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New York Giants May Be in for Rocky 2013 Offseason

January 20th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Paul Tierney

'Aaron Rodgers, Osi Umenyiora' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck - license: Obviously, it's still way too early to give a definitive prognosis on the likelihood of the New York Giants returning to title contention in 2013. Free agency has yet to begin, the NFL Combine hasn't taken place and the draft boards are still fluctuating. We don't even know which team the Giants will be chasing to reclaim the title of defending Super Bowl champions. However, one thing we do know is that this offseason will require an admirable level of patience from Giants players, coaches, and fans alike.

First off, anything the team does will be predicated upon the salary cap. Big Blue is currently faced with a $4.17 million salary cap deficit which will limit the moves the team can make in the offseason. Obviously, it's never been Jerry Reese's style to make gaudy free agent signings to become cornerstones on the roster. For the Giants, free agency has been utilized to plug minor holes, not glaring needs.

However, this offseason, the roster will see significantly more turnover than it did a year ago. Osi Umenyiora is likely gone, Kenny Phillips is likely to leave as well, and 25 other players will be classified as free agents. Victor Cruz needs a new contract and two starting offensive linemen, Will Beatty and Kevin Boothe, are going to see considerable interest from team's around the league. Given the salary cap situation the Giants are in, it's going to be tough to retain the talent on the roster.

The Giants have dealt with rocky offseasons before. Prior to 2011, we saw he likes of Shaun O'Hara, Rich Seubert, Barry Cofield, Kevin Boss and Steve Smith all leave. Despite grave predictions of where the Giants would end up at the end of the season, Big Blue stormed their way to another Lombardi Trophy. The Giants will head into 2013 with a considerable amount of talent, but it's going to be a tough road to next training camp.

The process of watching Osi Umenyiora sign with another team, or thinking about Kenny Phillips lining up against Big Blue next season will be painful. The Giants are going to have to make several decisions regarding the likes of Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Boley, Chris Canty, Keith Rivers, and Chris Snee. There will be players leaving that have been cornerstones of at least one Super Bowl victory.

As the saying goes, "In Reese We Trust." Those are words that Giants fans are going to have to repeat over in their heads continually this offseason. There are going to be times when it appears the team has failed to address essential areas of need. There are going to be times when the team lets a player go that played a vital role in previous seasons. There are going to be times when the front office elects not to pursue a free agent that could potentially fill a void. The Giants don't have very much room to maneuver this offseason, but we've seen how this front office produces results and creates a revolving door of talent at several key positions.

For the Giants  to become Super Bowl contenders once again in 2013, the players already on the roster are going to have to have rebound seasons. Eli Manning must return to playing at an elite level, Hakeem Nicks must stay healthy, and Corey Webster must be able to be a No. 2 cornerback. There is no immediate influx of NFL-ready talent coming next season. It's going to take a monumental effort, but the Giants are talented enough to sustain the potential losses that are looming over the horizon.


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44 Responses to “New York Giants May Be in for Rocky 2013 Offseason”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    If you took all of the players you mention as having been lost and put them together they didn’t mean as much to the team as Kenny Phillips by himself does. He would be a big loss, and one that might really hurt in 2013.

    They simply cannot afford to lose Will Beatty. he has them over a barrel because they didn’t bring in enough talent behind him through the draft to have a good option now. He and his agent have them over a barrel. And Reese knows that if he cannot make a deal with Beatty quickly there will be some GMs who will make noises about huge offers just in order to drive the Giants’ price up to retain him.

    It will be a VERY rough off-season for Reese. When the smoke clears I think we are going to have to have lowered expectations for 2013 and be looking to 2014 as a possible championship run. I hope I’m wrong.

    By the way, I have not seen Ansah play at all in college but if that game against Notre Dame was typical then I’d pass on him as quickly as David Wilson would pass me in a footrace. I know all about the height and weight and potential. To hell with that. Our first pick cannot be someone who’ll need two seasons to learn leverage and technique. The kid may have potential, but he’s NOT JPP, and probably never will be. Hell, as far as I’m concerned Ojomo looked far better than Ansah, and we already have him by acquiring him for almost nothing last year.

    I don’t think Reese will be picking a DE, for reasons I’ve explained previously. But if he does I don’t think it should be someone so raw as Ansah. If he goes that way I think we can write off 2013 immediately thereafter. We need a LOT more help elsewhere on this roster.

