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Second-Half Swoon in Full Effect as New York Giants Get Dominated by Cincinnati Bengals 31-13

November 11th, 2012 at 4:02 PM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants refused to say they were in an offensive slump. Quarterback Eli Manning said he was determined to turn things around. After an embarrassing showing against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, two things are blatantly obvious: they are and he didn't.

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With a chance to go into the bye week at 7-3 and with a firm grasp on the NFC East, the Giants once again laid an egg. They were demolished at the hands of the Bengals, falling 31-13 to a team that was 3-5 coming into the game. The right side of the offensive line played terrible, the defensive line got no pressure on Andy Dalton, A.J. Green exploited all of the holes in the secondary and missed tackles were again an issue.

It was a catastrophic failure across the board for a team that head coach Tom Coughlin called "soft" earlier this week.

Under normal circumstances, we at Giants 101 would offer a quick breakdown of what we saw during the game. We would discuss the positives, the negatives and everything in between. However, like the Giants, we're going to phone it in today and call it a weekend. As opposed to spending the remainder of our Sunday afternoon covering this disaster, we're going to shut operations down and enjoy the nice weather.

We'll be back on Monday with full analysis of the game, injury updates and coverage of Coughlin's press conference.


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127 Responses to “Second-Half Swoon in Full Effect as New York Giants Get Dominated by Cincinnati Bengals 31-13”

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  1.  kujo says:

    Disgusted with this team. I’m gone. See you f*ckers after the bye.

  2.  Dirt says:

    I’ve never been embarassed to be a Giants fan until today.

    20 minutes left in the game and the caoches and players mailed it in. Moved the ball 30 or so yards in 5 minutes. Not going for 2 or kicking an onside kick. Mailed it in, with 1/3 of the game left. Mailed it in off the bus, watching Diehl let Eli get pressured all day.

    No fight. No finish. I embarassed. See you fools in 2 weeks.

  3.  James Stoll says:

    Dan, I think you owe us a special edition Poor Eli this week, but not one that mocks the comments; rather, one that acknowledges Eli’s propensity to be both the best and worst QB in the NFL seemingly without rhyme or reason.

  4.  Krow says:

    Maybe it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee? You don’t win a Superbowl every year in the parity mad world of the NFL. It’s damn difficult to win even one. So let’s take a breath and be thankful for 2-of-the-last-5. Having said that it’s pretty clear that the team has problems … and not just a couple. Now for sure they’re good at fixing them. They’re good at reloading. And perhaps there’s some rabbit they can pull out of their hat to save the season. However right now … here and now … we’re just an average football team.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around. It’s not like one area is letting everyone down. But before anyone dumps on Eli let’s be honest. The WRs are getting no separation … his OL is crumbling … we don’t have a screen game … and our running attack is nonexistent. He hasn’t played great … that’s obvious. But he’s getting very little help. It’s a team sport and he has no team.

    The offense is pathetic. Like the announcers said, they have no focus. This is the polite way of saying they have no heart … no fire … that they’re apathetic. We’ve nothing to hang our hat on. No plays that are hard to stop. No dominant player. I’m at a loss to be honest. It’s like a complete breakdown. But I will take special note of the OL. This is an area that we were all concerned about. Yet somehow they magically held together. But that spell was rudely broken when Diehl replaced Locklear. No holes to run through … no protection for Eli. The horses turned to mice. Coincidence?

    The defense depends on winning the turnover battle. Today we saw what happens when we don’t. This is a scrambled up unit that’s not playing well together. The DL is very overrated. The LB unit is Boley. The secondary gets roasted like a holiday chestnut. Is it personnel … or scheme … or what? I don’t pretend to know, but they don’t make the big stops any more. They hardly make any stops.

    It’s also fair to criticize the special teams. We used to be terrible. But recently we had risen to at least the middle of the pack. Aspects of it … like our kick coverage … were stellar. This group has also gone backwards. Every opposing return is an adventure.

    But the most disheartening thing today was that the Bengals called them out … Coughlin tagged them as ‘soft’ … this was the big game to effectively lock up the Division … and they were still rolled. Maybe it’s Superbowl hangover. Maybe some players just got old. But when this happens Reese makes changes. He cleans house. I would not be at all surprised to see us waving farewell to some old faces. Diehl … Webster … Bradshaw … Osi … they all seem headed out the door. And it wouldn’t shock me to see us active in free agency either.

    So with 6 games to go we’re scrambling. Familiar territory. We could rally. We’ve done it before. But if we can’t then don’t stand near the door … because players are going to be flying in and out.

  5.  G-MenFan says:

    Hate to say it but I predicted a loss today.
    Because under Coughlin, this team has never taken care of routine business.

    They have a “Hero complex”. They only bring it when they’re being “disrespected” or “underdogs” or their backs are up against the wall. But give them routine games to win–and they flat out suck.

    Since Pierce retired and O’Hara and Siebert were shown the door, this team has been emotionally immature and unable to handle any kind of prosperity.

    You know what they need? They need the “old” Tom Coughlin, and they need him right now, and badly. They don’t deserve a single day off over this bye week, and I wouldn’t give it to them.

