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Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw Had Heated Exchanges with Tom Coughlin, Victor Cruz on Sunday

October 22nd, 2012 at 12:30 PM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw is extremely passionate about the game of football. It's a trait that he carried over from his days at Marshall, and one that was exacerbated by the equally passionate Brandon Jacobs, whom Bradshaw looked at as a mentor and Brother figure. So when he was held to only 43 yards on 12 carries against the Washington Redskins, the veteran was understandably upset.

After breaking off a long run late in the third quarter, Bradshaw was up-ended by a defender that wide receiver Victor Cruz had previously engaged in a block. Following the play, Bradshaw was seen slapping the helmet of his teammate as they shared words. Then, also in the second half, Bradshaw and head coach Tom Coughlin were seen having a very heated and emotional exchange near the sideline, which ended with Coughlin waiving his arms, presumably telling Bradshaw to get on the field.

In addition to those two run-ins, Bradshaw also briefly had it out with running back coach Jerald Ingram, although that face-to-face was not aired in its entirety on television. It ended with the running back sitting alone on the bench, slamming his helmet on the ground.

After the 27-23 comeback victory over the Redskins, Bradshaw did not address the media. Coughlin, however, did.

“That’s between he and I,” Coughlin said of their on-field conversation.

Bradshaw did eventually take to Twitter early Monday morning, and after having cooled down a bit, tried to smooth the situation over.

"I'm all in! Jus gotta believe! #Ny #gmen #2rings" he tweeted.

Although much will inevitably be made about this, there's nothing to see here. Football is an emotionally charged game, especially at the highest level with the most supreme of athletes. Every week, especially close games like the one they were in on Sunday, emotions will run high and eventually spill over. That's what happened in week seven, but they'll be quick to move on from it as the team turns their attention to the Dallas Cowboys and week eight.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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45 Responses to “Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw Had Heated Exchanges with Tom Coughlin, Victor Cruz on Sunday”

  1.  F0XLIN says:


    F0XLIN says:
    October 22, 2012 at 12:35 PM
    The one thing that I question was why did they get away from running north south like they did very well vs San Fran? Gilbride went to more outside and draw plays after playing virtually the same 3-4 scheme the 49ers run, but no where near as good, which clearly was not effective.

    •  kinsho says:

      Cause when the other team has what might be the worst secondary in the league, you’d probably do much better throwing the deep ball.

  2.  norm says:

    It’s entirely possible that the Giants could lock up the division with a win on Sunday.

    One quirk in the scheduling that has received almost no attention is that after next Sunday, the Giants will have already played four games against divisional foes. Dallas will have played just two; Washington and Philly but one.

    Looking ahead, one sees that Philly is scheduled to play Atlanta and New Orleans over the next two weeks; The Skins, Pittsburgh and Carolina. Meaning, five of the last seven games for each of those teams will be against divisional rivals. In the case of Dallas, it’s four out of their last eight games.

    If the Giants come out of Sunday night’s game 2-2 in the NFC East, they’re sitting pretty. They would be looking at a second half schedule comprised largely of out of division games while their three rivals will spend almost all of that same time knocking heads with one another. Given the parity within the NFC East itself, it’s highly doubtful that any one of those teams will be able to put together a run of any consequence. My hunch is that they all finish at or around the same .500 divisional mark that the Giants figure to have.

    Of course, it all hinges on getting the win on Sunday. If that happens, we’re looking at a possible two game lead with the rest of the NFC East having to scratch and claw over one another to make up the lost ground. But a loss to the Cowboys and the Giants will find themselves back in the same muck and mire as everyone else.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Absolutely correct. All the more reason that this is a “must win” for a desperate Cowboys team. We will get their best effort of the season.

      The good news is that we are increasingly healthy. This is not the same team they beat in Week 1.

