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New York Giant’ Chris Canty “Excited” to Be Back; Hopes to Play Sunday

October 18th, 2012 at 9:30 AM
By Paul Tierney

The New York Giants defensive line came to life last Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Despite several disappointing performances leading up to Big Blue's victory at Candlestick Park, the Giants broke out for six sacks against Alex Smith and the vaunted 49ers offense. However, the Giants have been playing shorthanded on the defensive line all season. The absence of Chris Canty has forced defensive coordinator Perry Fewell to play some young, inexperienced players alongside Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul. But Canty is hopeful he can return to the lineup this Sunday.

The Giants starting defensive tackle underwent knee surgery after the Super Bowl. The extent and specifics of the injury remains unknown, but it was serious enough that the Giants put Canty on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, which automatically ruled him out for the first six weeks of the 2012 season. Canty is eligible to practice this week, and he seems excited to start getting back to football.

"It's been tough," the eight-year veteran said. "But I've been trying to keep a positive outlook about it, positive attitude, help my teammates in any way that I can, help the young guys come along. They've been doing a great job. It's exciting. It's fun to be back and be able to play."

The Giants have sorely missed Canty's presence in the middle of the defense for the majority of the season. While last weekend saw a breakout performance by the entire unit, the Giants are thin at defensive tackle and have been plugging in rookies Markus Kuhn and Marvin Austin alongside Linval Josesph.

Even if Canty plays in the Giants home matchup with the Washington Redskins this weekend, don't count on seeing the physical specimen that clogged up the heart of the defense in 2011. Canty has not played since the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI in February. On Wednesday, Canty acknowledged that he's a work in progress.

"Obviously there was some rust to be expected," Canty said. "I haven't played football in eight months, since the Super Bowl. It's a highly competitive game. This is football at the highest level. That's to be expected."

Just because Canty hasn't stepped on the field this season does not mean he has had no impact on the team. Kuhn said on Tuesday that Canty has been a tremendous asset to him as a veteran presence.

"If I had any questions, I was always able to come to him," Kuhn said of Canty. "When we watch film together, he sits there and says: 'Markus, see how you played that' or 'Good job there and not so good job there.' Definitely he's helped a lot."

The Giants will have their work cut out for them on Sunday. With a mobile quarterback in Robert Griffen III coming to MetLife Stadium to take on Big Blue, there is no telling how well the Giants will be able to contain the Redskins' rushing attack. Chris Canty will have a minimal impact on this matchup, but he could once again prove to be critical to the defensive line's success throughout the rest of the 2012 season.


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24 Responses to “New York Giant’ Chris Canty “Excited” to Be Back; Hopes to Play Sunday”

  1.  BLU-82 says:

    re: the trash talk from last thread:

    I think it’s funny- the Giants have some weird reputation for being a quiet, classy team. And yeah, they’re pretty classy as far as NFL teams and franchises go, but man do they run their mouths.

    I don’t particularly like it, but it doesn’t bother me either. As someone mentioned, we seem to play well on weeks when we’re yapping a little. The Giants definitely are a little less aggressive, more thoughtful as a team, and I think when they yap it shows that they’re feeling a little bit more amped up.

    Let RGIII have some bulletin board material- because if the chatter is an indication of the energy level on this team, than they will play a good game Sunday and he will definitely need to play a very good one to win. We don’t lose when we come out with intensity, and I’ll take whatever evidence I can that they won’t come out flat on Sunday.

    And yeah- the RGIII skins are a different animal, and they will present a much bigger challenge than we’re used to seeing from the skins.

  2.  GOAT56 says:


    I respect RG3 but he doesn’t scare me anymore than Vick or Cam did. While RG3 might have the best all-around mix of athletic and throwing talents I don’t see him as that much better than either of those players right now. The reason why he has been more successful than those two players so far this year is their running game. I think the key for us is to stop Morris and make Washington totally dependent on RG3. We stopped Carolina’s running game and Philly’s running game for a half. We allowed a total of 14 points in those 6 quarters. If we stop the running game RG3 might make some plays but it will be hard for them to have prolonged success. They don’t have a Steve Smith or DJAx that scares you and even the closest guy to that they have Garcon is not likely to play. I don’t think RG3 can score enough points to beat us if we stop Morris. RG3 will make some plays with his legs but without the help of Morris he can’t beat us by himself with the weapons they have around him without significant help from Morris.

    •  jfunk says:

      I disagree. From what I’ve seen of him thus far, I think Bob Thrice is vastly superior to both.

      Cam has size on him, that’s for sure, and that may allow him to be more successful as a runner overall for a longer period of time because he can break some tackles and take the beating more easily.

      That being said, I think Bob is a MUCH better passer than either of them and he’s a better runner than Vick as well. This kid is going to cause us a fits for a long time, and it could start as early as Sunday. He’s got some learning to do still, so he’s not as dangerous yet as he will be, but he’s already capable of making big plays at any moment.

      •  Levito says:

        not sure if he’s a better runner than Vick was in his prime, but at this point in their careers Griffin is way more dangerous, He’s lethal from the pistol formation and are going to cause headaches for the Giants defense. I think it’ll be a case of the Giants just having to put up enough points on offense that the skins just can’t keep up.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think Vick when he doesn’t turn the ball over is just as dangerous as RG3. Vick hasn’t been as good as RG3 this year but the Vick we saw play versus us is very comparable to RG3. But Vick has a better supporting cast at the skill positions and defensively. RG3 does have a better OL.

  3.  Starks in Tampa says:

    First, I am VERY excited to have Canty back. Cant wait to see him in their and see how much space and freedom his presence creates for JPP and Tuck/Osi.

