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New York Giants Sign Six Players to Reserve/Futures Contracts

January 3rd, 2013 at 8:30 AM
By Dan Benton

On Wednesday, the New York Giants made their first move of the new offseason by signing all six members of their Practice Squad to reserve/futures contracts. Those players include cornerback LaRon Scott, guard Stephen Goodin, tackle Levy Adcock, tight end Larry Donnell, defensive end Matt Broha and tackle Matt McCants.

McCants may be the most recognized name on that list as he was the Giants' sixth-round pick out of UAB in the 2012 NFL Draft.

All players signed to reserve/futures deals will be under contract for the subsequent season. And although these six players were on the Giants' practice squad, they are free to sign with any NFL team once the season ends. Accordingly, the Giants wanted to get them signed as early as possible, and under NFL rules, are allowed to do so prior to the start of free agency, which officially begins on March 12th.

Only players not on a team's active roster are eligible for reserve/future contracts.

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15 Responses to “New York Giants Sign Six Players to Reserve/Futures Contracts”

  1.  Levito says:


    Dirt says:
    January 3, 2013 at 8:17 AM
    My entire argument about Tynes, Bradshaw and Hixon is based in money and supported by production.

    All 3 are JAGs. Tynes is, matter of factually, a bottom-half accuracy kicker. The pure definition of a JAG. Yes, he has made two clutch kicks, both are to be celebrated and remembered. But a), like Tyree was let go after his clutch catch because he was a JAG, and b) the clutch kicks end there, he is overpaid.

    People talk about all these clutch kicks, where are they? Wasn’t in Philly this year. Wasn’t in Indy in the 2006 playoffs in the dome that got him cut from the Chiefs. You say he’s had clutch kicks, I’ve spotted you two, name some more.

    Vinatieri drilled two in a blizzard, one to go to OT, one to win it. Didn’t miss either. Needed to have them. That guy is clutch. OK, Hixon isn’t a Hall of Fame-calibur guy like Vinatieri. We’d agree. But coupled with lackluster performance, he’s a JAG.

    Bradshaw, no grudge. Facts: hands of stone, poor route running, puts the ball on the ground, overrated blocking, declining production every single year since his rookie year up to this year, never stays healthy. And an argument that his leadership would be sorely missed is silly, as his leadership has gotten us out of the playoffs 3 of 4 years. Won a Super Bowl because Eli and Tuck stepped up big, while Bradshaw was leading the dead last ranked rushing attack. Slapping Cruz for a missed block sure made Cruz a better blocker this year.

    And that he’s not as good as the future star of the team, a star we’re committed to for a long time, his vet salary and all the above makes him expendable when you need, say, to sign a LT to protect Eli’s blindside. I love Bradshaw, the two games per year he get’s angry and runs wild when he’s managed to be healthy for a game.

    And Hixon. Again, my argument last night was purely about his returning skills, skills he hasn’t shown since 2009, admittedly because of 2 knee surgeries. So he’s not a good returner. And he’s a 4th receiver. One who couldn’t help stretch the field. And if he wants more than the vet minimum, which was my argument during the day, he’s gotta go, cause those hundreds of thousands could be used to say sign KP. His reliable depth is nice. But a 4th receiver with a ceiling is a luxury on such a cap stretched team.

    JimStoll says:
    January 3, 2013 at 8:36 AM

    you have to separate sentimental attachment from actual performance

    of course, that is my argument with Coughlin, but no one seems to apply the same logic to him


    Dirt, I agree 100% with you on Tynes. He had a good run for several years, but he’s slipped a lot this year, and he was an average kicker at best. Missed several big kicks. I’ll never forget the OT kicks in GB and SF just like Tyree was immortalized in Giants (and NFL) history. But it doesn’t make sense to keep him around just because of that. But as I’ve also said, I think he comes back. There isn’t much better out there this year, and I doubt the Giants pick up a rookie kicker.