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    Interesting Play calling late in the game yesterday. Especially when Eli hadn’t been playing great. Not crazy about the 15 yard back shoulder to Nicks on 3rd and 1, but I was surprised Nicks didn’t catch it.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Well put. It was far from a drop but the type of pass we have come to expect Nicks to catch.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Nicks catches that ball 90% of the time, maybe even 98% of the time. Good throw, no chance of a pick, and the ball was right there and Hakeem gets his hands on it even while being jostled by the defender. I actually liked the call and Nicks should have had it for pretty much a game-sealing first down.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    I absolutely LOVED the emotion being displayed. This was Ahmad Bradshaw literally taking over the rabid emotional leadership that we had from Brandon Jacobs, as he promised he would do as soon as he learned BJ would depart for his West Coast exile.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Bradshaw is running as hard as he did as a rookie, and literally punishing tacklers. I have to believe that watching Andre Brown hit holes violently for two games and do well made a light bulb go on in Braddie’s head (which illuminated the risk to his job and the fact that hitting the hole faster does worlds of good). He still sometimes misses the gap but the number of times has significantly diminished, and I think he is playing HARD, and great. very happy with him.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      I love fiery emotion too, but I don’t remember B. Jacobs confronting teammates and coaches during games. If it ever happened, I apologize for my ignorance.

      When a game is in progress that is not the time to confront teammates and coaches. It divides the team at a critical time. Bradshaw, regardless of how valid his frustration was (and I was feeling it too) should know better and should lead by example better.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I used to be able to hear Jacobs arguing for more carries and insisting that they weren’t running the ball enough. He and Ingram used to shout at the top of their lungs at each other on the bench. There are advantages to being within hearing distance of the benches. You learn a lot about how emotionally charged everyone is during the game.

        And Bradshaw SHOULD have been up in Cruz’s grill after that play. Had he held his block that could have been a touchdown or at least a very long run. later in the game both Cruz and Nicks made a few very nice downfield blocks. never hurts to be reminded that part of the job is blocking.

        •  G-MenFan says:

          Ha, didn’t know that about Jacobs and Ingram. At least Bradshaw runs hard on every play and has an argument for more carries. BJ liked to pick and choose when he ran hard and when he tiptoed.

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    Gonna repost this because it took me too long to write, and then got murdered by the dreaded UUT.

    Heres my 2 cents on the top QB’s in the NFL right now. I’m not going to rank them, I’ll just say that you can win a SB with any of them, and they all posses the ability to put a team on their back.


    Brady: HOF. Was the gold standard for being clutch until Eli came along. Has a great coach. Unfortunately has a poor G.M. Would probably have 5 rings if Reese had been drafting for him since 2007. Giants fans may hate him but he basically was Eli before Eli. Has a hot wife.

    Brees: Scary at home. Has the rare ability to completely take over games. Fits perfectly into Sean Paytons system. Probably is not as clutch as Eli or Brady but can be dominant in certain games the way the others can’t.

    Eli: Most clutch in the league. In fact it almost doesn’t make sense how good he can look in the 4th Q in games where he’s been average or mediocre earlier. Wonder what he could do if the team let him air it out like GB or NO. Took the team on his back last year. If injured, would lead many Giants fans into severe depression.

    Peyton: If Tracy Porter doesn’t pick him off and take it to the house, he probably goes down as the greatest ever. Could be dominant and clutch. Although not clutch on the level that Brady and Eli are. Smartest QB ever.

    The Rapist: Presents a tough moral dilemma for fans of his team by being a complete D- Bag. Probably a step below the others on this list, but certainly can ball. What he did that last drive in his second SB was legendary. 3 SB appearances, 2 rings. Lacks the leadership the others on this list have, but is a playmaker. If you don’t have Brady, Brees, Eli or Rodgers, or a young up and comer like RG3 or Luck, you want the Rapist. Can be clutch although not dominant.

    Rodgers: Not yet certain if he has the “clutch gene” but he certainly has the “Dominate”gene. ie, the ability to completely take over a game and thus end it in the 2Q. The dominate gene by law can only fully show itself about 3-5 times a year, but when it does, the other team has about a .0001% chance of winning. QB’s that have flashed the dominate gene include: Brees at home, Peyton Manning, Brady in 2007, Steve Young SB 29. Chris Collinsworth calls this “Surgical”

    Thats it. Thats the list. 6 QB’s as of right now.

    Dominate gene vs. clutch gene

    You’d rather have the clutch gene because it can be used more often than the dominate gene, and thus help you win more games. However you must always fear and respect the dominate gene because you don’t want to be the team on the other end of it. It’s why I’d rather not face GB in the playoffs this year if we can avoid it. Would much rather play Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago.

