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New York Giants’ Marc Ross to Interview for San Diego Chargers GM Position

January 3rd, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Casey Sherman

Director of College Scouting, Marc Ross, has been a valuable member of the New York Giants staff since 2007. He has helped the Giants earn the reputation for being one of the top drafting teams in the NFL, and has helped General Manager Jerry Reese become one of the top GM's in the league. His keen eye for talent has earned him interviews for several open GM positions, the latest being the San Diego Chargers, as reported by Mike Garafolo.

"Seeing a lot of rundowns of the SD GM search that don't include Marc Ross' name. They should. He's in the mix there + will interview" Garafolo tweeted.

Aside from the Chargers, Ross has also drawn interest from the Carolina Panthers and New York Jets. Last offseason Ross interviewed  to be the GM for the Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears, but remained with the Giants.

Ross' contributions to the Giants organization over the last five years may go under the radar, but they have been an integral part of the Giants' success, which includes two Super Bowl Championships. He has helped the Giants draft players of the likes of Kenny Phillips, Hakeem Nicks and Jason Pierre-Paul.


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8 Responses to “New York Giants’ Marc Ross to Interview for San Diego Chargers GM Position”

  1.  G-MenFan says:

    Ross is getting Carpal Tunnel from returning his tray to its full upright position.
    Hate to lose him but it appears imminent.

  2.  Krow says:

    Hard to say. I’m not sure the Rooney Rule applies to front office positions, but no matter … teams are always trying to avoid the bias charge. That said, Carolina looks the most promising given Accorsi being there.

  3.  jfunk says:

    I’m going to be a Denver fan for the playoffs.

    Denver and Houston are probably the only teams I wouldn’t be annoyed to see win it for one reason or another.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      While I could never root for the Eagles or the Cowboys, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Redskins chalk up another Lombardi for the NFC East. It would further humiliate the moron talking heads who repeat their yearly “NFC East is a weak division” incantation.
      I know some would be fearful of giving that kind of jam to the Redskins, but I’m not. If the ‘Skins went all the way they would pick last in the draft and get a brutal schedule and I don’t think they’d survive it for long. Besides, I like the Griffin kid, I can’t help it. I’d root for the Seahawks, but I don’t like Pete Carroll. Can’t root for the Ravens or Patriots. So I’m with you on Denver and Houston but I’ll throw in the Redskins in the NFC.

      •  JimStoll says:

        they already get the brutal schedule and a late round draft pick
        but I too can root for the Skins
        I like what they’ve done, even if it feels right now more gimmick than not
        Albert Morris is fun to watch
        and Haslett’s defense is impressive given all the personnel losses along the way and Fletcher’s continued level of play at his age

        of course they have to get through Seattle, and what Carroll has done out there is nothing short of miraculous
        again, given who their QB and WR’s are, it feels more gimmick than not, but wow

        when you step back and look at it, this year is like the opposite side of a coin from last year
        last year it was all about the QB, passing, gawdy offensive numbers

        this year, with Washington, Minnesota, Seattle and SF, it is all about defense and running the ball. If one of those 4 represents the NFC, and especially if they win, it will be interesting to see if and how that impacts the draft and all the new regimes

  4.  Dirt says:

    My entire argument about Tynes, Bradshaw and Hixon is based in money and supported by production.

    All 3 are JAGs. Tynes is, matter of factually, a bottom-half accuracy kicker. The pure definition of a JAG. Yes, he has made two clutch kicks, both are to be celebrated and remembered. But a), like Tyree was let go after his clutch catch because he was a JAG, and b) the clutch kicks end there, he is overpaid.

    People talk about all these clutch kicks, where are they? Wasn’t in Philly this year. Wasn’t in Indy in the 2006 playoffs in the dome that got him cut from the Chiefs. You say he’s had clutch kicks, I’ve spotted you two, name some more.

    Vinatieri drilled two in a blizzard, one to go to OT, one to win it. Didn’t miss either. Needed to have them. That guy is clutch. OK, Hixon isn’t a Hall of Fame-calibur guy like Vinatieri. We’d agree. But coupled with lackluster performance, he’s a JAG.

    Bradshaw, no grudge. Facts: hands of stone, poor route running, puts the ball on the ground, overrated blocking, declining production every single year since his rookie year up to this year, never stays healthy. And an argument that his leadership would be sorely missed is silly, as his leadership has gotten us out of the playoffs 3 of 4 years. Won a Super Bowl because Eli and Tuck stepped up big, while Bradshaw was leading the dead last ranked rushing attack. Slapping Cruz for a missed block sure made Cruz a better blocker this year.

    And that he’s not as good as the future star of the team, a star we’re committed to for a long time, his vet salary and all the above makes him expendable when you need, say, to sign a LT to protect Eli’s blindside. I love Bradshaw, the two games per year he get’s angry and runs wild when he’s managed to be healthy for a game.

    And Hixon. Again, my argument last night was purely about his returning skills, skills he hasn’t shown since 2009, admittedly because of 2 knee surgeries. So he’s not a good returner. And he’s a 4th receiver. One who couldn’t help stretch the field. And if he wants more than the vet minimum, which was my argument during the day, he’s gotta go, cause those hundreds of thousands could be used to say sign KP. His reliable depth is nice. But a 4th receiver with a ceiling is a luxury on such a cap stretched team.

    •  JimStoll says:


      you have to separate sentimental attachment from actual performance

      of course, that is my argument with Coughlin, but no one seems to apply the same logic to him

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