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Rookie Jayron Hosley Most Relieved Player After New York Giants Victory Over Redskins

October 23rd, 2012 at 6:30 AM
By Casey Sherman

The New York Giants found themselves in a dogfight with the Washington Redskins on Sunday. And Big Blue was leading with 1:38 left in the fourth quarter when the real drama started. Rookie corner back Jayron Hosley found himself matched up against veteran wide receiver Santana Moss, and soon after Moss would be behind him catching the go-ahead touchdown pass from Robert Griffin III.

"It was man-to-man coverage, and he was the better man on that play," Hosley said. "I could have helped myself by getting a jam [at the line of scrimmage] on him. But he took a wide release and kind of faded away from me. He's a fast guy, a good guy and a veteran receiver. He made the play, and I didn't. It's as simple as that. And it was a great pass."

The Giants found themselves down by three with about 1:30 remaining and all Hosley could do was stand helpless on the sidelines and hope the comeback specialist Eli Manning could bail him out. He would watch as Manning threw a 77-yard bomb to Victor Cruz that gave the Giants the lead again with 39 seconds left on the clock.

Hosley and the rest of the defense marched back onto the field to prevent the Redskins from doing what the Giants just did. RGIII completed a pass, again to Moss, for an eleven yard gain close to midfield, but MLB Chase Blackburn was able to strip the ball loose putting the ball up for grabs. It was then that Hosley saw his chance for some redemption. Hosely laid out and beat another nearby Redskin to recover the fumble.

"Nobody else was around," Hosley said. "I've got to go make that play. It's a little redemption. The offensive guys came out and made a big play. The defense had to go out and seal the deal."

The ball again belonged to the Giants, and the game would end in a New York victory after one kneel down. It was a must win for the G-men after losing their first divisional games against the Cowboys and Eagles. The Giants now find themselves atop the NFC East with a 5-2 record and Hosley couldn't feel more relieved.

Although only a rookie, Hosley will continue to be counted on for the Giants. Lining up against a veteran and crafty receiver in Moss will only benefit the 22-year-old. Sunday's game serves as a valuable lesson for the rookie who must continue to learn as the season goes on.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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8 Responses to “Rookie Jayron Hosley Most Relieved Player After New York Giants Victory Over Redskins”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    Hosely also got beat by Moss on the flanker screen that went for the skins other TD
    all in all a bad day for him
    but hopefully a learning one

    •  rlhjr says:

      True that. Still, he doesn’t sulk about it. He just owned it, and moved on.
      And I think he recovered the final fumble. Bottom line, his attitude tells me he will be a good one. He has the physical skill set plus he’s a ball hawk.

      I am starting to feel the same way about Steve Brown. Although I haven’t seen him jump a route, the kid is a solid tackler and is always around the ball and has decent ball skills. Those are very good indicators.

      Brown get’s the nod over Hill, but make no mistake Hill is ultra talented more so (IMHO) than Brown. Any other time missing a talent like KP woudl be hard on a defense. Brown is no Phillips, be he’s done damn good in his place.

      With both those kids (Brown & Hill) Hosley and (yeah I’m gonna say it) Prince the Giants secondary looks to be in good hands. All these kids are keepers.

  2.  Krow says:

    So thinking about Osi … and his ‘flat out brilliant’ description of the consensus ‘best player in the history of organized football’ … RG3. In his long career he’s played against Peyton Manning … Michael Vick … Aaron Rogers … Drew Brees … Brett Favre. He’s played with Eli. Yet I’ve never seen him gush like this. It kind of surprised me.

    Then I wondered … free agency looming … Orapko hurt again and also a free agent. DC is a big market.

    Maybe visions of a large bucket of ‘Danny Dollars’ are swirling ‘round his brain? This is the simpleton owner who paid that worthless bag of dung Haynesworth $100,000,000. Osi’s a smart cookie … he knows where the money is. And a lot of it is in Redskinsland. Just sayin’ … … …

  3.  Luv2Salsa says:

    Hosley actually had pretty good coverage on the play. Moss had perhaps a half step on him, and it was a perfect throw from RGIII. Rolle must have had over the top responsibilities on the two outside receivers because he made no effort to help. At that point in the game, I’m not sure why you would allow any receiver to get behind the deep safety. Ditto on the Manning to Cruz pass.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    The Herzlich delima. The kid could be the answer at MIKE for this team.
    However, what is taking so long? I understand he needed to regain strength, agility and stamania. But after his ordeal how long does that take?

    One thing is certian, the kid wants to play. You can always guage that by how well a player performs on special teams. Herzlich nearly killed a kid on the initial K/O Sunday. Trust me, desire and hussel on special teams is how position coaches find starters and role players on both sides of the ball.

    So why can’t Hrezlich overtake Blackburn? Knowledge of the defense?
    By all reports Herz is pretty instinctive and smart at BC. He was by all accounts a monster. So what’s the deal? Personnaly I think it’s physical. I think he may not have regained some aspect of his former self. Again, this kid is instinctive so I can’t see his lack of play being learning curve related.

    •  F0XLIN says:

      I think it’s more because Chase continues to make game changing plays game in and game out, even if he is average at best the remainder of the time. Fewell claimed Chase knows the playbook better than him at times. The 2 of these factors combined is why he hasn’t lost his job yet.

      Coughlin said yesterday Herzlich is ready to go and is a would be starter at MLB on most NFL teams. Coughlin has always had this allegiance to veterans, it will take an injury or very poor play for Herzlich to take over at this point.

    •  TonyMW says:

      I really don’t think it’s anything to do w/ physicality. We all know Blackburn is VERY limited in that area, and from what I saw of Herz in preseason tells me that he’s at Blackburn’s level on a bad day. Instinctive in college doesn’t equal instinctive in the NFL. Things you KNEW were coming in college doesn’t translate the same. Things aren’t always what they seem in the NFL. That is the dilemma in my opinion….how does Herz regain that instinct and confidence in what he’s seeing if he doesn’t get any snaps?

  5.  TonyMW says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I’m perfectly content w/ Chase for the time being. Is he ideal in coverage? Absolutely not. Is he washed out of plays more than you’d like? Definitely. I just think that as long as Fewell schemes in such a way that he’s not constantly exposed (which I don’t think he’s been doing well thus far) we’re fine for the time being. You’d have to assume that Herz offers more physically, but the simple fact that he gets almost NO playing time tells me he’s not there mentally. Our track record shows that Coughlin values brains over brawn at that position, and it’s almost an exact replica of the situation we had w/ Krow’s boy. We won 2 SB’s w/ MLB’s that can’t cover. I’m fine w/ that until proven otherwise.

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