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Gotham City Cheerleaders Raise Funds for Those Affected by Sandy; Will Appear at MetLife on Sunday

December 8th, 2012 at 1:00 PM
By Dan Benton

The Gotham City Cheerleaders have teamed up to raise funds for those affected by hurricane Sandy and has so far donated $1,700.00 to the American Red Cross. The GCC will hold their final fundraiser at their tailgate party on Sunday, December 9, 2012 when the New York Giants play the New Orleans Saints at MetLife Stadium. The event will take place at Redd’s Restaurant where fans can also stay to watch the game or get shuttled to MetLife.

The Gotham City Cheerleaders host regular tailgate parties at Redd’s Restaurant located on Washington Ave. all season. Redd’s has been a major supporter of the GCC and their recent efforts to help local charities. Every home game appearance since the storm, have been dedicated to raising funds and helping organize volunteer efforts to help those affected by Super Storm Sandy.

The GCC presented the American Red Cross with a donation of $1,700.00 to kick-off the fundraising efforts during the pre-game party versus the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

The GCC participates in various community-conscious events year round and has recently focused their efforts to Sandy relief-related events. They also attended the Restore the Shore alumni football game on December 25, 2012 at Belleville High School that helped raise over $2,000.00 for families of the Belleville and Nutley communities in New Jersey.

The Gotham City Cheerleaders are a professional team of 22 dancers whose goal is to become the first dance/cheer team for the NY Giants. The GCC is present at every home game, performing with tailgaters and fans all around MetLife Stadium. They have also performed at over 50 events around the tri-state area and appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, Fox-5’s Good Day New York and WCBS New York. Their mission and story has also been featured in FOXX CODE magazine’s January, 2012 issue.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help the Gotham City Cheerleaders raise money for the American Red Cross or other upcoming charity appearances, please visit their Facebook page.

Finally, GCC will -as they always do- make an appearance at the Giants 101/FanVan Party Bus tailgate on Sunday afternoon in lot G16 ($40 per person). Below is a video from an earlier performance this year. We hope to see you there!


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17 Responses to “Gotham City Cheerleaders Raise Funds for Those Affected by Sandy; Will Appear at MetLife on Sunday”

  1.  GmenMania says:

    Where has norm been? I’m starting to get really worried about him. Haven’t heard from him since around when Sandy hit. Hope he’s ok and just on an extended vacation.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Cheerleaders at a giants game?
    Can victory be far behind?

  3.  kinsho says:

    Good for these ladies. Here’s hoping the Giants give them a reason to cheer tomorrow.

  4.  LUZZ says:

    31 out 32 fan base’s in the league agree that you evaluate a head coach’s career on how he does in the post season. On Giants101 the old timers insist on evaluating our head coach by his regular season performance, while ignoring his postseason record. Good stuff.

    I’m sure in NE they are perfectly happy with their last 5 seasons since after all they did win more regular season games than the Giants did.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    By the time they take the field tomorrow the Giants will know whether their NFC East lead is in jeopardy based upon which team won down in Baltimore.

    While it would be very nice if the Ravens not only won, but kicked the Skins all over the field, I wonder if that would take the desperation out of the Giants. I certainly would hope not because a win then would erase all of the bad memories of Monday’s game and return us to a two-game lead (and ease a bit of the angst that all of us are feeling about now). On the other hand, if the Redskins win, is there any doubt that the game that starts at 4:25 PM is the biggest regular season game since the last game of last season and one of the biggest such games in years? If they know they will no longer control their own fate, and then go on to lose to the Saints when they finally get them at home, I think even the most optimistic Giants fan will have to conclude that this doesn’t look like the stuff of which champions are made.

    In reality, I don’t care what has happened down in Baltimore. The Giants MUST win this game. They need to do it to the stabilize their season, to start really believing in themselves, and to get their fans fully behind them. They need it to announce to the league that they may be wounded, but they’re dangerous. And a few players REALLY need good games if this team is to go on and compete for a ring: Eli, Diehl, Wilson, Randle, Bennett, Williams, Rivers, Amukamara, Webster, Brown and Hill. All are going to be critical going forward and I don’t think any of them have yet proved to themselves that they can go on a great streak of play this season. They need that gut-level confidence in order to play free and quick and not over-think everything. And Perry Fewell and Kevin Gilbride need to have a good game and start to get confident about what will work. (In case anyone didn’t note this, the Giants threw the ball 11 times in the second half against Washington. That’s 11 times!! In a tight ballgame. Madness).

  6.  Nosh.0 says:

    Agreed on NE. Has there been a more disappointing team in the post season over the last 5 years? Only 2 SB appearances and they lost both, by a total of 7 points! What a disgrace! You really have to wonder how their coach and QB still have a job.

    Apparently the TC cheerleaders are forgetting that a team actually needs to win enough regular season games to qualify for the playoffs. No one on here is complaining that we don’t go 13-3 every year (although there was an outcry in August when many “experts” predicted us to win 8-10 games).

    What people are criticizing TC for, is if he fails to make the playoffs this year, it would be 3 times in 4 years. With a QB on Eli Mannings level, and the talent we have/had on defense, that would fall somewhere between unacceptable and disgraceful.

    I guess I just have higher expectations for a team with this much talent. If you don’t share those expectations than I assume you think Eli and co. aren’t that good.