    I don’t agree on Hixon though. Not that I don’t think he’s a JAG, he really is. But he’s the longest tenured WR on the team and has chemistry with Eli. The Giants won’t make it through a season without some of the top 3 WRs missing time, and in those spots, it’s nice to be able to plug in Hixon and know that he can hold the spot for a week or 2 here and there. He’s also a solid PR, who rarely puts the ball on the ground and can make some players miss. If Coughlin was willing to stick with McQuarters just because he could catch, Hixon clearly has some value to him.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I agree that both Hixon and Tynes likely stay, regardless of whether they should
      but it will depend on dollars — how much do they demand?
      Hixon won/t get more than the veteran minimum anywhere; can’t see Tynes commanding much above that either
      so they are back unless they behave stupidly
      Hixon seems like too good of a guy for that
      and Tynes seems like one of TC’s guys

  2.  LUZZ says:

    Here’s my position on Cruz. I love the guy and think he’s probably one of the best slot guys in the league. However, i hope JR really negotiates tough with Cruz and holds to his guns. This is the player the Giants have the most leverage with of all their FAs. I think parting with a 1st rounder, plus a huge mult-year deal will make the market for Cruz smaller than he thinks.

    Also, Cruz should be highly motivated to stay in NY for other business reasons. I expect JR to come up with a fare deal that is slightly less than market value for Cruz.

    As far as Beatty goes, we have zero leverage and may have to overpay a bit for him, which they should do.

    •  Levito says:

      Nobody’s going to part with a 1st round pick then have to pay him as well. Especially now with the rookie wage scale, a first round pick is worth even more because you can keep them at a much lower salary for 4 years. It’s just not happening for Cruz.

      If the Giants want to, they can keep Cruz next year, then give him the franchise tag next year, and they’d have paid him an average of $3MM for 4 years of service. In all fairness, the guy deserves some decent money. He was a huge part of the SB run last year, and the only reliable WR throughout the season this year. He’s never been a distraction, and he really is a good guy off the field. He’s good PR and a fan favorite.

      Sure, he drops too many balls. That’s nothing new to the Giants, and he makes up for it with big plays. Drops aren’t going to get Dez ran out of Dallas and Terrell Owens had a pretty long career in the NFL despite always hovering near the top of the league in terms of drops.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Agreed. If I’m a team that needs a #1 as much as I like Cruz I’m not giving up a 1st round pick and paying him top dollar. Cruz is not that level of WR. I think JR is actually in good position. Cruz proved he was no fluke but also proved he wasn’t able to be a true #1 with Nicks banged up. Early it looked like Cruz just might prove that but as teams adjusted to the banged up Nicks he became much less effective. I think he deserves somewhere in the area of Garcon money.

      Beatty could be tough if he’s willing to play it out. Our only left is actuallt the LT market is surprisingly strong lead by Clady and Long. Worse case might be a franchise tag but that kills us cap wise.

  3.  GOAT56 says:


    GOAT56 says:
    January 3, 2013 at 12:56 AM
    I started looking at the draft. I think it’s a little early to get too player specific but I wonder what positions people think we will target in the first round. I know there is a thought we always will draft a DE especially after not drafting one last year and likely losing Osi. Plus tuck is in the last year of his deal. Also, many will want to target RT to resolve that OL issue from the last 2 years other than the Lockear starts. Another faction will crave a LB.

    I can’t say any of those are wrong but I think CB is the most pressing need. Moving Kiwi back to DE with JPP, Tuck, Ojomo and Tracy leaves DE pretty solid and not needing a high round investment. CB with Webster being around for only one more year at most and little quality depth needs investment. Teams basically need 3 starting CBs with the way teams pass nowadays and a dependable 4th CB. I can’t count on TT at all in my mind this coming year. His contribution should be looked upon as a bonus if there is any. LB can be filled out in a manner that’s good enough for us to succeed by bringing back Blackburn and/or Rivers and the young players progressing.

