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New York Giants Tuesday Morning Hangover: Daniel Snyder and Robert Griffin III Edition

December 4th, 2012 at 11:20 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

We know, we know: it's not Monday, it's Tuesday. But after yesterday's 17-16 loss to the Washington Redskins, we have a feeling the New York Giants and their fans are going to be feeling this hangover all week.

'Robert Griffin III' photo (c) 2012, Keith Allison - license:

Robert Griffin III might be the biggest name in Washington, but it's the name Alfred Morris that the Giants should remember. The Giants defensive front was abused all night, pushed off the ball and out of lanes as Morris racked up 124 yards on 22 carries.

And despite the Redskins offense having absolutely no trouble moving the ball, the defense made enough plays to hold them to 17 points.

And the offense went out there and tripped over their own feet enough times to only score 16: more penalties than we can recall, dropped passes by Martellus Bennett and Victor Cruz, a missed field goal by Lawrence Tynes.

Ugh. The point is, the Giants have quickly gone from in being in firm control of the division to now only a single game ahead of the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins, and with a 3-3 division record are highly unlikely to win a tiebreaker.

So that means, the Giants have almost zero room for error. And that starts next week against the New Orleans Saints.

Uh oh.


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16 Responses to “New York Giants Tuesday Morning Hangover: Daniel Snyder and Robert Griffin III Edition”

  1.  fanfor55years says:


    December 4, 2012 at 11:22 AM

    I’m sure everything has already been said about last night’s game, but I thought it was one of the most maddening losses in years.

    The two penalties by Cordle were absolutely inexcusable, and the holding by Locklear (his man wasn’t getting to Eli anyway) and caused by that lunkhead Randle running the wrong route cost them the game. You simply cannot make those mental mistakes in a big game.

    We’re killing the Skins with middle routes to Bennett while also getting receivers free deep and Gilbride goes to running in the second half.

    Coughlin makes a terrible assessment of his defense’s chances of stopping the Skins for a three-and-out late in the game when they are tired so punts when he HAD to allow Eli to try for the first down.

    JPP shows he’s so stupid it’s unbelievable (is there a fake he hasn’t gone for this season?), Tuck shows he’s on the rapid downside of his career, and our linebackers show that we’d better draft one who is actually a stud two-way backer if we want to beat the Skins in the future because if you cannot control the edge they will destroy you once RGIII becomes capable of doing everything Shanahan wants to do.

    My fears about losing Manningham haunt me once again for about the fourth time this season. We finally realize Hakeem Nicks is not going to “get better” this season.

    We’re still very much in the playoff hunt, and a win this Sunday will help a lot, but this just isn’t looking right now like a team ready to defend its championship. Nicks’ injury, the disappointing play of the defensive line, the lack of good play at linebacker on a consistent basis, what is stating to look like a real issue with Kenny Phillips, weakness on the outside of the offensive line, and the absence of a legitimate #3 receiver all look, when combined, likely to kill the 2012 Giants. You never know, but they just do not look to me like they have the horses this time around. They’re a good team, perhaps a playoff team that can win some games in the Tournament on the ability of Eli, but they just don’t seem to have that “it” that wins it all. I’m not sure which team DOES have that right now, but it isn’t the Giants. Of course, plenty can change over the next month, but last night really exposed some significant problems that are going to be tough to fix over four weeks.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      you turning into one of the pessimistic posters too?

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      also, the hold on Locklear was an iffy call. And It certainly didn’t cost them the game.

      The hold on Beatty on the other hand, cost them the game. It was first down and getting into Fg range.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I’m surprised at your stance about the team. You could be right but I’m just not as concerned you and others about this loss except how it effects the standings. I guess I understand the concern about us more than thinking teams like Atl, SF, GB and Chi are any better than us even with our flaws. None of those teams are playing at a level that scares me. Now making it to the playoffs is not easy but if we do I feel great about our chances considering the competition.

      Ironically, I think the AFC top teams are scarier than those in the NFC.

  2.  Giants.knicks11 says:

    RIP Sean Locklear. Just saw the gif, it’s likely a torn ligament ( David Diehl better find his 2011 playoff run mojo, otherwise we’re fxxked….

    RG3 is so grossly overrated already, I can’t wait to hear the derps say he’s better than Eli Manning…. And how ironic is it that Eli and company have a terrible redzone and second half game after Killdrive goes out and says “I’m the best there is in the business.” How do you not unleash your HoF QB on that garbage secondary in the second half? I want to see a running game as much as the next guy, but we’re not that type of team anymore. The Black Unicorn was smoking these suckers all night, yet we have him blocking 80% of the time.


    Games like this really make me hate this team. Game should have been over by the end of the first half, instead we had 13 lousy points after working their defense for the entire half. If we’re up 21-10 at the half, the play action bullshxt goes out the window REALLLLY quick.

