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When Chris Canty Returns for New York Giants, Who Gets Sent Packing?

October 17th, 2012 at 6:30 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

New York Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty hasn't stepped foot on a football field all year, thanks to an offseason knee surgery that landed him on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. But Canty never thought he would need six weeks to get the knee ready and he returned to practice as soon as he was eligible to, so there's no reason to think he won't be ready to suit up Sunday when the Giants face off with Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.

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But if Canty is added to the 53-man roster, somebody needs to be removed from it to make room. Who's the unlucky chap that's released or placed on Injured Reserve (IR)? Well, let's take a look at some of the candidates.

Markus Kuhn/Marvin Austin: Many will probably be inclined to put a sawbuck on fellow defensive tackle Kuhn, the 7th-round draft pick. He's eligible for the practice squad, but he might have put enough on tape that he won't make it through waivers. Besides, Kuhn started the San Francisco 49ers game over Austin. The Giants invested a 2nd rounder in Austin just two years ago, so it's hard to see them cutting their losses so soon. And since Austin still has practice squad eligibility as well, we wonder if anybody would bother claiming a guy who hasn't really played in three years.

Rocky Bernard: Sure, it sounds crazy and we highly doubt it because he's played pretty well this year. But if the Giants think Kuhn can contribute now and they value the youth and potential of Kuhn and Austin, we suppose it's not totally out of the question.

Adewale Ojomo: Not a defensive tackle, but a defensive lineman nonetheless…and one who has been buried on the bench at that. Ojomo also has practice squad eligibility. He's been bothered by a hamstring injury, which has us wondering if he hits IR a la Victor Cruz in year one.

Mitch Petrus: Wouldn't be the first time he was cut this year. And with David Diehl healthy and waiting on the sidelines in a reserve role, Petrus is so buried he likely won't ever dress. We suppose Jim Cordle is also an option, especially since Kevin Boothe is really the backup center.

Jerrel Jernigan: Much like Marvin Austin, we'd be surprised to see the Giants cut their losses on Jernigan simply because they recently invested a 3rd-round pick on him. But let's be honest here: this is the one guy on this team that has absolutely no roll. Dead last on the depth chart and by a far margin, absolutely zero special teams ability. With Domenik Hixon playing well as the third receiver and Ramses Barden and Reuben Randle showing they can contribute if their number is called, would anybody really miss Jernigan?

Justin Tryon: The last cornerback on the depth chart, the Giants don't have much use for Tryon as long as Jayron Hosley, Prince Amukamara, Corey Webster and Michael Coe are on the field. Again, less likely, but if Kenny Phillips is ready to return in the near future the Giants should have enough healthy defensive backs.

Speaking of safeties, the Giants didn't have to make any tough decisions when Tyler Sash returned from suspension the other week because Will Hill went on the suspended list…which leaves us wondering: what happens when Hill returns? We suppose it could be Hill himself who doesn't find a job when he returns, but we doubt it. It could mean Sash's return is short-lived, or that Tryon or one of the offensive linemen or Jernigan is back on the block.

Of course, the remainder of Hill's suspension leaves plenty of time for an injury to open up a spot. In the case of Chris Canty, when he returns this week, the Giants won't have that same luxury. The Turk lurks.


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10 Responses to “When Chris Canty Returns for New York Giants, Who Gets Sent Packing?”

  1.  G-MenFan says:

    My $$ is on J. Tryon.
    Petrus is my second choice.

    If they cut Ojomo i’ll jump. I’d rather they cut Jernigan or Da’rel Scott.

  2.  Krow says:

    Not to root against anyone, but Tryon won’t see much of the field now that some DBs are getting healthy. He’d also almost certainly make it through waivers to the PS.

    If he doesn’t go then I’d say Da’rel. Brown and Wilson have pushed him so far down the depth chart that he’s got almost no chance of any significant playing time. And like Tryon he’d be a good bet to find his way to the PS.

