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Could Running Back Andre Brown Return This Season for New York Giants?

November 26th, 2012 at 1:13 PM
By Simon Garron-Caine

'EARL,ROBERT A_ TIBIA FIBULA_05-23-06_#1' photo (c) 2006, rearl - license: Andre Brown had earned his way into a roughly even-split of the workload with fellow New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw, but that all ended last night when Brown broke his leg after picking up 58 yards and a touchdown on ten carries.

Or did it?

A report this morning suggests his season may not quite be over, so with a little help from Jenny Vrentas at let's take a look at the whole situation.

Is Brown's season definitely over?

Vrentas reports that a source "briefed on Brown's status" says that tests today will determine whether or not his season is over. Brown also Tweeted "People, the season not over yet!!!" and "Minor setback for a major come up" after the game last night.

We suppose it's possible a minor break could heal in a month, allowing him an outside shot at being back on the field for the first or second playoff game…but we're not holding our breath.

The next few days will tell the story: Brown could be on injured reserve by this afternoon and the Giants will have a new running back in practice on Wednesday…but if he isn't placed on IR this week that's a pretty good indicator the Giants think he'll have a shot to return and are willing to wait a few weeks to see how the leg starts to heal.

Who will replace Brown?

Whether he's able to make it back in six weeks or not, the Giants are going to need a fresh body at the position (remember, Da'Rell Scott is already on IR). The Giants can scan practice squads and waiver wires for intriguing running backs, but at this point in the season it's more likely the Giants go with a veteran who they think can pick things up quickly.

Over the bye week, the Giants took a look-see at veterans Ryan Torain, Joseph Addai, Mewelde Moore and Kregg Lumpkin.

Those four guys and practice squadder Joe Martinek are front-runners for the job.

Who picks up the carries?

This is a pretty easy question, seeing as there are only two guys left. Ahmad Bradshaw's workload will again increase to near-workhorse levels and the Giants will have no choice but to make rookie David Wilson the #2. Until they sign another body and get him ready to play, these two guys will have to get the job done.

Bradshaw looked like the week off did him some good, as he ran noticeably hard on Sunday night and told Vrentas he felt "more explosive" and was "thankful to be out there playing with some health." The Giants will need to hope he stays this healthy.

Wilson finally got some action out of the backfield in garbage time last night, and it looks like a warmup for more to come. And, as Bradshaw points out, it's not exactly unprecedented for a rookie running back to step up onto the big stage midseason.

But as a rookie, I told David, D-Ward broke his fibula, and I had to step in and be a big part of our offense. And that’s what I expect from David. I just told him to get right and get ready for the following weeks to come.

Is this something the Giants can overcome?

One one hand, we don't want to minimize how big a loss this would be to the Giants: Brown was the only Giants RB who brought a full complement of health, trust and capability to the field every week. It's a huge blow to have lost him.

On the other hand, if you can't overcome losing your #2 running back in today's NFL, you're not a Super Bowl contender.

At the end of the day, overcoming Brown's injury probably has a lot more to do with how good a job the offensive line does paving the way for whoever ends up running the ball than anything else.


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27 Responses to “Could Running Back Andre Brown Return This Season for New York Giants?”

  1.  Valid says:

    So how would you all rank the NFC right now?

    My rankings:

    1. Giants – no one is better than them when they’re at the top of their game
    2. 49ers – incredible defense and a good enough offense
    3. Packers – we might have their number, but they still scare me
    4. Falcons – sorry, but I can’t get behind a team that has struggled like they have in the playoffs
    5. Bears – I’d welcome a first-round playoff matchup with them
    6. Saints – 5-6 or not, I want nothing to do with this team come playoff time. I hope they end up on the outside looking in.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I think you have the Packers ranked too high. This isn’t the same Packers. They have no running game at all and a relatively weak defense. That isn’t a prescription for post-season success.

      I think the Falcons are right up there on a given day with the Giants and the Niners; the Packers and Bears are a big cut below; and that the Saints remain tough to beat in New Orleans unless you shut down their run game. Frankly, on a given day I would say the Bucs could beat anyone too, but they are vulnerable in their defensive secondary and Freeman is inconsistent.

      IF the Giants play their game they’ll beat everyone. But it’s a week-to-week game and you cannot assume the Giants will play their game every time out. You just hope when they’re off that they find a way to win anyway.

    •  ERICHONIUS says:

      I think the redskins deserve the 6th position over the saints. I think if RG3 continues to gain experience and is smart enough to break down defenses he will grow into one of the best QBs to ever play. He has all the physical tools. I don’t know if I have ever seen anyone with his type of accuracy on long passes paired with athleticism. The redskins have something goo brewing as long as they don’t F’ it up.

  2.  Valid says:

    As far as Brown goes, as much as I love him and as a great of RB I think he is going to become, let’s be honest: RB is probably the most easily replaceable position on the field.

    The running game all starts with the blocking up front, and if your offensive line is opening up holes, anyone can consistently pick up some positive yardage. That’s not to say that Brown’s patience and field vision won’t be missed, but this is not something that is going to damper our Super Bowl hopes all that much, if at all.

    Plus, Brown’s injury will allow Wilson to get some more carries, and this board has been clamoring for the rookie to get some playing time all year.

    •  kinsho says:

      Whoa whoa what?

