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New York Giants’ Prince Amukamara, Ahmad Bradshaw Suffer Injuries in Blowout of Saints

December 10th, 2012 at 8:45 AM
By Dan Benton

Not all news was good news on Sunday afternoon, and while the New York Giants were able to route the New Orleans Saints 52-27, it came at a price. Both running back Ahmad Bradshaw and cornerback Prince Amukamara suffered injuries that dramatically altered their playing time, and could affect their status for a week 15 game against the Atlanta Falcons.

'Commissioner Goodell with Prince Amukamara ' photo (c) 2011, Marianne O'Leary - license:

Amukamara, who has gotten better each week as the season has moved along, suffered a hamstring injury in the second half and would not return. Rookie Jayron Hosley took his place.

"I can’t diagnose it now, I don’t know how bad it is. But I was getting ready to get wrapped up and go back in the game," Amukamara said. "I’ve played with a hammy [injury] before. You've just gotta wrap it up."

Meanwhile, Bradshaw was dealing with his chronic foot issues. He did not immediately return after halftime, but did eventually find his way back into the game for a few plays before again being removed. He finished with just 33 yards on 11 carries.

"Well, I’m sure he is going to be sore as he always is, but he was able to go back in," head coach Tom Coughlin said of Bradshaw. "I think he could have."

Both injuries, along with that of wide receiver Hakeem Nicks (knee – X-rays), will likely be updated on Tuesday.


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68 Responses to “New York Giants’ Prince Amukamara, Ahmad Bradshaw Suffer Injuries in Blowout of Saints”

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  1.  JimStoll says:

    ….and just like that, the Giants are kings of the world again.
    what a crazy team. great one week; terrible the next; great the next.

    half way through the second half I was worried that this was a game we typically lose. opening kickoff to the Saints 45; penalty and 3 and out
    second series, fumble recovery, pick six on a bad pass by Eli

    then following the Wilson TD, the next fumble, the Giants waste another drive with a missed FG

    the game had the feel of squandered opportunities early that would come back to bite; but credit the team and especially Eli for relentlessly pressing the Saints
    I feel the game was won on the last drive of the second Q when Eli drove the team to a TD and 8 point lead with seconds left

    a few other observations:

    1. The David Wilson is a bust mantra can now be retired; will be interesting to see the number of snaps he gets from here on out

    2. it looks like the Coughlin and Gilbride are intent on getting Jernigan into the mix more; he was on the field early and often; the kick return he turned in will help and coughlin’s praise for him in the post-game is suggestive of the braintrust really wanting the kid to succeed

    3. for all his occasional blown coverages, what can you say about Stevie Brown and his anticipation? that second pick was pure read and attack; a lot of safeties whould have made the tackle after the catch instead of seeing and braking fast to the ball

    4. surprisingly (at least to me) Nicks actually looks a little stronger week to week; when he is right, victor becomes so much bigger a play-maker

    5. I thought Osi had a really active game; Tuck too

    6. but what is up with our DT’s? we were constantly gashed for 5, 6, 7 yards a carry right up the middle

    7. it appears that both Williams and Rivers came out of the game healthy and that could be big for next week against the Falcons

    8. we were so so close to a perfect day, but credit the Skins and Cowboys for playing tough under crazy bad circumstances

    9. as for the skins, I can’t believe RG will play this week; maybe not the remainder of the season. they are lucky they are playing Cleveland this week, although Cleveland is actually improving week to week. We know one of the Cowboys/Skins will finish 9-7 at the best due to playing one another Week 17; I still expect Dallas to lose this week against Pittsburgh, but given their performance yesterday, who knows. But we righted the universe yesterday, got a huge monkey off our back, discovered our No. 1 pick, and recorded what may be a record 4th blowout in a single season. all in all, a great day for the boys in blue

    •  Valid says:

      It’s funny, though. Take RGIII off the Redskins, and I’m not sure they’re better than Cleveland.

