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UConn’s George DeLeone to Join New York Giants’ Coaching Staff?

January 3rd, 2013 at 1:30 PM
By Dan Benton

Although New York Giants head coach Tom Coughin said he did not anticipate any coaching staff changes this offseason, 'tis the season for rumors and speculation. The latest rumor (or inside tidbit, as it were) comes from Desmond Connor of the Hartford Courant, who reports that sources have connected University of Connecticut offensive coordinator George DeLeone to the Giants … possibly in the capacity of offensive line coach.

However, when asked about the rumor, UConn head coach Paul Pasqualoni was noncommittal in his answer.

“There’s no information or anything on that,” Pasqualoni said. “…my only comment to you is that at this time of year, you know what time of year this is, so, you know. There’s a lot in regards to coaches and movement, around this time of year there’s a lot of speculation on a lot of things.”

As it stands right now, Pat Flaherty is the offensive line coach for Big Blue, and he's highly respected by his players and others around the league. There have been no rumors about him leaving the team, but it certainly isn't outside the realm of possibility with so many vacancies opening up around the league.

Another option would be DeLeone being brought on to serve as assistant offensive line coach – a spot previously held by Matt Rhule, who recently signed with Temple as their head coach, and currently held by Kevin Gilbride (by default), who also serves as the teams offensive coordinator.

Whatever the case may be, rumors of DeLeone's possible departure have been like music to the ears of Huskies fans. Like Gilbride here in New York, he is blamed substantially for their offensive futility and given no breaks whatsoever.

Giants 101 will keep you up to date on this rumor as it either develops or vanished quietly into thin air.

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15 Responses to “UConn’s George DeLeone to Join New York Giants’ Coaching Staff?”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    I see Jake Muasau was signed again. I have a feeling he will be on the 53-man roster in 2013. Kiwi is going to play DE. I think Muasau will have a legit shot at being either the MIKE or the SAM, at the very least as the second guy on the depth chart. He has the body type to slam gaps shut, a major failing of our linebackers for the past way-too-many seasons.

    And I think we may see JR draft at least one linebacker pretty high in April.

    Here’s a thought. Don’t reject it before you think about it. Go to Corey Webster. Tell him he has to take $4MM or he’ll be released. If he says okay then great (I think he’ll have a bounce-back year in 2013 and be a pretty adequate #2/#3 corner). If he says no then release him and sign Asomugha (or one of the other corners out there who have talent but have had down years) on a one-year “prove-it” contract for $3-$4MM. And draft a cornerback with one of the top 3 picks. Take another “project” corner later and perhaps pick up another among the UDFAs. Hope the high draft pick can blend into the defensive backfield quickly and push the veteran or Hosley down the depth chart, but in any case you’d have three good corners, a high draftee, and some cheap depth. And maybe TT comes back on another cheap deal and manages to make it into the top four on the depth chart after what would be, in essence, two years of rehab.

    Two corners who I REALLY like are that kid Rhodes from Florida State (just what the Giants like: big and rangy and physical) and Trufant’s brother (who is almost certainly going to be available in Round 2). Of course there’s that kid Milner from “Bama” but he’s going off the board way too early for us. If I’m Reese I’m looking at Rhodes VERY carefully as my pick at #19.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      I don’t think anyone would reject that kind of deal for Webster. You’re not likely to get a starting caliber corner to replace him any cheaper. As far as drafting a corner, it’s almost a given at this point that every team will draft a CB and/or WR in every draft.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think CB even with Webster is a top 3 round need. As badly as Webster played he does have some leverage. If Ross got 5 mil per year Webster has to be able to get the same. So if I was Webster I wouldn’t except a salary reduction down to 3-4 Mil. Replacing Webster with any starting caliber CB will cost 5 mil or more. I rather have Webster here for 5 mil than another random vet CB. If we were going for a younger CB like A Shuan Smith then that’s different.

        I also like the Rhodes kid. I also like the NC st kid that was very highly rated before the year but had a poor year. I think kids like him can be value picks. Sometimes other thoughts get in your head when you know the NFL is calling.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Agreed about taking a corner early. I didn’t mean to suggest that was contingent. The only thing contingent about what I’m suggesting is that if Webster won’t take a reasonable cut then get rid of him and bring in another corner (like Asomugha) who had a really bad year and therefore needs a “prove-it” contract to get himself back in the big money on a last NFL contract. I’d keep Webster, all things being equal, but he isn’t worth anything even close to the $7-$8MM he’s scheduled to get and it should be easy to replace his production with another savvy veteran coming off a disappointing season at the same price they’d be prepared to pay Corey.