    How pathetic are these linebackers outside of Blackburn? I’ve never seen such a pathetic group of nobodies. Can we please get some linebackers with some balls? Rivers and Boley are such garbage, basically stop gaps. Oh Osi, HA! Do you understand what contain means? How many times did Gruden show Osi completely unblocked, CHASING DOWN ON RG3, only to get beat by some gimmick shxt. I for one cannot wait for Osi to be out of NY blue, dude is complete garbage. The same can be said for Tuck, dude is always on the sideline sucking wind when we need to make stops. Let Kiwi and JPP run this d-line, the “captain” is a loser more times than not.

    For the love of god, please get us some **** linebackers next season JR! Get us a **** leader on defense whose willing to smack the shxt out of anyone who doesn’t step up for 60 FULL MINUTES!

    I know we’ll all forget about this loss if we win 3 out of the next 4, but it’s not looking pretty. We usually play terribly against the Saints, the Falcons are great at home, the Ravens are a good team and the Eagles are sure as **** going to be playing hard week 17 in hopes of keep the Giants out of the playoffs.

    /end rant!

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    I wrote that last night. By far the most frustrated I’ve been after a loss in a long long time.

    Specifically because we pretty much dominated in the first half.

    Also, when we got the ball back with 10 min left, after Wash went on that demoralizing, seemingly hour long drive to go up 17-16, there needed to be more urgency on offense. Gilbride showed a complete lack of understanding game flow by handing it off to Bradshaw twice for what amounted to 5 yards and zero momentum. That was a time you needed to get your QB in rhythm and Gilbride showed a complete lack of grasping that fact.

    Having been a poster on this site since late 2006, the dialogue today is very predictable. With those of us that are frustrated being labeled as pessimists or “ankle grabbers”. The ankle grabber thing makes little sense as I haven’t been that flexible since I was 17, my hamstrings are far too tight to engage in that sort of activity.

    Bottom line is, everyone on this site is a die hard fan. If last nights loss doesn’t absolutely frustrate you, and the fact we’re now 1-3 in the second half, well I guess I just don’t understand that version of “fandom”.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      I wasn’t calling him a pessimist. All i was saying was He’s the guy that constantly tells people that things are gonna be fine, and whatnot… Then this post?

      Just sayin’

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Na I didn’t specifically mean you. It’s just after any loss you have a group of people coming on here telling everyone how they should react to a loss. It’s nothing new.

        My point is, how exactly can anyone be a fan of this team and not be frustrated as h.#.l.L right now.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Frustration is expected. But I would think after last year fans would have a little more confidence in this team being able to turn it around. We looked way worse at times last year than we have this year save for the Bengal loss. I see the team as not being far away. Plus being at the game and living in the DC area I understand how much that game meant to the redskins. There is an energy in the stands right now that there hasn’t in a long long time. So considering that while the loss was extremely disapointing it’s not in my view as bad as some are making it in regards to our ability to repeat. It did hurt our playoff and division hopes a lot. But to me that’s different than having the ability win games in the playoffs.

  4.  Jackhajb says:

    There is one facet of this team that I think holds us up more than any other…

    Red Zone TDs

    We don’t score touchdowns in the redzone, if this team actually scored touchdowns our entire season would be different.Lawrence Tynes leads the league in field goal attempts.

    Gilbride/Eli have always had trouble scoring in the redzone but this season it has really gotten out of control. An elite qb scores TDs. An elite O coordinator’s team scores TDs in the redzone

    All the other mistakes in this game would not have been so magnified if when we moved down the field we actually came up with 7. We needed to force RG3 into having to pass, you don’t do that scoring 3 field goals and missing another. You do that by getting TDs.

    They need to spend 90% of practice on redzone plays. AWFUL.

  5.  Giants.knicks11 says:

    I get a kick out of hearing the “experts” say that the Giants are the best team in football after wrecking teams like the 49ers and Packers…. Once everyone is riding their sack, we usually put up a garbage game like this. It just doesn’t make any sense, this team should be unstoppable EVERY FREAKING WEEK!! =[

  6.  Levito says:

    I still don’t get this team at all. This is not the same team that absolutely trashed the Packers. Granted the Packers can’t run like Washington can and the defense was able to tee off on Rodgers, but still, they looked very different only a week apart. The 49ers CAN run the ball well and the Giants trashed them too. But then they get pushed around by Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Washington.

    This team does seem to do their best when nobody believes in them and they are backed up against the wall. Unfortunately, that won’t work all the time. Eventually it’ll backfire on you, and the Giants really have no margin for error. Maybe they’ll show up like last year and close out strong. Or maybe they’ll fade out like 2009.

