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New York Giants’ Prince Amukamara, Ahmad Bradshaw Out Against Atlanta Falcons

December 14th, 2012 at 1:45 PM
By Paul Tierney

'Prince Amukamara 2012 Shankbone' photo (c) 2012, David Shankbone - license: The New York Giants are going to be relying on some rookies this  Sunday in Atlanta. This afternoon, the team released the final injury report for the week. There were not any surprises that we didn't already know about. However, there are several key players that will not make the trip for Big Blue's Week 15 showdown with the Falcons.

Here is your final Week 15 injury report:

Out: Ahmad Bradshaw, Prince Amukamara, Kenny Phillips

Questionable: Michael Boley

Probable: Hakeem Nicks, Jason Pierre-Paul

The Falcons could be playing without Roddy White, which would significantly lessen the blow of not having Prince Amukamara in the lineup. However, Boley is arguably the team's most dependable linebacker. Without him in the lineup, the Giants will have trouble defending both the run and the pass without changing their personnel on every play. He's still listed as questionable, so we'll get a final determination on his status before the game on Sunday.

However, the biggest story here is that Ahmad Bradshaw's absence will allow for David Wilson to get the first start of his NFL career. We have seen his game changing explosiveness at times already this season. It's time for Wilson to show that he can be a consistent, reliable ball carrier throughout the course of an entire game. An incredibly important game, at that. The spotlight is going to be on No. 22 on Sunday.

Nicks and Pierre-Paul will more than likely be playing. Both are dealing with nagging injuries, but each of them played well last weekend. Barring a setback in the status of their injuries, we should expect to see them suit up and be relatively effective on Sunday.


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44 Responses to “New York Giants’ Prince Amukamara, Ahmad Bradshaw Out Against Atlanta Falcons”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Might be a long game Sunday. Especially if Roddy goes.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      It’s about players stepping up. Hosley was only a 3rd round pick due to weed. He is a late first/early second round type of talent. He’s been struggling in slot but this is the first time he played slot. I think he will play better on the outside. This is why we always credit JR because of our depth. We have a very talented guy that just needs to step up. It won’t be easy but no need for despair either.

  2.  kujo says:

    Jesus….an elementary school…those children…

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    BREAKING: Temple will offer its head football coaching job to New York Giants assistant offensive line coach Matt Rhule, per a source.

    •  Begiant says:

      He is lucky was killed/killed himself. I don’t even know what to say…they were so young…how horrible

    •  fanfor55years says:

      That’s way too complimentary a description. May he rot in hell.

    •  kinsho says:

      It’s not that guy.

      ‘UPDATE: It appears this Ryan Lanza is NOT the shooter implicated in a massacre of children and teachers at a Connecticut elementary school.’

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    Perry Fewell said Jayron Hosley will start if Prince is out. Big Sunday for the two Va. Tech rookies — David Wilson and Jayron.

    •  kinsho says:

      Time to step up, rooks. Also, before you both go out on the field, make sure to wake Randle up from his afternoon nap.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    I don’t even know what to say about the Newtown situation. It’s heartbreaking. I await the NRA’s statement that guns don’t kill children, people do. These “constitutionalists” who are really a shill for the manufacturers and distributors of weapons are evil. The shooter must have been insane (not that I view that as an excuse….I would have preferred that he be drawn-and-quartered instead of killed with a bullet, probably by his own hand….that’s way too good for him), but the NRA knows exactly what it’s doing.

    This is a great nation, but we have some yawning flaws. When are the cowards in Washington going to awaken and pass very strict regulations that all but prevent handguns and repeating rifles from being sold even if it costs some of them an election? Our political culture is a disgrace.

  6.  Levito says:

    WTF. Apparently this kid shot and killed his father in Hoboken, then drove up to CT where his mom teaches kindergarten and killed her, then opened fire on her class. Un-fn-real.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Dear God, he couldn’t stop at his mom and dad.
      That wasn’t depraved enough. He had to go after innocents too.

  7.  Hanshi says:

    No need to make this political at this point in time. Bringing in the NRA before we know if the shooter had a legal or illegal gun isn’t fair at this point. This really isn’t a polictial forum.

    This is a very sad day. My deepest sympathy to all the families involved.

    •  LUZZ says:

      The new culture we live in is to take every tragedy that takes place and then turn it into your own political righteous point. Generally it’s considerate it wait about 24 hours or so to do this, but the bigger the ego, the more eager one is to take out their pen.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Feel free to disagree, but don’t accuse me of “ego” on this. You’re probably on the other side of this issue, which I, frankly, find abhorrent, but wouldn’t suggest is wrong to express.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Sorry, but I completely disagree. The Second Amendment was intended to allow for the possibility of state militias since the federal government didn’t have the money or the desire to maintain a standing army but wanted a means of defense because they were well aware that the British were in Canada, the French in both Canada and the south, and the Spanish in Mexico. The NRA, and their compatriots, have radically expanded what that amendment was intended to do. The Supreme Court shares in the blame, but when they made those decisions they knew darned well that a different decision would have been ignored in many parts of the country and the Court would have lost credibility because they have no army to force the law down anyone’s throat if the federal government will not take to arms to enforce a decision on unwilling citizens.

      I hate to get political when this is a horrible tragedy, but I don’t care if the guns were legal or illegal. As far as I’m concerned handguns should all be illegal and any rifle that can fire more than one round at a time should also be illegal. We now have a standing army and no need of militias at the state level. This amendment should have been modified a long, long, time ago. Even if changing the law would only make it a bit more difficult for people to find illegal means to get guns, that would be good policy. And very heavy sentences for the illegal sale of weapons or ammunition would make a difference too. I’m not naive. Plenty of criminals would still find a way to get guns. But people like this creep and the one in Portland would have a much tougher time. Hardened criminals would NOT shoot 18 children. Only maniacs would.

      •  demo3356 says:

        Dude, shut up already..

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Dude, I don’t intimidate when bullies throw their weight around. Sorry to see you’ve joined the anti-First-Amendment crowd.

      •  rlhjr says:

        That sir was educational. Thank you.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        I hear what you’re saying.

        But it’s how people are obtaining the guns, and most of the time handguns are obtained Illegally. And in fact no matter WHAT kind of law or what kind of changes you’re going to make to the 2nd amendment, people will still obtain Illegal handguns.

        Most people who have owned handguns LEGALLY don’t go out and kill people with them. That’s the truth.

  8.  The Original G Man says:

    The worst school massacre in US history was committed with a bomb.

  9.  demo3356 says:

    Absolutely sickening, heartbreaking story. I’m devastated. Please don’t be a F*ckin idiot and use this tragedy to spew your political views. Nobody gives a Sh*t. Just send your thoughts and prayers to those poor devastated families and those poor children who’s life was snuffed out before it even began by a heartless d*ck less piece of crap..

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