has to be considered. Remember we looked at Haynesworth for similar reasons though it wasn’t a trade. Given he’s just 27 he can provide a long term solution at CB with Prince and Hosley, both of whom are locked up for another 3 years under their rookie deals.

    In my fantasy trade mind I wonder if Revis for Cruz and a 3rdmakes any sense? We need CB help and the Jets need playmakers. While losing Cruz would hurt if he wasn’t going to be re-signed long term it makes some sense.

    I know this has a 1% chance of happening but you never know.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      No way.

      28 years old, coming off surgery. If he comes back at close to 100% he will demand and command a king’s ransom for a 4-5 year deal starting in 2014.

      We have an excellent emerging pair of corners in Amukamara and Hosley. We could draft two corners high over the next two seasons and have a great group of them at a cost altogether of about 25-30% of what Revis by himself will cost.

      It’s insane to even muse about this. Jerry Reese will not give it a moment’s consideration except for his preparation of the standard speech of “We consider every possibility”. He isn’t about to destroy the team’s cap situation to get Revis. Maybe if Revis was still 24, with intact knees, it would be bounced around in their pro personnel group. Not now.

      •  Krow says:


      •  G-MenFan says:

        I don’t think Hosley is going to play corner for the Giants in place of Webster because he’s too small. He’ll remain in the slot. The Giants will end up with a bigger corner somehow, either via draft or FA.

  7.  Chad D Eldred says:

    I think the Eagles can teach everyone a lesson regarding signing a corner in his late twenties to a mega-deal.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Curiously enough, if the Crap Birds would sign Revis and let go of Nandi, he would fit Fewell’s limp wristed scheme to a tee.

      For sure the guy is no lockdown corner. But he’s smart, pretty darn athletic and has some speed. I’m sure he’d love playing with Cruz rather than against him or Nicks.

      This can only happen at the right price. Nandi will need to take a BIG cut to wear blue. It will never happen because the birds are upside down on a few FA signings that never turned into dream team 2.

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