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New York Giants Likely Won’t Win NFC East Tiebreaker with Redskins or Cowboys

December 4th, 2012 at 5:03 PM
By Simon Garron-Caine

After watching Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III run all over their front seven and their lead in the NFC East, the New York Giants find themselves clinging to a one-game lead in the division over the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins…and with little help likely to come from tiebreakers.

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The first criteria in divisional tiebreakers is divisional record, where the Giants season-long failings look like to come back and haunt them: Big Blue will finish a mere 3-3 in the division, with the 'Skins currently sitting at 3-1 and the Cowboys at 3-2.

The Redskins and Cowboys play each other in Week 17, so there's no way the Giants can sneak out of this on both ends. With the Giants holding such a precarious lead, each matchup is going to be crucial. The Redskins finish vs. Baltimore, at Cleveland, at Philadelphia and vs. Dallas, while the Cowboys finish at Cincinnati, vs. Pittsburgh, vs. New Orleans and at Washington.

The Giants finish vs. New Orleans, at Atlanta, at Baltimore and vs. Philadelphia, which looks a bit tougher than both of those schedules. This is the time of the season where the standings are key and each week brings a fresh round of scoreboard watching.

If you're keeping track this weekend (we will be), you're not only rooting for Baltimore to beat the 'Skins and for the Bengals to bury Tony Romo, you're also keeping an eye on what happens with the 6-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (vs. Philadelphia), the 6-6 Minnesota Vikings (vs. Chicago) and the 7-5 Seattle Seahawks (vs. Arizona).

We'll talk a lot more about the wild card picture if the Giants lose this weekend to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.


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26 Responses to “New York Giants Likely Won’t Win NFC East Tiebreaker with Redskins or Cowboys”

  1.  Krow says:

    I think we need both the Cowboys and the Skins to go into a slump to have a realistic chance. One can’t run the table. For our part we pretty much need 3 out of 4. If we can’t manage that then I think we’re done. 9-7 just doesn’t seem to make the cut … unless they both collapse. Which is definitely possible, but you don’t want to depend on it.

  2.  Levito says:

    Baltimore really has to beat Washington this weekend for the Giants to hang on. The Ravens should be motivated as they just lost a close one to the Steelers in the final minute last week, and they have an opportunity to lock lock down the division and get a bye week.

    Even if Dallas wins this weekend, they still have to face the Steelers, Saints and Redskins, so it’s not as big a deal if they pull out a win against Cincy.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Really? So the washington redskins are an unstopable jugernuat incapable of losing at Cleveland or to Dallas. Please!

  3.  GeezUp says:

    While I don’t like watching the schedule/other teams…the fact is the NFC East are a bunch of inconsistent teams. I have us playing better than the others in a back against the wall scenario, it’s very possible that both the Cowboys and Redskins can finish 2-2! And while I rather us take care of our own business to secure a playoff spot, I’m not worried that much about the Skins and Boys because they still have to make up 1 game

    •  Levito says:

      The Redskins played pretty well in a back-against-the-wall scenario last night.

      •  GeezUp says:

        They beat us true indeed, but clearly something was on their side…Fumble that goes for a TD, Tynes missing an easy FG, a friendly whistle…I won’t go on b/c I’m not one of those guys who’ll say the best/better team didn’t win. The Redskins played a solid game and they deserved the W! Good for them, bad for us. And once again we’ll see what our team is made of knowing it’s pretty much do or die.

    •  Krow says:

      Very true. Both could easily go 8-8 … I just don’t feel we can depend on it. But 2 games could do it … 9-7 is definitely a possible Division winner.

  4.  GeezUp says:

    Agreed Krow!!! I hate the fact we rather make it tough on ourselves but hey a 10-6 team misses the playoffs 2 seasons ago and a 9-7 team wins the Superbowl! Go figure

  5.  Samardzija says:

    cool stat, Adrian Peterson is averaging 6.2 yards per carry. Christian Ponder is averaging 6.0 yards per throw.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    Being here today you would never know that just last after starting 9-7 ww wen to to win the SB. Or wouldn’t know that Washington is a 6-6 team. It’s funny everyone is so disapointed at the loss because we should have won though we didn’t play that well. But the team that beat us by 1 point in it’s biggest game in like a decade is somehow an unstopable train. They are easily going to muster that emotion week in and week out from now on. I just don’t get the credit some here give the vibe here today. Someone really should post the link to last year’s thread after the second redskin game then people would realize we were much worse off then than we are right now.

    •  TroyThorne says:

      Looking at it from one biased perspective. The Redskins had drives end due to penalties, a few WIDE open drops, and a turnover in the redzone. They didn’t play that well either to be fair.

