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Cincinnati Bengals’ A.J. Green: “a Lot of Holes” on New York Giants Defense

November 9th, 2012 at 9:15 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

In this week's installment of blown-out-of-proportion smack talk, second-year Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A. J. Green caused a stir this week when he said of the New York Giants that he feels "like they've got a lot of holes on their defense." Too proud to let any slight (large or small, real or perceived) slide, Big Blue safety Antrel Rolle said he'll respond "with my pads" on Sunday.

'WR AJ Green' photo (c) 2012, Navin75 - license:

Unfortunately for the Giants, Green was pretty much right. We'll turn it over to

The Giants rank 26th in the league in pass yards allowed per game and their secondary has struggled to stop several opposing receivers this season. They’ve also given up 118 rushing yards per game, which ranks them 19th in the NFL, so the holes Green has observed could come in any segment of the defense.

We're used to the Giants playing the disrespect card, so this is all pretty much par for the course despite the fact that it doesn't sound like Green was trying to needle anyone as much as he was trying to exude a bit of confidence.

But hey, if that's what it takes for the New York Giants to not play like they did last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, we're all for Rolle, who added that Green "better duck," and the boys getting worked up about it.

Even if Green was just being honest.


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10 Responses to “Cincinnati Bengals’ A.J. Green: “a Lot of Holes” on New York Giants Defense”

  1.  Dirt says:

    “He better duck, because I’m gonna launch then change my mind mid-flight and avoid him anyway”

  2.  norm says:

    LMAO at Dirt…

    …replacing his Killdrive avatar with Karl Rove – going from one overrated “mastermind” to another.

    Good stuff.

    •  norm says:

      In that same spirit, perhaps it’s time for us to finally retire the “Killdrive” moniker and start referring to the Giants’ OC using W’s old nickname for Rove: “Turdblossom.”

      • The record books will have a hard time choosing between “Turdblossom” and “Killdrive” when Eli gets him there.

        If one of the Harbaugh brothers doesn’t put his lights out first…

  3.  JimStoll says:

    A.J Green is pretty much right — other than SF and Carolina the defense has not shut anyone down
    it has been bad almost every time it has counted
    typical Fewel defense — lousy until December
    November winds blow cold for the NY Giants

  4. A quick aside: this post gives us nice look at how the media’s role in the transfer of information has not-so-slowly evolved in the last decade or so.

    This little Rolle-Green “he said, she said” isn’t much. Guys on the radio have to say something, beat writers tweet/blog it because they have to tweet/blog something, everyone shrugs because we’re used to it and we’re awaiting the next hour’s tidbit of information.

    Yet, the dinosaurs over at the dailies have it on the back cover. The headlines, screaming at you that two warring organizations are aflame with hatred, passion for tearing one another down this Sunday. “HEADS WILL ROLLE,” said the Daily News, in my mound sounding a bit like a commercial for this weekend’s monster truck rally.

    Think about it: less than ten years ago, 4 out of 5 of us were getting most of our news from Daily Newspapers. That was your news for the day. Fleshed out, color added, analyzed and packaged. Your next update comes tomorrow.

    The result, was that it allowed the news deliverers to create a narrative. Where only sound bytes occurred, there’s now a little bit of context and illustrated characters: a story. Antrel Rolle formerly would have existed mostly as a guy in a helmet wearing #26 on Sundays and a printed name following a quote in the paper the next day, his words would be but brushstrokes in a painting masterfully created by The Editors. And these guys have been perfecting this craft of packaging information in a tidy, deliverable, make you want more kind of way for over a century.

    But Now, I can watch Antrel Rolle speak for myself on after every game. The quotes in the stories we read about him are from a satellite radio show half of us were listening to anyway. We heard the context. We heard his tone of voice and we already know the context: with today’s media exposure, we’re more familiar with the players, their public personas, et al. The newspapers can’t really shape that for me anymore.

    My point is not some generic “newspapers are dead” (we’ll still need lots of good, energetic reporters in the field doing their jobs) or that today’s faster-paced, shorter-attention-span media is some holy beacon of unbiased truth. To be sure, the lack of depth and expert analysis in today’s reporting, the predilection for chasing clicks and not stories, is troubling. Archaic as it may be, it makes you worried for what life without old-school journalistic outposts like the Times would be like.

    But I find something interesting as sound bytes are delivered to consumers more directly, and in a way that gives the consumer greater discretion over where he or she gets their news: we’re more apt to chase the hard news, the information.

    We’re more than happy to fill the analysis in ourselves. On our blogs, and message boards and all-pervasive social media accounts. I still may need Ralph Vacchiano in the Giants locker room digging up quotes and information, but I sure as heck don’t need Mike Lupica to put it into context anymore.

    I’ve got all the information I need to do that myself.

    •  fanfor55years says:


      For what it’s worth, there will still be a big role for “trusted editors” in the stream of nearly unlimited information that will come at all of us like water from a fire hose. Given that information will increasingly be “raw” rather than “filtered”, large doses of wisdom will be sought in order to create historical, social, political, psychological, experiential, context for what will be too much data for people to absorb and still get around to participating in the elements of life that most matter.

      I enjoy seeing and hearing the opinions of the very few “experts” who have, over time, proved their worthiness to me when you back-test their explanations and predictions, but even then I approach their “wisdom” with a protective degree of skepticism. We have to think for ourselves, learn whom we should trust, and then reach our own opinion as to whether that trustworthy source is right THIS time. No one is every time he/she utters anything. But there’s nothing wrong with looking at those opinions based upon how valuable, accurate, and usable that person’s or organization’s opinions have proved correct, or very close to it, in the past.

      Ergo, the hopes of a future for the likes of Dan, you, Haz, Jen, Paul and casey.

  5.  Krow says:

    The Bengals are calling them out. Basically challenging them.

  6.  G-MenFan says:

    The only “hole” in the Giants defense on Sunday will be in the center of the circle of guys standing around AJ Green wondering if he’s going to be all right.

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