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New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride: “I Think I’m the Best There Is”

December 3rd, 2012 at 9:15 AM
By Dan Benton

Despite helping the team to win two Super Bowl championships since transitioning from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator in 2007, Kevin Gilbride often bears the brunt of criticism when Big Blue struggles. But through it all, he's managed to keep a cool head and turn the Giants into an offensive juggernaut – finishing in the top-10 four years in a row. And when asked about his success, Gilbride wasn't shy about where he ranks himself amongst NFL offensive coordinators (hint: it's right at the top).

“I think I’m the best there is," Gilbride told the New York Post. “I just feel that way, in terms of knowing, getting into a flow of the game and keeping defenses off balance. Obviously, if you don’t feel that way you’re probably not being fair to your team. You’re not doing your part of the job for your players."

With two rings and one of the best offenses in the game, it's hard to believe Gilbride has not yet been pilfered by another franchise or NCAA school. And although there's been some interest in recent years, the 61-year-old Gilbride has not been offered his second chance as a head coach in the NFL; something offensive lineman Chris Snee feels he deserves.

“He certainly deserves another chance [at a head coaching position]," Snee said. “He’s over 60 now and I’m sure he realizes that time is running out."

Gilbride last acted as a head coach between 1997-1998 when he led the San Diego Chargers to a collective 6-16 record before being fired. It's the one part of his long and successful career that he'd like to cover up.

“Obviously, I would have loved to get another head [coaching] shot and think that we’ve done well enough that I would have thought and hope that it still warrants it," Gilbride said. “I got one black mark [with the Chargers] on my whole career that I would love to have a chance to expunge by being a head coach again."

It's easy to poke fun at Gilbride (see: Killdrive) when the Giants' offense struggles, but there's no denying it is more successful and powerful than many throughout the history of Big Blue. The truth is, Gilbride is very good at what he does and there's a strong chance this well-oiled machine wouldn't run without the oil (go figure). The Giants and their fans are lucky to have someone of Gilbride's caliber. Now if he'd only get rid of the shotgun draw…

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42 Responses to “New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride: “I Think I’m the Best There Is””

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  1. Dan BentonDan Benton says:

    This one should be fun…

  2.  The Original G Man says:

    *awkward silence*

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Whatever we want to think about Gilbride, the record speaks for itself. He is a terrific offensive coach. Of course, having Eli Manning helps a lot, but KG has to get some credit too.

    I believe the one real weakness has been that since Tiki Barber retired the Giants have never really tried to make use of their running backs as significant threats in the passing game, which has made them very vulnerable in windy conditions or when one of the primary receivers is hurt. I hope that will start changing with the advent of playing time for David Wilson.

    •  jfunk says:

      Yeah, it’s been visibly absent but is it because Gilbride doesn’t like to use it or because we haven’t had anybody that does it well?

      Bradshaw looks the part, but the guy drops WAY too many. Hopefully Wilson can change that.

  4.  The Original G Man says:

    Encouraged to see that KP made the trip. Didn’t expect that. Will keep my fingers crossed that he is able to give it a go.

    Stating the obvious, but huge, huge game. A loss puts Washington and Dallas within striking distance, while a win *almost* puts the division away. Not to mention the fact that a win would begin to instill a sense that they’re going to be a team to be reckoned with.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    By the way, just in case anyone thinks Bradshaw is going to give up a lot of carries to Wilson and Torain right away, you might want to think twice. I noted that there was a very fine piece in the Wall Street Journal over the past 4-5 days that showed that Ahmad Bradshaw raises his YPC average to over 5-yards from his 16th to his 20th carry, and to over 5.5-yards after the 20th carry. And everyone knows he has become a very good blocker against the blitz. So I think TC is going to work Bradshaw as hard as he can until he thinks he HAS to get him more rest or the Giants have positioned themselves well for the playoffs.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I would agree but I do think there’s a balance. I understand that the coaching staff thinks a lot more of Bradshaw than the general sentiment here. But if that’s the case then we need him for the playoff and can’t run him into the ground. While for a particular game he’s better after 16 carries, I think it hurts his availability for later games. I just think Bradshaw only has so many carries in him and those 25 carry type games take more out of him than just the number.

      I don’t see a guy like Torrian getting carries right away. I think they will give Wilson a legit chance to get 7-10 carries. But if he makes too many mistakes it will be like Dallas game #1 and we will just see Bradshaw all game.

  6.  F0XLIN says:

    And a win will also allow players like, Nicks, Bennett, Bradshaw to get healthy for a playoff run, while increasing reps for the rookies which have proved to be an important piece of the puzzle in recent playoff runs

  7.  jfunk says:

    Regarding the NFC #1 seed stat I mentioned in the previous thread, here it is: “There are other dubious footnotes for Dallas, like being the first No. 1 seed in the NFC to lose in this round since the NFL went to the 12-team playoff format in 1990″

    There are plenty of other similar stats about Superbowl appearances, etc. Bottom line is, until VERY recently in history, the BYE was a gigantic advantage and Wild Card teams were merely an amusing side show to the playoffs with no real hope.

    Suddenly Wild Card teams win a couple and some high seeded teams have made quick, embarrassing exits in the divisional round. It may be a sign of changing times, but I’m not so sure. I don’t think I’m quite ready to decide that a free pass through round one is something I don’t want.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    I know many will go crazy about Gillbride’s comments but I don’t get it. While Gilbride isn’t perfect, no OC or play caller is perfect. If we were fans of some other top offensive teams we would have many of the same criticisms that we lay on Gillbride but we just don’t other games in the same detail. The fact is for now the 5th straight year we are a top 10 (top some years) in both yards and points. And he’s help us win 2 SBs. I think what he has done has been really underrated by Giant some fans.

    We are also lucky that given his age unless he goes back to college Gillbride won’t get another HC job. Eli has gotten to play in the same system all of these years and it’s help his development.

  9.  JimStoll says:

    What’s the point per game average for the giants over the years he’s been the OC for the giants? where does that rank each year?
    and what is the TD to FG ration inside the 20?
    if the ranking is based on yards alone, that is meaningless

  10.  kujo says:

    “I’m the best there is! Woo!!!..” – Kevin Gilbride, before pushing a shirtless Keith Rivers against a locker and slapping his chest, tearing Rivers’ pec and breaking a rib.

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