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New York Giants Place Michael Coe on Injured Reserve; Activate Will Hill to 53-Man Roster

November 11th, 2012 at 8:30 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants have activated safety Will Hill, who had been practicing on a roster exemption after coming off of a four-game suspension for the use of prescription drug Adderall, to the 53-man roster. Because the activation came just prior to 4:00 PM EST on Saturday, Hill will be able to play on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

"I'm definitely excited," Hill said. "I’ve got a lot of pent-up aggression that I’ve got to let out, and I'm just happy to contribute to the team in some way."

In an effort to make room for Hill, the Giants also announced that they have placed cornerback Michael Coe, who was ruled out for the game against Cincinnati with a hamstring issue, on season-ending Injured Reserve. The IR designation was quite a shock to Coe, who felt he was rapidly improving and, at most, would miss only a game or two.

"Just how it’s been feeling, I don’t think so," Coe said Friday. "Usually with your legs you can tell a little bit more, 'cause you can jump, run or do anything quick twitch. You can find out pretty quick about those. I’m pretty good."

Coe has been battling hamstring injuries all year, and had an MRI done on Friday because the injury was also affecting his lower leg/knee.

With Kenny Phillips out, the Giants had no alternative but to activate Hill, who has played well on Special Teams and during spot duty at safety and nickel corner this year.

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19 Responses to “New York Giants Place Michael Coe on Injured Reserve; Activate Will Hill to 53-Man Roster”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Coe’s disappointed, but he should be pleased. By going this route the Giants seem to be signalling that they’d like to have him back in camp next spring. They could just as easily waived him.

    I have thought since the day we signed him that Will Hill, in combination with Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle could be a big part of a great group of safeties. Then along came Downtown Stevie Brown. And even Tyler Sash was a terrific playmaker in college and was spoken well of by the coaches toward the end of last season. Frankly, I think this may have become the deepest position on the team. I think both Hill and Brown could play on almost any NFL team as part of their first three safeties on the depth chart. But we have to be patient with Hill and Brown (and Sash). They are all young and all will make mistakes. Like Hosley at the corner, there is a LOT of talent there, but inexperience is going to hurt them from time-to-time. Hopefully, by December we will have a four-man group that is as good as any in the NFL. I think we have the horses. All they need is experience together.

  2.  TonyMW says:

    It’s funny because I was just thinking about this safety group earlier. It’s amazing how far we’ve come from the days of CC Brown, Aaron Rouse and Michael Johnson.

    I’ve seen the potential that Will Hill has first hand as I’ve lived in Gator country for quite a while. I share your sentiment, if Hill keeps his head in the game, he’s a huge steal. The only downside to the emergence of Brown and the possible emergence of Hill is that the Giants may opt out of re-signing Phillips. That should prove to be an interesting topic going forward.

  3.  njm0m says:

    Big game today. Where the heck is everyone? This place should be hoping with a 1 o’clock game. I just caught up on the past few articles and it’s like a ghost town around here.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      My guess is that a lot of folks are suffering the wave of exhaustion that comes on after weeks of stress have been lifted. I know that I’m pretty tired. Not only was I dealing with the issues that Sandy brought (although my concerns were nothing compared to the suffering many experienced and will continue to experience for months or years), but I was right in the middle of a huge business deal that was made infinitely tougher by power outages, internet failures, cellphone blackouts and airport closings. Amazing how much we’ve become dependent upon rapid communication and travel. There WERE some things about “the old world” that were better.

      • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

        Lots of people who read G101 are also still without power.

        It’s been a trying couple of weeks for NY/NJ. The commenting, traffic and even content production here reflects that. Everyone is exhausted. Even we, as fans, need this upcoming bye week.

  4.  TonyMW says:

    So Leon Hall is shadowing Cruz? Count me as one that likes the matchup of Nicks (hobbled or not) on Newman or Clements. If Nicks doesn’t have 100+ yds, consider me sorely disappointed. We’re all familiar with Newman, and Clements looked old, fat and slow in the Bengals games I’ve watched.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    I wish I was more familiar with the Bengals. I don’t know enough about them to feel at all comfortable about this game. It at least appears that if we stop AJ Green we should be able to win, but I have a feeling there are other weapons that could hurt us. And the way our offense has been playing it’s hard to have a lot of confidence in them until they start showing us it’s deserved. It’s amazing what a gigantic difference it makes when you do not have a healthy Hakeem Nicks on the field. Everyone SHOULD be excited about Cruz (I certainly am), but just remember, he is the 2nd best receiver on the team and always will be as long as Hakeem is on the roster.

    •  TonyMW says:

      Their other WR, Andrew Hawkins is having a pretty decent season and can be a pest in the slot. Not overly fast, but very quick. We’ll have to watch out for that. Sanu hasn’t put up numbers by any stretch, but he seems to get separation fairly often and could pose some problems despite not playing much.