  7.  njm0m says:

    Nosh- I’d have to say I’m numb right now. I don’t know what to think. This team has shown us they can be SB caliber again and then other times they go out and play like they did last night. The first half wasn’t bad at all. They held their own for the most part. The missed field goal and having to kick so many damn times killed them obviously.

    The problem I’m seeing is the Redskins made adjustments at half and we didn’t. The Giants didn’t reevaluate the situation and they appear to always have that problem to me. The players are biting on the fake every single time. I see it coming why the hell don’t they? For the majority of the night they kept Griffin under control it is seriously Morris they need to figure out. Griffin is going to get killed with the way he plays and the hits he takes. Unless they change his style of play which I don’t see happening he won’t be a long term problem for the Giants. Morris on the other hand is a very serious problem.

    Gilbride has also not given Eli a chance to get into a rhythm lately. He passes a few and then gives it up solely for the running game and then uh oh 3rd and long and tosses the bomb. Eli isn’t that type of QB. He plays better when they get a rhythm going and his receivers hold on to the ***** ball.

    Whatever the problem is on both sides of the ball need to get fixed. I’m tired of excuses. I’m tired of staying up late and wasting energy to see a game they should have single handily put away in the first half be blown. They marched down the field and yet couldn’t seal the deal. Enough of that already. It is time to fix the problem.

    With that all being said. They can win out, but they have to want to. They have to dig deep down and figure this all out and make a run.

  8.  Nosh.0 says:

    I think the way you beat the Skins is similar to the way you beat the 49ers. Get up on them early and make them have to pass the ball down field. RG3 may become a great QB one day, but right now he is pretty ordinary when asked to stand in the pocket and throw down field into tight spots.

    So jackhajb is right. You need to score 7′s against this team and get them away from what they like to do on offense.

    And I don’t mean to pick on Eli, I think we all know how great he is. And for so many years he was underrated as a player. But from (September 5, 2012-December 3, 2012) he hasn’t played like an elite QB. Maybe that’s Gilbrides fault, maybe it’s the WR’s or OLs fault, maybe teams have simply figured out our offense. But whatever the case, we need to get him to start playing like a top 5 QB again or we’re not going anywhere. The rest of the team just isn’t good enough for Eli to play average and us to still win.

  9.  rlhjr says:

    The Giants have put themselves in the unenviable position of having to win three games (actually 4 because they gave the skins the divisional tie breaker last night) against teams who either have their number (Saints, Eagles) have a point to prove (Atlanta) or will have good reason to win (Baltimore) when we face them late in the season.

    You really cannot pin the death of this edition of the Giants on the coaching staff. Even though they remain typically predictable and stagnate on both sides of the ball. No, you can’t blame the coaching even though they remain
    completely devoid of imagination and innovation on both sides of the ball.

    The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of key players again on both sides of the ball. More precisely it’s the lack of talented players on both sides of the ball. So let’s break it down by position shall we?


    With the possible exception of Beatty and perhaps Bothe the Giants offensive line is an embarrassment. No matter how much you want to deride “Killdrive”, the plain truth is there is no way this offense can pop screen plays and run to the edges without having linemen who can actually run. To run sweeps, or screens the “bigs” ’have to be able to get outside and squared up to throw blocks. Well guess what, the Galapagos turtles manning the Giant O-line just don’t make the grade.

    And the same can be said of their pass protecting ability. Being slow twitch and slue-footed is (contrary to popular belief) not conducive to pass blocking ability in tackles OR guards. And especially on the NFL level which again stands for “NOT FOR LONG” if you do not have athletes manning key positions.

    Sometimes they look good because of great efforts by the backs. On other occasions, they are what they are; A slow footed un-athletic bunch with the exception of Beatty. Upgrading these guys is step one in NOT having to settle for field goals inside the twenty yard line.

    Eli is only as good as these guys allow him to be. Nuff said.


    Can we all just get along and admit that Wilson was NOT the target? He was the consolation prize. Admittedly he’s not been given the chance to play to his strength (off tackle/edge running and screen passes) because he’s not yet mastered pass blocking. Again this is a misnomer, because the youngster should not be aspiring to become the next John Hanna. Rather he should be learning blitz pickup which is understanding where (based on offensive and defensive formations) the pressure will or should be coming from.
    The rest is a function of his willingness to stick his hat in someone’s chest.
    It’s imperative that he does because this offensive line needs all the help it can get for that tasking.

    Wilson is an excellent back but he’s NOT physical and blocking is not his thing. It doesn’t matter that Coughlin and Gilbride blew the whistle on him. Defensive player’s instinct would have found out and passed the word after a play or two anyway.

