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New York Giants Defense Must Return To Form For Final Six Games of 2012

November 25th, 2012 at 2:00 PM
By Paul Tierney

'Jason Pierre-Paul' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck - license: The New York Giants have been an unknown quantity on the defensive side of the ball this season. We have seen them give up three-points on the road against the San Francisco 49ers; we have also seen them allow 480 yards of total offense to Robert Girffin III and the Washington Redskins. Each week is a mystery with this team in that one never knows what to expect each time Big Blue's defense steps on the field.

The key to the Giants defense is the pass rush. The secondary is not built to run with receivers for prolonged periods of time; and the linebacker corp. is not talented enough to cover tight ends and slot receivers over the middle of the field. The Giants have size and speed, but their Tampa-Two defensive scheme allows opponents opportunities down the field if the pass rush is ineffective.

Ineffectiveness has been a theme on the Giants defense the last four games. RG3, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger and Andy Dalton have all had their way with Big Blue's defense. The Giants created 12 turnovers in those games. However, they also gave up over 1,500 yards of total offense as well. That is an unacceptable statistic and this trend can not persist is the team wants to have success in the future.

To combat the poor performances the Giants have put on film in recent weeks, defensive coordinator Perry Fewell showed the defense highlights of Big Blue's championship run in 2011.

“Everybody watching that kind of got a little motivated by how good we were,” safety Kenny Phillips said, “and how good we can be. We’re about to get back to that.”

The Giants need to get back to where they were defensively at the end of 2011. In a league in which offense reigns supreme, the truly elite teams have the ability to contain the elite skill position players that opponents will attempt to utilize.

It all starts with rushing the passer and disrupting the quarterback. When the Giants are successfull in sacking the quarterback, they generally give themselves a chance to win every game they play. However, when the defense put up zero sacks like they did against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 10, Big Blue struggles to stay competitive. 

The defense will determine how far the team advances in 2012. The offense has too much talent to stay stagnant for a prolonged period of time. The defense has, and will continue to be the difference between the Giants winning and losing against elite competition. This unit has the talent to compete with anyone, it's just a matter of translating that talent out onto the football field.

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