  6.  GIANTT says:

    That was strange – I was typing and I was interrupted and told there wasa problem on the site . Anyway , heres my quandary – Ive just got back to the office .
    Should I rush home to watch the tape or take my wife shopping which Im told I vaguely promised to do . Whatever the vote , I will abide by the decision . All votes cast before 4 55 will count

  7.  TroyThorne says:

    Nothing has changed. We’ve been figured out but we’re too stubborn to change anything. AJ Green said he saw holes in our defense. Marvin Lewis said he could tell what we were going to do on offense based off formation. This isn’t some new revelation, it’s known league wide what we try to do. Eli has been a bottom 10 QB in the NFL this season. I don’t know if he’s hurt or what but he’s been beyond terrible. Definitely not top 10 or elite this season.

    Defense looks like they’re asleep. Tuck and Osi are most likely done. Webster is toast. When they do play well, the offense lets them down with terrible play and an inability to score TDs. Team isn’t balanced.

    Coughlin is stubborn and loyal to a fault (sorry I keep repeating that but it’s true). Bradshaw needs less touches. Diehl isn’t fit to be a backup let alone a starter. He’s the worst starting offensive lineman in the NFL and has been for at least 3 years now. Someone needs to step up as a 3rd receiving option. Hixon is made of wet paper and Randle needs time to adjust. Martellus Bennett seems like he doesn’t really care anymore. I’ve never seen someone attempt so many one handed catches in my life. Eli Sanchez is off the mark to say the least.

    Bye is coming up. Will it be enough? Probably not, I see us losing to Green Bay. The game against Washington will determine the rest of the year in my opinion. We’ll see what happens.

  8.  Since 1963 says:

    Only two good things happened today for our guys. They won the coin toss, and the final gun went off after sixty minutes, as scheduled. In between, a nightmare.

    Plenty of blame for everybody. I haven’t seen Eli just shuffle-pass the ball off in desperation to nobody except an opposing player in quite some time. I thought he’d outgrown that. As others have noted, the wideouts got no separation and left their hands at home. The OL was terrible; is TC still going to say that Diehl is playing “okay,” and that he deserves Locklear’s spot? Etc., etc.

    Wait, there was one thing worse: injuries. How badly hurt is Domenik Hixon? Or Tyler Sash?

  9.  LUZZ says:

    It’s a parity league by design. Nobody dominates. An 8-0 team lost today by a team 2 games under .500 – stop all the crying and drama. The formula remains the same. Make the post season and be play good football in January.

    Teams that look awesome in early November almost never win the superbowl.

    Dirt – You have never been more embarrassed to be a Giants fan? We are the superbowl champs and in first place in our division. Grow a pair.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      There is certainly a time to remain level headed and remember things like us still being in first place, being the defending champs ect……..

      But now aint that time. Let the boys vent. The Giants took an enormous dump on the field today, and it’s gonna take a lot of febreeze, pot, and liquor to get the stench out. And some angry fan posts along the way.

    •  TroyThorne says:

      What does last year have to do with this one? That Falcons-Saints game you were referring to is a divisional game and was played at the Superdome which is one of the hardest places to play for opposing teams.

      We’ve been playing pretty poorly for weeks now and have barely eeked out some wins. That’s fine, if the team starts playing well but thus far they haven’t. The biggest issue is with Eli. He hasn’t played well since the 1st half of the SF game. That’s a really big issue and one you can’t simply pretend doesn’t exist but sticking your head in the ground.

      •  Krow says:

        Yes. For sure he’s not lighting it up. But when was the last time we saw a Giants WR wide open?

        •  TroyThorne says:

          Multiple times. Good QBs are supposed to be able to hit guys that aren’t wide open anyway, that’s what makes them good.

          Eli’s decision making has been really poor this year. The endzone TD vs the Eagles, the throw to Barden in the same game, near pick in the endzone vs Steelers, the actual INT vs the Steelers, the 2nd INT against Washington which almost lost us the game, that skittish dump off INT in today’s game.

          He’s just been bad.

  10.  Nosh.0 says:

    My theory as to why the offense has been so bad is that the football gods are upset. Yes the football gods. They did not think very highly of fans starting to say that Eli is better than Peyton. So in turn they served Kevin Gilbride some stale beans and he’s been farting up a spell that has engulfed the entire offense, including the franchise QB.

    But I think the biggest question this week needs need to be answered by us fans. We’ve witnessed the TC/Eli team go 6-2 every season only to have some sort of second half mini meltdown or full blown meltdown. Why have we not capitalized off this trend in the form of gambling winnings? More than anything that’s what I’ll be asking myself this bye week.

    The other question that remains is this, is the slump we’re in a mini meltdown, which will result in us making the playoffs and a run, or a full blown meltdown of the 2010 and 2009 variety?

    •  Krow says:

      May Thor’s mighty hammer strike down our foes.

      Anyway … we were kind of lucky to beat Tampa, Washington and Dallas 2.0 … so it could be lots worse. However that begs the question … are we good or lucky? Today we were neither.

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