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Washington Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall: We Look Forward to a Win on Monday Night

November 29th, 2012 at 6:55 AM
By Dan Benton

Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall is never short on things to say, and rarely lacks any sort of unjust confidence. Case in point? Following a 27-23 loss to the New York Giants in week seven, Hall referred to Eli Manning as generic, claiming the quarterback wasn't any sort of "rocket scientist" after articulating a game-winning drive. On Wednesday, Hall defended that comment.

"Like I said, I could have made that throw," Hall said. "Eli has made a lot of great throws in his career. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the guy was wide open."

When asked about the comments, wide receiver Victor Cruz shrugged them off, claiming that sort of insignificant stuff doesn't motivate the Giants. What may motivate the Giants however, were Hall's comments about the NFC East battle on Monday night. And although he uncharacteristically gave Big Blue some credit, he made it clear he still fully anticipates walking away victorious.

"We match up good against these guys," Hall said. "They are rolling right now. They are a great football team but we feel like we match up well against them. We definitely look forward to getting back on the field and coming out with a win."

Hall added that he fully expects a "drag-out fight" on Monday, and he's probably right about that. But the Giants are looking differently at this game than they did the first, knowing full well a victory would all but secure the NFC East.

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20 Responses to “Washington Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall: We Look Forward to a Win on Monday Night”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Hall might do better concentrating on staying in the game. His down fall continues to be mental lapses a key moments. And in general a “SUCKER”.


    Rolondo McClain I was so bummed he did not become a Giant.
    Watching him with Oakland, I saw a player going through the motions.
    He looked to me not as quick afoot as he seemed in school.
    By all accounts he was a savvy player capable of learning and directing a defense on any level.

    Think maybe he was bummed playing in the NFL graveyard that is Oakland?
    That diagnosis is completely out of the question right?
    Of course, I would be a sucker for any linebacker the Giants might have who can accomplish the following:

    1. Move laterally to the left with some degree of speed/quickness
    2. Move laterally to the right with some degree of speed/quickness
    3. Move with some degree of speed/quickness forward
    4. Move with some degree of speed/quickness backward
    5. Shoot gaps and actually make tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage
    6. Cover flat passes using {1, 2, 3 &4}
    7. Take deep enough drops to be a factor on pass plays using {1, 2, 3 &4}
    8. Blitz and actually make it to or pressure the QB
    9. Mean nasty physical SOB.
    10. And finally as George Young once said of #56 “not exactly a choir boy”.

    Other than Boley, the Giants still have a vacancy. Actually they have two.
    At any rate, let’s have a collective prayer that Boley stays healthy for the duration. Because there is nothing after him. And God bless Blackburn.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      LT may not have been “a choir boy” but he also wasn’t the kind of thug that McClain appears to be. And frankly, when I watched McClain at ‘Bama wht I saw was a pretty good college player who didn’t look worthy of a second round pick, much less a first. My view was that he’d be a “nice” NFL linebacker but nothing more.

      I don’t love our linebackers but I think they’re better than you do. I think Williams has immense potential. Whether he’ll reach it or not is the question. Boley is proven, and quite consistent. Blackburn is Blackburn: a guy who isn’t physically dominant but makes up for that with brains and tenacity, who will occasionally hurt you because of his lack of speed but will also occasionally make a game-turning play. If we can keep Rivers he could be a blue-chipper. I’m not convinced he’s always going to be injury-prone. It could just be very bad luck so far, and that tends to even out over time. Paysinger is a natural playmaker who probably needs to gain 15 pounds. Herzlich is still a mystery to me and I have no idea what to make of him. He was terrible in his one outing this season, but showed signs last season that there’s something there. You have to have some patience with young linebackers.

      But what I completely agree with you about, and have said for years, is that ONE real impact linebacker added to this defense would take it VERY far. Just one guy who blows up plays all over the field, who can make tackles in the backfield, who has to be game-planned around, would make the Giants’ defense just about impossible to deal with for any offense. I am totally in agreement with the Giants’ draft philosophy EXCEPT in that one respect. If I saw a potentially great linebacker out there (like, oh, Manti T’eo, for example) I would have to think seriously about trading up to get him simply because I think just that one addition to this defense makes them a great defense that could carry a team to a championship even if the Giants didn’t have a tremendous offense too (which they thankfully have anyway).

