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Former New York Giants DT Jimmy Kennedy Will not Testify in Bounty-Gate Appeal

December 4th, 2012 at 10:20 AM
By Casey Sherman

The New Orleans Saints bounty-gate is beginning the appeals process, but former New York Giants defensive lineman Jimmy Kennedy won't be testifying. Kennedy told Pro Football Talk that neither he, his lawyer or his agent had been contacted about the possibility.

'Jimmy Kennedy' photo (c) 2009, U.S. Department of Agriculture - license:

The story goes that Kennedy informed former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress that during a game, the Saints had placed a bounty on Brett Favre, who at the time was the Vikings quarterback. Childress then complained to the NFL, thrusting the bounty-gate scandal into the national spotlight.

Kennedy has denied being the whistleblower from the beginning and refuses to admit having any involvement. The fact that he hasn't been asked to testify lends credibility to his claims.


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21 Responses to “Former New York Giants DT Jimmy Kennedy Will not Testify in Bounty-Gate Appeal”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:


  2.  JimStoll says:

    it is funny that as a Giants fan the sky is always falling.
    Here the team sits at 7-5, 1 game ahead in first, the current number 4 seed, and yet for all the world it feels as though the team will miss the playoffs entirely.
    while I am probably more doom and gloom than most, here we are again — 6-2 at the turn, 1-3 since
    our offense just cannot seem to get un-tracked this year and now we’ve lost the better of our 2 lousy RT’s, I am assuming for the year
    the entire defense continues to underwhelm and ST’s are bad as often as they are good
    we are facing a very tough finish and we absolutely must win 3 out of 4 just to have a shot at the playoffs
    just anothe season for the NY Giants!

    •  Levito says:

      This is a team that constantly relies on Eli Manning to bail them out of bad situations. He didn’t do it last night as penalties killed every productive drive. But he did have a chance on 4th and 11, and Coughlin decided not to let him try it,

      11 yards is not too much to ask. Romo was able to get 11 yards to ice the game against the Giants in week one. He did it by throwing to Ogletree who hasn’t done anything since then. If Romo can do it, all-world, 4th quarter comeback machine Eli Manning can do it. Even if they didn’t make it, what’s going to happen, Washington’s going to get better field position? So what? The Redskins would have been better off if Washington got good field position, played too conservative, and kicked a FG. At least the Giants would have seen the ball again.

      •  Levito says:

        * The Giants would have been better off.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        I usually don’t question TC since his success here, but i really questioned that move. The defense playing an unconventional offense that couldnt stop them, why give them the ball back?

        i dunnoo.

      •  kinsho says:

        The Giants were still on their side of the field for that 4th down. And asking 11 yards from an offense that stalled for the entire second half while the opposing defense was riding high on a feverish crowd is a bit too much, in my opinion.

        We were still outcoached, but in other ways. Our defensive playcalling was horrendously poor. Worse yet, it showed no signs of being better in the second half. On top of that, Kevin Gilbride relied too much on the run late in the 4th quarter, when it was quite clear that the Redskins have decoded our rushing strategy.

        •  Levito says:

          It’s not like the offense hadn’t moved the ball all night. They had over 400 yards of offense. Eli converted several 3rd and longs already. Washington’s secondary is terrible, Hall is prone to penalties in big spots. The offense had trouble scoring, true. But they didn’t have trouble moving the ball in the middle of the field. All they needed was 2 more first downs and they were in game-winning FG position. And they punted.

          •  kinsho says:

            While I’m too lazy to pull the stats, I remember the Giants offense wasn’t playing well at all in the fourth quarter. I think even Coughlin questioned their confidence in that moment.

            But it’s a debatable point. In hindsight, yes, Eli should have gone for it. And yeah, he could have converted and set up a long-range FG. At the same time, he could have thrown an incomplete pass and give the Redskins perfect field position to seal the game once and for all.

            •  Levito says:

              Well, I was calling for it last night, and I’m still mad about it today. Sure the offense wasn’t clicking. But if you won’t put the ball in the hands of your best player with the game on the line, you don’t deserve to win.

              Even if they fail at converting, it’s either the same scenario where Washington runs the clock out, or they kick a FG and the Giants get the ball back. At least they’d have tried and not given the ball back to a team which had already run at will on them.

              •  kinsho says:

                Believe me, I was mad last night too. I hate when we lose these close games on primetime. But now that I think about it, it wasn’t all that bad. The Redskins played excellent football for most of the game and still came within an a$$hair of losing the game. So I’m kind of calm now….