      •  demo3356 says:

        Take RG3 off the Redskins and they are a 2 win team this season. Without him Cleveland wins by 20 next week

  2.  JimStoll says:

    Robert Griffin III sprained his right knee in the Washington Redskins’ win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, but a team spokesman said an MRI revealed that ”everything is clear” in terms of significant ligament damage.
    Spokesman Tony Wyllie said Griffin does not have a major knee injury and specifically ruled out a season-ending torn ACL as a result of a hit on the rookie quarterback in the final minutes of regulation in the 31-28 overtime victory.

    By medical definition, a sprained knee means that Griffin has some damage in at least one of the several ligaments in his knee. Wyllie said coach Mike Shanahan will give more information about Griffin’s status Monday.

  3.  Krow says:

    I don’t want to play ‘Eli apologist’. I freely admit that he’s had his share of bad throws and mystifying decisions. But we should remember that the QB is a leverage machine. He knits it together. And in a weird football gestalt makes the team better than simply the sum of the parts.

    Last year those parts were a rockin’ trio of healthy veteran WRs in Cruz, Nicks, and Manningham … a familiar OL … a RB tandem of Jacobs and Bradshaw … and a TE who immediately clicked.

    This year … Manningham is replaced by Rueben ‘Rong Root’ Randle … Nicks is hurt … Jacobs is gone … McKenzie is gone … Ballard is gone. It takes time to adjust to all that. And it affects your confidence and comfort level.

    While Eli may not be having a banner year at least some of the blame has to be the team around him. Not all … but some.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I love Eli, and as you’ll recall, loved him when most hated him and were too impatient to await the great QB I knew he would be.

      But he cannot be making throws like that second interception. One of the most amateurish plays by a QB I’ve seen all season. The safety could see that late ball coming from the drop-back when Eli locked in on his receiver (by the way, he had Nicks open on the opposite side on that play). Terrible, terrible decision-making. Looked like a lousy rookie quarterback on that play.

      He actually played a very good game overall, but that was just horrible.

  4.  The Original G Man says:

    Is Rueben Randle benched? Did he play at all yesterday?

    Have to wonder if he’s one of the guys Wetherford tweeted about last week.

    •  kujo says:

      Yesterday was the first day that all of our WRs were active in the same game–Nicks, Cruz, Hixon, Jernigan, Barden and Randle. The rookie played well when needed earlier in the season, but it appears that he’s at the bottom of the depth chart, and when our whole platoon is able to go, he will not be called upon much.

      •  Valid says:

        Not really sure I understand why in the world Jernigan and Barden would be ahead of Randle on the depth chart.

    •  jfunk says:

      What did Weatherford tweet? I missed it.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      He didn’t see much action. Hixon took his role as WR and PR. And, as usual, Hixon played very well.

  5.  The Original G Man says:

    Wetherford tweeted something about the young guys needing to work a little harder or something to that effect.

    I don’t remember seeing Randle on the field even once yesterday. Barden and Jernigan were in on several passing downs over him? Doesn’t make much sense given his production.

  6.  Krow says:

    It says a lot about Randle that we’re seeing so much of Barden and Jernigan.

    I was pumped when we drafted Ramses. He seemed to be the perfect ‘project’ WR. But instead he’s morphed into the Frankenstein monster, and has turned on his creators with a fearful vengeance.

    That one play where we sent Wilson out on a real pass route … and the monster went berserk, and started blocking about 5 seconds too early … that play was creative. Apparently too much for Randle’s brain to process. I think he’s catching on slow … very slow. And if there’s one guy who could make us a much tougher team to play it would be him.

    •  kujo says:

      I think it was a mistake of over-exuberance, and is drawing far too much criticism on here based on who made the mistake. If it was Nicks, Cruz, Hixon or the Black Unicorn, we’d be saying “Ugh, dumb play. But moving on…” But since it’s FF55, it’s a big f’n deal or something.

