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New York Giants Must not Sleepwalk into Matchup with “Extremely Confident” Robert Griffin III

November 28th, 2012 at 11:00 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

'robert-griffin-III-washington-redskins' photo (c) 2012, NFL News Desk Admin - license: When the New York Giants and Washington Redskins collide on Monday Night Football this week, the Giants will have an opportunity to practically seal the NFC East…but Big Blue is in for big trouble if they overlook a dangerous Washington Redskins team and their rookie phenom, Robert Griffin III, who have their backs up against the wall.

Griffin can pull his team a single game behind the Giants if he wins this week, and he sounds excited and confident about the opportunity, courtesy of Pro Football Talk:

“I think everybody’s extremely confident,” Griffin said on NFL AM. “Not just by the way we played them last time, but the way we’ve played the last two games. We have that momentum coming with us, and I think everybody’s ready to go.”

Griffin's right; the Redskins outplayed the Giants for much of the game in the first matchup and they have looked like a good team the last two weeks, walloping the Philadelphia Eagles 31-6 and edging the Dallas Cowboys 38-31 on Thanksgiving.

And at the end of the day (royalties to Antrel Rolle), while the Giants may have an opportunity to close out the division early this year, it's hard to argue that the Redskins don't have much, much more riding on this game. And Griffin knows it:

"Once again, it’s a one-game season for us. This is the only game we have and the only game that matters."

This young, excited team is having fun and playing for a NFL postseason berth most of its players have only dreamed of. Add in an electrifying quarterback and a Giants team with a penchant for snoozing their way through games that aren't do-or-die, and you've got a pretty good recipe for a letdown if the Giants let it happen.


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28 Responses to “New York Giants Must not Sleepwalk into Matchup with “Extremely Confident” Robert Griffin III”

  1.  kujo says:

    Heavyweight title fight right here, gentlemen. The first of many in the coming years, I suppose.

  2.  kinsho says:


    I think what’s key here is that the front seven controls the line of scrimmage and that Eli plays safe football and throws the ball only to move the chains. With the exception of that one big play to Cruz to close out the first game, the deep ball hasn’t done us too many favors against Washington recently, even against their depleted secondary.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    Sorry, I’m not buying this heavy weight fight stuff but I hope our players do. Washington has beaten Dal, NO, TB, Minn & Phi. What have they done to think they are a heavy weight team. If they beat us then at least at 500% with one top win that talk can begin. RG3 has played great but this is not a heavy weight team by any stretch. Not saying they couldn’t beat us but just don’t see a team with that many holes as anything but average if that.

  4.  Krow says:

    I’ve predicted wins over the Niners, the Cowboys 2.0, the Packers, and the Steelers. I’ve predicted losses to the Eagles and the Bengals. I’m 5-1 in games I’ve had strong feelings about … and to be honest I blame the Steelers miss on Sandy.

    Right now I can’t shake the feeling of dread over the upcoming Redskins game. I think we’re going to lose … in a rout of biblical proportions. We’re going to get dismantled on national TV. And I’ll have to listen to Gruden sucking off RG3 for 3 hours. This will be the low point of the season. The worst game of the year. An epic fail that will go down in Giants mythology alongside ‘the fumble’ and ‘the comeback’.

    •  Valid says:

      It worries me because you certainly have been right more often than not this year, but I still expect the Giants to take care of business. 27-17.

    •  Valid says:

      And this game can’t possibly be any worse than Cincy even if it is bad. lol

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I didn’t like the Bengals game either, and said I thought the “Sandy hangover” could well affect them in that game as well as the game against the Steelers.

      And I was very confident about Cowboys 2.0 and the Packers.

      But we definitely see this game very differently. You never know, anything can happen in the NFL, but I think this game could go the opposite way, with the Giants embarrassing the Skins if a few things go our way.

      I see a very confident, focused, Giants team coming into FedEx with a big chip on their shoulders thanks to the crescendo of over-praise for the media’s most recent fair-haired boy.