    Second, I think folks on this blog and in general have very short memory. Is Bob The Third a tremendous athlete? you bet! Does he have tremendous talent,Yes sir! But lets not crown his @ss just yet for goodness sake. Lets not forget how dominant and tremendous Mike Vick used to be with the Falcons, heck even a couple of years back with the Eagles. To me, in my book, the prime years of Mike Vick is the ultimate this league has ever seen in terms of a QB who can run and pass. Not to say that Vick was a GREAT QB, no, and I dont believe you can win with a running QB in this league, give me your tradition QB’s any day of the week and twice on sundays.

    But to say that Bob the third is better then Vick, at this current time, forget how good Vick really was in his prime. As FF55 stated, we certainly have to be concerend and I am sure Fewell and the boys are. But to give Bobthe Third all of this respect is just fine but lets not fear the guy.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think it’s much like SF. Look RG3 is very good and extremely talented. But if Vick is not turning the ball over I don’t see much difference between the 2 QBs. And the Vick we faced didn’t turn the ball over. A QB of his talent is hard to defend but the key is making him have to beat you by himself. If RG3 can beat us single handedly like Vick circa 2010 did then I will tip my cap but let’s make him have to give that type of effort.

    •  Willy Wonka says:

      The prime years of Mcnabb were pretty scary as well. People forget that that guy was a monster in his prime

  4.  Krow says:

    Players whose contract expires after this season. UFA unless noted otherwise:

    David Carr
    Andre Brown
    Victor Cruz (RFA)
    Domenik Hixon
    Ramses Barden
    Martellus Bennett
    Sean Locklear
    William Beatty
    Kevin Boothe
    Mitch Petrus
    Jim Cordle
    Osi Umenyiora (2013 voidable year)
    Adrian Tracy
    Rocky Bernard
    Chase Blackburn
    Keith Rivers
    Michael Coe
    Justin Tryon
    Kenny Phillips
    Stevie Brown
    Lawrence Tynes

    IR – Travis Beckum, Justin Trattou, and Shaun Rogers

  5.  rlhjr says:

    RG will get into trouble if Fewell does a good job disguising his defense.

    And if RG goes to the run once too often, he’ll get lit up yet again.

    The Giants have the goods to control him. But it’s safe to agree that the kid will have his pound of flesh sooner or later. For Perry Fewell and his defense, it needs to be later. Like after the game clock has expired. Respect, not fear is the order of the day. Griffin presses and feels pressure when he’s behind on the scoreboard. Thats when the mistakes come.

    Also, the Giants ability to control the game offensively either on the ground or over the top will pay off very big time. Not much Bob can do sitting watching.
    Except maybe learn how to throw from the pocket. His offensive line however won’t allow “Bob” that luxury.

  6.  giantsfan says:

    I think the game plan should be similar to the one we use against the Eagles:

    1) Hit RG3. If he has the ball, hit him. If he does NOT have the ball, hit him. Hit him right after he throws the ball. Hit him before he throws the ball. Hit him. Hit him. Hit him.

    2) Stop the run. And double Santana Moss. Limit the big plays on their side.

    3) Score fast. No need to control the clock. Score, and score fast. Their defense will not be able to stop Eli and our offense. Put them down 21 and force them to pass.

  7.  TheCatch says:

    We only need to potect the ball to come out on top. Turnovers are the only way we lose this game. We will be able to sustain drives, eat up the clock, and limit Bob’s time on the field, we just can’t gift them extra possessions.

  8.  LUZZ says:

    Starks in Tampa – Your memory of Vick is just plan wrong. He was not a very good QB in Atlanta. He was 3 years into his career in ATL before he ever passed for 300 yards in a game. While always a dangerous runner, he has always been a turnover machine. These turnovers aren’t a new thing for him. People talk about him in ATL as if he was setting the league on fire, which was never the case. Did you know his final 2 seasons in ATL (prior to prison) the Falcons were below .500? He was healthy those 2 years and started those games and I believe they were 7-9 in each of his last 2 years. Mora was getting very upset with him for his lack of understanding defenses. He seldom studied film and admitted to not studying gameplans. Other than great highlights, all running, he was never really better than average in ATL if you measure him by winning games.

    I would bet that by the end of this season Griffin will be better than Vick ever was in ATL.

    •  giantsfan says:

      I agree about Vick. Vick was very good in his early years because of pure athleticism. But after teams adjusted to his style, they realized that he looks to run almost immediately after evaluating the pass play. And even when he does pass, it’s a 50/50 of completing it. He was never a fantastic passer.

      But that did change in 2010. He was a much more disciplined QB. But after he played us, we showed the world how to defend him. Straight up in his face attack. Teams copied our game plan and knocked Vick back to his old self.

      Now, I don’t know RG3 is. I haven’t seen any of his games. But I’m sticking to the game plan i noted above. I believe we win big this weekend.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Griffin is borderline better than Vick this very minute IMHO. He surely has a better graps of where to go with the ball than Vick’s ever had.

  9.  rlhjr says:

    Rivers ** Will he ever be injury free…THIS year?
    Coe ** Does S. Browwn make more sense than Coe?
    Phillips ** Going forward, is his knee going to be an issue?
    A. Brown ** If Bradshaw is not kept or injured, Brown is needed.

    I think Osi is going to walk and Tuck is only half the player he used to be.
    That tells me to keep Tracy and develop Ojo. Kiwi returns to DE and Rivers heals up and plays well the rest of this season.

    •  BLU-82 says:

      Well it’s a long season but Osi could stink his way out of a big contract and might be retainable- if JR wants to, that is.

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