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New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora Says It’s “Imperative” That NFL Outlaw Cut Blocking

December 2nd, 2012 at 9:35 AM
By Dan Benton

'Aaron Rodgers, Osi Umenyiora' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck - license: In their continuing efforts to make the game of football safer for all those involved, the NFL will consider banning all blocks below the waist beginning as early as the 2013 season. The review of the current rule has been brought on by the increasing use of cut or chop blocks league-wide as offenses adapt and evolve around zone blocking schemes.

More than one member of the New York Giants defensive line has spoken out in support of this review, with defensive end Osi Umenyiora saying it is "imperative" that the NFL ban the use of cut/chop blocks.

"I don't understand for the life of me why that block is still allowed right now," Umenyiora said. "I understand you want to slow some people down, but people are tearing their ACLs, getting hurt and maimed out there. It's not like our legs are any less valuable than a quarterback or an offensive player so why not protect us also. You can't even touch a quarterback now without it being a fine and $50,000 coming out of your pocket but it's OK for them to cut me and tear my ACL and ruin my career and eliminate the ability to put food in my family's mouth. I don't think it's right at all."

In an ever-changing game, the elimination of cut/chop blocks would dramatically alter the way an offense functions. However, because the league has made it a point to increase player safety, issues like this have snowballed. And whether or not these new rules are good for the game from a marketing perspective, players like Umenyiora have a point. When everyone else is being protected, why not the defenders who are constantly having their legs taken out?

"You see the guys who do it with malicious intent and then you see the guys who just do it to try to slow you down. Those guys who do it with malicious intent are usually the less skilled players, the guys that aren't really good football players. They have to use something to their advantage and they have to use that. There's really no need for that in our game," Umenyiora added.

More than being held, many of the Giants' front seven have shared words with officials this year over cut/chop blocks. In fact, it has gotten to the point where Jason Pierre-Paul is having his legs taken out from under him on nearly every single play.

As it stands now, these blocks are only illegal if the defender is already engaged with another player. And although it's unlikely that the NFL will (or even can, for the sake of the game) overhaul this rule, it may be altered to the point where block at the knees or below are outlawed, and all low downfield blocks are also outlawed.


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49 Responses to “New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora Says It’s “Imperative” That NFL Outlaw Cut Blocking”

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  1.  James Stoll says:

    Now in a theatre near you : the National Touch Football League

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Disagree. The cut block is a really terrible thing, especially when employed by the dirty players in the league (of which there are more than a few among the offensive linemen). Conrad Dobler probably ended the careers of half-a-dozen players in his career with that move. The Eagles have specialized in that technique for many years.

      You can slow a defensive lineman down by hitting him in the thigh to take him off-stride. But when you hit at the knee or below there’s a chance of an ACL injury every time. The potential cost to the player isn’t worth the value gained by the blocker. And there’s absolutely NO excuse for using that stuff downfield.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I’m definitely concerned that KP and JPP may not play. It hurts a lot when two of your 3-4 best defensive players are missing.

    I will, though, be very surprised if Eli doesn’t cut up their secondary. They have masked their coverage very well against him in the last 5 games and he has definitely had trouble making his reads. But I think that ends tomorrow night. This is, after all, Big Game Eli, and Study-All-Night Eli. Unless the Skins are able to show something else he’s never seen I think Eli will know by now all of their down-and-distance tendencies and coverage disguises. Sure, the Skins will throw in a few change-ups, but they’ll still be doing what they do 80-85% of the time. And the weather will be ideal for football.

    I’m looking forward to a great game. While it isn’t a “must-win” for the Giants, it definitely is a chance to get enough of a cushion that even a two-week slump wouldn’t really hurt them. That’s a margin of error well worth getting, which is enough motivation in itself even if this weren’t a nationally-televised game against the newest NFL media pet. Yeah, hostile crowd (all the nattering nabobs will be there to get their faces on television), RGIII as the Redskins’ Redeemer, a few key injuries, plenty of Giants fans figuring this is the kind of game that the Giants sometimes get bashed in, all the rest of the reasons Giants’ fans generally get negative before these battles. I think we win. If KP and JPP play I think we win comfortably. If not, it’s going to be a pretty exciting fourth quarter. And I’ll take the best fourth quarter quarterback in the NFL to win.

    •  James Stoll says:

      The o-line needs to give Eli time
      If they do that he should be ok
      But you have to ask yourself, if Eli is a great reader of defenses, and the Skins are 32d in the league is pass defense, how can they possibly disguise coverages and confuse Eli?

    •  Valid says:

      As I said yesterday, I have a hard time believing that JPP won’t play. If he doesn’t however, then we could be in some trouble.

      The loss of Phillips doesn’t concern me THAT much. I have every reason to believe that the Giants can still beat the Redskins rather comfortably without KP.

  3.  kujo says:

    Did rlhjr really just suggest that Jaiquan Williams–who has spent this season doing his best Gerris Wilkinson impression–should undergo a position change? Why? Why is he “suited” for strong safety instead of the weakside/nickel linebacker role he plays now?

    And again, you are stupid if you think JPP is going to line up at linebacker. This is one of your stupidest nitpicky things in the last few years. He’s a demon with his hand down in the dirt, and he abuses tackles and guard with regularity. Why is it so sure that he’s gonna be better standing up, moving around, or being a middle linebacker, as you’ve previously suggested? Why? You know what? Don’t even answer it–it’s too stupid to spend your time on.