      I’ll just leave it at this: we both hope you’re wrong and I’m right.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    I will just say, once again, that what RGIII thinks is entirely irrelevant. There’s no way they’re more confident (or playing better football) than were the 49ers when we rolled into Candlestick and embarrassed Harbaugh & Company.

    Division games are always hard because the teams are quite familiar with each other. But I don’t think this is a game the Giants will take lightly (they know how close they came to losing the last time) or think has little significance. With the remaining four games ahead of them after Monday they know that nothing is guaranteed but that a win against the Skins means they need, at most, two more wins to wrap things up. This is just as big a game for the Giants as it is for the Skins. Monday Night Football, the punditry still not convinced they’re for real, a national love affair with a rookie quarterback, a chance to take a commanding division lead, David Wilson with a chance to “shock the world” after stewing all season about being kept under wraps, the defensive front wanting to prove they have their mojo back, Tom Coughlin reminding them that the great win against Green Bay becomes relatively meaningless if they let this game slip away against a team that just doesn’t have the personnel to match up against them, and Eli Manning wanting to show that the Redskins don’t have his number and he’s still the best quarterback on the field? Yup, a real clash, but the Giants should come out on top.

    I’m pretty confident the Giants will compete. And if they do, and they don’t get undermined by bad breaks (always a possibility in football), I think they will win comfortably. They’re without question better than the team they’re facing.

  6.  Valid says:

    I certainly think it is safe to say though that the Redskins will be our biggest threat in the division for the next few years. By FAR.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      No it’s not. The NFL changes so much every year you just don’t know. The Redskins will be a dangerous team with RG3 every year but not guaranteed to be good. Dallas still has a lot of good pieces so I wouldn’t count them out even I won’t count them in. And who knows with Philly.

      We would have all said Philly was our tougest comp for at least a few season before this year. So things change quickly.

      •  Valid says:

        Except unlike Philly, Washington has actually shown they are good.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          How have they shown they are good? Let me remind you that they have the same record as Dallas. RG3 isn’t a given to be better next year as we have seen with Cam, the NFL figures out these college offenses.

          Philly was still 500% last year and better prevous years. When the last time Washington was even 500%? A QB is vital in today’s NFL but it’s still far from the only thing on a team.

          •  Valid says:

            RGIII is twice as dangerous as Vick ever was, and they have just shown they are more dangerous/explosive than Philadelphia overall. They also don’t have any headcases on the team (well, except Hall, but unlike Vick, Jackson, etc., he isn’t really a distraction). Philly absolutely sucks. They were lucky to even win 8 games last year.

            •  Valid says:

              Not to mention the Redskins’ coaching staff is also better, and they also have better pieces defensively than Philadelphia (keep in mind they are missing Orakpo and Carriker this year).

            •  BigBlueGiant says:

              RG3 is still a rookie. Yes, he’s a very good player who will probably get better.

              But to say that he’s more dangerous than Vick EVER was is silly. Vick was a puzzle for YEARS in Atlanta. And the first year back with Philly he was pretty much unstoppable. Once people figured out how to contain him, it was a wrap on him.

              Yes, RG3 is still young, has a lot to learn, and whatever else have you, but teams will figure it out. And Washington doesn’t exactly do the best job of keeping him safe, which won’t bode well for him in the future.

              That said. If Philly is so bad, why couldn’t we beat them? In fact, i actually see us being swept by them. Don’t think that the last game of the year doesn’t mean anything in Philly. They’ll take more pride in sweeping us than winning a SB.

          •  kinsho says:

            LOL, comparing RG3 to Vick and Cam….

            Unlike the both of them, RG3 has shown he possesses a fully-functioning brain, which gives him a leg up over those two lumps.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    That didn’t take long. Good for Coe. RT @MiamiDolphins: Roster Move | The team has signed CB Michael Coe.

    Whew! I really thought he would sign with Washington. Miami is a good spot for him and I wish him the best. I think we made a mistake by putting him on IR. It wouldn’t surprise me if one day he ended up being a decent starting CB for Miami or another team. But at least now I can root for him to do well with Miami.