    Andre Brown is/was truly the Giants best all around running back by a mile. Coughlin and Gilbride became aware of this seemingly undisputable fact the same day he was injured. No one said they were rocket scientists. They are simply NFL coaches…….Moving on. Bradshaw (God love him) remains willing if not always ready. He’s really all the Giants have at this point.
    So now comes the dreaded (at least when I mention it around here) draft day recommendation:

    Get a big, fast physical running back. Because if you want to win in the pass crazy NFL, you need one of these easy to find easy to replace commodities.
    I mean they (running backs) are a dime a dozen right?
    Jim Browns, Le Roy Kelly, John Riggins, Tiki Barbers and Paul Hornings, they grow on trees, just pick one. And they don’t really help teams win super bowls………..YEAH….RIGHT child please.


    Remember how I used to refer to Manningham, Nicks and Cruz as the most talented trio of wide outs in the game? That was truly the ranting of a mad man right? The fact is together they had a synergy that was unmatched. Sadly, the mighty dollar and injury put this trio out to pasture way too early.
    What’s the good news? Nicks should be totally healthy next year. He and Cruz (provided he stays healthy) is a full load for any defense. The bad news is the remainders of the receiving group are bums.

    The exception is the marvelously talented Randle. He however, is immature and thinks he knows it all. He’s going to get away with it because his offensive coordinator is cut from the same cloth.

    A (hopefully) healthy Bennett an experienced Robinson and a big physical fast draft choice are worth looking forward to at TE……….NEXT YEAR.


    Always draft big fast physical players even in rounds 5 through 7. That way the special teams are always stocked with serviceable players. Fire the current ST Coach and promote Larry Izzo. Then let Izzo hire assistants. Find a field goal kicker who can at least clear the crossbar from 50 yards and put the ball out of the end zone on kick offs.


    If Tuck and Osi are pacing themselves, will someone please let them know that it’s now time to start the engines………..please? Other than JPP, Joseph and (now injured) Kuhn there is not any push in the Giants claim to fame position. How can a man the size of Chris Canty just vanish?

    The Giants real claim to fame WAS and has ALWAYS been having defensive linemen who were equally adept at stopping the run AND rushing the passer. That characteristic has vanished in Tuck, was never really prevalent in Osi and has vacated Canty. That is why the Giants do not dominate just about every offense they face.

    Once again, youngsters are not being played. And to be honest, how much worse could Tracy and Ojomo be than Tuck and Osi thus far? They could at least give “old guys” a blow during games. Both Tuck and Osi need either rest, or retirement based on their spotty play.

    The Giants are dreadful against the run. I fully expect the Saints to go over the century mark this coming Sunday and we all know they will throw the ball well because there will not be any pressure. The teams real strength is now it most glaring weakness. Next to linebacking that is.

    One thing the Giant defensive line does not have to be concerned with is protecting the linebackers. The Giants only have one, (Boley) and he takes care of himself. He has to for his continued good health.

    Who here doesn’t think the Giants first round draft pick will be a DE? By the way, how many sacks does the “Demon with his hand in the dirt” (JPP) have so far this year? He’s being triple teamed because no one else warrants blocking.
    And he always comes from the same spot. They wont move him or hide him just prior to the snap. Same old predictable Giants.


    Mr. Reese and Mr. Ross now hear this. Jason Pierre-Paul needs a playmate.
    He is very lonely having been left to fend for himself by Tuck and Osi. So in a position where there are six other supposed players to share in stopping an offense, only JPP (now injured) shoulders the load.

    So please Mr. Reese, get JPP at least one playmate of similar athletic prowess and winning attitude to match.

    He should be 6’ 4” tall two hundred and fifty pounds. He should run a 4.6 forty yard dash be mean and willing to get in a team mates face when said team mate is under performing. He should also be able to play for three defensive downs which means he can shadow backs and tight ends.
    His position is called middle linebacker or MIKE.

    And if it’s not too much trouble, please find JPP another playmate at the position called SAM. Mr. Kiwi is a very nice man, but he’s really a defensive end and should not be forced to play in space where he completely disappears during almost every game. Please Mr. Reese and Mr. Ross…..please? If you come through, your defensive team will be able to stop opponents at critical times during big games and teams will find it hard to amass 198 yards running.


    Prince is coming around; Hosley will come around due mostly to his attitude and speed.

    Corry Webster has seen better days. But he is a valuable player. He needs to fill a role where he can be used to man cover receivers. And he needs to be subjected to a pay cut. If he can handle those things he stays, if not he is history….end of story. Either way the position should be addressed during the draft.

    Steve Brown might have been beneficiary of scheme while amassing his interception total. For sure he was helped by Tony Romo. But he did not drop any sure INT’s and he makes tackles that come his way.

    Will Hill was my pick to be a really good player and still is. I love Phillips but he cannot lose many more steps to injury. Role is the heart and soul of this defense. And the safety position is where all the Giant linebackers actually reside. It’s just that each of them is undersized at 208 to 215 pounds.
    If not for the Giant safeties, the team would only have two stops on running plays behind the line of scrimmage this season.

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