    The other position that could join CB as the most pressing need is DT. Canty much like Webster is owed big salary in 2013 if we make a move to gid rid of him DT becomes a huge hole. Even with Canty DT looks like it needs help. Assuming Austin will be on this roster, he seems to at best going to be able to mainly contribute as a pass rusher. Kuhn seems like a nice rotation player but certainly no anchor. It seems that Joseph could use a run stuffing anchor besides him. My only reservation is that rookie DTs don’t ususally contribute big on any team right away. I wonder if it makes more sense to go after a Shaun Rodgers type doing free agency. But if Kuhn and Austin are our backup DTs and Canty isn’t back we might need a pretty high level addition at DT. A big bodied one at that.

    Krow says:
    January 3, 2013 at 5:12 AM
    You’re right with your needs analysis … let me toss out a few observations …

    In two areas where you need a starter it’s hard to assume anyone other than possibly a #1 pick will be that guy. In many cases … especially with the Giants … even that #1 won’t get to start right out of the gate.

    DT has the second highest ‘draft bust rate’ of all positions … second only to QB. (WR is close to DT in ‘bust rate’, and comes in 3rd.) So it follows that expecting a DT to be drafted and start is a very low percentage bet.

    OT has a very high success rate. But because of this fact the proverbial ‘NFL ready’ ones have been pushed into the first half of round 1. This is somewhat mitigated by our particular need for a RIGHT OT. They’re slightly devalued when compared to LEFT OTs, but only just. Therefore while it’s possible to gain an instant starter at the ROT position it’s still far from a certainty.

    The only logical conclusion is that drafting at either of these two positions will not provide immediate help in 2013.

    This means that of your 5 areas where we want 2013 positional upgrades then DE, ILB, and CB are most likely to be successfully filled through the draft. DT and OT would have to be addressed internally (e.g. Austin, Kuhn, Brewer) or through an established free agent (e.g. Canty, Bernard, Rogers, McKenzie, Locklear)

    G-MenFan says:
    January 3, 2013 at 6:35 AM
    Agree 100%. However, I can still picture the Giants picking up some O-line depth in the early rounds if the value falls to them. So, if Chance Warmack, the Guard from Alabama falls, the Giants will grab him even if they have Boothe and Snee back because he’ll be ready to step in when necessary. As I’m beginning to look at this draft, it appears to be VERY deep with O-linemen this year so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
    I can see the Giants going O-line early; I can also see them going DE/CB early and “collecting” O-line later if they start tumbling because teams are snatching skill position players.
    My early read is: Reese goes pass rusher DE with first pick, O-line round 2, ILB 3rd. I don’t see them reaching for a CB because with Hosley and Amukamara on the roster, I believe Reese thinks he’s got his corners for 2013 and he’ll round out the depth chart with late rounders and UDFAs.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I can’t see us drafting a guard in the first round for several reasons. Assuming we re-sign Boothe with Snee that’s a decent amoung invested at guard and when added with Bass that’s a lot invested in the interior. I understand Snee is getting old and less productive but the interior is not among our real issues at all. I understand the bama is though of very highly but I can’t see us making that move. If we don’t re-sign Boothe or move on from Snee then that would change things but I doubt either happens.

      •  demo3356 says:

        LOL Like I told Kujo a hundred times during the lead up to the 2010 draft.. This team will NEVER draft a guard or center in the first rd. The position is just not valued on that level by this front office. Our last 2 centers have been free agent signings and Snee is the only Guard / Center drafted in the second rd in the last ten years. They may draft a blue chip Tackle if one falls to us but I wouldn’t count on that either. Seems to be 2nd rd down on all OL positions. I would like to see them grab a bue chip RT if one falls to them at 19 this year since that along with DT is the teams biggest hole.

  4.  demo3356 says:

    I actually like all 3 guys, here is my take though
    Tynes- Middle of the pack kicker making well over a million a year. Limited in distance on kick offs and in range on FG’s. I’m fine with him being back on a vet minimum contract because he is pretty reliable but wouldn’t pay a penny more when you can draft a STUD kicker in the 6th 7th round and pay him 450,000 a year for 4 years.
    Hixon- Poster boy for JAG but a very good guy and worth keeping for depth at WR and as a ST contributor. Again would not pay a penny over vet minimum to keep him. 4th 5th WR and ST guys can also be found in late rds or as UDFA. If he signs vet minimum deal we are better team for it. If he leaves for more money I’ll be happy for him and the team will be fine without him
    Bradshaw. The trickiest of the bunch. A Great leader, quality guy and very solid RB. If his salary was not 4 mil next year he would be a no brainer to keep, but he is clearly not the best back on this team anymore and 4 mil is a lost to pay for a guy that ISNT the feature back. RB is the cheapest and easiest spot to fill through the draft. I’d say restructure him but I’m not sure I want to add years to a deal for a guy with constant foot issues