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    The Skins have beaten the Saints in Week 1 when that team was totally disorganized and playing horrific defense; the Bucs in Week 4 when Freeman had a bad game and their defense totally went to sleep at critical moments; the Vikings, who stink; the Panthers, who stink; and the Cowboys who handed them a game as they have other teams all season long because of mental softness.

    So where is this “superteam” that people seem convinced is now on the scene? Their best win of the season was against the Bucs. Ours are against the Niners and the Packers. People can talk all they want, but this is the Giants’ game to lose.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      agreed. If we play anywhere close to how we played Vs. GB, it’ll be 31- 17.

    •  kinsho says:

      No disrespect, but I am not a fan of arguments that undermine a team’s wins over the good opponents it has faced so far.

      Yes, the Redskins beat the Saints and the Buccaneers when they were lesser teams than they were now, but the same argument can be made against the Giants. We beat a Alex Smith-led 49ers team that was relying too much on the passing game and gimmicky plays against us. We beat a Packers team that was without its defensive stars and its veteran #1 receiver.

      Any given Sunday, a team can impress, perform up to standards, or come out completely flat. Such is life in football. We destroyed the 49ers only to lose in embarrassing fashion to the Bengals a couple weeks later.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I don’t disagree, but show me ONE big win that the Redskins have had. I think they’re a good, rising team, but looking at the national media and some of the comments here you would think we need to be scared to death to show up on Monday night. I don’t buy it. I think our personnel is better, our quarterback is better, our defense is better, and that our game plan will be significantly better than the last time around because we now have critical “plus factors” (as Coughlin loves to say) that we didn’t have the last time around. Yeah, I know they now have Garcon, but does he offset our having an excellent three-safety set and a relatively healthy Nicks? I hardly think so.

        The ONLY thing about the Skins that worries me is that their return team is scary good and we cannot afford to allow them to consistently start with good field position because then RGIII’s legs can make a huge difference. But I don’t think that will be enough to offset all of our advantages.

        The Giants are, quite simply, the better team. Absent a letdown (I cannot see one because this is also a big game for the Giants) or a series of very bad breaks, I think the Giants book the W and move on having left the rest of the NFC East in their wake.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          Completely agree. I live in the DC area so I see the overexcitement first hand. But also their realistic fans know that if the Giants team from Sunday night shows up they have no chance.

        •  kinsho says:

          Yes, without a doubt the Giants are the better team. Don’t get me wrong here! – I am expecting the Giants to win this one, but I still wouldn’t go as far as to expect an easy win.: Griffin will give us fits and it’s entirely possible that a couple key people on the team fail to mentally show up for this game.

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    Valid – I see you have a short memory. Vick in 2010 played some of the best QB we have seen in the NFL. RG3 is only being asked to do so much in term of how he plays QB from the pocket.

    The redskin coaching staff is much better? Really? They have never even won 7 games in DC. Obvoiusly Philly has gone down like a sniking battle ship but Andy reid has years of prove as a upper level coach. Haslet has lead Washington to one of the worse NFL defenses. What’s great about their coaching?

    If you think Washington has better defensive talent than Philly your crazy.

  10.  GIANTT says:

    I think that the Giants have the cachet of being able to beat ANYBODY when they are on their game .I know that even good teams have bad games since there is only one team that has ever gone undefeated but at this stage of the season I still think the Giants should be considered as an elite team . Im not predicting Mondays game but I like the Giants much better especially with Canty back to full health ( lets see the Skins run like last time ) and KP back to playing , maybe not to 100% but enough that the 3 safety look will frustrate RG111 both running AND passing
    . And although many have anointed him it is better to remember he is still a rookie and since this is the Giants second time around I like their chances of scheming to hold him in check . I see Eli capitalizing on the newly found arm strength (sarcasm here ) and the fact that Nicks health is better every week I expect something liker a 27-14 Giants win in solid no nonsense fashion

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