  6.  GOAT56 says:


    I get a funny feeling that the NFC will come down to us and GB. I have been a GB non believer. But their defense does look much better. They were a good unit 2 years ago and invested heaviliy in their defense so I think the improvement is legit. And they have Aaron Rodgers who when on can make some throws you just can’t defend. Their running game sucks right now but they have time like us last year to make it decent.

    Chicago is a legit team as well but I think their OL is a bad matchup vs our DL. Philly is still a team I think may be heard from but only if Vick steps his game up and the OC learns that Mccoy is their best player. SF is good but I don’t think their defense matches up well vs up if we protect Eli. Atl is just a team good team that I don’t think is good enough to beat us in the playoffs. Seatle is they got good QB play would scare me some because their DBs a very physical and fast. They have an OL and running game with decent WRs but they just lack good enough QB play. Same could be said about Ariz. And Minn is like a SF last year but not as talented.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Too early to really evaluate teams yet. Two weeks from now the landscape will be much more clear.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        All we can do is make educated guesses. Even in a few weeks we won’t really know. Maybe in the past but in today’s NFL it’s just much harder to telll.

    •  Valid says:

      I agree on GB. They scare me more than any other NFC team.

      Chicago not only has a bad OL, but it has a shaky QB in Cutler. They don’t scare me.

      Stop it with Philly. They are 11-11 since the supposed “Dream Team” came together. They are the definition of mediocrity and have no chance of contending for a SB title.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    I haven’t seen this mentioned so I will make note of the very nice fact that we came out of this game healthy, having suffered no significant injuries that I’m aware of as of now. On the other hand, the Skins lost Fred Davis (a big key to their offense) for the season and are now signing Chris Cooley, who isn’t the same Cooley who used to give us fits. That will really hurt the Skins going forward. They will be a tough opponent down the road, but their season may be headed downhill this year without Davis. He’s really important to them.

  8.  Valid says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I LOVED seeing Bradshaw get all fired up yesterday. It just shows how dedicated the guy is to winning. I don’t think his tantrums were of a selfish manner; they were due to the fact that he wants to see his team in the best position to win.

    To be honest with you, if we do go on to win the Super Bowl (and I am confident we will), we may look back on Bradshaw’s outbursts as one of the defining moments/lasting images of our season.

  9. Norm — Way to steal my thunder. Have been thinking since last week what 6-2 would mean for this team, given the way the schedule is laid out.

    Of course, we have a pretty tough schedule of our own. And if Vick stays healthy, that Week 17 matchup with Philly might be for all the marbles.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      You know Philly looks really bad this year, mainly Vick, but it’s really starting to look like they will miss the playoffs and that will be it for Reid. All that being said, I really hope that by the time we get to week 17 we already have a playoff spot locked up.

      Because for some reason seeing that Giants uniform is like their magic elixir. Even if they limp into that game at 7-8, you know they would love nothing more than to keep us out of the playoffs.

  10.  Nosh.0 says:

    OK don’t want to be too much of a homer but there’s a strong argument right now that Victor Cruz is the best WR in the NFL.

    Mainly, because his skill set is so unique. He’s amazing in the slot, quick enough to get separation from any corner playing 1-1 man, and can hit the home run.

    The only thing he lacks, Height, but that would probably negate some of the quickness.

    From a skills standpoint he probably is a notch below the great slot guys at finding the hole in the zone and getting first downs, ie Welker, Giants Steve Smith, Stokley in Indy.
    And probably a notch below the great Jump Ball Wr’s. but he’s still very good at both.

    But his ability to beat any corner, and find the end zone from anywhere on the field is almost unmatched. On his TD yesterday I couldn’t help but think how many WR’s end up getting caught before they hit the end zone. And as we know, TD’s are no sure thing for any offense regardless of field position.

    And maybe most important of all, he understands this crazy option route offense, and has developed a great chemistry with #10.

    •  Levito says:

      I dunno. From what I’ve heard, the big boys play outside.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Hopefully I didn’t just jinx #80.

    •  kinsho says:

      He’s the best slot receiver, hands down. Best receiver is a little more tough to say…

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Sorry, he’s not the best. Very good and up there but Megatron is still the best in my book because the number she puts up with defenses designed to take him away. You could say the same about Fitz. Hopefully, we won’t get a chance to know if Cruz could survive long term a this level without Nicks.

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