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New York Giants Officially Place Markus Kuhn on Season-Ending IR; Door Opens for Marvin Austin

November 16th, 2012 at 9:15 AM
By Dan Benton

After New York Giants rookie defensive tackle Markus Kuhn tore his ACL in a 31-13 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, it was inevitable that he would wind up on season-ending Injured Reserve (IR). On Thursday, the Giants made it official, shutting Kuhn down for the remainder of the year.

Because they're on their bye week, the Giants have not yet made a corresponding roster move, leaving them with only 52 active players. However, with no practice until next week, there's no major rush to fill that void, which would explain why they held a very crowded private workout earlier this week.

Still, Big Blue may not jump at the chance to add another defensive tackle. And although familiar faces like Jimmy Kennedy and Marcus Thomas remain available, the team will likely opt to rely on second-year DT Marvin Austin.

“Hey, it’s time now,” defensive line coach Robert Nunn said. “He’s got to show up, and he’s got to strap it on, and be ready to perform and produce, and there’s no excuses. So we’ll see how that unfolds.”

After missing his rookie season with a torn pectoral muscle, his second season got off to an equally disastrous start due to a back injury. However, Austin has played through it -something he says is still lingering- but has failed to make a significant impact on the field. He had recently been pushed back down the depth chart, and was a healthy inactive against the Bengals in week 10.

“It’s the NFL; there’s no feeling sorry for you,” Austin said. “You’ve got to get out there, get better, and do your job, and be able to help the team, or they’ll find somebody else.”

Austin now has, perhaps, the best opportunity he's going to get. Not only will he likely be active for the remainder of the season, he's going to get plenty of opportunities to open eyes.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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29 Responses to “New York Giants Officially Place Markus Kuhn on Season-Ending IR; Door Opens for Marvin Austin”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Demo – I have been saying how easy the Dallas closing schedule is for weeks. Pitt is the only team the play above 500%. While they have issues, they don’t have to be great to finish 10-6. For all of their issues this year they have lost to all good teams and managed to beat the teams they are suppose to beat. Dallas should have never been favored to win in Seattle – that’s not a bad loss. We are going to have to finish strongly because a tie at 10-6 would go to Dallas if they don’t lose another division game.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Losing in Seattle in not a bad loss but getting completely POUNDED by Seattle in Seattle like they did is indeed a bad loss. I see losses for them vs Pitt and NO which gets them to 7 losses. If The Sodomite is out when they play Pitt their chances of victory go up big time. I still think that at some point in December they will remember they are the Cowturds and fold up like a cheap card table though.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I don’t like NO outside of the superdome. But it doesn’t matter specifics, there are games they could lose no doubt. We can’t expect them to lose more than 1 or 2 games (not saying they won’t). If they win their division games that will put pressure on us because we have 2 divsion loses to their 1. For exapmple if they end up 9-7 with loses to Pitt and NO we would need to be 10-6 to win the division, they win the divison on division record with a 9-7 tie.

        •  demo3356 says:

          LOL Precisely why I said that if they win 10 games the NYG have a hard time making the playoffs..

          •  GOAT56 says:

            Maybe. If we beat GB we could make it as a wildcard. Two of our loses are out of the conference so if we beat GB and finish 10-6, especially if one of our loses is to Bmore we are in strong wildcard position if needed. Basically, we need to win 10 games. At 10 games we have a good shot at the playoffs though nothing is guaranteed.

  2.  demo3356 says:

    With Canty, Bernard, Landfill and Austin, I’m not sure there is a need for another DT, especially when they play Tuck, Kiwi and JPP at DT so often on passing downs. If they dont feel like Austin can cut it then I wouldn’t mind seeing them bring back that DT from Denver they had in the preseason. He looked pretty good. What happened t that Hendricks kid they used to bounce between the 53 and the PS? He showed some flashes as well. With the injuries to Braddy though they may be looking at RB. I’d rather they pilfered a young kid off someones PS that could contribute on ST’s than take any of the stiffs they have been looking at

    •  GOAT56 says:

      There’s not. I think we only carried 5 DTs because we weren’t cutting Austin and like Kuhn. I think we add a OL, RB or CB. As Nosh pointed out I do wonder if we IR’d Coe too fast because I don’t trust Tryon if we need him to play.

  3.  BLU-82 says:

    Repost from a few threads back to address the David Wilson conspiracy, which is one of my pet nemeses.

    BLU-82 says:
    November 15, 2012 at 8:37 PM
    Well according to MG, he wasn’t told that they liked Wilson until after he’d already posted his predictions for the draft… Thus making him wrong. He predicted Andre branch as their selection.

    Tweet here

    MG Prediction here:

    @joshuasalzberg And when I say ahead of time, I mean a few hours before the draft started. (i.e. after I’d made all my predictions)”

    “@joshuasalzberg And for that, I pummeled my source for taking too long to get it to me haha. But that was surely by design.”

