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New York Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw, Several Others Injured in Loss to Cincinnati Bengals

November 12th, 2012 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

It wasn't enough that the New York Giants were manhandled by the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, as they lost several key contributors as well. Among them were wide receiver Domenik Hixon (ankle), safety Tyler Sash (ankle), defensive tackle Markus Kuhn (knee) and running back Ahmad Bradshaw (unknown).

Following the 31-13 loss, Bradshaw informed the media that he had gone for X-Rays, but would not divulge what his injury was, just that it had nothing to do with his lingering foot issues. However, it is possible that precautionary X-Rays were done on either his neck or hand, which were both injured earlier this season.

Meanwhile, X-Rays came back negative on Hixon's injured ankle, but that does not rule out possible ligament damage. He suffered the injury after taking what was ruled an illegal hit on the field, which caused his body to bend and twist awkwardly backwards. He immediately grabbed his left ankle in pain, and would not return to the game.

Prior to his injury, Tyler Sash went down with one of his own. He, too, would not return to the game. His status has not yet been updated.

Finally, rookie defensive tackle Markus Kuhn left the game early in the second half with a knee injury. After being helped to the sidelines, he was carted into the locker-room and would not return. His injury appeared to be the most serious of the four.

It's likely that all four players will be sent to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York early this week for additional tests. Giants 101 will have updates on each as they become available.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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10 Responses to “New York Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw, Several Others Injured in Loss to Cincinnati Bengals”

  1.  TheCatch says:

    D Diehl’s pride should be hurt as well. What will this fan base do if he is the starter once again in two weeks? It’s going to get interesting around these parts, that’s for sure.

    •  TheCatch says:

      I was glad to see Killdrive trying to keep the Bengals off stride by calling the inside draw at their 30, and not on their 20 as every other time we get down there. Unfortuately they still saw it coming.

  2.  TonyMW says:

    I feel compelled to add to a subject that FF55 mentioned, the Giants losing in the trenches. He’s totally correct. In this instance, it’s all about pressure. “Sacks” are but a number that us fans use to get excited about.

    Offense- It’s obvious that Locklear was clearly outperforming Diehl, but the problem is that Eli was still getting TONS of pressure. Locklear was at the bottom of the list in terms up allowing pressure. Snee is not the player we once had and Baas is being blown up more often than not. I can’t personally vouch for the left side because I honestly haven’t focused in on them, but let’s assume they are doing an admirable job. The point is, at least 3/5 of your o-line is allowing pressure on a consistent basis. After watching Eli the past few weeks, he seems to have NO trust in his protection and is developing “happy feet” yet again. The reason why the sack totals are low is because Eli tends to do a good job of getting the ball out before the pass rush gets home. You can argue that as an underlying factor to why his completion percentage is traditionally lower than “elite” QB’s (along w/ the penchant for throwing deep), as well as his sack totals being lower. Some QB’s get rid of it, some take the sack after a prolonged attempt to find someone open.

    Eli is trying to force too much to make up for his lack of a clean pocket. This is not working out well. Also, while I think the offensive gameplan has been figured out, you could have Calvin Johnson and Fitzgerald back there and Eli would have a hard time getting them the ball.

    Defense- You could use the same logic here. This aspect of the defense is VERY hit or miss. They either get the sack or get driven back 3 yds. There is NO consistent pressure, and I’ll take consistent pressure over a couple of sacks any Sunday. That’s what gets a QB rattled en route to making mistakes. The unfortunate part is that this problem goes beyond pressure. The DE’s have trouble holding contain, they seem to get engulfed on running plays that are run at them and the DT’s are overmatched and ineffective in my opinion.

    Some of these issues can be fixed, some can’t. I’d say the majority of it is technique and “want to”, but make no mistake, outside of JPP and Linval (possibly a healthy Canty) this group is just not that great talent wise.

