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New York Giants’ David Wilson Only Giant to Make All-Pro Team

January 15th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Casey Sherman

New York Giants rookie David Wilson had his hopes set on making the Pro Bowl as a kick returner. Though that didn't happen, he managed to earn second-team Associated Press All-Pro honors as a kick returner. He was the only Giant to make the All-Pro team.

While waiting to make his way out of Tom Coughlin's dog house, Wilson managed to make a name for himself returning kicks. Late in the season, Wilson consistently gave the offense exceptional starting field position. He would finish the season with 1,533 kick return yards and one touchdown. He returned the ball 40 or more yards an impressive seven times. Wilson's accomplishments put him second in voting behind Baltimore Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones.

Guard Chris Snee and safety Stevie Brown were the only other Giants to receive votes. Pro Bowlers Jason Pierre-Paul and Victor Cruz received no votes.

Wilson will surely become a bigger weapon for the g-men next season. This honor is likely to be the first of many for this young talent.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Wilson Only Giant to Make All-Pro Team”

  1.  Krow says:

    Hate to be the neg, but it’s the mark of a bad season when your return guy is the only one to make the All-Pro squad.

  2.  wrdag says:

    This should bring back some great memories. Interesting to see individual game highlights of him in action. LT is the greatest player I have ever seen…nobody even close!!

    As a die hard NYG fan since the days of Spider Lockart and Homer Jones there is no doubt how great a player Michael Strahan was and he will be a deserving first ballot HOF inductee. But lets be honest his career doesn’t come close to LT’s. Taylor was a true force of nature and he literally rocked Giant stadium.

    •  Krow says:

      People who didn’t see LT play can’t really appreciate the impact he had on the game … and on the Giants.

      Some players are simply at a different level. He was a transformational player who was a dominating force for years. Teams sold out to stop him … and still couldn’t. He turned this franchise around.

      There’s no one in today’s game even remotely close to doing what he did.

      •  UANYG says:

        + 1. I can remember as a kid, my father asked me what jersey I wanted. I immediately responded, “L.T.”!

        He immediately said no, because he wasn’t a good role model, and proceeded to get me a Phil Simms jersey for my bday. Either way, was pretty stoked.

        Really nothing else to add to the above statement. Greatest defensive player of all time, in my unabashedly biased opinion!

  3.  UANYG says:

    Regarding Wilson, I sincerely hope that we are willing to change schematically to fully utilize his talents. FF55 pointed out that he was a playmaker. I happen to believe that he’s the most dynamic player on offense had since Tiki, and is more physically talented. not saying he will equal Barber’s production, just that he can. Cruz and Nicks are pretty hard to contain as well.

    I’m just concerned that NY is not going to use him to his fullest potential, due to the deteriorating oline, and the need for him to showcase that he can in fact pickup the blitz. That’s going to take a little baptism by fire, which will also put their best asset at risk.

    I’m not entirely sure how to remedy the two. I just know I want to see him used more next year.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    I figure I need to tell noone who regurlary posts on this site how I feel about linebackers. That said I can tell there are folks who feel as I do.

    You all have summed up my feelings about Taylor. I look at him and I am 100 percent sure he could play today and be every bit as dominant. There are a handful of players in the big three sports who can live up to that claim. Ted Williams/Mantel/Jim Brown/Earl Campbell/Bo Jackson/Reggie White/Jerry West/Bill Russell/Wilt Chamberlin to name a few.

    LT was all about making plays. All the crap these young players talk about now as far as making plays. Taylor simply did it without using his mouth.

    His consistancy was like watching Oscar Robinson average a triple double.
    All you hear now is how some player got a triple double, or a double double.
    Robinson “AVERAGED” a triple double for 180 games, not a few nights.

    Taylor made people start counting sacks. Although Decon Jones should have a permanate place of honor in that realm.
    Taylor did it game in game out without fanfare or the 11:30 Sports Center.
    Sacks, tackles, tackles for loss, hurries phycological torchure, you name it.

    It was hard to run at him, impossible to run away from him. I saw him at 245 pounds man handle 290 to 300 pound linemen. And I mean just rag doll them. Speed strength and instinct. Lawrence Taylor was the original “beast”.

    I remember Carson being super athletic and a side line to side line presents on the field. Trust me, Harry Carson could play today as well.
    There are a number of HOF running backs and offensive lineman who will tell you point blank that playing against Carson was not on the top 10 list of favorite things to do.

    I make the sad mistake of thinking that some of today’s players can even approach his iron will and determination to handle his business and the ability to incite his teammates to handle theirs. He reinforced the fact that the heart and soul of any great defense are it’s linebackers.

    His physical prowess was clear. But what separated him was his mental approach to the game. Taylor simply asked no quarter and gave none.
    I still chuckle at my late father’s description of Taylor: “He’s like a ‘GD’ wolf”

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