      And this is a new season. What happened in the past doesn’t matter much. Yeah, we’ve been in this position before and won a Super Bowl. We’ve also been in this position and missed the playoffs multiple times. Pretending everything is a-ok because of what happened last year doesn’t make any sense really.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think you are underrating the metal that not only last year but the last handful of year have brought us. So it’s cool for everyone to judge the cowboys based on that but not us? Please. There’s a difference between people acting there jumping ship than expressing concern. What I get here is too much of the world is ending crap. The eagles are not around. These two teams we are battling are way different if the eagles who have some recent success were in the picture. The fact that people are giving Washington future games when they got handled at home by Carolina is crazy to me. Washington isn’t a given to win any of these games.

        Did we put ourselves in amuch tougher position than needed? Yes. Are there legitamate concerns about various issues we have? Yes. Would most reasonable non Giant fans still pick us to win this division? Yes.

  7.  James Stoll says:

    Some of u guys are smokin’. The Skins kicked our butts all over the field last night, especially in the 2d half. They were better than us in every phase, coaching to QB’g. If they beat Baltimore they **** 10-6 without question. Otherwise they are 9-7. No way they Lise 2 more. Dallas will Lise at least 2 so they are irrelevant.
    As for the Giants, no way we run the table. 3-1 would be a minor miracle. 2-2 is more likely.
    That said we better hope for complete collapses by either Chicago or Seattle, plus one more loss by Tampa or we are toast.

  8.  Begiant says:

    Skins lost cornerback Cedric Griffen to a suspension (4 games)

    I know he was only their 3rd corner but they have lost a lot of defensive players.

    I was not on here earlier so I would like to use this post as a catharsis for how was feeling yesterday night. Why the heck did we not throw past the marker on 3rd down last night???…It was ridiculous….We threw way to many underneath passes…I believe we had one to Nicks, Cruz and Bennett and then that screen to Bradshaw which I considered a bad play. They have backup safeties and we were getting past them all night…Max Protect and try to work Nicks and Randle with body position and have Cruz find space or go deep..I am no coordinator but draw something up. I trust Eli not to throw a pick and with 7 people blocking he would have time…at least get closer, draw a PI, or possibly get it. The screen was ridiculous.

    Penalties, Penalties, Penalties. We need to execute better and that is it. We should have had less penalties in such an important divisional game.

    Our defensive line needs to play better. Period. We have some great players but I did not see them yesterday. I saw some nice hits and a few good pressures but no real disruption that RGIII could not handle. We gave up at the end and would have let the Skins score more if it were not for Eli and the Offense’s time of possession in the first half.

  9.  Begiant says:

    As for the Redskins chances at playoffs…

    Their defense is pretty poor. Despite our low scoring effort we were able to do a lot of things against them and left a few plays on the field. I think the premier offenses could easily out score the Skins and force them away from what makes them great, Alfred Morris.

    They have an awesome Offense. Morris is a monster and RGIII has a PA that is phenomenal for a rookie. RGIII does not seem to throw many advanced routes but can distribute the ball to open receivers on the playaction. In addition his threat to run is by far the fastest and probably the most troublesome. The Skins have won 3 straight in the division and have tiebreakers with the Vikings and Buccs. While I do not see Seattle falling in the regular season the Skins have a great chance at taking our division crown. I will remind everyone that no team has won the NFC East division title two years in a row since 2004

  10.  fanfor55years says:

    I won’t be doing much scoreboard watching. I think we really have to play our way into the playoffs or it won’t matter much anyway. You have to be playing well in December or you’re highly unlikely to get past the second round of The Tournament, if you even make it that far.

    It starts with the Saints. We have to have this game, and anyone who thinks otherwise is absurdly unrealistic. Could we win out the last three games? Yes, but one bad call, one bad bounce, or one bad game plan and the jig would be up. Way too risky. This is a must win.

    •  Begiant says:

      Good thing is Brees will be leaving his dome. Bad thing is our defense is likely to get chewed up and we have a short week while Brees and the Saints have a long week

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I don’t think it’s any guarantee that either Dallas or Washington gets to 9-7 so we could have more room for error than it appears. That being said I agree we need to start playing good football for more than just a game here a there. My point was always that a loss to the Saints doesn’t end our season. But it’s a must win if we want to avoid score board watching and want to control our own destiny.

      It’s ironic that as fans we all will be rooting for Bmore and Cin very hard but with the way our team is mentally that might not be the right move. I feel like having cushion is just not a good thing for us. No matter how our players talk, in our mentallity we are just procrastinators. It would probably serve us better to have only a game lead so we are forced to have our backs against the wall. I’m not saying I will be rooting for Washington or Dallas but if they win as long as we win it might not be a bad thing.

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