  3.  GOAT56 says:


    GOAT56 says:
    December 4, 2012 at 10:11 AM
    I said 2 weeks ago that I would rather beat GB and lose to washington than vice versa. I still stand by that statement. I still think washington is a 9-7 at best and the same for Dallas. For us to get to 10-6 is more important for us to know we can play great football and beat good teams like GB. Our next 3 games are against teams playing good football but all are teams we will beat if we play anywhere close to the GB level.

    Levito says:
    December 4, 2012 at 10:24 AM
    I don’t understand how that’s a better scenario. If the Giants won last night, after losing against GB, the Giants are still 7-5, but the skins are 6-7, and 2 games out and on the wrong side of the tiebreaker. Much better scenario then they’re in now. If Washington and the Giants end the season tied now, they’ll win the division record tiebreaker, and the Giants will likely be out of the playoffs.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      My point isn’t about the math. I understand losing a division game math wise in worse than just a conference game. My point is about the confidence of the team and as a fan. If we had lost to GB and pulled out a close victory last night it would have been almost 2 months since we beat a quality football team. Now even though we lost I have the utmost confidence we can beat both Bmore and Atl. Actually the game that concerns me the most is NO. Brees isn’t the type of QB that usually has 2 bad games in a row.

      •  Levito says:

        I’m much more concerned about the standings than that they hadn’t beat a quality team. If they have the division under wraps they can do things to improve their chances down the stretch: rest Nicks, KP and Bennett. Figure out which WR will be the reliable 3rd WR in January. Iron out the kinks. All while not having to look over your shoulder.

        they don’t have those luxuries now.

      •  kinsho says:

        I actually agree with this sentiment. I’d rather the team regain some confidence by housing Green Bay over eeking out a win over the Redskins.

        Not to mention the Giants usually need a fire under their collective as5es to play good ball. With Dallas and now Washington breathing down their back, I expect the Giants to bounce back and play championship football next week against the filthy Saints.

        •  kinsho says:

          Just to confirm, I agreed with the notion that we should prefer a win over Green Bay rather than a win over the Redskins.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    I’m sure everything has already been said about last night’s game, but I thought it was one of the most maddening losses in years.

    The two penalties by Cordle were absolutely inexcusable, and the holding by Locklear (his man wasn’t getting to Eli anyway) and caused by that lunkhead Randle running the wrong route cost them the game. You simply cannot make those mental mistakes in a big game.

    We’re killing the Skins with middle routes to Bennett while also getting receivers free deep and Gilbride goes to running in the second half.

    Coughlin makes a terrible assessment of his defense’s chances of stopping the Skins for a three-and-out late in the game when they are tired so punts when he HAD to allow Eli to try for the first down.

    JPP shows he’s so stupid it’s unbelievable (is there a fake he hasn’t gone for this season?), Tuck shows he’s on the rapid downside of his career, and our linebackers show that we’d better draft one who is actually a stud two-way backer if we want to beat the Skins in the future because if you cannot control the edge they will destroy you once RGIII becomes capable of doing everything Shanahan wants to do.

    My fears about losing Manningham haunt me once again for about the fourth time this season. We finally realize Hakeem Nicks is not going to “get better” this season.

    We’re still very much in the playoff hunt, and a win this Sunday will help a lot, but this just isn’t looking right now like a team ready to defend its championship. Nicks’ injury, the disappointing play of the defensive line, the lack of good play at linebacker on a consistent basis, what is stating to look like a real issue with Kenny Phillips, weakness on the outside of the offensive line, and the absence of a legitimate #3 receiver all look, when combined, likely to kill the 2012 Giants. You never know, but they just do not look to me like they have the horses this time around. They’re a good team, perhaps a playoff team that can win some games in the Tournament on the ability of Eli, but they just don’t seem to have that “it” that wins it all. I’m not sure which team DOES have that right now, but it isn’t the Giants. Of course, plenty can change over the next month, but last night really exposed some significant problems that are going to be tough to fix over four weeks.

  5.  LUZZ says:

    Tuck was the worst player on our defense last night. I watched him plenty and he was getting reached on a consistent basis by the redskins RT. It was one of the worst games he’s ever had. I’m not sure what his contract situation is, but if I were JR I would NOT pay him anything better than JAG money on his next contract. Our DTs are still above average players, but it was clear last night they had not been coached on how to play gap assignment against this type of offense.

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