  3.  Levito says:

    Inexcusable that Coughlin continues to send Diehl out there. And inexcusable that Diehl just stands there as opposing defenders run right by him to maul Eli 20 times a game. I’m completely fed up with his play and the coaches undying support for him.

    And it doesn’t seem to matter if Bradshaw is out for extended amount of time. Brown will get all of the remaining carries and Wilson will get one carry. A misdirection or pitch outside that everybody knows is coming. He’ll get anywhere from -2 to 2 yards on it, then immediately be pulled from the game only to return kickoffs for the rest of the season. I really doubt this kid can’t pass block either. Here’s a hint Wilson: hang out on the right side, Diehl’s gonna let someone through in 1 second.

    •  kinsho says:

      Andre Brown is a better option than Bradshaw, though. So I think it does matter if Bradshaw is out for some time.

  4.  GOAT56 says:


    I followed my on posting rules. Never read a game thread. On bad losses wait several hours to post and on horrible loses wait to the following day.

    Yesterday was horrible there’s no other way to put it. But I still see this situation is better than last year. I saw Nosh’s post about we knew we could pass the ball last year which is true but every other phase we were horrible at times. I think our defense this year has been much better. Still not good by any means but I see still enough signs show me we can still be a good unit.

    While we are not playing well all the way around the key is Eli. Eli has to play better. We can’t be any good with Eli playing rookie season type ball. The WRs are not helping. The OL is not blocking as well but Eli is holding the ball too much.

    This bye comes at an excellent time. I think the players need a week off. Having the division in so much control while playing poor football was a bad for our team. We need the pressure to play good football, I wish it wasn’t but that’s just the way we operate. With the Dallas win and their schedule we are now in a legit division race. All the teams Dallas has lost to have been over 500% and only Pitt on their remaining schedule is over 500%.

    Every part of the team needs to be analyzed. But I think the easy fixes are Prince to #1 CB, Lockear in for Diehl and much less Bradshaw. KP’s return will help sure up the big plays.

    The DL was inconsistent last year so I’m not as worried as some. The flashes I have seen from Tuck and Canty give me believe that them along with our young stars JPP and Joseph can still forma dominate group.

    I’m glad we are facing a team like GB. We know they are good enough to embarrass us if we don’t step up our play big-time. This team does have a lot of provide and facing GB in a similar situation last year we played much better than we had played following a blowout loss. Win the GB game and things look much different. We would have stabilized the situation. If we don’t we could be tied with Dallas for first place with them controlling their own destiny.

    This is how do though. We don’t make it easy. But no matter how frustrating it is a times, last year should prove to never lose faith in this squad.

  5.  kinsho says:

    The Giants, despite having won two Super Bowls, are still mentally immature. We play a very hormonal style of football. We play down below our talent level and bemoan those who constantly underrate us and count us out, despite the fact that we give them the fodder to do so year after year. Once we reach a point where our backs are up against the corner (like against Dallas last year), that’s when we start breaking our funk and playing to our potential.

    Playing consistently is more a mental talent than a physical talent. And yet, we can only play well on a continuous basis in the face of pressure. Even when we have our division by the balls, we still cannot find the mental fortitude to seal away a playoff spot, at least not until the end of the season (if at all). This has been the story now for the past couple years. And this is the reality we as fans will have to accept under the Tom Coughlin Giants.

  6.  JimStoll says:

    the worst aspect of the past month of horrendous football is that the feeling that eli will bring us back if we just keep the game close is gone
    Eli hasn’t thrown a TD pass in 12 quarters; the offense hasn’t scored a TD in 6. Right now we are averaging about 200 yards per game total offense.
    As FF mentioned on an earlier thread, last year, when all was going bad, at least offensively we were generally putting up impressive passing numbers.
    This year is a big ugh.

    •  JimStoll says:

      as a follow up, Eli’s QB rating is now 81.8, bottom half of the league; 12 TDs, bottom half of the league; 11 INTs, top 1/3 of the league.
      In short — Elite no more!!

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