  5.  GmenMania says:

    One good thing about this draft is that it is loaded with two of our positions of most need: O-line and linebackers, specifically ILBs.

    There are a bunch of solid ILBs who would be available in the second and third round. One guy is Khaseem Greene from Rutgers. A little undersized, but a tackling machine at OLB. Kinda like the Bucs rookie Lavonte David this year, who piled up 138 tackles on the outside. There’s also an ILB from Stanford who should go in the third round (forget his name). Look at the 3rd round rookie ILB in Seattle this year (Bobby Wagner). Was I think third in the league in tackles with 148, and made the Pro Bowl.

    In the first round, an ILB who might be available when we pick is Alec Ogletree from Georgia. Incredibly talented, a little inconsistent, but good size, good play recognition, and great tackling = sky-high potential.

    OT is loaded too, with guys like Jake Matthews (TA&M), Taylor Lewan (Michigan), Eric Fisher (Central Michigan), and D.J. Fluker (Alabama) possibly available when we pick. Finding a OT in the draft should not prove very difficult if that’s the way Reese wants to go in the first round.

  6.  GmenMania says:


  7.  Krow says:

    When dealing with any player signing you have to look at the alternatives. It’s always a relative thing.

    Beatty … his reputation is that of a solid LOT with an upside yet to be fully realized. He’s not at the elite level. Should he want elite money then he actually reduces his value, and also brings into play truly elite FA LOTs.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how his contract negotiations unfold. And to a lesser extent the same can be said of Boothe.

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    I’ll briefly return to Hixon, Bradshaw and Tynes and then forever hold my peace.

    It’s all about confidence and intangibles, two things that are part of the makeup of championship teams.

    Coughlin has confidence in Tynes, and from inside the 45-yard line, he should. The guy gets the job done. Any kicker who makes about 90% of his attempts and has shown the ability to do so in “big” situations is golden. Anyone who thinks a rookie is going to come in and command the same amount of confidence from the coaches and fans is almost certainly wrong. And now that the rules have changed Tynes’ kickoffs are not only a weakness, but have become a strength because of his ability, when asked, to place a high ball at about the 2-3 yard line outside the numbers. Of course he has to take a reasonable pay package, but if we’re talking simply about value to a team, Tynes has a surplus of that.

    Hixon is one of those guys who elevates himself well beyond a JAG because of a combination of versatility (kick returner, gunner, any of three receiver positions), brains (he knows the playbook inside out and knows how to get to the spot Eli expects him to be), and the intangibles that make him a favorite of the players and coaches. You NEED guys like Hixon to win championships. He’s like the terrific utility infielder on a baseball team who does all the little things that don’t often get noticed but gets the team an extra few wins each season. (By the way, a comparison to Tyree isn’t fair because he can do plenty that Tyree couldn’t, but it should be noted that when the Giants parted ways with Tyree their coverage teams suffered immediately and just recovered three years later, so let’s not rush to judge that as having been a brilliant personnel decision).

    Bradshaw? Yes, he isn’t what he was, physically, as a rookie. Yes, he is frequently hurt. But he’s as tough as anyone on a team that could use even more toughness, he plays more than well enough to go another two years as a part of a rotation led by Wilson (and would be a good fit as a lead back if Wilson is hurt and Bradshaw hasn’t been worn down from too many carries before Wilson’s injury), and he is an emotional leader on a team that I believe needs more of them to get past the lack of fire that has sometimes undermined them over the course of a season (and as for missing the playoffs three of the last four seasons, Bradshaw was not, and could not be, the emotional leader he has become before Brandon Jacobs, his “big brother” departed….just as Eli could not blossom until Shockey, Barber and Strahan). And on top of that, the guy is still very productive.

