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New York Giants in Control Again: What Does It Mean?

November 24th, 2012 at 11:00 AM
By Jen Polashock

Head coach Tom Coughlin admits to watching games while his New York Football Giants aren’t playing. He deservedly watched the Thanksgiving divisional battle between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. As with most Giants fans too, he knows what’s now at stake as the ‘Skins took that game away from Jerry Jones’ Cowboys in their own house.

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Walking into Week 12, the Giants again have a chance to pull away in the NFC East standings.

“We’re calling it a ‘six-game season.’ We do have the ability to be in position to continue to lead our division, to hold destiny in our own hands,” Coughlin stated.

Green Bay can be akin to San Francisco in that they’re still smarting from last post-season – when they “beat themselves” and gave the G-Men a big, fat “W” in January at Lambeau. Some call it revenge.

“Those guys are going to be hungry,” safety Antrel Rolle said. “I don’t expect anything less … other than a hard-fought war-battle. Those guys are going to be hungry; those guys are going to want revenge from last season. We’re trying to get ourselves back on track and make a push toward the postseason and win our division. There’s no room for error at this point.”

However, it’s regarded the look is the same. Whatever the Giants put forth on the field this time of year will yield what they need to produce (possibly more so) in their upcoming competitions. Destiny, technically, cannot be controlled. What can be controlled is how any given opportunity is approached. Ahem. Here’s where that All In needs to surface. Waiting until the temperature in the pressure cooker that is the media, fans and job security is at an all-time high is getting old and this year, can be too late.

While other teams are experiencing real concerns as: quarterback controversy, injury issues without proper depth, and lack of experience, they maintain better records. In other words, the New York Giants need to act like they’ve been here before. The bye week should have included some serious introspection. Big Blue has mad talent and the cohesion is still there. However, to look into oneself on a profound level to get to the “who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s” is more of a common practice than some realize. To put it in one basic term, think “mental toughness.” The NFL is a brutal sport; it can take its toll. There’s a fine line between giving up and being All In some days. As fans, we just hope that fine line isn’t on the negative side on actual game days anymore.

Back to grasping the task at hand: one game at a time in a six game schedule. Focus is a predominant area that needs unyielding application. Looking back (not only on past games, but on past years and missed opportunities) and looking ahead should be areas that are cordoned off – football blinders, if you will. Follow through (with said focus) on the present game day’s gridiron task is part of what Coughlin continues to relentlessly preach. It’s also a main ingredient in the formula for remaining in control of Big Blue’s “destiny.” Well, let’s just call it the goal of reaching the post-season. Onward.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants in Control Again: What Does It Mean?”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Boy, it’s cold and windy now, and will be worse tomorrow night.

    Here’s my view.

    I think the Packers are NOT as focused on this game as many Giants fans suppose. Of course they want to beat us, but I believe they will be sitting their really questionable players, not wanting them to aggravate injuries in a game that is far less meaningful to them than the four division games they have coming up in the subsequent five weeks. So we will have a personnel advantage.

    I think the weather will reinforce the general approach of the Pack this season, which is a quick, short-pass game that depends upon YAC and rapid releases from Rodgers to offset the lousy protection he has been getting. If you assume that is true then I would argue that the best approach is to play press coverage and hit his receivers as they come off the line, disrupting Rodgers’ timing and giving him enough doubt that he will take the sacks he’s been taking all season. Play a lot of three-safety looks but allow the corners to be VERY aggressive. I think Webster and Amukamara have perfect abilities for that approach. You can’t frequently do that with Cobb (he’s too quick), but you can handle him with a two-deep safety look and a lot of attention from the safeties in general, meanwhile cutting off the wide receivers from those timing-dependent slants that Rodgers likes to kill teams with.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    On offense, the Giants have to be patient and not stay as committed to the big play as they have been this season (in part because their run game and blocking has not been up to snuff so Gilbride and Eli look to make big plays to make up for their lack of belief in the ability to make long drives work). The Packers defense is a chance-taking defense but they are seriously weakened by all of these injuries. Last year Baas had no problem handling Raji, and he is handled they can run on these guys, especially with Matthews out. And the Packers have been giving up short passes all season, though once you try the complex intermediate reads they are very prone to jumping routes.

    The area that is scary, and the only way I see us losing this game, is special teams. The kick coverage the past two games has not been good (and that’s a gross understatement) and Cobb is one of the handful of best returners in the league. We cannot allow the Packers good field position like we did the Steelers and the Bengals. My view remains that the kick coverage teams essentially lost the Steelers game (we played poorly on offense too, but still would have won had the opponents had long field to work with, which they hardly ever did), and certainly contributed to the Bengals loss in a big way thanks to a moronic play by Tryon followed by poor coverage that allowed the Bengals to get a quick two-touchdown lead and force us out of the game plan while also giving the Bengals the belief they needed to power their effort to a level we didn’t match.

    Cover kicks, win the game. In a nutshell, that’s my view.

  3.  GIANTT says:

    First question is how good to go are Nicks and Bradshaw ? Especially Nicks if hes back to being able to run without limping I think that will have a huge effect on Eli .
    Defenses havent had to worry about Nicks so much and maybe the Packers pay more attention to Cruz! to start out . I think with that wind and cold the Giants are going to have to have SOME type of running game and knowing that Brown and Wilson probablywont get many carries , Bradshaw needs to come out and have a decent game – it doesnt have to be spectacular but no fumbles please .If all the questionables and probables got enough rest and healing over the past two weeks then I think the Giants have a good shot

    •  Jen Polashock says:

      Funny you mentioned Eli’s help. Look for my next article on Eli & the offense…. Ball security is gonna be huge for us.

  4.  G-MenFan says:

    Well, here we are again.
    Another “take care of business at home and you make life much easier for yourselves for the rest of the season” game for the Giants.

    And you know what THAT means.

    I got a baaaaad feeling about it, that’s what. Hate to say it, but I expect the Giants to make it 3 losses in a row, rendering next week’s game against the Redskins way bigger than it ever should have been. It’s the way this team rolls.

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