    •  kujo says:

      The JPP analogy is beginning to wear on me. Every raw prospect is being described as “the JPP of ____” due to their size and “potential.” Um, I’m fairly certain that there have been more obscure and less touted prospects who have gone on to greater glory than JPP in the past. There’s also been guys who were over-drafted because some thought were “raw” and were eventually exposed as being simply not good (eg. Barden, Ramses). I get the idea of it, but we shouldn’t make taking these risks in the 1st round some sort of ongoing thing. It’s fine to gamble in the later rounds, but I think at least your 1st round pick should be as sure fire a selection as possible. Taking JPP in the 1st round of the 2010 draft was the exception rather than the rule for Reese; Ross, Kiwi, Phillips, Nicks, Prince, Wilson…these were all guys who were thought of as varying degrees of “NFL ready.” That’s typically what you look for in a 1st rounder.

  2.  G-MenFan says:

    When I ask myself if there’s anything the Giants can do in round 1 of this draft that makes me think they’ll contend for the next few years, it’s draft a great O-lineman that can step in and play. They have answers on the roster everywhere else except that O-line. They need to take a hiatus with O-line projects and draft a stud. I won’t cry if they go DE, but I will kick and scream a little.

    •  Krow says:

      Lawrence Taylor couldn’t step in and play for this bunch. LT was never much of a blocker. He would also have problems learning our complicated offense and defense. His skill was crushing people … Especially QBs. He just wouldn’t fit in.

    •  kujo says:

      No one b-tched louder than I when they drafted JPP back in 2010. Go back to that thread and you’ll see me pitching a profane, booze-soaked fit for hours and days after that selection.

      I think we will not see an OL taken in the 1st because the fate of those OL prospects you and I deride is still very much up in the air. They took Brewer in the 4th round 2 years ago and felt that he was 2 years away from harnessing his huge frame as a starting right tackle. Is he a player? We don’t know just yet. Mosley was All-SEC at like 2 positions at Auburn. That’s not an easy task, and he could very well be the answer at guard or tackle in the next 2 seasons. I’m not high McCants, but he evidently came with the Saban imprimatur, and as the latest dynastic coach, that ought to carry some weight.

      In essence, spending a high pick (and its accompanying salary implication) on a offensive linemen would be an admission that they don’t see any of these recent draft picks as being ready to contribute anything substantial in the next 3-4 years, or at all. That very well could be the case, but I doubt the coaches or Reese have reached such a definitive conclusion so early in the game.

      •  G-MenFan says:

        I disagree. I don’t think Reese bases his draft on how a certain selection in the draft makes his previous draft selections look. If there’s value in a player at a position of need, he grabs him, except QBs. None of us are in his war room so we don’t know how he measures value, but we have a good idea that he values certain positions and certain attributes more than others. Up until now he has valued pass rush, pass defense, and passing game over other positions. He may continue to go that route but this draft has some really good O-linemen that are going to be there at 19. I’m not saying he’ll take one but I hope he does. I believe that given an opportunity, either Tracy or Ojomo can step in and play DE this year but that O-line is a problem and I didn’t see anything out of McCants or Mosely in the preseason last year that inspired me to believe they’d be ready in 2013. Brewer maybe, but not those guys.

        •  kujo says:

          You are misunderstanding my point.

          It’s not about how draft picks alter the perception of previous draft picks. It’s about whether or not he feels those draft picks will provide a solution to the problem we have. We have no way of knowing how Brewer, Mosely and McCants graded out in practices and film rooms last season. That’s the great unknown here: if they showed promise, then it would be foolish to spend such large capital on another player until we know whether or not prior investments are going to pan out. Could be that they all suck and Reese is going to make it rain OL in the draft room. It’s equally–or more–possible he will follow the words he said last season about the WRs on the roster at the time: “You have to have patience and allow your players to have the time to succeed or fail.” That’s absolutely the case with the 3 players I’m talking about on the OL.

  3.  demo3356 says:

    Hello? I’ve been saying exactly this for 3 months… Gonna be a different looking team in 2013

  4.  demo3356 says:

    NO WAY a DE is our first rd pick this year.. The games a changing and our formula of dominating games with our pass rush has been countered. Giants have bigger fish to fry and need 4-5 things more than another DE

    •  turkish says:

      Biggest need is DC or at least one that can admit his scheme stinks.

