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New York Giants’ Eli Manning Struggling Due to Arm Fatigue?

November 10th, 2012 at 6:40 AM
By Dan Benton

Now in his ninth year in the NFL, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is no stranger to making a lot of throws. However, through nine games this season, Manning has already attempted 318 passes, which ranks him 8th in the NFL. And when evaluating his recent struggles, ESPN's Greg Cosell and Ron Jaworski came to a rather unexpected conclusion: the two-time Super Bowl MVP may be suffering from arm fatigue.

“Ron Jaworski and I were having this conversation this week,” Cosell said. “I looked at Eli on Monday; Jaws looked at Eli on Wednesday. And he made a very interesting comment. It really struck me, and I would defer to Jaws on this because I’ve never taken snaps in the NFL. … It looks to him like Eli’s arm is a little tired. And that he’s not driving the ball at the intermediate and deeper levels the way we’ve come to expect. Because Eli has a strong arm."

And what started as mere speculation was later confirmed (allegedly) by someone much closer to the Giants organization and to Manning himself.

“And we even got that sort of confirmed by someone who’s a lot closer to the situation. His arm’s a little bit tired right now. He’s missed some throws that he would normally make," Cosell added.

If this is true and Manning really is suffering from arm fatigue, there's still 0% chance they bench him in favor of David Carr. What they may do however, is rely more heavily on the running game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and hope that Manning's arm gets the rest it needs during their bye week.

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14 Responses to “New York Giants’ Eli Manning Struggling Due to Arm Fatigue?”

  1.  jimDB says:

    Arm fatigue from throwing 30-40 passes per game, is like say, I can’t make bowling night this week because last week was to intense. Now a bruise from a hit I can believe.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Cmon bro, your smarter than that.. Its from all the work in practice, preseason, working one on one with new guys.. Every year you hear about at least one QB dealing with this. Bye week cant come soon enough

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    It wouldn’t be just from throwing in games. It would be from working intensely one-on-one with new receivers in the off-season and pre-season and even now. None of us stopped to think about THIS possible consequence of having Hixon, Randle, Bennett, Jernigan and Barden all become potentially significant players (and the departure of Manningham).

    Good thing the bye week is coming up.

  3.  Dirt says:

    Speaking of overworked, I nominate Bradshaw.

    His 6th straight year of declining YPC, 2 lost fumbles (which are only unacceptable for some players) and a long run of 20 yards.

    •  Dirt says:

      In hindsight, I’m tickled that the Giants drafted JPP in 2010. But G101 vets will remember my desk pounding for CJ Spiller leading up to that night.

      How about this kid Spiller? 7.2 yards per carry and 9.8 yards per catch this season.

      If only the Giants somehow managed to get JPP AND a dynamic back like Spiller…

  4.  Levito says:

    If they want to give his arm a rest, why not stop throwing deep 15 times a game. They rely too much on the deep ball. Throw it deep once on the first possession to back the defense off, then work the underneath routes where Eli doesn’t have to whip it downfield so freakin’ often.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Its not the long balls that makes his arm tired, its all the throwing he does year round. The problem is the arm fatigue makes his long ball less effective because there is less zip on it. It also effects passes that rely on arm strength like outs and passes that rely on zipping a ball in between defenders.
      The giants need to go into this game with an offensive approach that relies on running, short passes and quick hitters. I know this next statement will make FF55yrs spit his prune juice into his oat meal but I think they should utilize Barden with some slants and Hooks. Use his 6’6 230 frame to be a posesion reciever and STOP going for the home run ball all the time.

  5.  demo3356 says:

    Tomorrow needs to be all abut the short passing game, an up tempo offense (No huddle mixed in) and stopping AJ Green.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Frankly, if we don’t come out of the bye week with a good plan that mixes David Wilson into the offense then I’m going to have to say that the Coughlin conservatism is hurting us.

    Our offense has become relatively one-dimensional, and defenses have been doing a good job of preventing us from doing what we’d like. So yes, we should mix in more short and intermediate routes and throws (I’ve been yelling about the short passing game for five years and we STILL haven’t seen it, and much as I’d like to believe what the coaches are saying, I’ll believe it when I see it). BUT, adding a dynamic back who can break big plays with his legs whether handed the ball or after he catches a pass is the one relatively easy add that can both create scoring opportunities and force defenses to game plan to stop it and play their defense honestly during the games.

    All of this should be obvious from self-scouting. If we can all see it from the stadium and our television sets, surely the coaches see it too. David Wilson has fresh legs. He has taken a lot of kickoffs for returns and hasn’t fumbled the ball once. He must be close to getting the QB protection schemes down pat, and even if not this team will need him down the stretch and in the playoffs or they will not get far with a gimpy Hakeem Nicks and an indifferent running game. I love what Bradshaw has given us, respect his toughness and leadership, but he is a “declining asset” and he is NOT a bell cow back now (if he really ever was….he was always better as the complementary back and that’s when he had his best seasons). We’re not getting a Lombardi Trophy unless we add a factor (or two) to the team we’re putting on the field now.

    I think the addition of Kenny Phillips plus the added experience of Hosley and Amukamara (and hopefully the “health” of Rivers) will be the big pluses on defense. I think the only thing we can look for as “adds” on offense are more short passes in order to move the chains, and the emergence of especially Wilson, but Brown getting more carries too. Of course, Nicks getting to 100% would be HUGE, but I think we have to wait until 2013 to see that.

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