    Move on brother.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Stop with the name calling brother. It’s not really your thing. Sorry if you can not stomach options counter to your own or the world at large. I never thought to be a lemming. And I never said middle linebacker. Is it you who are nuts?

      I meant outside and used as they hope to use Kiwi. Only on a much more limited basis. You are as blind as a tree stump bro if you can’t see Williams in a box safety role weighing in at 230 lbs with his speed afoot.

      Understand defense prior to using the word stupid. It’s much better for your image. And stop attempting to interpret my thoughts. The middle linebacker observation is living proof that you either do not read well, or are hell bent on rendering judgement without understanding fact. In other words if you do not understand what I am getting at, why don’t you simply ask a question?
      Or would that imply that other people have thought options other than you?
      No, you would rather rush to judgement and scoff. That’s rather draconian.
      Love ya bro, bu you need to get over yourself. For real.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    All sanctioned by the league in the quest to slow down and eventually eliminate defense all together. Maddenball here we come.

    The game will be dead to fans 30 and over within the next five years unless Goodell and his cast of idiots is sent packing.

    Anyone who actually thinks they can control hitting is seriously on drugs.
    What must be done on every level of football is the teaching and re-teaching of tackling and blocking technique. Dirty play is easily spotted when contrasted against fundamentally sound play AKA clean play.

    The NFL is so health/safety concerned that they are pushing for 18 football games per regular season. And through illegal hit interpretation forcing defenders and special teamers to think vice react when making a stop.
    None of that can be scripted. All of that get players hurt, possibly for life and unable to play ever again. Goodell and the “Shield” are Fkd up on so many levels.

  5.  GIANTT says:

    As Kiwi said its difficult to plan to play two positions in a game . He aint no dummy , in fact he is probably as smart as they come , so for him to say its much easier when the coaches tell him hes only going to have to play one position tells you something about the necessities of preparation each week . I do love the hybrid looks that a defense can put up but I would rather have a team solidly versed in the fundamentals of their position and playing them well in a game especially with some of these geniuses who get excited when they score a 20 on the Wonderlic .

    •  rlhjr says:

      Excellent point. Kiwi is bright and able to digest the game plan from the prospective of a DE or SAM. However, I was speaking about moving JPP around, and training him enough to allow him to play standing up on some pass rushing down. The guy is the best athlete on the ball club bar none.

      Even LT was twice as dangerous and caused more concern for a QB when he moved to where the offense did not expect him. JPP has the ability to make similar impact. I stand by that statement.

      •  GIANTT says:

        I wasnt criticizing . I just meant my comment as a general statement about 99 % of the players not being able to physically or mentally handle it . I absolutely loved the fact that LT was much more dangerous because he could freelance and cause any O – line fits . Ive always maintained that a great deal of his success as far as freelancing goes , came not necessarily because of his individual skills but because he had Harry Carson as his Middle linebacker and a supporting cast through the years of first rate LBs who picked up the mundane coverages etc while he did his thing . But that only comes through recognition of whats happening by ALL concerned . I dont dispute that JPP has the physical skills to put his hand down or stand up but the problem comes that if he freelances then everyone else has to pick up the slack and these days the style of play requires more adherence to coaches requirements than freelancing individual skills.

  6.  GmenMania says:

    I really hate how many new changes are being implemented to the game. I definitely understand some of them, but there are some that are just marring the game. Only very rarely can you see a good, hard hit by a safety because they’re flagged most of the time, even sometimes when the hit is clean!

    Also, the rule that says when any part of a player touches the quarterback’s head? Like last week, Earl Thomas, the Seahawks safety, was trying to swat down Tannehill’s pass, but Tannehill got rid of it and Thomas’ momentum took him into Tannehill. Thomas had slowed himself down and cushioned the blow, but there was nothing else he could do. He didn’t even hit the QB’s head, yet he was flagged.

    And a couple of weeks ago, I saw a play where I think it was the Raiders DT Seymour who was trying to swat a pass but accidentally hit the QB’s head with his hand right as the ball was released. He didn’t hit it very hard, but he got flagged anyway.

    I just wish Goodell would be more judicious in the rule changes.

  7.  Krow says:

    No one who has signed a $41,000,000 contract should ever use the phrase … ‘put food in my family’s mouth’.

    The lowest paid person on an NFL roster makes close to $400,000. And I don’t begrudge them their good fortune. Not a bit. But I do wish they’d stop pretending they’re working in a coal mine for minimum wage.

    Times are tough. The world is crammed full of people who really are struggling to provide for their families. And it’s damn insulting to listen to these idiots try to lump themselves in with them.

  8.  GIANTT says:

    Quick – what do I do ? There isnt a game on that I have the remotest interest in watching but if my wife figures it out I ll have to go shopping or something . Yikes
    what a choice – the Jets or shopping OMG Im up the creek and bored s——–s either way

  9.  Dirt says:

    Big happenings in Chicago – with a win tomorrow, the Giants would move into 3rd place in the NFC, with the tie breaker over both Chicago and Green Bay. A win would also all but clinch the NFC East.

  10.  Hanshi says:

    Phillips was listed as doubtful on Saturday after aggravating a MCL injury that had kept him out of six games. A source said he looked a bit tentative while running in the past couple of practices. He might test his knee before the game on Monday night, but the fact that he made the trip is a positive sign.

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