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New York Giants’ David Wilson Already Has Sights Set on NFL Hall of Fame

October 19th, 2012 at 9:20 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants running back David Wilson has carried the ball only 15 times this season, but he feels that's just the beginning. Known for setting lofty and near unreachable goals for himself, it should come as no real surprise that the 2012 first-round draft pick already has his sights set on induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.

“I think at the end of my career, I’ll be in the Hall of Fame,” Wilson told Newsday. “I know myself, and I know [when] I have guys around me that feel the same way, which I feel I do. When I get my opportunity, the sky is not the limit. I think it’s past it. You have to believe in yourself to do good things. This is how I feel.”

On Wilson's second NFL carry, he coughed up the ball and was promptly placed in the dog house of head coach Tom Coughlin. It's taken five weeks and an injury to Andre Brown for Wilson to see more carries, but he's taken advantage of the opportunities. In a 26-3 victory over the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday, Wilson carried the ball seven times for 35 yards. A week prior, he scored his first touchdown on a 40-yard run against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There's no denying that the youngster out of Virginia Tech has tons of talent, but he's got a long way to go before he can think about the Hall of Fame. And Coughlin would be the first to tell him you have to focus on the task at hand – there's no sense in looking so far ahead.

At this point, Wilson's goal needs to be improving his pass protection and learning the playbook from front to back. Until he's able to do that, he's not only going to miss out on enshrinement in Canton, he's going to be struggling for a job.

“He’s progressing in some things, but some things he has a ways to go. He’s got a lot of room for growth," offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said.

He'll have another opportunity to open eyes this Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

Photo credit: Mike Gannon


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25 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Wilson Already Has Sights Set on NFL Hall of Fame”

  1.  TuckThis says:

    Maybe he could set a more immediate goal like beating the Redskins on Sunday.

  2.  TuckThis says:

    That, too! :-)

  3.  JimStoll says:

    going to be interesting
    Wash has the 2d best rushing offense in the league; 20th in passing; 5th overall in terms of yards
    32 in defense in terms of yards
    RGIII 100.5 passer rating but only 1,300 yards passing compared to 1,800 for Eli

    Eli and the offense have to make the Washington defense play down to their stats
    Most likely, RGIII is going to get some big runs and complete some big passes after he breaks contain

    The Giants might just have to put up 35 to win this game

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    I wish i could say the Redskins scare me but they don’t. I just don’t think their defense can do much to Eli so even if RG3 does some great things our offensive will be able to carry us home. But I suspect the defense will have a very good game plan that will give the Redskin offense their toughest challenge so far this year.

    I think Dallas and Philly this year are much tougher matchups because both teams have very good CBs and pass rushes. They also have more playmakers at the skill positions than Washington. I could be wrong but to me this is like the TB game, we could struggle from our own mistakes but will find a way to win. If we play TO free it could get ugly.

    •  JimStoll says:

      the skins have lost 2 key guys on their defense and Fletcher has slowed a step
      but over the past few years, even when we were beating them, they usually dialed up pretty good game plans against us

      •  GOAT56 says:

        The lowest their defense has given up is 22. Their defense isn’t as good as it was the last few years.

        •  BLU-82 says:

          This is also their first divisional game of the season. And you know that the divisional games are a totally different animal. Not worried, but you still have to respect that defense until we prove we (the fans at least) don’t have to.

  5.  JimStoll says:

    here’s my worst case scenario — at the end of the 1st Q we are winning 10-3; then JPP sacks RGIII and knocks him out of the game
    Rex Grossman trots onto the field and we end of losing 24-23

  6.  kinsho says:

    I love this kid. Dream big. At least if you don’t reach the state, you’ll make it to the moon.

  7.  The Original G Man says:

    The kid’s got moxie!

  8.  kinsho says:

    BOLD PREDICTION: Eli drops at least 40 points on the Redskins this week.

  9.  F0XLIN says:

    Didn’t Rolle say Wilson was humble earlier in the week? I guess he means it in a Eli “I believe I am elite” kinda way

  10.  TheCatch says:

    Sunday 64 and sunny but WINDY

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