  3.  JimStoll says:

    interesting question. don’t know the answer, but in order of preference I’d vote:

    Jernigan — sinorice Moss reincarnated;
    Tryon — his only claim to fame is that he hasn’t been injured
    Cordle — he’d still be available if Baas went down
    Petrus — see Cordle above
    Austin — I know, I know, a 2d round pick – but 2 years w/o a snap, now he’s < the German
    Bernard — risky, but youth prevails – if Canty is good to go he and LJ rule the snaps and Kuhn and Austin can be good rotational guys with lots of energy
    Scott — I've held out hope b/c I luv his speed, but he's way down the chart, can't be a return guy, and is only insurance; he's last though b/c I think he does get picked up if released

  4.  JimStoll says:

    Week 7 Power Rankings — NFC East
    As seen by ESPN:

    3. New York Giants (Last week: 7). The Giants actually tied for No. 2 with the Houston Texans but lost on the best-record tiebreaker. (And yes, I find it very funny that the Texans were unanimously No. 3 on every ballot and yet come in at No. 2 in the poll. I like quirky math things.) I put the Giants No. 2 on my ballot, behind only the undefeated Falcons. I thought about putting them No. 1, but 6-0 is 6-0 and as impressive as the Giants’ victory in San Francisco was, it was their first true quality win of the year. No. 2 is where the Giants were on my preseason ballot (behind the Packers), and I think they’re capable of being the best team in the league on any given week. What they have to show is consistency of effort and intensity, and to this point they have not. But if the run game and the pass rush are coming around, they could spend a lot of time up here near the very top of the poll.

    13. Philadelphia Eagles (11). The loss that got Juan Castillo fired drops the Eagles only two spots in the rankings. Me, I dropped them from No. 9 to No. 10, mainly because I didn’t have a team other than the Broncos I felt deserved to jump them. But I have them ranked higher than everyone else does, and I’m not as high on teams like the Seahawks (only good at home) and Vikings as other voters are. Might be nearing time for a midseason re-evaluation, and I admit my Eagles ranking may still be relying more on what I think they’re capable of than what they have accomplished so far this season, but that’s where I am with it.

    15. Washington Redskins (21). This is an example, however, of the opposite case. I think people are holding their preseason opinion of the Redskins against them too much and ignoring what they’ve accomplished. This is a team scoring 29.3 points per game, and if you don’t think Robert Griffin III is a real NFL quarterback, right at this moment, then you haven’t watched him. I have the Redskins at 12. Mike Sando has them at 20 and John Clayton at 22. With one of the highest-scoring offenses in the league and a defense that is outperforming its individual players’ own résumés, I think they deserve better.

    18. Dallas Cowboys (13). I kept them at 13, which is where I had them last week. Could have put the Seahawks or Vikings ahead of them, but we’ve been over that. And besides, I thought the Cowboys played as well Sunday as they have since Week 1. A two-point loss in Baltimore, where no one ever wins, that could have been a win if a field goal attempt had been two feet to the right, isn’t a droppable offense for me.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    First, my bad on Hill. I thought he had a one-year “prove it or you’re gone” deal. Thanks for the correction norm. I think that is VERY good news because I am, and have been, VERY high on that kid. He looks like an emerging star to me.

    Second, if they’re picking between a defensive back and another position as the next victim of The Turk I think they’d always want to retain as much depth at corner and safety as possible. And while Tryon looked awful early this season let me remind you that he looked pretty good last season before being hurt, he is a slot corner and we don’t have a lot of them, and even while he was being beaten like a drum earlier this season he was actually generally in good position but simply didn’t make good plays on the ball. It’s certainly possible that he gets cut, but I doubt it.

    Jernigan? I don’t think so. First, he’s the backup slot receiver and will probably be kept in case they suddenly have neither Nicks nor Cruz available for a period of time (obviously, a horrible situation but always possible in the NFL). Second, he is an insurance policy, albeit a very lousy one, if even after stretching to their limit they cannot keep Cruz after 2013 (he’ll be here next year even if they have to tag him). I am pretty sure he stays.

    Petrus? Diehl really cannot play guard any more. He can’t get low enough. He’s a tackle. The Giants need at least two depth interior players and right now that looks like Petrus and Cordle. I suppose Petrus could get axed, but my guess (based on absolutely nothing….pure guess) is that he has been making significant progress over the past six weeks after having his near-death experience. He played pretty well in his one brief chance against the Panthers. And you have to assume that, having seen that he has physical talent, his problem really was 95% mental, and the experience of being cut forced him to work much, much, harder on the mental game. Agaion, I’d be surprised if he goes.

