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New York Giants’ Victor Cruz: “I Want to Stay Here, This is My Home”

January 9th, 2013 at 10:15 AM
By Dan Benton

The NFL is through the first week of playoffs and for many New York Giants, it's still hard to accept that they aren't playing. Punter Steve Weatherford has expressed his frustration, head coach Tom Coughlin detailed the emotional strain it's put on him, and wide receiver Victor Cruz, who appeared on ESPN's "The Herd" on Tuesday, says sitting home "hurts."

'Victor Cruz makes the catch' photo (c) 2011, Kathy Vitulano - license:

“It definitely stings,” Cruz said, “especially coming off the season we had last year. After winning the Super Bowl, you want to be able to go back to the playoffs and have the chance to do it again. It will hurt for a while."

Cruz made no excuses, though. Like teammate Chris Snee, who said following their week 17 victory that they "didn't deserve" to make the playoffs, the Pro Bowl wide receiver feels the Giants were their own worst enemy, and that they have no one to blame but themselves.

“The past couple of weeks, we couldn’t click. We all had some problems putting it all together. But I knew as well as these guys that we had to win to have a chance. What happened to us happened for whatever reasons," Cruz said. "Now, we have to look ahead."

For Cruz, looking ahead won't be difficult. Long before the 2013 season begins, the third-year wide receiver would like to come to an agreement on a new contract – ideally, for him, somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 – $10 million per year. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but the Patterson, NJ native is positive of one thing: this is where he'd like to stay.

“I want to stay here, and this is my home,” said Cruz. “I love playing football here. I would like to work something out where I can play here for a long time. The future of this team is bright. We have a tremendous amount of talent here.”


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15 Responses to “New York Giants’ Victor Cruz: “I Want to Stay Here, This is My Home””

  1.  Krow says:

    Staying is the easy part. The Giants will definitely offer him a decent deal. But if he wants to squeeze out every dime then he’ll be RFA’d in 2013 … then tagged in 2014. And in the end he’ll probably get less.

    It’s like an intelligence test. Jacobs failed this exact exam last year. So did Manningham. Next up … you and Osi.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Fortunately I think Cruz takes craps that are smarter than BJ or Super Mario.. Hopefully he and his agent look at the options and realize they are best taking what JR offers them.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I don’t think any of the 3 situations are the same. Jacobs was proabably stupid because he got similar money but SF had even more RBs. MM wanted more a role so he bet he could win the #1 or #2 job in SF. I understand and I can see it from both ways. Cruz is considered a key piece and he’s young so he will get a different type of long term offer for good pay than those 2 received.

      •  Krow says:

        Take a look at those shirts of his and you may change your mind. What a bunch of fugly they are.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I hope everyone is noting what demo has been saying for awhile because given our cap situation (not bad, but definitely affected by the fact that some other teams have to get to their minimum and so will offer deals to some players that are way too high for Reese’s taste) and the need to get younger and faster he’s absolutely right.

    I don’t see how Kenny Phillips winds up back here. I’m really sorry about that, but he’ll probably get good offers, he’s oft-injured, he is unhappy with our medical staff, and we have potential replacements (everyone is focused on Brown but I think it’s Hill who could become a great deep safety in the end while Brown can be the great ballhawk). He’s almost certainly gone.

    I’d love to have Bradshaw back….at $1.5-$2.0MM. That’s unlikely because I doubt he’ll happily restructure, knowing he only has a year or two left in his body.

    Diehl either plays for veteran minimum as a depth guy or he’s toast, and he’s probably gone anyway to make room for younger players.

    If the Giants draft a good linebacker I believe that Boley is a goner. He will get some good offers elsewhere. Blackburn would take the minimum, happily. And I think Paysinger is a player, and could give us a lot more than many assume.

    I think Webster is a real problem. If he won’t restructure we have a big problem, because I think we still need him in 2013 (and have to hope that 2012 was just a really, really, bad year for him) UNLESS we get a top corner in the draft and are willing to throw him out there as many teams have done successfully with rookie defensive backs this past season. If I’m Reese I see if Webster will take a big hit, and if he won’t I’m going to make some trades to get more top-50 draft picks and make sure I get one of the 3-4 best corners coming out of college and cut Webster quickly so he can get a deal with another team and give me a cap offset.

    Tuck will be back, and at his current salary.

    Osi, as we all know, is going. That’s a shame.

    Canty? Not an easy one. Reese will have to be at his best to make that work.

    TT cut quickly and then either we get a one-year show-me deal at a low price or he’s welcome to sign elsewhere.

    Cruz ain’t getting anything close to $8-10MM. He’s more likely to be tagged than get that kind of deal.

    Lots of turnover. A great need for a great draft. Lots of questions. LOTS of questions.