    •  LUZZ says:

      Higher expectations than 2 superbowls in 5 years? You sound like a spoiled Yankee fan that doesn’t understand that the other teams around the league try to win games too, and have rosters full of pro players that don’t give a sh!t how entitled you feel you are to an annual championship run.

      I guess I’m just grounded in the reality of a parity league. if you don’t share that reality than you must think the whole league revolves around the Giants.

      •  Eric S says:

        2 Superbowls in 5 years is your stock answer for any criticism. Yeah it’s a parity league but you can’t deny that Brady and Peyton make the playoffs every year, giving their team a shot every year to walk away champs. I’m not going to ding them for not coming away with a ring all the time. You have to be in it to win it and that is Nosh’s criticism. If we blow another chance at the playoffs that would be 3 times in 4 years out of the dance.

        Nobody’s saying we don’t value the superbowls, they were great but why should we be content to miss the playoffs? Because maybe next year or in 5 years from now we’ll make another unexpected run? If you can tell me that every 5 years we’ll win a SB I’ll be fine with missing the playoffs. But you can’t know when we’ll win another and the only way to give yourself a shot is to make the playoffs. We have a championship caliber QB stop comparing us to other fan bases like Cleveland or Jax and saying we should imagine their plight. It’s because we have a guy like Eli that we expect playoffs each year, that we demand championships because he’s capable of it. Assuming health and a slow decline in physical skills we have probably 5-7 years max with Eli left. Can’t just accept missing the playoffs because we won a couple of super bowls in the past. Greedy? Damn straight. You want to be all time great you have to have that greediness. I don’t expect them to win it every year, but barring massive injuries across the board, I expect us to be in the hunt every year with Eli and that means making the postseason.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Yes, but 2009 and 2010 were exactly that, massive injuries. The fact that we actually got close in those seasons was a testament to the quarterback and the coach.

          And if you don’t think playing with a gimpy Nicks, a relatively useless Phillips, no real short-yardage back and no consistently reliable third target for Eli this season makes a big difference you’re wrong.

          I happen to agree that there’s absolutely no excuse for missing the playoffs this season, but anyone who is a football fan and doesn’t recognize that two championships in five years in a salary-capped league is truly extraordinary and makes up for the ONE season in that period (2008) when they made the playoffs but should have done a lot better than a first-round exit) and the TWO seasons in that run that were completely undermined by injury, is just kidding himself.

          This argument about “regular season versus post-season” is a bunch of bull. Sure, you “have to be in it to win it”, but what each team sets out to do the minute their season is over is put themselves in position to compete for, and win, a championship the next season. Not “get into the playoffs”. Not “finish with at least 11 wins”. Not “play consistently all season.” The players all want a ring. The coaches all want a ring. The fans all want a ring. The management all wants a ring. The cities all want a ring and a parade. The Giants under Coughlin and led by Eli have delivered twice in five years and looked fully capable of doing so in one of the other years out of the 2007-2011 period. Anyone who doesn’t think that is spectacular given the grand scheme of things is someone with too little perspective.

          There is not a single team, or fan base, that wouldn’t trade the Giants’ five-year run for theirs. Not a single one. And any Giants fan who wants to focus on some less meaningful outcomes is welcome to do so but completely deluded.

          It will be a serious disappointment if they don’t make the playoffs this season since the Cowboys and Eagles have crashed and burned. But let’s wait and see what happens before you start pounding the drum you seem dedicated to pounding. Five or six weeks from now you may feel very differently.

  7.  LUZZ says:

    We really need Will Hill down the stretch to be a player. I have a feeling Phillips is going to gimpy for the duration. That 4 game suspension of Hill really set him back and really hurt us at S depth.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Hill is a stud-in-the-making but he’s inexperienced. But both he and Brown have to step up now and play great football. Safety play is critical against Brees, and Ryan. Both are more than willing to put the ball in the air and allow their big receivers to battle for it.

  8.  LUZZ says:

    2 trophies in 5 years will continue to be my stock answer. I pull it out when talking with my Cowboys friends, I pull it out when I talk with my Bears friends, and I pull it out just about every time I get into an NFL discussion and the someone wants to compare their team to the Giants. For some reason on Giants101 we have to be very quiet about the 2 superbowls… Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone.

    •  James Stoll says:

      You can pull it out anytime you want except when discussing the fate of the giants in the midst of a season. Then it’s irrelevant. We want playoffs and beyond every year while the year is on-going.

      •  LUZZ says:

        Sunshine – That’s fine, but your overall point is that if the Giants don’t make the playoffs its an indictment on the whole Coughlin era. That’s what my issue is with this topic.

  9.  LUZZ says:

    Eric – How ridiculous is your point? Go back and read it.

    You are comparing our last several years to Brady’s and Peyton’s and your actually concluding that we are on the short end of the stick! I don’t get it, man.

    Ask any fan of those respective teams if they would trade their last several years with ours and see what kinds of answers you get. And if you would make that trade you would be crazy, since you would be trading 12 win seasons for Lombardy trophies.

    Let’s end this stupid discussion. Over the last 5 seasons the Giants have been the most successful team in the league by far. You want better, I guess that’s your decision. But you can’t do much better than the best.

    You clearly weren’t around during the Scott Brunner days…

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