    Austin? Nope. Too high a draft pick and too much potential. Kuhn? Tough one, but see below. He’s looked like he’s progressing and he’s known now and might well be picked off by some desperate team for depth.

    Hill? Simon must be kidding. The Giants aren’t stupid, and neither are 31 other GMs. His talent was never an issue. Everyone in the league knew he had the talent to be special. They thought, though, he had a $10,000,000 talent and a $.10 brain. They thought he was too big a risk. They thought they couldn’t integrate them into their locker rooms without problems. But now the league knows he buckled down with the Giants and got himself generally squared away. He wouldn’t last a day on the open market. he isn’t being cut.

    I have said from the beginning of the season that I think Scott is, and should be, a goner. He has no value. We have plenty of special teamers, we have three FAR better running backs, there are running backs on the street who are as good or better than he. There’s no reason to keep him except for the theoretical advantages of having four backs, and with Martinek now on the practice squad we don’t need four backs in any case. Scott really has to be one of the two cuts (I am assuming we cannot IR Ojomo because the league wouldn’t tolerate it).

    The other cut might have to be either Bernard or Kuhn, neither of whom the Giants want to lose. But with Joseph showing this past Sunday that perhaps his earlier showings were just a slump and that his progression is now back on track, and with Canty returning, AND with what looks like a smart commitment by Fewell to start mixing in Kiwi on the defensive line and freeing Tuck and JPP to play some snaps at defensive tackle, there may be enough veteran talent now to surround Kuhn and bring him along slowly. That would make Rocky expendable, but if they were to cut him I’m sure they’d hope he will be around if they need him later in the season. If they decide they don’t want to subject JPP and Tuck to very many snaps at tackle (just a handful between them each game) then they may feel that they need the veteran presence of Bernard and might take a chance on cutting Kuhn, sending him to the practice squad, and hoping.

    I could be WAY off, but that’s the way I see it. Scott goes, and one of Bernard and Kuhn goes.

  6.  Krow says:

    Scraping the barrel here, but I think Jernigan has more upside than Barden. Ramses is a big target, and has admittedly shown a flash that one game. But he’s not quick … and Jernigan is. In fact I’d like to see more of JJ.

  7.  demo3356 says:

    I Doubt Reese would make any deal involving a big name guy, but you have to wonder if teams aren’t reaching out to him to see if they could pry one of our DL away for a pick. We have so many good DL and guys like Kiwi and Tracey that are really DE’s playing SAM. I dont think he can keep all of these guys once Canty, Hill and Beckum come back. You have
    DT- Canty, Landfill, Bernard, Austin, Kuhn
    DE- JPP, Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, Ojomo, Tracey
    Now Beckum is a candidate for IR or getting cut, but Hill and Canty will get activated. Knowing our track record with finding and developing Pass rushers and DL in general, you’d have to think some GM is at least reaching out to JR and asking

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    I think the sleeper cut as briefly mentioned is Sash. I think he could be cut for Canty if KP is ready when Canty is activated. Sash not playing a role on defense after Hill or Brown did in previous week’s shows his star has lessened. As a 5th safety he would be kept around for much the same reason as Tryon. I think Tryon is more important on special teams because he’s a gunner and a 5th CB is more likely to be need on defense than a 5th safety. We could wait another week to activate Canty and by then KP has a good shot to be ready. This then would make Sash expendable. This would give us another few weeks to evaluate the roster and make a decision on who we cut for Hill.

    I think the decision for who Hill replaces will be based on where our injuries lie. I still think our positions of least need on our roster are Ojomo, Scott, Austin (when Canty returns) and Robinson. Austin and Robinson are clearly going nowhere. So it comes down to Ojomo and Scott. Ojomo is less needed currently than Scott due to Kiwi also being a presence at DE should something happen. It comes down to how JR/TC feel about the long term prospects of Ojomo and can he just be cut and signed to the PS.

  9.  JimStoll says:

    and just like that it’s Scott with a knee procedure; likely headed to IR

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