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Cincinnati Bengals’ A.J. Green: “a Lot of Holes” on New York Giants Defense

November 9th, 2012 at 9:15 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

In this week's installment of blown-out-of-proportion smack talk, second-year Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A. J. Green caused a stir this week when he said of the New York Giants that he feels "like they've got a lot of holes on their defense." Too proud to let any slight (large or small, real or perceived) slide, Big Blue safety Antrel Rolle said he'll respond "with my pads" on Sunday.

'WR AJ Green' photo (c) 2012, Navin75 - license:

Unfortunately for the Giants, Green was pretty much right. We'll turn it over to

The Giants rank 26th in the league in pass yards allowed per game and their secondary has struggled to stop several opposing receivers this season. They’ve also given up 118 rushing yards per game, which ranks them 19th in the NFL, so the holes Green has observed could come in any segment of the defense.

We're used to the Giants playing the disrespect card, so this is all pretty much par for the course despite the fact that it doesn't sound like Green was trying to needle anyone as much as he was trying to exude a bit of confidence.

But hey, if that's what it takes for the New York Giants to not play like they did last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, we're all for Rolle, who added that Green "better duck," and the boys getting worked up about it.

Even if Green was just being honest.


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