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New York Giants’ Victor Cruz Isn’t Disappointed in not Having a New Contract

December 28th, 2012 at 5:04 PM
By Paul Tierney

'Victor Cruz 2012 Shankbone' photo (c) 2012, David Shankbone - license: New York Giants wideout Victor Cruz was not as productive this season as he was during his explosive 2012 campaign. Cruz has nearly 500 less receiving yards on just as many receptions as he did a year ago. He has been a productive, indispensable aspect of the offense, but Cruz hasn't portrayed the big play ability that the Giants thrived on in 2011. Despite his decreased production, Cruz has far outplayed the $540,000 contract that he played under this season.

Although several reports indicated that Big Blue was working in season with Cruz on a new deal, nothing has come of it to this point. Cruz will become a restricted free agent at the end of the season, which will enable other teams to put an offer sheet on the table. Obviously, he still wants to remain a member of the Giants. However, he's not frustrated at the pace of the negotiations.

"It's still the same," Cruz said. "As of right now, at least, it's still the same so it's just a matter of getting the numbers right and all that stuff that goes on with this type of negotiation. I'm just being patient, man. I'm in no rush. I'm going to go and enjoy this last game. Hopefully enjoy this playoff berth, if not, enjoy the Pro Bowl and just relax a little."

The Giants absolutely need to find a way to sign Victor Cruz. But it's imperative that there is money left over for Jason Pierre-Paul and Hakeem Nicks as well. This team has a cornerstone of young talent that has the ability to bring more championships to New York. The earlier a deal is worked out, the less chance there is of some other team dropping a huge offer sheet on the table. Expect to see these negotiations move swiftly at the conclusion of the season.

It's also good to hear somebody other than Tom Coughlin talking about winning this football game on Sunday. There's been so much talk about what this team has done wrong this season, the many lose sight of the fact that they are still alive in the playoff race. It's not out of the question that an injured Bears team drops one on the road to the Lions, the Packers beat the Vikings and RG3 and Co. defeat the Cowboys at home. The Giants have to do their part against the Philadelphia Eagles.


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21 Responses to “New York Giants’ Victor Cruz Isn’t Disappointed in not Having a New Contract”

  1.  Hanshi says:

    Not be left out, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is issuing the same refrain this week:

    “We’re just not making plays that we’ve had some opportunities to make, and they’re there to be had. Whether it’s a misfire of a throw, or pressure on the quarterback,” Gilbride said. “t’s just, there’s no consistency … there are too many failed opportunities to get the drive going, get the momentum started.”

    •  James Stoll says:

      If only everyone would accept these statements as an indictment of Coughlin and his stewardship, fire the lot of them, and at least allow us to enter the new season with optimism
      As it stands, Gramps &Genius will return and our best case will be 6-2 at the turn; 1-7 to finish — remember, with the expanded tournament next year 8-8 will definitely punch a ticket, so Coughlin and Gilbride will have to work extra hard to deliver 7-9.

      •  GmenMania says:

        The playoff expansion is only an idea as of now, and not one that has complete support. So don’t think it’s necessarily going to happen, especially not next year.

        Don’t be too sure we’re going to go through the same type of season next year. It’s just stupid to expect the exact same thing from a team this inconsistent.

  2.  LUZZ says:

    Why wouldn’t best case be a superbowl and worst case be your scenario? I think that more accurately reflects TC’s stewardship, doesn’t it?

  3.  GmenMania says:

    Just saw on ESPN that Chris Mortensen was reporting that the Gianta will undergo a larger than normal transformation this offseason, regardless of whether they make the playoffs or not. He threw out Tuck and Osi as two names that could be gone next year.

  4.  GmenMania says:

    I think that it may not be all that unlikely a possibility that Fewell is fired. Although Coughlin certainly is loyal, sometimes to a fault, it’s not like he (or Reese) is oblivious of the terrible play of the defense. I think that a 27th ranked defense will certainly prompt some discussion into firing Fewell.

  5.  Krow says:

    Tuck just looks like a guy who hates his job.

    •  jb322 says:

      Does he hate his job or the scheme he is playing in? You have to admit Tuck has underperformed with Fewell as the coordinator.

  6.  LUZZ says:

    Anyone know what kind of year Aaron Ross had? I don’t pay attention to jax. I know he was always struggling with hamstring issues with us, wondering if he had the same issues this season.

    •  GmenMania says:

      He’s played similarly for Jacksonville as he did for us. I don’t know what injury it was this season, but he sat out a couple of games with some ailment.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    I’m GLAD Jerry Reese has waited on getting Cruz’s contract done. What Victor has proved this season is that he is one of the very top slot receivers in the NFL, a potential game-breaker, but absolutely cannot handle being the #1 receiver on the team and can be neutralized when he plays outside. He also drops too many balls. So his contract ceiling is a Wes Welker-light deal (and that deal is going to probably have the Patriots dumping Welker after this season), not anything approaching the contract that he and his agent were probably shooting to get. Once Reese knew that Nicks would not be “right” all season he had a great opportunity to see what Cruz could do when he became the #1 target. That proved to be at least a bit disappointing. He had a very good season, but he is definitely a strong slot guy and, as good as he is, it’s possible that in 2014 he’ll be the THIRD best receiver on this team.

    I would not be surprised if Cruz is tagged for 2013. I suspect he will be looking for $2-3MM more per annum than Reese will be willing to pay until he sees what Cruz does in the 2013 season.

  8.  Marques G says:

    I read that espn report about changes on the DLine with Osi and Tuck possibly heading out the door, I don’t know how some ppl feel about this but what about a change to the 3-4? JPP and Kiwi at OLB and JWill and Rivers/Darft Pick at ILB. Of course we would have to find 2 3-4 DE’s and NT unless LJ could do it.

    •  Marques G says:

      Or Herz and JWill on the ILB.

      •  GmenMania says:

        Canty played 3-4 end for the Cowboys.

        •  TonyMW says:

          While I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to a 3-4 (with the correct personnel of course), it just won’t happen. Williams is WAY too small to play inside in any scheme, Rivers would be in a body cast after the first pre-season snap and Herzlich is just not that good. Our linebackers are terrible and we can’t even find 3 productive guys, how will we find 4? Who backs up the 4 starters? Who backs up at NT? Assuming Canty mans one DE spot, where does the other starter and backup come from? With all the holes this team has, there is no way we can fill them AND make a complete defensive scheme change in one offseason.

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