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Washington Redskins: We Outplayed New York Giants in Week 7 Loss

December 1st, 2012 at 1:01 PM
By Simon Garron-Caine

'Stephen Bowen' photo (c) 2011, Keith Allison - license: The Washington Redskins have been watching tape of their 27-23 loss and for the most part they like what they see: other than the 77-yard game winner from Eli Manning to Victor Cruz, the Redskins players say they outplayed the Giants almost snap for snap.

Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen was the least diplomatic: "We were supposed to win that game."

Robert Griffin III, who made a lasting impression on the Giants with his play that afternoon, was a bit more tactful, saying "That was a game we should have won." Old friend Barry Cofield said that looking at the tape made him feel good about the Redskins performance, other than that one play of course.

While Bowen's words might perk the back pages, there's not all that much the Redskins are saying that isn't true. We remember writing an odd feeling Monday Morning Hangover the next day, saying the Giants had "barely escaped" the Redskins.

Sure, the final score is all that really matters…but Giants fans need to look no further than the 2007 Week 17 matchup with the New England Patriots to prove a relevant lesson: playing a team tough, even if you don't win, will prove to a young, hungry team that they can play with the best.


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6 Responses to “Washington Redskins: We Outplayed New York Giants in Week 7 Loss”

  1.  Levito says:

    No, they outplayed the New York Giants for 59:41. Unfortunately for them, they forgot the game is a full 60 minutes long. When the game is on the line, you kinda gotta cover the other team’s most explosive player.

  2.  GmenMania says:

    KP is doubtful for Sunday. It would be a real loss if he can’t play.

    •  GIANTT says:

      But will he play Monday night ?

      Why is it that all the teams who lose to the Giants whine like this ? Is it because they all get up for the Super Bowl champs and this is the nearest they will get to it and if they lose they make excuses out the ying yang to prove they are as good as the Champs .?
      Thats my theory .
      I also think the Giants on their second go round with RG111 and the rookie RB will do much better holding them in check and prove to everybody that they are an elite team

  3.  Krow says:

    If we’re a real championship team then all this bragging will fire us up enough to kill them … if we’re not then it won’t. We’ll find out Monday one way or the other.

    Parcells … there should be a separate ‘Fraud Wing’ in the HOF for inductees who got there by stealing credit from others. There would be a statue of Parcells in the entryway standing on the backs of Ray Perkins, George Young, Bill Belichick, and Lawrence Taylor. Strewn about would be 4 empty wallets … one each bearing the name of the NY Jets, the NE Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Miami Dolphins … the 4 teams he f-cked over using the reputation he didn’t deserve from his years at the NY Giants. Underneath would be an inscription … ‘never has one man benefited so much from the work of others’.

  4.  GIANTT says:

    So was Torain picked up b/c Travis Beckum is out ? Mainly for his blocking and potentially do the work of the second tight end for the Giants . Mostly block and occasionally get a pass thrown at him ? . I know its a short time and he wouldnt be able to pick much up but one or two plays – a short swing pass etc
    Also , hey Cofield , paybacks a b—ch , how many secrets will Torain give up ? Just one or two hints about the Skins and a vet CB or Safety will like Rolle or Phillips or Webster will shut down any passing plays letting the front 7 concentrate on holding RG111 in check n’est-ce pas ?

  5.  GmenMania says:


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