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New York Giants’ Perry Fewell: “We’ve Prepared Better than What We’ve Played”

December 27th, 2012 at 6:09 PM
By Paul Tierney

The New York Giants defense has been deplorable as of late. The pass rush has been non-existent, the secondary has given up big play after big play and running backs have run wild. It's been a meltdown of epic proportions. The Giants are sitting at 8-7, and miraculously still have a smidgeon of hope to extend their season into the playoffs with a win on Sunday. To have a chance to defeat Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, the defense is going to have to step up in a big way.

'Giants Defense' photo (c) 2008, Ted Kerwin - license:

However, defensive coordinator Perry Fewell insists that the preparation and scheme are not the issue. Fewell believes that players have been in a position to make plays and just have not gotten the job done.

"We’ve prepared better than what we’ve played," Fewell said. "We haven't made plays. I think if you look at the tape, we’re in position to make plays, and we haven’t made plays."

The Giants obviously were not ready to play defense the last two weeks. Players who have been solid almost all year were arm tackling and failing to perform up to their talent level. However, Fewell is hardly blameless for Big Blue's recent shortcomings.

After running a conventional 4-3 defense for the entire season, last week he decided to play a 4-4 scheme by giving Spencer Paysinger and Mark Herzlich significant playing time. Instead of stopping the run and intermediate passing game, the  Ravens ran for 224 yards and threw for another 309 yards. All Fewell's scheme did was remove a safety and put an extra linebacker in coverage, which put the cornerbacks in one-on-one situations all game. Joe Flacco picked apart the defense and the Giants were playing from behind the entire game.

Fewell even went as far as to call out defensive captain Justin Tuck for his lackluster performances in 2012. 

"Is he effective as he was at the end of last year right now? No," Fewell said. "I watch him every day, and some days he surprises me with what he does, and some days, it’s Justin. Justin is trying to play hard, but he’s not making any plays. Just like our guys haven’t made any plays in the last couple weeks. That’s just the function of, we’re not making plays. You’ve got to make plays in the football game to win football games."

Statements like the one above go to show that Perry Fewell is not head coach material. Any good, reputable football coach would place take all the heat for his unit's dreadful play. There is no reason for Fewell to publicly state that he has done his job preparing his team, but that they aren't good enough to make the plays necessary to win. Even if it's true, it sounds like he's lobbying to keep his job next season rather than focusing on winning a football game on Sunday.

It's pathetic that the Giants season has come to this. After winning the Super Bowl last year, this team has shown poor effort and no heart when it has counted most in 2012. Coaches are calling out players in the media and the team has completely lost sight of what this organization is all about. 

The Giants still have a chance a small chance to accomplish their goals in 2012, but this team has to come together right now for that to be even remotely possible. Hopefully the focus over the coming days can shift from what has gone wrong over the last two weeks into what the team can do to win on Sunday.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Perry Fewell: “We’ve Prepared Better than What We’ve Played””

  1.  El1SaysEEZYMang says:

    FIRE HIM! ………………..thats all

  2.  El1SaysEEZYMang says:

    last 2 years defense ranked 27 and 29 in pass defense and 27 and 23 in run defense enough said and now we need a miracle to squeak in because his 3-Safety set security blanket failed this year comboed with the a troubled d-line and thats being nice and WALA!!!! …………Your Fired!

  3.  GmenMania says:

    ****. . .

    Last week, when he was coming back from a hamstring injury, Prince Amukamara said he would be in good enough shape to cover Torrey Smith on a go route. It turned out that was the exact play on which the cornerback reinjured his hamstring, and it resulted in a setback that likely will sideline him for the regular-season finale.
    “I’m not sure,” Amukamara said of his Sunday availability after sitting out a second straight practice Thursday.

    He said he felt the already sore hamstring grab while he covered Smith early in the game. An ultrasound on his hamstring Monday revealed that the injury had extended down his leg.

    “It feels good. There is not a problem of strength, it is not like my hamstring is weak,” Amukamara said. “It is just the motion and I can’t really extend it. When I run, I like to extend my legs out.”

  4.  kujo says:

    “We’ve performed better than we’ve played.”

    Which is Periwinkle’s way of saying it’s not his fault the defense has sucked for most of the last 3 years that he has been the defensive coordinator. That’s partially true, but let’s be honest–I don’t care how healthy we were, his scheme sucks and his gameplans are routinely lacking.

  5.  G-MenFan says:

    So speaks the architect of the “Chase and Grab” defense.

    In all seriousness though, I put some of this on JR. Our linebackers have not been good for years. Not since Antonio Pierce’s 2006 season. We eked out some great plays from him down the stretch run in 2007, but aside from that, it’s been 5 straight years of bad-to-mediocre linebacking. Love Reese but he’s whiffed on LBs and OL more than he should.

  6.  rlhjr says:

    Ihear you G-MenFan. JR has to toat some of the blame load.

    Anyone with half an intact visual cortex can make out that the Giants totally lack talent at linebacker. They’ve also lost the dominant edge at defensive end and defensive tackle. They are lacking a cover type corner. The latter two issues have been that way for a number of years. But all of those sins were covered by the talent on the defensive line and the last line of defense play of Role and Phillips. But the D-line was the heart and soul of things.

    Once that talent deteriorated, the rest of the deficiencies we promptly exposed. I also note that I’ve observed many a time that Fewell was hiding his lack of defensive scheme and adjustment prowess behind the marvelous talent that once populated that defensive line. HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW?

    It’s time for an overhaul, and now that the true character of Fewell has been revealed, I have to raise the “BS” flag. Leaders do not throw their charge under the bus. They are accountable for failure and they fight to fix the problems. NOT THIS GUY. Tuck and Osi have at time stunk to hi heaven.
    That is the responsibility of one Perry Fewell to take the hit for that. Not to blame his players.

    Maybe we as fans can and do (I know I do) go a step further pointing out the talent issues and failure to perform. In fact, public opinion would speak for a coach in the case of the Giants this year.

    It is very plain to see they lack talent and have sustained injury on both sides of the ball.

    But a coach’s first loyalty is to his players. This guy is a piece of crap. I pray a team wants Perry Fewell enough to take him away from the New York football Giants….please. I can no longer stomach him.

    He’s a cancer, and not in keeping with the Giants tradition of class and character.

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