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Former New York Giants Offensive Lineman Bryan Stoltenberg Dies at Age 40

January 6th, 2013 at 11:35 AM
By Dan Benton

For the New York Giants, the motto is very simple: "Once a Giant, always a Giant." Unfortunately, the Giants lost one of their very own earlier this week when former offensive lineman Bryan Stoltenberg passed away at the age of 40.

Stoltenberg, a 1990 graduate of Clements High School and All-American, was a 6th round draft pick of the San Diego Chargers in 1996. He played in 50 career games, including three for the Giants and 38 for the Carolina Panthers, before retiring at the end of the 2000 season.

Prior to being drafted by the Chargers, Stoltenberg played college ball at Colorado and helped pave the way for Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam, who rushed for a school-record 2,055 yards in 1994.

"I was texting him from my basketball game the night before and he said he was feeling better," Clements football coach Keith Knowles said. "He said his ribs were still hurting but he enjoyed being around the boys, being back home, and then I got the message, and it was just a big surprise."

In addition to the passing of Stoltenberg, end/wide receiver Angelo Coia, who was a member of the Giants for one day in 1966, also passed away earlier this week. He was 74.

Stoltenberg is survived by his wife Laura and their three children. Coia is survived by his wife Connie and their five children.


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3 Responses to “Former New York Giants Offensive Lineman Bryan Stoltenberg Dies at Age 40”

  1.  Dirt says:

    Also sad, with respect to the 1PM game:

    @bkravitz: As we celebrate Ray Lewis, don’t forget murder victims

  2.  wrdag says:

    I am challenging Dan to institute a mandatory continuing education video for any blogger going forward to post on the site. No video, no post!! What this mandatory video would consist of was for evey blogger on this site to watch yesterdays play-off games in there entirety and relate what you watch to the NY Giants going forward. I think the process would put to rest thousand and thousands of wasted posts on the play of Eli Manning for the rest of the off-season. The play of Dalton and Shaub should once and for all put to rest the immense blessing that we have in Eli as our QB. While I give Mr. Dalton a bit of slack for yesterdays performance due to the fact that he was under diress throughout the game, he missed badly on a number of open recievers and for unexplained reasons forgot he had AJ Green on his team in the first half. But, the shocking part of the video would be to watch an entire game of the work of one Matt Shaub. Or perhaps what he should be called “one read schaub”. The guy couldn’t spell progression if i gave him the first 8 letters. In the hopes of getting Norm back on the site I am about to heap praise that KG is our offensive coordinator. After watching the plain vanilla passing attack of Houston one could only be happy to see our KG stretch the field every game. Do they realize that Andre Johnson plays on their team. How many 5 yard out patterns can you run to your tight end?
    while watching the GB/ Viking game im reminded the horror that comes about when you dont have a starting QB, I know that was a tough spot for Joe Webb but im sure with 16 games under his belt he will never be the answer. Again, forget the Eli critiques and enjoy the ride. I moved to florida during the dog days of the NYG QB issues (graham,Kannel) and was stunned that Miami fans would be so down on Marino year after year. Look at their QB issues since the day he retired.
    A couple more thoughts and predictions:
    Wade Phillips runs a style of attack defense that does not resemble anything I saw this year outside the last game against Philly.
    Prediction: GB is going down over the next 2 games because they have zero at right tackle. Which brings me back to our issue at tackle and a league trend that the days of finding scrap-heap o-line talent is gone. We better find a good answer there preferably in free agency.

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