    BUT, they’ll go in with Eli, Wilson (and probably Brown), Nicks, Cruz, Randle, Jernigan, a better O-line (addition-by-subtraction), JPP, Kiwi, Tuck, Joseph, Kuhn, Ojomo, Tracy, Broha, Paysinger, Williams, Rolle, Prince, Hosley, Brown (probably) and Hill. Hopefully with Bennett, definitely with Robinson. They have a great punter in Weatherford. Not at all a bad core group of players. And if Reese can find a way to add Canty and Webster that would be very nice. Including whomever is on the O-line and filling out the linebackers and the defensive backfield, etc. there’s definitely room for plenty of new faces, but we should remember that we have a lot of those new faces already associated with the team. Between the youngsters who rode the bench, worked on the practice squad, and will be drafted in April, this team will certainly get a lot younger for 2013. And that’s a good thing.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    I think the key for improvement for 2013 won’t be free agents we add or even who we draft. But it will be the players we have drafted ouryoung players we brought in over the past 3-4 drafts. While we all talk about the obvious players like Wilson, Randle, Hosley, Brown/Hill etc. But can players like Brewer, Herzlich and Williams/Paysinger step up to possible starting roles? And young players like Austin, Kuhn, Jernigan, Robinson, Scott, Tracy, Ojomo, Mosley and Sash have meaningful contributions other than special teams?

  4.  creewan says:

    Cut the old/slow/injured/pricy/disgruntled.
    44, 66, 21, 59, 72, 24.

    23 and 99 stay, we need them.
    Sometimes ppl make too much money.
    It would be nice if they take pay cuts but they won’t.

    91 stays.
    80 signs or worst case tendered.

    Sign a veteran OT like we always do.
    Sign a veteran LB like we always do.
    Draft a CB, DT, and multiple LB in any order.
    Draft BPA but at these 3 positions with first 3 picks.
    Draft the “eye test” guys late rounds.
    Play ball.

    65, 77, 85.
    Only guys we “must” sign. In that order. 85 barely is a “must” and more of a luxury.

    87, 55, 9, etc some stay some leave. It’s the NFL. Front office knows what’s up. They usually keep/cut the right guys.

  5.  creewan says:

    93 is the weirdest and toughest situation to figure out to me. I trust Reese. 93 seems like a dude we let go. But at the same time if 93 weren’t currently employed by us he’s the type that we go sign. I hate watching him play each and every sunday but he’s tough, durable, smart, instinctual, makes plays and most importantly he is cheap.

    i hope he’s back but i hope he’s back as depth and not a starter.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think you bring back blackburn but put the starters job up for grabs. If Herzlich and a rookie are great maybe you cut Blackburn. But if they are not ready/better then you still have him as a safety net.

      I think one thing that needs to be done for a compeitition stand point is put more starting jobs up for grabs. Why should Webster be guaranteed to start? Same with Tuck. Same with Bradshaw if he’s here. I think we need more competition. Too many vets can relax knowing they have a spot already.

      •  creewan says:


        blackburn reminds me of deon grant in a lot of ways. obvious physical limitations. makes enough plays that we – the fans – can tolerate him. solid and durable. has been around the league for a while so he gets the “smart” tag. but he simply should not be on the field. look what happened when stevie brown came to town as the third safety. a guy that can actually run. same holds true with 93. i love him and thank him for his contributions to the giants. but it’s ridiculous if this guy starts at MIKE again next season, especially if he’s given the job from day one with no real competition. draft LBs please.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    I glanced at the roster and there’s one key thing I didn’t realize about Canty, he’s from the Bronx. So very much like Cruz he wants to be here because this is home. I think that helps in renegotiating with him.

    •  Levito says:

      I doubt it’s the same for Canty as it is for Cruz. Cruz is a star here, and lives close to his mom. I’m not sure if the same is true for Canty, but he’s clearly not as famous. Also, many players realize that this is the NFL, where careers don’t last long and you’ve got to collect the big money while you can. I’m sure many players care more about money than rings, and especially once some of them get one, they then know it’s time to collect. Taking a pay cut when there’s other teams willing to pay you more isn’t an option some of them are willing to commit.

      I’m not saying Canty necessarily falls into this group of players, but they’re definitely out there. Think Gibril Wilson.

  7.  norm says:

    Last year Reese went against type and selected a back in Rd 1. This year, I think he does the same. But instead of a back, he makes kujo a very happy camper by taking an O-lineman.

    Specifically, an interior lineman. Beatty will be back at LT. And I think the Giants will roll the dice on Brewer at RT now that he’s had the same two year gestation period that Beatty was given in his freshman and sophomore years.

    I believe Boothe will be resigned and return as the LG. The two areas of concern are Baas and Snee, both of whom appear to be on the downside of their careers due to age/nagging health issues.

    Eli just turned 32 on January 3. Reese & Co. have to be aware that his days of bouncing back up after vicious hits – or even being nimble enough to avoid those hits in the first place – are dwindling in number. In the interests of keeping Eli on the field as much as possible over the latter half of his career, Reese will now focus on providing him with more in the way of premiere line talent to protect him.

    As usual, my complete ignorance of all things college football prevent me from offering anything in the way of specific names. However, my understanding is that this draft class is ripe with interior line talent. At 19, Reese should have his pick of the litter at a position that typically draws little interest in the first round. He should be able to snag a legit plug ‘n’ play OG/C who will be able to start no later than his second year.

    I’m calling it now: Interior O-lineman in the first (with the usual caveat: only if there’s no stud pass rusher still on the board)

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