          I don’t know about $5MM, but at $4MM I’d go with Webster for a year while I groomed a draftee to take over his spot (wouldn’t mind a group of Prince, Hosley, Webster-at-less or an equivalent veteran, a high draft pick, a lower draft pick, and perhaps the return of one of our injured corners, all vying for the five spots on the depth chart).

          I haven’t seen NC State play so know nothing about that kid. But man, I REALLY like Rhodes. A bit sloppy but he fits the Giants’ “type” perfectly, has a lot of upside, and can compete with bigger receivers. He’s an Amukamara-type with a tiny bit less speed.

  2.  Chad Eldred says:

    Pretty interesting spectrum of opinions on the Cruz contract situation. Just to clarify my opinion, I don’t necessarily think that he gets the 8 million per year before next season, but he likely gets it at some point, even if it isn’t here. The one critical point that I left out and meant to mention is durability. Thus far, Cruz has stayed on the field. I still think he’s worth the 8 million and would be very surprised (pleasantly) if he took less than Brown. While Pittsburgh may have overpaid for him, the deal is still going to be the yardstick for bargaining. Given that there is upward pressure on prices over time, even in spite of the salary cap, I believe that Cruz will get his 8 million a season. Time will tell.

  3.  demo3356 says:

    running back David Wilson (2012), cornerback Prince Amukamara (2011 – 19th overall), defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (2010) and safety Kenny Phillips (2009).

    Pretty sure it was Phillips in 08 and Nicks in 09 which makes it even more impressive!

    •  Levito says:

      yea, you’re right. I really wanted KP and Manningham in 08 and was psyched when it happened, never expected it to actually work out that way.

      And Nicks in 09 only because of the Plax incident. Meant to comment on that in the previous thread as well, but got caught up. Damn work always getting in the way.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Yeah, they seem not to miss on that top pick. That’s the reason I’m so sad that Ross is probably leaving. He had a lot to do with that record in the draft. I assume there has been a successor groomed, but if they lose Ross and Gettleman it will be a pretty significant setback.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Looking back at the last 5 years compared the rest of the 2000s and there’s a big difference in quality on #1 picks. I think while JR has found a lot of under the radar talent the hits on the past 5 premium picks are while we have a talented roster. I hope we can continue it because it makes a big difference when you don’t have first round busts. In fact our only bust in the first 2 rounds the past 5 years is Sintim and possibly Austin. 9 (maybe 10) out of 11 hits on premium draft picks is a great percentage.

        •  Levito says:

          Are you referring to the Giants #1 picks, or the quality of NFL draft picks in general?

          In general, Reese has not only hit well in the first round, but he’s avoided some big busts. Looking at the first round in 2009 for example, and not only did he hit a HR with Nicks, but he avoided land mines all over the place. The first round of the 2009 draft is loaded with garbage: Aaron Curry, Sanches, Jason Smith, Aaron Maybin, Donald Brown. It’s ugly.

          I just wish his #1 picks could actually get some more reps their rookie years.

  4.  Krow says:

    Cruz … the team has a decent amount of leverage.

    Worst case … RFA 1 year … Franchise tag the next … then, if you’ve kept up your production and didn’t get injured, you can see what the market holds for a guy who spent two years being a problem for the NY Giants. Everyone loses.

    Best case … they work out a contract somewhat below market, but by avoiding the RFA year Cruz saves $5 million or so. He gets security. The chance to stay in NYC where he can market his dreadful clothing and be a celebrity. Everyone wins.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Yes, this is my point. Reese has the hammer, but has to be very careful in using it because he wants to retain the good rep that the Giants have with their star players.

      I think Cruz will probably face reality and take a reasonable deal, but if he doesn’t then I suspect he’ll be tendered but then a slightly better deal will be offered for 2013 and Reese will promise not to franchise him. He’ll also offer him a $5MM (maybe $5.5-$5.75MM at most) per annum deal for 3-4 years, with at least $12.5MM guaranteed.

      If Cruz leaves behind the New York marketing opportunity and playing near family and friends for an extra million or so per annum then he’s a moron. If he manages himself so he remains a “good guy” and highly-favored member of the team his endorsement income could wind up being as much as what he makes for playing.

  5.  Krow says:

    I’ve said this before, but acquiring talent is a single function that includes the draft, UDFAs, free agents, and to a lesser extent trades.

    Every team sifts through hundreds of players looking for the ones with talent.

    The best way to judge is to examine the roster. Is it comprised of talented players? Does the team win? Are they poised to contend?

    Picking apart the draft is like saying 6 times out of 10 that clown Ted Williams made an out.

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