  2.  F0XLIN says:

    I don’t think being bummed in Oakland had anything to do with him packing the steel, holding it to some guys head, and threatening his life….unless it was Al Davis but he was already long gone at this point

  3.  demo3356 says:

    uh.. no to McClain… He has been a big disappointment bot on the field and off. Whoever said he was playing good this year is nuts. Guy is big reason why Oakland’s defense blows

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    One of the big reasons I think the Giants win on Monday night is that I believe that their ability to play 3, or even 4, safeties is exactly the prescription for stopping that “pistol” offense that the Skins have used as their set that wins them games.

    RGIII lines up 4-yards from scrimmage and Morris is a few yards behind him. So he has the option of handing the ball to Morris, running it himself, or faking the handoff, stepping back and delivering a quick pass to the tight end or someone else in an intermediate route behind the linebackers but in front of the corners and/or safeties. The Skins count on confusion among the front four and the MIKE as to who has the ball, and if you’re hesitant Morris is strong enough to break tackles when someone is a step late so has to try an arm tackle. If RGIII sees you’re committed to Morris he can pull the ball back and run himself when the edge is unprotected. And the pistol set forces the linebackers to hesitate, giving the receivers going into the middle a big advantage.

    If you have Rolle able to take away the easy middle route because he’s savvy, tough, and can compete with tight ends and even jump routes, you take away one of RGIII’s three “easy” options. Then the defensive ends and one linebacker have to stay alert and protect the edge and get good angles on a guy who is dangerous if he can get outside them. That leaves the two tackles, the MIKE, and one of the crashing safeties available to deal with Morris and RGIII if the latter keeps the ball but has to turn inside because the edge is closed. One safety stays deep to force RGIII to make quick reads on pure pass plays (a second safety will be dropping back as well, and should be doing it with variation so a rookie QB is confused) and the two corners can play man cover on the wide receivers.

    Do the above right and that pistol offense becomes more a “cap gun” offense. And the Skins don’t have enough besides that to beat the Giants. As long as Fewell game plans well (and I’m confident he will, having seen these guys before) I think we can do to RGIII what we did to Vick: show everyone how to counter him. We just have to do it this time around and not choose to go soft over the last seven minutes of a game and allow an easy win to turn into a horrible loss.

    •  jfunk says:

      Fewell will be the first NFL defensive coordinator to get a second shot at RGIII. I think that simple fact should be the difference in the game.

      The only question is does Shanahan know it and come out with a great plan unlike anything they’ve shown thus far? Perry’s not very good at correcting on the fly when his plan gets blown up.

  5.  The Original G Man says:

    3 things:

    1) No to Rolando McClain

    2) RG III has the best play action I’ve ever seen.

    3) Osi Umenyiora has still got it:

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Osi has that natural “cool”. And he’s a pretty smart guy. So, big-time football player, good-looking, smart, and cool. I don’t think he lacks for interested women.

  6.  jfunk says:

    Regarding the whole perpetual linebacker discussion, I’m still not convinced that Jerry Reese is opposed to going after an “impact” linebacker should the opportunity present itself.

    I’ve been saying it for years, but I simply don’t think that opportunity has presented itself. Lots of kvetching about the position on here for years, but no examples of specific opportunities the Giants had to get one of those guys which they passed on.

    Jerry Reese can’t make an impact ILB appear will shear force of will.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      This is true, but now comes T’eo. And there are a few others who “may” be future studs, including two from Stanford in Skov and Thomas. There’s also that Jenkins kid.

      Would you do something about it if you were Reese?

  7.  kujo says:

    Interesting how everyone applauded Reese for trading a 5th round pick to the Bengals for Rivers, a guy who was drafted higher and was roundly considered a bigger bust than McClain, yet those same folks are saying “nooooooo” to scooping him off waivers for free. What’s the worst than can happen–he doesn’t play? We have that with Rivers, and we PAID for him.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      If they claimed him off waivers the team would have to trade something to acquire him. So it wouldn’t really be free. He’s only free if he clears waivers.

    •  demo3356 says:

      First of All McClain is a POS of a human being and his play on the field has been very disappointing.. Second of all Rivers hasnt had anywhere near the off field problems as McThug and his play when on the field has been fine he is just been injured. His speed is also a great fit in our defense

      Secondly Benton is thinking about baseball. In the NFL when you claim a player that has been releases you do NOT have to trade anything you are just picking up the remainder of his salary on his contract

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