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New York Giants’ Travis Beckum Downgraded to Out; All Other Players Make Trip to Baltimore

December 22nd, 2012 at 1:15 PM
By Dan Benton

TRAVIS BECKUM AND KEVIN BOOTHE Pictures, Images and Photos

The New York Giants are currently boarding a plane to head to Baltimore where they will take on the Ravens in a pivotal week 16 matchup. And despite seven players listed as questionable on their injury report, everyone other than tight end Travis Beckum, who has been downgraded to out, will make the trip.

If past trips are any indicator, it would mean the Giants expect Chris Snee, Justin Tuck and Ahmad Bradshaw to play this weekend. Previously, they had been the most "iffy" due to their respective injuries.

Meanwhile, for the Baltimore Ravens, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network is reporting that linebacker Ray Lewis is unlikely to play again this regular season as he continues his comeback from a torn triceps. However, the Baltimore Sun maintains that a decision on his status for Sunday's game has not yet been made.

Considering how things could have gone, this is about the best news Big Blue could have possibly hoped for.

Giants Will Continue to Honor Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims

A week after having "S.H.E.S." written on their helmets, the New York Giants organization will continue to honor those lost in the Newtown, CT. shootings. All staff members will wear a black pin with white lettering that reads "S.H.E.S." on Sunday.

UPDATE: Ray Lewis will not be activated and will not play on Sunday.


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29 Responses to “New York Giants’ Travis Beckum Downgraded to Out; All Other Players Make Trip to Baltimore”

  1.  Valid says:

    All this talk is exactly what the Giants need. All we’ve heard all week is how lifeless they looked against Atlanta, how just because last year happened doesn’t mean it will happen this year, etc. Some of the talk is even occurring amongst the players themselves.

    I just cannot see the Giants coming out and losing this game this weekend with all of the yammering that has been going on. Their pride is being openly questioned, and I would be stunned if we didn’t see a very positive response to such accusations on Sunday.

    I have been going back and forth on this game all week. At first I was thinking a blowout in favor of the Giants, and then I started thinking it would be a game that goes down to the wire with the Giants pulling it out in the end. Now, I’m feeling very confident that Big Blue will win convincingly.

    I’m not saying they’ll win by three touchdowns, because the Ravens are really playing for their pride at this point too, but I think the Giants are better than Baltimore and I think they are mentally tougher. I think Eli will come out and act like he has something to prove (even though he doesn’t). I think we will see a very inspired effort from the defensive line whether Tuck plays or not.

    Most of all, I think we will see an energized group that is ready to begin its run in re-assuming its position at the top of the NFL totem pole.

    34-23 Giants.

  2.  TonyMW says:

    All I know is that I hope Bradshaw can play, and play effectively. Their LB corps is absolutely decimated, and if Ellerbe can’t go, they’ll only have 2 healthy ILB’s on the roster. We SHOULD be able run all over them, and if that’s the case, Eli WILL have a huge game.

  3.  Hardcharger says:

    Long time reader, so go easy on me. The really big issue I have with Coughlin is that he is too loyal at times. I think this would be a great opportunity to make a statement and inactivate Tuck and activate Ojomo. I know he is a rookie but just maybe some new blood with some energy with desire would be exactly what is needed for this D-line! Pierce is correct when he stated something is wrong with Tuck and it’s been that way for the last three years. If I’m not mistaken, I think Tuck contemplated retirement last year. With that and the way he has been performing this year, I think it may be time to part ways with him. Just think if we could get some sacks to go with all those turnovers. And please Eli, for goodness sake, start playing like the elite player you are or you may end up with a coal in your stocking this Christmas!

    •  Krow says:

      Welcome !

    •  Valid says:

      Welcome, and great post.

    •  jfunk says:

      While in general I agree with your sentiment, the unfortunate reality is that Tuck wears the Captain patch on his chest.

      While I’ve been complaining that it’s been misplaced there for quite some time, I think it would be a mistake for the coach to bench the team-appointed captain at this juncture. That could create some serious negative energy in the locker room we can ill afford right now.

      Get Ojomo some snaps at Tucks’s expense? I vote yea. Make a “statement” by deactivating a guy the players voted their leader? Probably a big mistake.

  4.  Dirt says:

    This team is so frustrating sometimes.

    They currently sit:
    - 8-3 outside the NFC East
    - 3-0 vs last year’s division winners (who are a combined 26-15-1 or .631)
    - 3 losses in the division (who are a combined 20-22 or .476)

    Think about that for a minute. The Giants could win tomorrow, finish the season 4-0 against all the division winners they played from last year, and still probably need a win against a spiraling team that’s already beaten them to get in the postseason.

    •  jfunk says:

      No doubt. I said this a few weeks ago, but if we should miss the playoffs, it’s PHI 1 and WAS 2 that will make your stomach turn when you look back at the schedule.

      Two division games that we had in our hands and let slip away. We’d be arguing about which players to rest right now if we’d make just one more play in those two games.

      •  Dirt says:

        At least the old man got his perfect run/pass balance in the 2nd half of Was 2 as his offense scored 3 points against the worst pass defense ever.