      We’re gonna miss Brown, buddy. No two ways about it. The fact that he was the only other RB on our roster capable of protecting Eli from the pass and running the ball fairly well is going to hurt, as now we’ll be placing too much of a load on Bradshaw. Bradshaw’s not the workhorse he used to be.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        We will adjust. Wilson has abilities that we haven’t began to explore. Bradshaw has been the 3rd down back and will continue that way. The key will be Wilson contributing some as a pass protector. Teams lose RBs all the time and are perfectly fine. GB lost Grant in 2010 and won the SB with a 6th round RB who didn’t play until the second half of the year. Valid is 100% correct.

        •  Valid says:


          And who knows? Wilson might step in and be electrifying.

        •  kinsho says:

          Of course we’ll adjust. We have to. But we’ll miss Brown too. Getting to the Super Bowl is still very doable, but it’s going to be a bit harder without him unless Wilson steps up, which I think he can.

          Also, Jason Campbell still sucks.

          •  Valid says:

            That’s pretty much what I was saying. It’s hardly something that is going to prevent us from winning it all.

      •  Valid says:

        He’s a running back. RBs aren’t really THAT important.

        •  kinsho says:

          I disagree. Whether RBs are important depends on the team we’re talking about. If Baltimore lost Ray Rice, for example, they can kiss their Super Bowl dreams good bye.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Dirt, no I didn’t hear that interview. I was probably still sitting in the Coach’s Club waiting for the parking lots to empty while having a late-night snack and watching a few of the players who came up to talk to us. Rolle, Blackburn, and Webster were particularly interesting.

    But I’m glad Tuck said that. It was pretty darned obvious on the field. Fewell combined a very interesting mix of personnel with a simplified defense that allowed the players to react faster instead of thinking so much. And just like last season, the athleticism of these guys was allowed to rule. We’ve got some incredible athletes out there on defense, and the more we let them use that the better.

  4.  F0XLIN says:

    I’d lean towards Martinek, I don’t know much about him but from the sound of it in pre season, the coaches were high on him. The fact that he is a fb/rb hybrid leads me to believe he can pass protect and offer a physical running style.

    This late in the season it would be hard even for a vet to come in and pick up our complex offense

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    Good piece. I agree. Brown is a good player but he’s replacable. Remember we won a SBs without Kiwi in 07 and without TT last year. In 07 we also lost Ward who a good player for us and even better than Brown has been so far. Brown is a loss but every team is going to lose an Andre Brown so we just have to adjust and move on. Hopefully, Brown can return but for now we have to prepare as if he’s not returning.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    I think with us not having confidence in Wilson as a pass protector I think a RB that’s like Ware is the best option. I think Addai would be the best option because he can be the 3rd down back if needed. Moore and Lumpkin also have similar skills and less tread on the tires. Regardless we need another RB on the roster for the meantime even if Brown is back in 4 weeks.

  7.  kinsho says:

    Beautiful f’n game yesterday. Hopefully we don’t dive back into mediocrity after this performance. We’ll once again need our best next week to end the Redskins’ season once and for all.

  8.  F0XLIN says:

    According to Garafolo on Twitter, Addai is probably not going to happen and they were more impressed by Torain last week

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    Re: So how would you all rank the NFC right now?

    Actually, the packers have been much better on defense this year. They have been closer to 2010 than 2011. Not great but good so our performance was good to make them look so bad.

    The Saints don’t scare me on the road. That defense is horrible and the offense is a lot easier to defend outside. Also their OL isn’t nearly as good as last year.

    The Packers scare me some just because it’s hard to beat another good team so many times in a row. We match up well vs. them but ARod can have a great game that can beat you singlehandedly.

    The Bears scare me just a little because they do have a very good defense. Also, I think Cutler is good enough on his best day to overcome that OL and make enough plays to beat us.

    The Falcons don’t scare me at all. They have found ways to win and I give them credit for that but they have just escaped like 5 times this year. They have become a passing team (Ryan is on pace for nearly 5,000 yards) and cannot run effectively for the most part when they need to anymore. Their defense is solid but I take Eli vs. that unit any day of the week.

    The two teams that scare me the most in the playoffs are Dallas and SF. SF hasn’t been scary to me like most fans even before our game. But now they are to me because this Kaepernick kid reminds me so much of Cunningham. He makes SF much more dangerous than Smith IMO. Kaepernick arm allows SF to better use their skill position talent.

    Dallas though they probably won’t make the playoffs scare me. On paper they don’t but watching them pretty much whip us both games does scare me. I know they now have lost both ILBs but Murray and their LT Smith should return soon. If we were facing them for a 3rd time wildcard weekend they would scare me.

    •  Valid says:

      Agree with pretty much all of this, but the Saints just scare me due to the fact that they have owned us in recent years.

      I also agree that I do not want any part of Dallas in the playoffs.

  10.  kinsho says:

    It’s inevitable that we’ll sign a third RB, but I do hope we keep Wilson as the backup position behind Bradshaw for the rest of the season. I see so much upside potential in this kid and we’re not necessarily helping his development by holding him back from the field come game time.

    Yes, he probably has issues with pass protection, but sometimes, the best way to teach a kid like him is to to throw him out into the real world and let him soak up as much as possible.

    At the very least, just give him a decent number of non-garbage time carries against the Skins to see what he’s capable of when the plays still matter.

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