      •  kujo says:

        Maybe we can use that 1st round pick we got from the Saints for that Shockey trade a few years back.

      •  demo3356 says:

        Turkish- embrace the Fewell Zone brother because we are going to be in it for the foreseeable future. The quicker you realize thus the happier you’ll be

    •  Krow says:

      What you say is true, but I can’t see us adapting that quick.

      •  demo3356 says:

        I think we will. Fewell shown much more ability to at least think outside the box and roll the dice. Its the offensive side of the ball where we are very stubborn.. We need some beef at DT and some thumpers at LB and we will be fine

  5.  GeezUp says:

    Well it’s Championship Sunday, guess which team didn’t make it back to play on today?!?

    •  kujo says:

      The Giants and the 27 other losers. But they’ll have company–2 weeks from now, there will be 3 other entrants into the Loser Circle.

      •  GeezUp says:

        It still hurts!!! This was OUR season!!! Everything was set!!! I think I need a drink

        •  Krow says:

          It stopped being ‘our season’ when the Redskins told us they were going to kick our butts … and we couldn’t be bothered to put them in their place. It was then that I knew we were finished.

          •  GeezUp says:

            Honestly Krow, the Redskins only swept us the year prior with Rex Grossman. Why wouldn’t they feel that way with Hopping Bob at QB!

  6.  demo3356 says:

    Once again I think Fewell gets far more crap around here than he deserves.. Did he screw the pooch with the 4-4 vs Baltimore? Yes, but all in all he is a much better DC than folks give him credit for. How soon we forget that when his defense was 100% healthy last year they shut down 3 of the top offenses in the NFL (Falcon, Packers, Patriots) with 2 f them being all time great offenses (NE GB). I’m in no way saying he is a top tier defensive master mind like Jim Johnson, Wade Phillips, Dom Capers or Dick LeBeau but the guy is better than the arm chair DC’s on this site admit. We got ZERO output from JPP, Tuck and Osi this year and the best player in the back 7 was out most of the year in KP. I think the guy deserves a mulligan and I believe the defense will be fine in 2013 as long as we beef up the DT and LB positions.. I’ll now don my flame suit for all the geniuses to tell me how Fewell Lucked into stopping those great offenses in the post season last year and lucked into laying out the blue print to stopping Michael Vick in 2010.. Fire away!

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Usually we’re in general agreement but not here. I think Fewell is second rate and that six game stretch was the ONLY time in his tenure here that the defense played well, and it only happened after the players nearly openly revolted against the passivity of his scheme.

      I think Fewell stinks. We’ll have to respectfully disagree. I hope I’m wrong. I do not believe so.

    •  GeezUp says:

      Fewell gets so much crap b/c his style isn’t in the model of the Giants teams from the 80s-90s . I think Fewell is a Top 10 DC in the NFL. But when u have the likes of Corey Webster at CB, there is nothing any DC can do for such a poor performance! All in all, I thought our defense played more consistently than they did in the previous year considering we didn’t get anything from our great front four. If we can get more production from them, our defense will be fine. Remember, Fewell came up with the 3 safety package in which our defense had so much success.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I loved the JPP pick, but only because of the reaction to getting him from both Reese and Ross, which verged on outright laughter at the steal they had pulled off. Generally, I am completely against projects in the first two rounds.

    That is doubly so this season. I don’t want to hear any bull about “this kid is a great athlete and he will really help us down the road” from Reese, Ross, or especially Coughlin. I want to hear “We picked _________ because we think he might be able to help us right away and develop into a great player in a year or two”.

    I have stated often enough, but will do so again. Take a corner, a defensive tackle, an offensive lineman or a linebacker, and make sure that player (and the pick after him) can challenge for a starting job by September. THOSE are the places we need immediate help (even if we bring in a moderately-priced free agent, we need help in those spots), and THOSE are the places that we need excellent players not only in 2013 but going forward. The first pick MUST be an “impact” player (and yes, an offensive lineman can be an impact player if he can both protect Eli and be the guy whom David Wilson and Andre Brown can run behind against even the toughest defenses….if I were Reese I’d seriously think about trading up if for some insane reason Joeckel drops past the first 4 picks, which would prove there are four moron GMs in the NFL). It would be nice if the second pick is that too, but in any case he HAS to be starting caliber and someone has to tell Coughlin that rookies start if the veteran cannot get the job done.

