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Martellus Bennett: Sunday was My Worst Game as a New York Giant

October 23rd, 2012 at 12:39 PM
By Dan Benton

Despite his reputation in Dallas as a selfish, egotistical and lazy player, New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett has been anything but that in the Big Apple. In fact, the Black Unicorn is his own worst critic and is constantly looking to improve his game. And during a 27-23 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday, he had one of the best statistical games of his career, hauling in five passes for 79 yards. Yet he wasn't happy with his performance, saying he felt it was his worst game as a member of the Giants.

"That's the thing about this game," Bennett said. "A lot of people just look at stats. I thought I played better against the 49ers than I played this past week so my thing is just improving and getting better from week to week."

Bennett went as far as to say he "screwed" quarterback Eli Manning early in the game when one of Manning's passes sailed over his head and was intercepted. However, Eli later acknowledged that Bennett made the right read and adjustment, and that he just made a poor throw. Still, the tight end wasn't interested in hearing that and accepted full responsibility for the turnover.

“I screwed him on a couple of plays," Bennett said. “I think I played pretty bad. I think the sky’s the limit for us in our relationship, but we got a lot to improve on, me personally."

On another target, Bennett said he was grabbed by a defender and wasn't able to get to where he needed to be in time. Again, he took full responsibility even though it was outside of his control.

"I'm just a better player than I showed yesterday," Bennett said. "That's just how I feel. Like I said, statistically, looking at the stats, it was an OK game. But I just think after watching the tape and looking at some things, I'm better than how I played yesterday."

In listening to the tight end, it's hard to believe his work ethic was ever questioned. He's done nothing but give the Giants 100% and is always looking for ways to improve his game. He's also playing through a very painful knee injury (hyperextension) , which defines the warrior mentality. He's everything and more that the Giants could have hoped for when they signed him, and will only continue to get better as he gets more comfortable with the offense.

On behalf of the Giants and their fans, we say thank you, Dallas!

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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42 Responses to “Martellus Bennett: Sunday was My Worst Game as a New York Giant”

  1.  kinsho says:

    Worst day? Really? He had more catches and yardage than Hakeem Nicks.

    Not his best day, but definitely not his worst.

    •  TonyMW says:

      I think it goes a little further than his stat line. We don’t know as fans what his reads where to supposed to be or how he should have done this or that. He feels he missed some blocks he should have gotten and he at least takes partial blame for the int. I see where he’s coming from.

    •  BLU-82 says:

      Coughlin agreed, or as much as Coughlin does about stuff like this. Something like “He didn’t have his best day.”

      Apparently his blocking left something to be desired, though to my untrained eyes he looked okay too. I’ll defer to the experts.

      •  TonyMW says:

        I don’t remember specifics, but I do recall him being pushed around a few times. Outside of that I think he did an overall good job. I think this may be more about contrast to how he’s been playing in previous games. I’ve seen him take DE’s out of some plays, and in comparison this may just be mediocre.

  2.  TonyMW says:

    I’ll say this…..Interception notwithstanding (Eli and Bennett have both taken blame), if what we saw from Bennett on Sunday was his floor in terms of what he offers us, this dude needs to be re-signed NOW. I’ve seen it thrown around that Bennett is the best talent at TE that we’ve had since Shockey, I personally think he’s better than Shockey was (small sample size, I know). I seem to remember Shockey not becoming a good blocker until his last couple of years with us. At this point I feel that Bennett is equally as useful as a receiver and a flat out better blocker.

    •  Valid says:

      Agree 100 percent with this.

      I think Bennett could certainly become a better TE than Shockey. He is certainly already a better team guy than Shockey ever was.

  3.  Valid says:

    Re: What I said about Rolle needing to shut his mouth

    I have no problem with his comments on seeing this game as a “get-back.” What I have a problem with is him saying “we’ll prove who’s better on Sunday.” Just prove it on the field. No need to give Dallas any extra fuel.

    •  TonyMW says:

      Yeah, I completely agree. I have no issue with a guy talking a lot, but I have an issue with what’s being said. Didn’t he say something similar before the Redskin game last season?

    •  kinsho says:

      Gotta love Rolle’s eloquence, though….

      “get-back”…..must have been a phrase he learned from his Beverly Hills days

  4.  Valid says:

    Also, gotta love Bennett’s comments here. Dude is maturing before our eyes.