    He’s telling the truth. Giants gained no advantage from ‘leaking’ that they liked Wilson.

  4.  kujo says:

    So, how many defensive linemen will we be drafting this year? I’d think that we’ll have at least 1 DE, with Osi’s impending departure, and the possibility that Phil Jackson’s Zen Buddhist buddy, Justin Tuck, will want to go off on some sort of spiritual flower-picking pilgrimmage in Tibet or something in a few years. Gotta keep that position stocked, as it the straw that stirs the drink.

    But what about DT? Kuhn sure got a lot of snaps for a 7th round pick. Did he grade out well? Do they see a future there? Canty and Linval are part of the core, but will they be able to afford to retain both? Will they even want to?

    And Austin? That dude is shaping up to be a Sinorice-sized bust at this point in his career. Yeah, I know the transition from college to the NFL for a DT is difficult, and that last year was an injury-plagued redshirt season for him. But he just looks like he’s getting blown off the line out there. He’s a smallish pass-rushing DT, and unless you’re insanely technically proficient, you’re gonna get mauled by the better OL in this league.

    Interesting offseason.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think without Austin developing we have to keep Canty. Maybe we renegotiate with Canty. I think our 4 DTs are Joseph, Canty, Austin and Kuhn. Maybe we draft another late round DT or sign a cheap free agent in case Kuhn isn’t recovered.

      We definitely draft an early round DE.

    •  rlhjr says:


      Austin is getting his audition. But he will be like a cat (nine lives) in terms of sticking around. Someone corrected me yesterday. The dude is not a third round pick, he a SECOND rounder. JR might keep him around two more years. I don’t think the Giants will bail on Austin unless he get’s another long term (season ending) injury.

    •  demo3356 says:

      We will do like we always do, drarft one DL, One OL, One RB, One WR, One DB, one TE and one Project

      •  kujo says:


        You mean other than when we draft 2 LBs (2008), 2 WRs (2009), 2 DLs (2010) or 2 OLs (2011)?

        •  demo3356 says:

          LOL, yup like i said ONE PROJECT EVER YEAR.. Baden 2009, project, McCants 2011 Project Austin in 2010 hadnt played in a year and whoever the stiff 2nd LB in 08 was probably a project.. The Giants seem to cover all the bases with one pick ebvery year and then roll the dice on at least one project every year

    •  Krow says:

      I was fired up when we drafted Austin. Touted as a top-10 pick before he took that bag of Cheetos from an agent … it was shaping up as a steal … in my mind anyway.

      But I forgot one important draft truism … a #2 pick is typically a guy who would have been a #1 pick except for thing.

      Now sometimes it’s not all that important. But sometimes it’s a fatal flaw. And fans and GMs alike gamble that whatever it is they can correct it … overcome it.

      The second round may be the biggest crap shoot round of the draft, where optimism often trumps common sense.

  5.  TonyMW says:

    Since I saw someone ask about the Jacobs tweets on the last thread-

    Even though he insists that those tweets were in regards to his brother, as a reply to another tweet, someone asked him “How’s Frisco treatin ya?”, his response was “terrible”.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Love Jacobs but he is as sharp as a plastic spoon

      •  Krow says:

        I really really really hope BJ saved his money.

        •  BLU-82 says:

          A co-worker of my mom’s went to Vegas for a bachelor party. The whole bunch ran into Jacobs (and Frank Gore), and by all accounts he was a really good guy. Said something to the effect of “I may be a niner now but I’m partying with my buddies from NY this weekend”, exchanged numbers, and bought them all a lavish dinner the next night.

          I hope he’s saving too, cause he’s definitely a great Giant, and I want him to have a happy retirement. But I’m not so sure he is.

          •  Krow says:

            Yeah, he’s one of those guys that you worry about. I’d like to think that he ends well … but I’m not sure. Too bad the NFL can’t enforce some sort of financial planning.

      •  rlhjr says:


        “Love Jacobs but he is as sharp as a plastic spoon”

        Dude, I love BJAC too, but that was freeking funny…LMAO…LOL

  6.  LUZZ says:

    I ran into Brandon Jacobs at an airport right after his rookie season. I was behind him in the security line. When i said hello to him, he didn’t shy away from a conversation at all. We talked about Auburn football and why why he went there and then why he left there. He was an incredibly nice and surprisingly humble guy. Great dude, I wish him the best.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    Honestly, I’ve known some folks like BJ. Spirited and big hearted. They guy was heart incarnate. He was all about team, and simply would not let his team or teammates be intimidated. Very much like LT in that regard. He was/is proud to be a Giant.

    I have no clue if BJ is practicing good financial management or not. And I joke about him. But I truly respect what he brought to the table. Especially when he was healthy but in general every game he played in he represented.
    He is easily one of my all time favorite Giants….period. I suspect that his wife just might be keeping his big a$$ in line money wise.

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