    •  Valid says:

      See that’s the thing though. I haven’t seen Randle make any mental errors when he has been on the field this year. I have really liked what I’ve seen from him. Unless TC has been seeing something in practice, I’m not sure I understand why he didn’t play yesterday (or last week).

  7.  Valid says:

    Also, not sure if this was mentioned yet in the postgame discussion (I know a couple of people mentioned it during the game), but what is with Troy Aikman’s creepy vendetta against Prince?

    Unlike most Giants fans, I like Aikman a lot and think he is actually very fair, but this thing he has against Amukamara is just strange. I mean for God’s sake; I remember in the game in Dallas he was knocking Prince for breathing too hard.

  8.  Nosh.0 says:

    Few things from yesterday.

    - In case you missed it, Kujo dropped some gems during yesterdays game thread.
    1. “I think FF55 uttered a racial epithet when Barden drew that flag.”
    2. (After Prince missed an Int on a tipped ball Aikman criticized Prince for having a disappointing season, something which all Giants fans know not to be true. Angry posters then started criticizing Aikman. Then Kujo dunked the point home with this beauty:
    “Maybe Prince refused a dance at one of those all-men sports bars Aikman likes to frequent”.
    Well done sir. That’s why we pay you the big bucks.

    - Barden actually has become a real difference maker, for the other team.

    - Some people debating Cam Newton, Bob G-String, and Luck. My 2 cents, Cam, if he ever gets his head on straight should be another Ben Rapist (minus the rape hopefully)/McNabb in his prime. I think he certainly can throw the ball better than Bob G-string. However G-String has a much better head on his shoulders at this moment, so that may make the difference in who has a better career. But Cam can sling it down field, no yet sure Bob G-String has that skill.

    - And Luck to me is on an entirely different level. At the minimum I think he becomes a carbon copy of Arron Rodgers (minus all the commercials, because his goofiness makes Eli look charismatic). And at best, who knows, sky’s the limit for Luck.

    •  kujo says:

      I thought my comment about the gravitational force being greater, and therefore to blame for Eli’s poor throw to Nicks in the endzone, whenever Blumpkin is on the field was better. But hey, I’ll give more of whatever the crowd likes!

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    So for this week Jim believes again. Welcome back to the land of light.

    Three potentially tough but also winnable games ahead of us, but I want to look back again just a bit at yesterday.

    Just as I believe the special teams cost us the game against the Redskins, I think they won it for us yesterday. Field position plays a big part in how any team does, but that has become even more important for this Giants team that has sometimes struggled sustaining drives because of an inconsistent running game.

    This defense HAS to stop depending upon turnovers. They give up too much yardage against the run and give up way too many big plays. That’s a deadly combination in what is supposed to be a “bend-but-don’t-break” defensive scheme. A big off-season priority has to be getting help up the gut of the defense. The loss of Shaun Rogers for the year has turned out to be a big problem. I like Joseph but he is not really a run-stopper, and Canty is not playing well. Bernard is just about finished. Kuhn was beginning to help before going down but that’s now water under the bridge. If we had a MIKE or a SAM who could get into gaps, work off blocks, hit runners and force them back, or even shoot a gap and make tackles for negative yards, that would help a lot, but we do not appear to have that. Our linebackers (and just so no one thinks I’m being one-sided in my views, I think both Williams and Boley were brilliant yesterday) are too easily moved by offensive linemen and fullbacks and seem less-than-great at working off blocks.

    Given a good preseason and just a bit more experience, Hosley will pass Webster and make the latter the #3 corner on this team. I hope they will be able to bring back a fully healthy Terrell Thomas because I really think Webster should be coming to camp next season knowing his job is in jeopardy. He has definitely lost a step. If he doesn’t make up for it with savvy he is going to fade quickly, and this season he seems to be anticipating very little and guessing wrong an awful lot.

    Will Hill and Stevie Brown have made Tyler Sash irrelevant and probably made Kenny Phillips expendable if the market for him is high, which it very well might be.