  5.  LUZZ says:

    Bennett’s agent has done a nice job with him. It’s not only your play on the field that the Giants are watching, it’s how you conduct yourself including your statements in the media. Bennett is setting himself up for a very nice payday for sure. Maybe by Reese or maybe not, but Bennett will be getting the Quan very shortly.

    •  TonyMW says:

      I think they have to get a deal done. Without Bennett we’re left w/ Beckum, Pascoe and Robinson. The first 2 are below average blockers and the latter is a complete unknown. Doesn’t look pretty.

      •  stuh says:

        Pascoe not a good blocker?
        I watched Bennett this morning on the Fox morning show, the guy has a great persoality and is very articulate and seems bright. He is one of the best TE’s around and their are a lot of them.

        •  TonyMW says:

          Are you insinuating that Pascoe is a good blocker? Detective Peter Pascoe from Reginald Hill novels may do a comparable job.

  6.  kujo says:

    Sign him longterm. Love this guy. Needs to be a Giant for the rest of his career.

  7.  Valid says:

    Rob Parker just said we had to pull out a “miracle” to beat Cleveland and said Eli is in NO WAY an MVP candidate. Gave him no credit for the Cruz throw because Cruz was “wide open.” Said 2 Super Bowl wins have an asterisk because he beat an “aging Tom Brady.”

    Unreal. How does this idiot have a job?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Never heard of this dude, and wouldn’t care if I had. Meaningless talk means nothing. I’m gonna guess Eli Manning has no idea who this clown is, and wouldn’t care any more about what he has to say than do I.

      I honestly believe Eli pays attention to about seven people: Archie, Olivia, Peyton, Cooper, Abby, Tom Coughlin and Kevin Gilbride. At this point Eli TEACHES his position coach, just like his older brother did his. The sports commentators? Just noise to him, as they should be to us.

      •  Valid says:

        No doubt. It is just mind-boggling to me how clearly biased people such as Parker can be given such jobs.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Any chance you can transcribe those quotes for me?

      •  Valid says:

        From what I can remember, he said that Eli is “no way, no how” an MVP candidate because his numbers aren’t good enough. They needed miracles to beat the Buccaneers, the Browns, and the Redskins and have only beaten one good team (SF) all year. Said the two SB wins are impressive, but they deserve an asterisk because he beat an aging Tom Brady in both of them.

  8.  stuh says:

    Who is Rob Parker? Just another talking head? That’s why I can’t watch or listen to most of these idiots, they just talk so they can be heard.
    What jokes most of these guy’s are. Te biggest is Mike (the sports doctor) Francessa. He is a dotcor a proctologist.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    I really hope Reese can figure out how to keep Bennett, but we’d all better get used to the idea that we are going to lose some players that Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin most definitely do not want to lose. The cap will work its miserable intent on us and force us to let loose some of the young talent on the team that will help other teams become much stronger.

    And we should all remember that this fact is going to mean that everyone coming off rookie contracts who hasn’t done all that much is highly unlikely to be dressed in blue next season unless he’s bought a jersey on a website. Guys like Barden and Beckum are luxuries that almost certainly cannot be afforded.

    Osi probably has to go (which makes me very unhappy). Webster will have to take a big salary hit or will probably have to leave. Kenny Phillips may leave for a very big contract elsewhere that we cannot afford. Locklear and Diehl may both be gone if Brewer is ready and they believe in McCants or Capers. The cap is going to be a killer next season for us.

    •  TonyMW says:

      If Webster’s play thus far is any indication, I think he may be the first surprise departure. If Prince and Hosley continue improving as expected, I don’t feel too bad about of a group of consisting of those 2, Coe and a draft pick. Of course in a perfect world, Webster would prove in the upcoming weeks that he was just in a slump and he agrees to take a paycut in the offseason. Highly doubtful.

  10.  GOAT56 says:

    Worried about Rolle talking? Bradshaw talked before the SF game. JPP talked before the Washington game and the GB playoff game last year. And there are many more times this team has talked since the last few regular season games last year. That’s part of who our team is and it’s a show of confidence. I understand everyone remembers Rolle and the redskins last year but everyone forgets who chatty and almost cocky we were during the SB run. Love it or hate it that’s how we play. It’s like complaining about throwing the ball on 3rd and 1 or 1st down after the interception. We are a team that goes for it. Without that attitude that game winning Cruz TD last week doesn’t happen. We go for it and sometimes like that Eli Int or the PI against Philly it might not work but we are not going to play scared like the Jets last week. This is not a conservative team if anything in crunch time we get more aggressive. I love it but even if you don’t, just understand that’s how we play.

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