        Letting 30 seconds tick off the clock at the 2 minute warning down by a score in Phi 1 and not having enough time to get in noodle leg’s range to win was pretty brilliant as well.

        •  jfunk says:

          I’m not really upset about the clock management in Philly. That basically worked out perfectly if not for the PI on Barden (I mean time-wise, not talking about how sloppy the drive was).

          Washington in general is the really annoying one. I simply do not understand how we can face a team with a glaring achilles heel that EVERY team no matter how mediocre successfully abuses, yet not even bother to attack it aggressively.

          It’s either that or defending the option route offense is something that Haslett is just so superior at to any other DC that he can completely nullify what we try to do.

          I’m not sure I believe that, but it’s hard to imagine how he can get the worst pass defense ever to completely stymie our passing attack other than somehow having a very simple system (so simple that his terrible players can’t screw it up), that makes the whole scheme just come unhinged.

          Hell, maybe it’s not Haslett at all. Maybe it’s just that they’re “so bad it works”. I mean, if their defenders don’t even know which way they’re going, maybe Eli and our receivers can’t figure it out either. If their movements are random, then you can’t read them right? :-P

          •  Dirt says:

            I’ll never be over that Phi 1 game. When Tynes kicked it right down Broadway, I pumped my fist and started celebrating, game over. Except he’s the only millionaire kicker in the NFL who can fall 5 yards short from 50 yards.

            •  jfunk says:

              Me too. I went from thinking the game was over earlier in the drive, to thanking Philly for giving us the game, to being super nervous after the PI, to raising my hands in victory when I saw the kick was straight, to…depression.

              •  Krow says:

                It’s symptomatic of the year we’re having. Tynes was always a money kicker, who was at his best with the game on the line. This year … nope.

  5.  G-MenFan says:

    Can we just downgrade him to “cut” and be rid of Senorice Beckum?

  6.  Hardcharger says:

    Yea, I know but sometimes you have to take a big risk if you want big rewards. Plus that locker room already knows about Coughlin’s loyalty so if he did something that extreme they know he had to have a reason. Listen, I am a big fan of Tuck, however, if you are not performing then you have to find someone who will and we still have a chance at the dance. Tuck is hurt and may not play anyway and his attitude is not all that great right now. I know Ojomo may not be the answer (he only did good in the preseason) to our problems as our DT’s need to start occupying some space for any our DE’s to be effective but I do know we need some kind of spark! Who knows maybe Tuck actually starts playing like his old self this Sunday. We need something!

    •  jfunk says:

      I agree with you 100%, I just think the players would take exception to the coach sitting their hand chosen leader. Its why I’ve been wishing for Tuck’s captainship to be taken away for two seasons. He’s just not cut out for the role, despite being a good football player and a good guy. He just lacks passion for the game and does not inspire.

      You simply have to let him dress tomorrow if he says he can go. That doesn’t mean you can’t limit his snaps, but it would be perceived as too big a slap on the face to sit him if he wants to play. Not to mention him actually stepping up and playing well Is the best case scenario and you’d be taking that possibility away.

  7.  Krow says:

    Beckum … I think that he was drafted by Reese/Ross … with input from Coughlin … to be that hybrid H-back/TE mismatch guy. But it happened either over the objections of Gilbride or without his “permission”. So he simply refused to find ways to utilize him. Forced him to try to play as a traditional TE. A position no one projected him to be able to handle. And when he failed he let him rot on the bench.

    That will teach them.

  8.  Dirt says:

    That awkward moment when you realize every single player on the team you obsess about is younger than you

  9.  rlhjr says:

    Welcom Hardcharger

    Krow, Beckum is not the only player selected by Reese/Ross to meet with such resistance to success. Clint Sintim was (IMHO) a pure pass rusher who was miscast as a SAM linebacker. The kid could straight rush the passer, but the Giants (who specialize in hybrid projects) turned him into a failure.

    I said it then and I’ll say it again. On some level there is disfunction afoot in the Giants draft process.

    And Reese will not admit a player has failed until the bitter, bitter end.
    Pride goeth before the fall. So I am not sure who is cleared to pull the trigger on getting rid of a player. I am sure there are some who need to go. Sorry to say, Justin Tuck is number one on the list.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      Between Beckum and Sintim, you’re speaking about two guys who were always injured. The word “always” is only the slightest of exaggerations. As tempting as it is to blame the staff for how they were (are) utilized, I can’t do it in good conscience because as a coach you need to see guys play, period. When you see them play you can alter things, move them around, change their assignments, make overall adjustments to leverage their talent and ability. But when they’re never able to go you can’t do that.

      As opposed to Barden who is just flat-out larcenous for cashing his paychecks.
      Thank God for Nicks and Beatty. or that 2009 draft class would be brutal.

      1 Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
      2 45 Clint Sintim LB Virginia
      2 60 William Beatty T Connecticut
      3 85 Ramses Barden WR Cal Poly-S.L.O.
      3 100 Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin
      4 129 Andre Brown RB North Carolina State
      5 151 Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston State
      6 200 DeAndre Wright CB New Mexico
      7 238 Stoney Woodson

  10.  GmenMania says:

    Dan: I would be happy to volunteer to update the Giants Facts of the Day, if possible.

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