    Antrel Rolle IS the leader of this team. Eli, too, but Rolle is definitely the leader on defense and the glue guy. You, and some of the players, may not always like hearing what he says, but he’s a wear-your-emotions-on-your-sleeve kind of guy and he has not only made a difference in the locker room but is having a Pro Bowl season that seems to go unrecognized. He was outright GREAT yesterday.

    What a pleasure it was seeing Hixon out there and playing his usual reliable game. Eli didn’t have to worry that he would totally misread things as Randle has done more often than not.

    I think it is now clear that my contention that Barden is the lowest-on-the-totem-pole and not very good wide receiver is also the view of the coaching staff. Thankfully, he has also been taken off the coverage teams, and I don’t doubt that there is some correlation between the better play in that regard and his absence. Jernigan, on the other hand, has some real potential but it’s going to be hard to figure out how to make use of him.

    I marveled at how Will Hill and Jacquian Williams took Jimmy Graham out of the game yesterday. Great job by both and that gives me reason to believe that they can do a decent job of controlling Tony Gonzalez down in Atlanta, taking away one of Ryan’s biggest weapons (the Giants made the HOFer disappear in the playoffs last year too). If Prince plays that gives us a really good shot on Sunday because it would be all about White and Jones and our safeties can really help there.

    Lastly, I don’t know if Mark Herzlich will ever show the pop and the ability to get off blocks that we’re missing at MIKE, but his play on special teams this season has been “special”. His discipline in staying in his lane, his excellent positioning that forces a returner to make a move on him first before he has committed, and then his flow to the tackle, was awfully noticeable yesterday, as it has been all season. There’s hope for him.

    •  kujo says:

      Really? Because I’m pretty sure Barden was out on offense during this game, whereas Randle was not. So, yeah. Can’t be the bottom of the totem pole when there’s someone beneath you.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Randle’s a ROOKIE who doesn’t know the offense.

        You seem obsessed with my continuing criticism of a guy who is an outright bum. Get over it. Thankfully, I can stop next season when Barden will be long gone.

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          Hopefully Reese will just IR Barden this week with some made up hamstring injury ala Michael Coe or 2010 Victor Cruz.

  10.  JimStoll says:

    I hate to say it, but the more I watch RG and the Skins, the more I am coming to believe he and they will be the force in the NFC in the coming years
    obviously it all depends on RG’s health and we already have gotten an early look at how precarious that may be
    but boy, the kid is calm, cool, collected and electric
    he’s the first running quarterback i’ve seen who actually plays QB like a QB
    sometimes he’s a running threat, but those play-action passes are great, and the relentless calm of the kid and the team around him is the stuff of which championships are made. It’s what has made Eli so successful — the ability to be calm amidst the chaos.
    the next 5+ years are going to be a dogfight between the Gaints and Skins, assuming the health of the QBs

    •  kujo says:

      FF55 knew RGIII was going to be really good, and he also knew he’d get his knee hurt yesterday.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Actually, you’re right about the first (although I have said all along that Luck is THE ONE and I will be right about that too) and I have said that this year is unique because Shanahan’s use of RGIII will get him hurt and will have to change. The kid looks to be a potentially great quarterback, but he will not be using his legs as much or his career will be diminished.

        At the beginning of this season I said that I thought the NFC East would be tough because the Skins were going to be much better than most believed and might be the biggest rival after all. And while everyone thinks this is a bad down year for the NFC East, there’s still a possibility that it gets two teams into the playoffs. Also note that while the Giants are 2-3 in the division they are 7-3 in the conference, which not only shows how good the NFC East really is but puts them in great shape if they have to fight for a wild card slot.

        •  kujo says:

          Um, who says this is a “down year for the NFC East,” when 3 of the 4 teams are in a Death March for the playoffs?

          •  Nosh.0 says:

            His name is Bob G-String. Lets make this work. If my “Swag” Hosley nickname worked at making him irrelevant so far, than it can work on Bob G-String too.

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