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Atlanta Falcons Embarrass New York Giants 34-0; Big Blue Loses Control of NFC East

December 17th, 2012 at 6:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Prior to kickoff on Sunday afternoon, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said the team was "salty" over last year's 24-2 divisional playoff beatdown. He said their plan was to come out fast and not let off the gas … and that's exactly what they did as they humiliated the New York Giants 34-0. And, to be quite honest, the game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicates.

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Not only did the Giants lose the game, they also lost control of the NFC East as both the Dallas Cowboys and the RGIII-less Washington Redskins won.

With two games remaining, the Giants remain in control of their own playoff destiny, albeit t not the destiny they wanted. If they win out, they will earn a wildcard spot, but they'd need help to regain control of the NFC East.

“We should be better than them, both sides of the ball, flat out,” Osi Umenyiora said. “But we didn’t look that way today.”

The Giants have been Jekyll and Hyde all season. One moment they look like the best team in the NFL, and then they look like the worst. Rarely has there been any in between. But just how bad was it on Sunday? It was the worst loss in NFL history by any defending Super Bowl champion.

“We have two games left to play,” head coach Tom Coughlin said. “There is a lot of fire and a lot of character in that locker room, and we have to come back from a devastating loss and shake it off somehow, some way.”

The question is: can the Giants shake off such a terrible loss? Sure, they've overcome bad ones before, but perhaps none as demoralizing as this. And the task ahead of them is only compounded by the fact that they're now headed into Baltimore where the Ravens expect to see the return of their emotional leader, Ray Lewis, after losing three consecutive games of their own.

This team likes to believe they thrive with their backs against the wall, so they've certainly got their wish. There is now no margin for error at all.


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6 Responses to “Atlanta Falcons Embarrass New York Giants 34-0; Big Blue Loses Control of NFC East”

  1.  Krow says:

    Weeks ago I mentioned that Ray Lewis would make an emotional return just in time for us. Followed by the end of the Andy Reid era. Eagles will be loose and pumped.

    We can’t catch a break.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      The Giants should be able to beat the Ravens with Ray Lewis and should be able to destroy the Eagles.

      If they can’t, they don’t deserve to make the playoffs. They can take their multiple-personality disorder and their “kinder, gentler Tom Coughlin” into their long bitter off season and stew. If that’s what it takes to get these guys to dedicate themselves to 16 good efforts next season, so be it. But right now, as a Giants fan, I get tired of these games where I’m working harder watching it than some of they are playing it.

  2.  Krow says:

    If you look at this Giants team … two Superbowl trophies … a wildly successful 21st century iteration of the ballclub we know and love. It began back in the heyday of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Our management purposely built this team to compete against those two guys … and others like them. To stop what they do. To run that train off the rails.

    It worked … like charm. Brilliantly. And we climbed to the top of the NFL.

    Now … guess what … we’re the guys everyone is scheming to beat. Our style … our way of doing things … is in everyone’s crosshairs. We’re researched … copied … and focused on … just as we did to the style popularized by Tom and Peyton. It’s evolution. Point … counterpoint.

    It’s no accident that three good NFC teams … San Fran, Seattle, and Washington … are playing rookie running QBs. It’s no accident that everyone is drafting defensive ends and disguising their coverages. This is what happens when you’re kicking butt.

    But the reality of the situation is that our blueprint has been figured out. The antidote is known, and being freely distributed. This is the natural turn of events in the NFL. We rode this pony to two Lombardis … and damn it was a fun ride at that.

    But now we have to react to the circumstances at hand … we need to change. And I think it’s going to take a year or two.

    •  James Stoll says:

      What you say may be true, but there is a deeper problem with this team. The figuring out of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning you allude to doesn’t stop those team’s from winning 12+ games every season and always always always making the playoffs. They simply lose in the super bowl.
      If we continue the next 2 weeks as we did yesterday, we will miss the playoffs for the 3d time in 4 years, and have one trophy built on a 9-7 season.
      There is so much bad football played by this team that it is hard for me to say that anyone has so much figured us out as that we are just not a very well coached, well disciplined, well motivated team. That is, if we all believe in the supposed talent.
      Perhaps we are a super well coached team that is always playing better (8-8) than it’s talent suggests.
      I’m being somewhat facetious of course, but the point is, we are not losing because people get up for us; we are losing because we do not consistently show up and play.
      Why that is I’ve given up trying to figure out, but it is the 9th straight season in which it has come true in the regular season.
      Now we have to win our last 2 games just to be the 6th seed. So we shall see.

      •  G-MenFan says:

        I agree with you. This team does not show up and that’s on Coughlin. I’ve always been a Coughlin guy but his “deal with the devil” is coming back to haunt him. These guys play for themselves now and not him. There’s no fear. It’s a country club right now and the only person in the organization that holds anyone accountable anymore is Antrel Rolle. Tuck talks a good game now, but recorded his first tackle in the third quarter yesterday. Everyone tunes him out because he doesn’t back it up and lead by example. With Bradshaw off the field, there’s no emotional tough-guy in the offensive huddle.

        It would not be a proper post-game rant by me if I failed to include that I hate Gilbride, so there you go, I’m done now.

  3.  El1SaysEEZYMang says:

    Point blank the reason our offense is so flat is because our offensive line weaknesses and lack of or deteriorated talent in all five positions are showing more and more every game. You add the fact that Bradshaw (you know, the only running back Eli and the coaches trust) is ailing so late in the season that it has to come down to him psyching himself out, again, to get up to play in and win 6 straight games. Its a bad sign when you see how well wilson did last week and he couldnt even crack 20 carries while sharing touches with a guy named “Lumpkin”, Enough said! With Bradshaw down this was suppose to be his game to gain valuable reps against a playoff caliber team but obviously Coughlin does not trust him. At this point we cannot win without Bradshaw starting, PERIOD!

    Oh and is it just me or does Victor Cruz look like he’s afraid to catch anything thrown to him now because even on the illegal hit if he made a better attempt at the ball ( it looked like he had no intentions of catching it ,he was afraid to get popped) he would have avoided the hit and possibly have gone for a big TD. Hes playin like a pu$$y, there I said it lol! And in a wierd way he deserved to take a big hit maybe he’ll get mad like his partner and show some fire out there.

    This loss was just as humiliating as the loss to the redskins last year if not worse but similar in their effect. Now the Giants have to pull it all together once again or get bumped from making the playoffs. I Think its time to give Strahan a call we need some consistency breathed into us or this jekl n hyde thing is gonna bury us.

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