      The running game is the definition of mediocre, but in theory we should’ve shut down Isaac Redman last week.

      For defense, it’s all about Atkins on the line and to a certain extent, Michael Johnson. Dunlap rotates in, but is not as effective as he was as a rookie. LB’s are very mediocre and the DB’s consist of Hall, 34 yr old Newman, 33 yr old Clements, Pacman Jones and Taylor Mays (who by all accounts looks lost in coverage)

      From what I gather, it seems that their starting safety Reggie Nelson will miss the game and Taylor Mays will start in his place (this may just be speculation on Bengals fans parts). I also heard that Clements is in the mix at CB as well, but not sure how accurate that is.

      They also are bad on getting off the field on 3rd down and bad at stopping 3rd down conversions.

  6.  GIANTT says:

    njm0m , i daresay that the lack of input from many of us is a sign that the recent weather events are still having a great effect . My town has never been mentioned but I can tell you that there is a large part of it still without power even a block away from my home which never lost power . My only problem has been that I can watch TV but I cant get on line at home . Im assuming that the local cable company is having its own problems .
    It may also be that this game does not engender the feelings of playing a division rival no matter how good or bad they may be .
    I also want to take issue with ff55y (OMG how could he ? would he dare ? ) about this being a “must ” game .FF55y said , acouple of posts back that this was not a must game but I disagree .
    Arent the games you are supposed to win just as important as the games like last week ? In fact , I think more so because you certainly have to prove that as a team you deserve the ranking that you have . Its one thing to come out and I will agree that the Giants did not by any stretch of the imagination play well last week .
    Now was this a function of the team coming out flat or were Pittsburgh a better team ? thats a debatable point of course . But the Giants are considered in my mind anyway a better team than the Bengals so they should win . If they lose its because they came out flat .Its an arguable point whether a team is flat or the other team is better but if a team has a losing record then they should be considered the worse team and a team with a winning record like the Giants should win .
    But to get to the 10-6 instead of 9-7 to win the division , I dont see how this game which probably has been put in the win column by many could not be considered important . I Think that if the game came later on in the season and the Giants had a lead in the division then perhaps not so much , but the earlier on in the season that a game gets played leads to many pathways and brings more opportunities for all the teams to stay in the race .
    Think back to the first game of the season – I said so at the time that this may be the best game that Dallas plays all season simply because , well I dont need to go into the list of reasons that Dallas felt it HAD to win . But since then the Giants and Dallas’ path have been totally different rendering that first game almost irrelevant
    But if the Giants and Dallas played a game like that in week 14 , it would have all kinds of playoff implications .
    So , yes , njm0m , this IS an important game and I hope ive started enough of a controversy to get some of the more outlandish posters to get their b-tts in gear

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Yes, how DARE you disagree with me? LOL.

      But we do disagree. I DO think it’s an important game because a win gives the Giants a significant enough division lead that over the three weeks after the bye they could put themselves in the catbird seat by winning just two of those games.

      I do NOT think it’s a “must win” because even if they somehow lose they will go into the bye week with at least a one game lead against any of their division rivals and probably a two game lead against at least one of them, with those three teams all having to play each other down the stretch a lot, assuring them each a few more losses.

      Let’s put it this way. A loss will be no cause for panic. Any of us who would not have happily taken a one-game lead in the division going into the bye week would have been crazy, and that is the WORST we can do at this point. But a win? A win would make any but the most unrealistically optimistic of Giants fans stand back and say “Wow, we got through that schedule 7-3 and relatively healthy. AND, our division rivals are all stumbling around and have a lot of games yet to play against each other. I’m feeling GOOD.”

  7.  James Stoll says:

    I’ll take the bait. Giants lose today and they finish 8-8 and lose the division to the 9-7 Cowboys. How’s that?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I know you were debating between 8-8 and 13-3, right? That’s the only reasonable stance for a manic-depressive Giants fan.

  8.  TonyMW says:

    Btw, we most likely get to see our ol’ chum Wallace Gilberry in action today. He was actually somewhat productive for the Chiefs but hasn’t done anything since.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    On another, more important topic. I am one who has never glorified the military, never thought going to war was anything but a sometimes absolutely necessary tragedy that was going to bring immense pain and suffering to both the victors and the vanquished, and has never believed that serving in the military makes one a superior moral being.

    But I do believe this: anyone who has served deserves our deepest gratitude for putting his or her life on the line on behalf of all of us. Those who serve are not always served well by their officers, the civilian strategists, or the nation to which they return. It is absolutely wrong to blindly refuse to question the military and its approaches, but it is absolutely right to honor those men and women who serve on what has been called The Thin Red Line. Today is the day we get to spend a few minutes thinking of them, their sacrifices, and the debt we owe them. It is one of gigantic proportions.

  10.  GmenMania says:


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