    It sickens me that that last part of that last sentence seems to have to be said each and every year and not much changes. If we have Chase Blackburn starting at MIKE in September then these coaches should be blown out of here with dynamite. I love Chase but he PROVED this season that without absolutely great defensive tackles ahead of him he’s not of much use. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I hate Fewell, but the buck stops at Coughlin’s desk. He deserves respect and support, but not blind allegiance. The guy is human. he makes LOTS of mistakes (horrid clock management, terrible judgment in hiring defensive coordinators, poor decision-making in regard to long field goals from a kicker without enough range to make them, and willingness to stick with a veteran who has PROVED he cannot get the job done). Mara and Reese need to fix that or they all deserve the criticism they will get for it.

    And Reese should get a stud with his first pick and then make it clear, in public if need be, that he believes that kid is an NFL starter as a rookie. Enough of this deferral to the “old rules”. This team needs to be stirred up not just in the ranks of the players, but of the coaches. They ALL went to sleep in 2012.

  8.  Rosedale Is Back says:

    I’m sick of you guys praising Players who are average like they are world beaters Kenny Phillips is and Injury ridden clown who always takes poor angles and is beat deep. He doesn’t make OMG interceptions where your like wow he read that play its always those overthrown picks where he’s in the right place at the right time. Our best defensive player is Rolle. He is the heart and soul of this team JPP isn’t there yet sorry 6.5 sacks this year unacceptable I was so correct saying give the Kid another year before we give him top 5 defensive player props. None of these Free Agents are worth keeping we can draft better talent and we need to cut alot of this dead weight players like Tuck, Canty, Bradshaw, Webster, Boley and Snee are eating up our cap and they all have what NFL players go hard for Rings and a Second contract. Cut the Dead weight Start new all the unrestricted free agents can GO!!!

    •  demo3356 says:

      I agree with this 100% with the exception of Kenny Phillips being a clown. He is very good when healthy but you are right, he is injury riddled and that knee isnt going to magically get better. I think Rolle has taken over as both the best defensive player and best leader of this team this season. Its a shame that injuries have robbed Tuck and Philips of being elite talents though..

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Glad to see you posting.

      Both I, and the folks in the NFL, disagree with you about Phillips.

      I agree that Rolle is terrific and underrated by most here.

      Cutting Tuck is a really poor idea and it ain’t happening. Snee is going nowhere and we cannot let him go yet because we don’t have an adequate replacement.

      I’m all with you on cutting dead weight and I hope Reese wields his axe freely this time around. But this has to be a “moderate rebuild”, not a panicked response to a bad season. You cannot dump everyone and depend on 20-25 first year players and expect to be competitive in the NFL. We cannot just waste the next 2-3 years of Eli’s career.

      •  kujo says:

        Agreed on this, and would add Beatty to the list of players who are very good, not great, but absolutely necessary to resign given the current depth chart.

  9.  Rosedale Is Back says:

    We need an Offensive line some maulers The 49ers did it a couple of years ago and went O-line first 2 or first 3 picks. You devote one year on getting O-line help then you don’t worry about it for 4 years that’s what Fat boy Costanza has been crying on this site every year and you know what the Cheeseburger has a point. Eli doesn’t get sacked because he gets rid of the ball quick. But he is hurried way too much and usually has to make a poor throw or a check down throw. Give Eli time I’ve seen it against teams with no pass rush Example Green Bay he can torch any secondary. With Nicks healthy; OMG he really showed how much better than he is than Cruz this year. But with him healthy a nice Big Offensive Line we can make some real noise. Plus Cut Boley,Webster,Tuck,Snee, Canty and Bradshaw over 20 million dolllars off the books fyi I’m back and will be asking for the removal of these bums in all of my post!! Thank you and Kujo you eat cheese covered twinkies!

    •  kujo says:

      More of a Ring Ding guy, actually.

    •  kujo says:

      Hey, if they decide that Brewer, McCants and Mosley are no good, or another year or 2 away from competing for playing time, and they lose one or both of Beatty and Boothe, then I fully agree–let the 2013 draft be about building an elite offensive line by any means necessary. But I suspect that won’t be the case.

  10.  kujo says:

    Looks like someone poured LSD in the Rosedale water supply.

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