  9.  rlhjr says:

    If the Jets can convince him that they are not sub human life forms, Ross will be green in a few weeks. But between Ryan and Woody bring in Tebo for glitz and glitter, I think (like demo) Marc moves to North Cacalakie.

    For what its worth, this ball club under performed for a number of reasons.
    It was almost a perfect storm. First and foremost the team lost its defensive foundation.

    That is to say, the Giant defensive lines level of play took a long walk off a short pier. Tuck, Joseph, Canty and Osi simply vanished. Osi tried most likely due to his pending free agent foray. I think the linemen tried.
    They were for what ever the reason unable to play at a high level.

    The JPP issue is (IMHO) simple; He was triple teamed, injured and simply playing too heavy. Especially through the hips and upper thighs. He is still easely one of the four best defenders on the team. The others are Phillips, Role and Boley. His ability vs. the run is simply astounding. Learning how to beat double teams is one thing. Learning how to beat 3/5 of a offensive line the tight end and a running back is a tall order……EVERY FCKN GAME!
    I wont even go into the “routine” holding left uncalled.

    Also, when the defensive line especially the tackles are playing well, JPP is the headache other teams just can not shake. That line seldome if ever played well this year period. The team desprately needs a stud DT to complement Joseph.
    Canty costs way too much for his level (lack) of production IMHO.

    The defensive backs were young, and in the case of Webster mind numbingly bad for the entire year. I thought Webster might have been hurt.
    But watching him closely, he looked mentaly challanged in coverage.
    And completely unaware of where he, the reciever and the ball were at any given time. His timing was off and that is being very kind. His issue did not look (to me) like is was physical.

    Amukamara is coming on and after starting slowly, has become solid. He is legit but it took him a while to come out of his shell. But he was just about it.
    Hosley is young and firey as you would want a corner to be. But his education was far from complete. Hosley simply has to understand where to be and why.
    His instincts kick in after he obtains positioning. And his instincts are top notch.

    The difference between Prince and Hosley are mostly physical. Prince is supremely gifted physically. He can make a mistake and still respond in enough time to make a play. Few players at any position have the ability to correct after the initial miss step. Our Fresh Prince is basically a beast.

    I think Webster can come back from his dismal year.
    Question is does Reese feel the same? And will Webster accept a pay cut?
    Draft pick here no later than the third round.

    There are simply too many holes to fill in one draft cycle. I could go on about how much linebacking help and offensive line help is needed. Based on past experience, it looks like the Giants again ignore OL and LB early in the draft.
    They see no value in making such moves.

    Hopefully Reese can piece something together. But the need is there and it will continue to bite at some critical times. Only the re-emergence of the defensive line and defensive backs can cover it.

    We all should know by now that Nicks is elemental and a major security blanket for Eli. Should Randle become astute in Gilbrides offense, we will not miss Mario too much. I’ve said many times and stand by the fact that Randle talent wise is not very far away from Nicks. Knowledge wise Randle can’t even pee
    straight yet. That said, he’s physical sure handed and looks like a YAK machine. Wait for it……………………………
    Having Bennett back and further development of Robinson to round out the offense would almost be like cheating.

    I feel Reese needs to be observant of these things:

    None of the top shelf QB’s is lacking protection on seven step drops. Eli is.

    Even Brady now has a running game. Only Rodgers is lacking that. But the Packer run game has picked up as of late. The results speak for themselves.

    Running backs and the running game are still foundation requirements in the NFL no matter how much passing may be ballyhooed. Play action Eli trumps “sling it” Eli any day of the week, especially Sunday’s.

    The Giants have three very good running backs. I’ll leave it at that.

    The Giants need dependable powerful run blocking. That will help the poor performance this team is famous for inside the “thirty” yard line. That and a kicker with a legit shot of making a 50 yarder.

    At some point this team has to look into finding an elite or near elite offensive lineman and MIKE linebacker. If not via draft, then by some other means.

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